Current MLM Company Press Releases And MLM News

The month of July has been a powerful month for Network Marketing and MLM companies being in the news. I can remember a few years ago, the only news stories or press releases we saw were negative. Now we are making headlines on Fox News and CNBC.

Here are some of the most powerful MLM Press Releases and Current MLM News Updates.

ForeverGreen has been voted best place to work in Utah.

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce joins PrePaid Legal to fight frivolous lawsuits.

OxiFresh is getting more media coverage than both Presidential candidates combined.

Herbalife receives massive free branding with Fox & friends featured their #1 Soccer star David Beckham.

Primerica Life is recognized as one of the top Life Insurance companies in the world by A.M. Best (And to think just a few years ago, the Insurance profession would not even recognize them as a โ€œREALโ€ company)

World Leadership Group teams up with โ€œThe Money Storeโ€ to offer better products to clients and to offer their distributors the best products bar-none.

If you have current news or Press Releases from your company, please feel free to send them to us.

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