Data Network Affiliate Moved Out Of Scam Alerts By MLM Help Desk

Our goal at MLM Help Desk is not to determine if a company is a MLM scam or pyramid scheme. Our focus is to ask some hard questions, reveal areas of concern and raise the red flags which could cause the Federal trade Commission or individual State Attorney generals to question the legitimacy of the company as a viable MLM business opportunity.

From the very beginning we have voiced huge concerns over the use of an MLM compensation structure by DNA or any other company, when paying their “distributors” to collect license plates; this concern has not changed, however Data Network Affiliates has made some major strives to show the direct selling industry their goal is to create a viable long term MLM business opportunity for the average distributor, as well as the full-time MLM professional.

As a matter of fact Bob Sullivan of The Red Tape Chronicles over at MSNBC has taken an interest in Data Network Affiliates and just wrote an interesting article on both DNA and Narc. What I found interesting is the fact, Sullivan found the need to explain the difference between a MLM scam and a legitimate MLM business opportunity.

Listen to the official announcement of DNA Cellular On April 10, 2010

DNA Connects

With the launch of DNA Connects in 18 days, Data Network Affiliates will be providing a viable marketing channel between their distributors and the end buyer, which is exactly what the FTC and AGs will be looking for, if they decide to review DNA for violations.

This week also brought the launch of the DNA Cellular division. Data Network Affiliates teamed up with Chris Greco who is a well known figure in the wireless community. Chris came on to the MLM wireless scene a few months ago, and since then has played a part in helping more than one company get their wireless companies launched.

Greco and his team have quickly proven they are the people to see if your an MLM company wanting to solidify or launch a wireless company or division.

And with DNA Cellular announcing an UNLIMITED Talk & Text $10.00 monthly service, the MLM wireless wars just heated up to an all new level.

So, although there are still many unanswered questions as to the future of Data Network Affiliates, it is clear they are moving towards launching a viable MLM business opportunity for their current and future distributors.

We will continue to monitor Data Network Affiliates, and if we see new concerns we will be raising questions with the founders and leadership of DNA for answers.

Like all MLM companies, it takes strong leadership in the corporate office and even stronger leadership in the field, and this is yet to be seen.

We will continue to monitor the DNA situation, staying in contact with the corporate leadership, and listening to the folks in this community who continue to post comments and sending emails keeping us up to date on what the field is seeing from the inside.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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