Dallin Larsen’s Secret To Attracting Top MLM Money Earners To MonaVie

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Ok, let’s get started.

If you are a founding Network Marketing Distributor, MLM company CEO, or the Upline Sponsor of Brig Hart, Randy Schroeder, Orrin Woodward, Robert Dean, or any number of MLM money earners who have left the security of Agel, XanGo, Quixtar, Noni, Max International or Amway. I’ll bet you have asked yourself at least once one of the following questions (once you got over the shock, anger, and disappointment)…

1. Why are they leaving?
2. What could I have done different?
3. What did I miss?
4. What can I do now to keep them?

These are normal questions and some I asked myself personally back in 2003 when 10 of my 12 top leaders left to join a different company, and we went from doing $75 million per year, out of business three short years later.

Now, if you are one of the current Network Marketing CEOs who is seeing some of your best friends and current top money earners leaving your company, then this post is for you.

If you are a Founding MLM Distributor or the upline sponsor of a top money earner who has left to join MonaVie or another great company, then this post is for you.

For the last 27 years I have studied some of the greatest leaders and companies in MLM. Leaders like Art William, Kenny Trout, Hubert Humphrey, Bill Stewart, Bob Schmidt, Mike Sharp, Paul Orberson, David David Rutz, Glenn Turner, Chris David Butler,Mike Tuttle, Glenn Sparks, Sandy Cohen, Mary Kay, Rita Davenport, Dallin Larsen just to name a few.

Now don’t get me wrong. These leaders have all made mistakes, and somewhere along the way, they have hurt people who would not agree with me on my findings. Even Jesus couldn’t please everyone!

All of these leaders have one thing in common… They are Servant Leaders!

Although, I can’t share all the stories, I can say they completely understand that the more they do for others the more they will get in return. Here are just a few examples.

Art Williams – When he took the A.L. WIlliams agency public, he gave his founding RVPs the first opportunity to buy stock before it went public. They became millionaires. When he sold the agency to Primerica, he made sure the company could not be torn apart or sold to another company who might rip it apart. He protected the teams who have gone on to earn millions of dollars while protecting hundreds of families in North America and Spain.

Glenn Turner – Glenn Turner was willing to fight for his distributors against some of the most powerful political forces of his time. He later served a federal prison sentence because he was willing to stand up for his distributors.

I picked two of the most controversial leaders over the last 30 years. One went to prison, the other became a billionaire. Both left their mark for the good on the great profession, and helped tens of thousands of average people become millionaires.

I could have written about Hubert Humphrey, who created World Leadership Group in 2001, and right when the momentum was going strong, had to close the company on Dec. 12, 2008.

Yet, before he closed the doors, he had launched a new company and in less than 24 hours 1500 reps had joined his company. Hubert has earned in excess of $100 million in network marketing and living in a 43,000 sq ft home in Atlanta. He did not need to start another company. But he did it for those who still needed a vehicle to reach financial freedom.

These leaders have been willing to put it all on the line for their field force. It is this type of leadership that Dallin Larsen is showing at MonaVie and is just one of the reasons he and his team are attracting some very influential MLM Leaders.

In the next post I am going to go deeper and share how you can STOP the flood gates of watching your leaders leave, by making just a few adjustments.

MonaVie does have one thing going for them that can’t totally be duplicated by other companies.

They have Brain Deegan bragging about them on MTV Cribs.

I just had to add that. It was a great episode.

Seriously, when you have US President, Oprah, Racheal Ray, Sumner Redstone (Chairman of Viacom) the whole Board of Directors of CBS long before any of the above super stars join your company, then you are doing something right.

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Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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