CyberHood Watch Alerts: Hackers Breach PlayStation Network Compromising Players Personal Info

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Sony is one of the most respected brands inside the gaming and technology community. So when cyber criminals decided to attack their PlayStation Network, it came as somewhat of a surprise.

Most people in and around the gaming community are must like those who hangout in the Open Source community. They are self-policing and do not take evil intentions very well. Here is what PC World has to say about this situation:

<a href=””>PlayStation Hack Timeline</a>

<a href=””>PlayStation Network Security Breach Survival Guide</a>

Most estimates place the possible theft of personal information around 77 million. Here are a few tips parents, teens or any players can do to protect their personal info.

1. Use pre-paid debit cards, not debit or credit cards attached to your bank account or credit report. Keep low balances updating monthly.

2. Do NOT use your real personal information. Create an online gaming persona which can’t be tied to any of your real-life personal information.

3. Create a specific gmail, msn or yahoo email just for your gaming or online accounts.

These three small actions can save you from identity theft and/or financial devastation.