Data Network Affiliates & Narc Technologies May Be Lying To Their Distributors

Data Network Affiliates and Narc Technologies may be lying to their distributors about who needs and is willing to pay for their data.

yesterday I had a couple of fantastic phone calls with the former Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Data network Affiliates, Dean Blechman. He was very open and upfront on several fronts, and in a couple of weeks, I’ll do a couple of articles on Dean Blechman, the past present and future… Stay tuned.

But… After talking with Dean, I started doing some new research and realized that although Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog broke the story of Phil Piccollo being the mastermind behind DNA and Business From Home put up a review of Phil which set off a wave of controversy. And let’s not forget Patrick Pretty was really the first big blog to break the stories on both Narc Technologies (Narc That Car) and DNA (Data network Affiliates.)

But a couple of things have not been touched on.

1. Why is Arthur Kurek and Donald Kessler still at DNA? Both of these guys use to have clean reputations. However, based on the validated information which has come forward, these two guys stand to lose more than anyone else.

If it’s true that Phil Piccolo is the mastermind behind DNA (Rumors are starting to flow that Phil may also be focusing on Automatic Geek another MLM startup) and the FTC comes down on this company. Then these both Arthur Kurek and Donald Kessler could be fined huge amounts for allowing Piccolo to run the company behind the scenes. But even worse Arthur Kurek who has worked in the highly regulated Insurance Industry for over 40 years could see his career go down the drain, or at the very least be faced with early retirement.

2. Both DNA and Narc continue to promote their propaganda that law enforcement wants and needs access to the databases. Yet, from the news reports this is the farthest thing from the truth.

Check out these news reports…

Arizona the Surveillance State

Florida Traffic Camera Bill

Here is an interesting article from Santa Clara University

Even Austrian citizens are concerned over the privacy issues raised from Law Enforcement using Cameras.

And let’s be fair, there are those who are not worried about the privacy issue.

At America.Gov the following has been posted: Are Traffic Cameras Unfair and an Invasion of Privacy?

By now you may be asking “What does any of this have to do with Narc That Car and Data network Affiliates? Simple, it brought the following questions to my mind.

1. If private citizens are concerned about the videos and pictures taken from public highways, how are they going to feel when they learn their neighbors and friends are also placing their personal information into a database to be used by people who are not in law enforcement?

2. Since I am not the only person concerned about privacy issues, I wonder if maybe the distributors of Narc and DNA should give a second thought to the concern, and not just rollover and accept the Indoctrination propaganda being fed to them from the company and top leaders who both have huge monetary reasons to keep them from asking hard questions?

3. Is this the reverse of the traditional training message we have heard for years… Instead of go to your friends and family and get them to join, now the new message seems to be go get even with your friends and family and get us their license plate number… It will not hurt anyone… But who truly knows?

Time will tell…

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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35 thoughts on “Data Network Affiliates & Narc Technologies May Be Lying To Their Distributors”

  1. i'm wanting to buy a cell phone franchise,,,but i'm ..not,,,giving my hard earned money,,to an email adrdess,,,sounds like you are in 'contact',,with them,,,on the phone…thats what i need,a phone number…can you help out ? ,,thanks..respectfully..d. j. smith

  2. MoneyByDay1,

    You are intended to your opinion. However, can you support your opinion with personal information or verifiable documentation of a crime?

  3. Phil Piccollo Is The Scum Of The Earth! The Lowest Kind of Life On This Earth, plain and simple People! If your IN DNA your just as bad!!!!! Get OUT NOW! Keep your Sanity and keep Your Good Heart!

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  5. John,

    Great questions. Short answer is yes! When we use a training system and it works, then we will place a link so others can benefit from the same knowledge we have used to create this community. We also promote the books of authors we have read, and enjoyed in our bookstore.

    We also write our own training manuals and make them available for others to purchase.

    Since we are not building any network marketing organization, and do not charge distributors for training, this is how we support the overhead on the blog.

    Hope this explains it for you. If you have more questions fire away.

  6. I See on the side of your posts there are links. Are you getting paid to direct people to theses links and why are they there?

  7. Patti,

    We are looking for information on Phil. Can you provide us details on why you wrote this comment?

  8. I joined DNA from a friend of mine and got ten to join me i do all the work and the make some free money if it is a sham no one loses because it is free to join. if it is legit we all make some money.DNA's first payment is around the end of april.

    i been rooked b4 ever hear of GIGA MAILS and the other ptr/ptc e-mails we will give you big money to read or e-mails or click there ads and what do you get after you make there pay outs nothing because you are not a gold member if you are lucky others might give you alittle bug, salt on an open wound lol

    the end of april is a big month for DNA we will all know for sure if this is the the best compamy in the mlm world to make money or the biggest sham in the mlm history time will tell

  9. Aeris,

    Great comment, and brings up a few thoughts.

    1. When you see child abuse, you don't write down a license number "only". You call 911 and give it to them, as you are explaining as an eye witness what you are seeing.

    2. How do you know her son was 4 years old? Did you know this lady personally or have you been called as a witness? Seems since a minor is involved, you should not be given the age of the child.

    3. As for your opinion on helping law enforcement, how do you see this working? Law Enforcement agencies are not allowed to use data coming from companies like Narc and DNA because the companies can not validate the information was obtained legally.

    4. If writing down license numbers are legal, why should anyone do it inconspicuously?

  10. Aeris,

    If this is a legal deal, why would anyone need to be inconspicuous in writing down the info?

  11. Obviously anyone writing down plates as they stand in front of someone elses car is about the stupidest thing to do. Let's hope that people will write down plates inconspicuously instead.

  12. Although you mention a good argument for the invasion of privacy, I was recently in a parking lot where I saw a lady kicking her 4 year old son. Now I do not know the circumstances behind this incident. But I believe that the lady's behavior will not improve and at some future day when she's wanted for serious child abuse and someone "narcs" her license plate, the business of writing down plates will be very important for law enforcement at that time.
    Also, anyone who is foolish enough to write down license plates in a conspicuous manner, walking through the lot deserves to get kicked out or punched. Let's hope people write down plates inconspicuously,

  13. Sam,

    Great point. If I was a potential customer, I would review the report, write down the info, and never pay for anything. Maybe I am missing something. And you make a great point with the VIN. The license may be on the wrong car in the first place, at least the VIN should be on the right vehicle.

  14. Troy,

    What strikes me here is that site says a lienholder can search the database and see how many locations the license plate was spotted at and then decide if they would like to purchase the report for $99. So my first question:

    If the company is paying say 25 cents per license plate. They're paying this even though this information may never be sold? Wouldnt any company go broke doing this? Unless of course the money is coming from another source..which would be worse of course.

    Can someone tell me if a person can still qualify for all pay levels without paying monthly for the replicated website?

    Secondly wouldnt collecting VINs be a better source of information. Well now I'm just ranting..haha.. I'll stick to my main point.

    Sam C.

  15. Part 2) Even in parking lots people are driving around looking for a parking space (blip blip, what was that. Dang I just ran over someone standing in the lot behind a car with a pencil and pad in their hand (just joking my computer chair is not motorized)) Some one writing down a tag could get hit by another car (people run into parked cars all the time) or the person who's tag was being written down could open up a can or whoopass on them. Thinking as a business man (for a minute then I am going back to just plain ole country boy again) it just doesn't sound too smart (but I have never been accused of that either). And I am not going to touch on the pay plan because it looks like it could be to much like the autosurf stuff to me.

  16. Troy Part 1) I saw on a news report a few months back, where they are trying out a camera (I believe in Canada) in a police car driving around (in parking lots and down the road) taking pictures of car tags parked and driving at road speed and running them through a computer with recognition software linked to the DMV. This device would read tags on both sides of the police car while driving through a parking lot and while driving on the road it would read tags on cars parked on either side of the road, cars approaching and cars ahead. They said one could process thousands of tags a day. So why would anyone put peoples (the reps) health and/or life in danger writing down tag numbers.

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  18. Great video brother. I have a few friends that have signed on with NARC and I cannot get them to see the light. My first beef is with the service itself.
    1. If the data was so valuable then why stop the rep from entering in hundreds of plates per day (and paying them for the service).
    2. If the service is so valuable then make the Walmart security guard a profit center and have him enter data for every car that enters a Walmart parking lot (or any business)
    3. My friends state that NARC has been successful in Dallas for the last two years. I then ask them to produce a letter from one of their customers stating the benefit of the service. Better yet.. give me one customer recommendation…. nothing…

    The comp plan looks just like the Ignite comp plan (both companies based in Dallas). I agree that the money paid out is coming from the registration and monthly website fee. A company with such explosive growth cannot gather customers fast enough to pay the reps.

    This too will implode or get shut down by the state…

  19. Thanks for the info. It's nice to have people sincerely interested in the truth. Hopefully people can see this for what it truly is, at best it's gonna be a short lived income opportunity for the heavy hitters with large mailing lists or at worse a huge scam and waste of everyone's time and a great way to get a massive list of email addresses of people interested in MLM or online opportunities only to be spammed with more useless or scams in the future.

    It's going to be interesting to see how this one pans out.
    My recent post Is Infinity Downline a Scam ? A Review

  20. Thanks for the info. It's nice to have people sincerely interested in the truth. Hopefully people can see this for what it truly is, at best it's gonna be a short lived income opportunity for the heavy hitters with large mailing lists or at worse a huge scam and waste of everyone's time and a great way to get a massive list of email addresses of people interested in MLM or online opportunities only to be spammed with more useless or scams in the future.

    It's going to be interesting to see how this one pans out.
    My recent post Is Infinity Downline a Scam ? A Review

  21. Troy thank you again for doing your job and doing the best job i have ever seen.

    Question is dna doing a bait and switch cause i see they are adding stuff like travel etc so are they trying to put a real product in the mix so they do not get shut down?

    Semper Fi

  22. Larry,

    I would love to see some substantial proof to your statement "Narc has clients and lending institution that do use there service" other than the claims of your upline and other NARC members. Nobody has yet to produce an ounce of proof that the NARC service is being provided to an end user. The only thing I have seen is members saying that NARC pays. Nobody is disputing that, the only that is being disputed is what Troy has harped on time and time again…the MLM compensation plan attached to this company is not legit. The reason so many people are drinking the kool-aid is because NARC appeals to what wants… a quick way to make money with the least amount of effort. True MLMers understand that any company you join should be a 2-5 year commitment, some think this is too long but it is still 4x faster than working a regular job for 20 yrs to get peanuts at retirement. So we are humbly awaiting some hardcore proof of the companies that are partaking of this vast database that is being built by NARC or DNA.

  23. Roc,

    Great comment. By any chance did you ask your cousin, which company they were using, and the type of background check and qualifications this company had to go through before it was approved for use? I would also be interested in knowing if your cousin has any idea how the company they are using gathers their info.

    My concern is not the core business model as much as it is the way the data is gathered. Also is the company they are using also providing their traffic cameras which is the fastest and newest way to gather info.

    You provided some great insight, which has raised even more questions. Great job.

  24. Troy,

    I asked my cousin, who is a cop in Chicago, and she told me that they already use a system like this and that having access to even more tags would be a wonderful tool to help them catch the bad guys faster.

    Now, while I understand and appreciate people's privacy issues, as long as someone isn't being intrusive, after speaking to my cousin, I'm actually glad there is something out there that can help catch the criminals faster.

    Can it be abused? As with any technology, of course it can! Even as I type someone is tracking me down and letting some server know where I live as I'm typing. That's the chance I take when I'm on the internet.

    The world has become one large cookie. We just need to respect each other as we go with the flow. Everything we do is being watched… everything. And only because you don't see them doesn't mean no one is watching or tracking you.

  25. Narc and DNA reeks so bad they can smell it up in Canada. Find a real net "work" marketing company and get to work with some real leadership and real products (lots of good companies and leaders out there!). These "money games" make me ill and give the whole industry a bad rep.

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  27. Spying on your neighbors….something to be proud of for sure. Come on people. I just can't believe how many people have approched me about these and none of them really know anything about it. Both smell so bad to me it would be laughable if not so sad. Look, I am not trying to pick a fight with anyone about their company but this is ridiculous. Go around a parking lot writing down plate numbers? Sooner or later someone is going to ask you what your doing. Casper, you called it. This is one someone could get hurt over. I hope it never comes to that.

    And yes Troy, a lot of us Yankees are worried about the privacy issues too, very worried. Seems I read somewhere this whole freedom thing got kicked off up here a couple hundred years ago but I could be mistaken about that. Some of us know a few things about manners too even though we get riled up and snarly from time to time.

    Seriously though folks please be very very careful with this one.

  28. Larry. To begin with you are wrong…but, on the other hand, you're right also.

    "1. NARC Technologies does not say anything about selling any data to law enforcement."

    With this statement, you're absolutely right. Ah, but there's the rub. NARC says absolutely nothing about anything. I see statements made by various up-and downlines, but I sure as heck see nothing whatever that can be attributed to William/Bill/Bill Forester. NARC is his company; we've all seen the corporate registration. From what anyone can see, he and Josh Truitt are the sole corporate officials, and as such, are the sole parties that can speak for it with any authority, and then, only if Forester has officially (in writing) delegated this authority to Truitt. All of these proclamations by the up-and downlines have absolutely no legal force and effect, since they are not officials of the corporation. I've spent literally hours digging around looking for anything which remotely resembles an official press release or documents which could be legally attributed to a corporate official with NARC dealing with any facet of the operation at all, and have come up with absolutely nothing. If you happen to be sitting on a treasure trove of these documents, by all means, post 'em up, and I'll be the first to beat a path back here and admit my error. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about YouTube videos and teleconferences, unless they clearly show Forester or Truitt speaking, not merely their alleged voices.

    "2. Narc has clients and lending institution that do use there service.."

    Now, in order for you to have made this statement, you've apparently seen something in writing from Forester or Truitt to this effect. Would you be good enough to post that, please? You're welcome to black out the exact company names if you'd like, but I see no reason to; no legitimate enterprise hides their affiliations. Even better – have Forester or Truitt fax that information to Troy here, along with an agreement for him not to publicly disclose the company names, and let him verify that info with the officials of those companies. I think I can speak for the majority of the people here, and say we'd take Troy's word for it if he did the due diligence.

    I personally look very forward to your response.


  29. Troy-

    Excellent information, my friend. I also have some serious reservations about the Narc That Car biz opp. and it is from a completely different, but just as important angle. What is casually mentioned in their presentation is that the distributors themselves have a responsibility to find customers for this database of license plates they also want you to build. You have to listen very carefully to their opportunity presentation, because it is glossed over, but it's there, I promise you.

    Essentially, they're asking distributors to manufacture the product and then market it as well. Something about that just doesn't sit right with me.
    My recent post How Can You Recruit Me To Your Company?

  30. Troy, thank you once again for your due diligence. It is so sad what is happening in this industry. So much hype, making money now rather then looking at the long term ramifications. I can't believe Phil Piccolo is up to no good once again. He has hurt so many people in the past and why someone would want to work with him makes no sense. I gather they don't care when they ruin their reputation. I have been approached by so many people with so many promises about Narc and boy I am so glad I did not get involved. I am waiting for the day when you hear that unfortunately someone got beaten up or even killed for being caught for Narcing on a neighbor, friend, stranger, gang member. Sorry, it's not worth it.

    I have learned the hard way myself with so many opportunities I have joined, only to find out that it will cause more aggravation and hurt my reputation in the long run. No more jumping into these hyped up companies. Do yourself everyone, think long term. It's not worth it in the end.

  31. Larry,

    Seriously sport, it is never good to start a conversation off with "Your wrong." You must have been raised a Yankee, cause Southern Rebels, have more manners that that. OK, all joking aside, I think I'll post what I posted on Facebook to your same comment. Next time you want to question my reporting, you might want to learn to better understand the context of the complete article. If you read the article and answer the questions, and do your due diligence, then you might be able to stay on focus.

    By the way, I am a lot more straightforward in my home, than at Facebook. Now let's see if you can give the community here some facts by answering the three questions at the bottom of this comment and the original article.

    "Larry, I love folks who disagree with me, it gives people two sides of an issue.

    you might want to read the first article and watch the first video I shot so you don't walk into the middle of a conversation

    Troy ..To begin with you are wrong… 1. NARC Technologies does not say anything about selling any data to law enforcement. 2. Narc has clients and lending institution that do use there service.. I do not mind your opinions but I do however mind your lack of fact based reporting. Along with the power you are attaining comes a responsibility of fairness which I do not see. When you make misstatements as you did you only show a side of irresponsibility and a lack of respect to all who view your videos.

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