Data Network Affiliates Founder Dean Blechman Delivers a Warning to MLM Help Desk

Data Network Affiliates Founder Dean Blechman delivers a public warning to MLM Help Desk, Troy Dooly, Rod Cook (MLM Watchdog), Ted Nuyten (Business For Home), Patrick Pretty (Ponzi Scheme and Internet Crime Reporter) and others to watch out he is coming for us.

Updated Video as of February 25th 2010

Now, let’s take a little deeper look into the call Dean Bleckman held.

First I want to review what Joe Reed has to say about DNA, and the fact this is part of the call where the Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO was the guest speaker. And as of the time of this article was located on the front page of the DNA website.

In the above call Joe Reed states the following, which seems to validate the concerns here at MLM Help Desk, as well as the other sites mentioned in my opening paragraph.

1. People join for free…

2. There is no service…

3. There is not product…

4. The people still make money…

the above is 100% legal when a company pays it’s employees to do a specific job. However, when you tag a MLM compensation structure to those words, then the company is not operating under the current rules and regulation governing companies who use MLM or Network Marketing sales or compensation structures.

Since it is clear Blechman was on the call listening to what was said, I am concerned he does not understand MLM. Although he is part of the family behind the company TwinLabs who bought Changes International, one of the fastest growing MLM companies in the 1990s, this does not mean he understands MLM.

Now, let’s get a little clearer picture as to the kind of leader Blechman claims to be.

Now, this brings up some interesting questions.

1. What has Blechman done since leaving TwinLabs? We all know what his family did at TwinLabs, and the fact one of Tony Robbins companies came in and bought it, after SEC violations and class action lawsuits. What we want to know is what has Blechman done in the 21st century.

2. Blechman talks about how anyone who has ever done business with him hold him in the highest regards. Yet, the lawsuit Ideal Health filed, sure tells another story (see Here) What is the truth?

Why hasn’t Dean Blechman told the whole truth on the Data Network Affiliate website about the fact his purported “ownership” in Ideal Heath, or his part of The Trump Network deal may not be completely factual? (see here)

If Ideal Health wins this lawsuit then Blechman will have no claim to any ownership state he was given inside of the purported “Breech” of the Employment Agreement with Ideal Health aka The trump Network.

3. I have read everything I can find available on the net, and I do not see where anyone has questioned Blechman’s personal integrity or Arthur M. Kurek. What I have found is people questioning the business sense of launching DNA with an MLM sales and compensation structure. Why does Blechman feel he must control all the media, instead of addressing the issues?

This has me a little confused. In the first part of the audio Dean Blechman talks about how everyone states his family and TwinLabs created the Natural Supplement industry, yet now he is talking about distractions from growing fast.

What concerns have anyone mentioned regarding Data Network Affiliates growing fast? growing a FREE database fast or slow has not been anyone’s concerns. It is the fact, a company is calling themselves MLM when the reality may very well be something completely different, since they are not selling a product or service through the MLM marketing arm.

Based on the current track record and the fact Blechman wants folks to judge him on it, then why isn’t he talking about his most current track record at Ideal Health? It seems his success or failure at his most current employer should also play a role in judging what he can do in the future for the welfare of the DNA distributors.

Above we hear Blechman talking about his reputation and how he will not let anyone take that away from him. How can anyone take away a person’s reputation, except the person themselves? It seems Dean Blechman is more worried about what people think of him, than he is on making sure the concerns which have been raised are answered authentically and with full transparency.

What is wrong with asking tough questions on the behalf of the distributor’s from a 3rd party Eagles view? In all the reviews I have done with CEOs of MLM companies, or even though I have read form other CEOs who have been asked tough questions, those who answered in a straightforward manner made it over the rough spots. However, those who hid the truth, refused to answer, or got belligerent, ended up alliterating the very people they claimed they were serving.

I think this is the part which really caused me to wonder about the true vision of Dean Blechman. He continues to refuse to answer the concerns of many of us, who truly love the MLM world, be threatening to “police” what is written online of offline.

Exactly what does Data Network Affiliates have to hide, and why is Blechman afraid people will find out?

In today’s socialnomic driven world, companies don’t protect their brands by threatening to sue or censer the Free Speech of their critics, potential distributors, or frustrated clients or consumers. Instead they listen, and answer these concerns.

Just this one attitude Blechman has, causes me to wonder if this company will make it through 12 months of business. Even without any regulatory agencies getting involved.

I can tell all of our community members, guests and viewers, we will stand firm on our Freedom of Speech Right! When a company placed the well being of the distributors or the reputation of our profession at stake we will continue to ask the tough questions.

I still question the validity of Data Network Affiliates as a successful MLM company. Although, their underlying core business may be legit, putting a MLM compensation plan to it, is very questionable.

Here is the full call as of the publishing of this article (Listen Here) Update as of February 25th 2010 – This link as been removed by Data Network Affiliates

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5 thoughts on “Data Network Affiliates Founder Dean Blechman Delivers a Warning to MLM Help Desk”

  1. ROFLOL…

    Marcus, let me see if I can help you out a little.

    1. I don't have any MLM interests. This site is build for distributors from an advocate standpoint, not because I am a distributor. I retired from actively building when my company left the MLM arena.

    2. You really need to read the current posts on DNA. I knew about the DNA Cellular deal before the filed knew about it.

    3. As for running scared… Seriously, make sure you fully understand the whole picture before just commenting in this community, your influence will go further.

  2. Mate you're wasting your time trying to crucify DNA because it is in competition to your own MLM interests. The fact is Mr Blechman has moved over for someone new and now there are over 100,000 DNA affiliates signed up in 60 days – what other MLM company has ever come close to that before?
    Now DNA has launched the free phone, unlimited talk and text for $10 – lets see how many hundreds of thousands of new DNA affiliates this produces – if you're running scared already – it's going to get even worse.

  3. Thanks for the review! I was about to do one myself until I read the terms of use which threw me for a loop until I found your site. You've done such a good job that I'm satisfied with Digging you rather than doing my own. =)

  4. I felt the same way. How many times did he say he was their leader and he had their back… before reportedly announcing he and his stellar reputation that nobody would ever talk bad about out of the company? This is very strange. A number of scenarios, as I noted on FB come to mind.

  5. Good Lord…

    I,, I,, I,, me, myself… I'd bet good money he was looking into a mirror while recording that.

    Servant leader, concern for others, I think not!

    Thank again Troy!

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