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  1. I am reviewing the case now. I don’t think it will harm to all the companies, but it could cause some of the companies to tweak the business model, if the courts find in favor of the suit.

  2. Gregg,

    I always find it interesting when someone sends me an email staging “The fastest growing company in history.”

    I always wonder where they got the info, and exactly what it means. 🙂

    I have covered Text Cash Network in the past. When they launched they flat out lied about several items,including where their home office was located.

    Since then, they have failed to gather any momentum. Mostly because the text advertising business shifted. The major carriers started blocking some items from getting through, and we saw a huge shift to mobile apps, from texting.

  3. I was recently pitched an MLM opportunity by a friend who showed me a site that said that his MLM company was the #1 fastest growing company in the world. I thought that was somewhat impressive, but Im not sure I’m sold on the product. I also noticed however, that the #2 company on that list was Text Cash Network. Just by the name I was intrigued, so I looked them up online and I love the idea. That being said, I am seeing a lot of mixed reviews about them, (which is common), so I wanted to see what other peoples thoughts were. I would really appreciate any opinions on this.

    Thank you.

  4. I contacted the attorny about
    getting back my ASD money.
    The lawyers they hired sent
    me the remittance form which
    I filled out and sent a copy of the wire sent to ASD.
    They sent me a denial letter
    because I cant remember the webpage I used 5 years ago.
    can anybody help me find out where I can get that info?

  5. What are your thoughts on telexfree.They are growing like crazy.
    Thank you for your amazing job

  6. Cindy,

    You will need to send a link. The only company I know of called One x is an equity firm.

    Please provide more info.

  7. Scott,

    Thanks for reaching out. Talk Fusion does seem to have a product folks like to use. Sadly, all I have seen in internal use of the product by people promoting Talk Fusion.

    There are several companies in this niche which all claim to have the best product.

    In reviewing their compensation plan, there are some concerns because they do not cap the binary. This is a concern, but Talk Fusion doesn't seem worried about it.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  8. Troy

    What are your thoughts on Talk Fusion video email company. They seem to be getting alot of momentum world wide and the products look awsome.

  9. Hmmm… Well you are the first to mention an issue. Although, I do not have all the answers, I do know the following:

    1. The videos are the same standard size as always.

    2. The text has not changed, although all we show on the front page is the title. You will have to click to read the full article, which may be part of the issue you seem to be having.

    3. As for the 40" rims, I do have a 4×4 which has a huge lift on it.

    4. As for who dresses me. Most days I just don't get dressed. A pair of board shorts is about all.

    Now I can say, since I have no idea of the display settings on your computer, or if the view size has changed, I'm a little at a lost.

    But, we will monitor and if anyone else has the same issue, we'll dig a little deeper.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


    p.s. Boatloads of folks are making money with wireless. Not sure where you got the idea they don't!

  10. troy the new site is too much!!!

    smaller videos, smaller text, fit more on a page, until you do I will read else where…sorry i am not a old fogie, blind or have a 14.4 screen.

    I know some folks cant read, or make money in wireless, but this is a whacked out site.

    How on earth can you think this is acceptable ???

    Do you have 40' rims on your ride ?, a watch that could be used as a down rigger ?…or perhaps a belt buckle bigger than texas…

    Nothing is in proportion…who dresses you ?

  11. Eve,

    Here is a short piece I did on Social Outbreak. I will be doing a deeper review soon.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  12. Hi Troy,

    I would love to know your thoughts on a new MLM company called social outbreak,


  13. Terry,

    Thank you buddy, for stopping by and sharing. This is the first I have heard. I'll look into what we can do make searching easier. In the mean time try the search function and let me know if that helps.

    I will get the team on this and see what we can do!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  14. Hey Troy,

    I wanted to give you some feedback on the new design of your site…your content is terrific.

    Unfortunately, is incredibly difficult to go to content.

    The structure before to see all updates my company was so much easier when it was all in one place.

    Thanks for your support and hopefully you can make changes.


  15. Hello troy thanks for the quick response. I was looking at acn. what are your thaughts on acn? are they a good company to look in to further? Hank

  16. hello I am a totally blind individual I am wanting to join a mlm company that is in the phone business can I please get a list of recommended low risk companies that are in this field? I tried to find this info on your site but all I am seeing with my screen reader is blog posts and tons of follower links. thanks Hank

    Troy's Response: Hank, thank you for stopping by. I am not a fan of wireless MLM companies. With that said there are a few companies which are moving forward and growing.

    Vi-Tel Wireless

    Lightyear Wireless


    Hope this helps!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  17. I am wanting to here your take on this site If it is truly the way we as Network marketers are going to get rid of that everlasting 90% failure rate. Please rate it or blog us some information. Thanks we trust your opinion!

  18. Hey Troy,

    Love your no holds barred approach. If everyone in this industry read your posts 80% of the scams out there would not recruit one person.

    Have you had a look at Ultra International?

  19. JP,

    I’ll be posting in just a few hours on the latest GV update.

    Be watching for the new review.

    Never Give Up,


  20. Troy, what is the latest update on Global Verge- we distributors keep hearing “coming soon” from Ted Robbins, what’s the deal. If there is a product to be brough to market and it ready what’s the hold up? How can this company keep these distributors up in the air. Troy we really need your help in having Global Verge playing with people’s lives- they are ripping out people hearts an just playing with their heads.

    Troy, why can you just interview Ted Robbins on your show or better yet let him send you a live phone so that we can put an end to this zoo. Putting up a web site and having a phone with MANNY does not prove anything to the distributors. Many distributors still have problems with their upgrades and all customers support could say is that the back office will not show the correct information. What the heck is wrong with these people- are they idots or what?


  21. Hi Troy,

    Is it true that Steve Lewis and his gang are now with Traverus travel trying to strike up a wireless deal?? I heard that was the reason he was fired from Global Verge. For working on his own deal while he was representing them.

    Anything on this??


  22. Bron,

    It’s very small and very targeted, but I love the idea.

    Never Give Up,


  23. Troy,
    What was the fishing mlm you mentioned in your last video? Is it a legit deal? Thanks for all of your insight into the world of mlm!

  24. Mornin’ Troy,

    Just wanted to clarify something you said in your last video about Global Verge products. It’s NOT a water FILTER. It IS an AIR TO WATER Machine. It MAKES water out of the air, no filters, no hookups, no devices.

    Thank You for being fair in regards to Jimm Hellman. He really is a stand-up, no Hype gentleman!!!!

    You’re appreciated.


  25. Troy,

    Not wanting to bash any company but you’re right again with your analysis of iJango. It didn’t make it to the FTC (yet) but the BBB has chimed in.

    iJango gets “F” from Central Texas BBB. I find their explanation of grades interesting…

    “BBB assigns grades from A to F with pluses and minuses. A+ is the highest grade and F is the lowest. The grade represents BBB’s degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns”

    Keep up the great work, Troy.


  26. Matilda,

    What folks should do is look at Brad’s last company, and research why he was terminated (or resigned depending on who you talk with.) Brad is one of the most controversial figures in MLM these days, and in talking with folks inside and outside of Brad’s last company, I can say, there are enough questions for me to sit out of anything Brad is doing.

    And… If any company asked for your SSN & CC before you know what is really going on…. RUN and RUN Fast!!!!

    Companies who luanch with a “Founder’s Club” is usually wanting to use OPM “Other People’s Money” to launch the company.

    Never Give Up,


  27. HI Troy,
    What do you know about the Brad Hager Marketing group, they want you to turn over your SS# and CC# before they even tell you what the products are available to sell. Founders Club?? Thanks for al of your insight

  28. Hi Troy,
    What do you know about the Brad Hager group, they want yoiu to turn over your credit card number before even telling you what products they are selling? Is this for real. Thanks so much for your insight.

  29. Charles,

    This website is based out of the Grand Camans, and are hiding their real ownership. I would run not give them any personal info.

    Direct Privacy ID 74EF8
    PO Box 12068
    George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-1010

    Never Give Up,


  30. Just signed up for this is was free and didnt ask for anything other than name and email. I am really interested with your take on it, It sounds pretty exciting and the price is right.

  31. I’m referring to Michaels’ Post.

    Have some extremely exciting news going public soon about Global Verge
    and shocking news to all the individuals that were soo sure this was a ‘done deal’.

    Stay tuned. I’ll be back with bells on as soon as I get the go ahead.


  32. Excited,

    It looks like you started your comment in mid-thought. Exactly what are you referring?

    Never Give Up,


  33. This is how rumors get started or is that just wishful thinking???

    It amazes how the garbage just keeps getting posted, however, when all is quiet on the Western front and positive things are happening, no one takes the time.

    Don’t speak too soon!!

    The World will be shocked, I promise you.

    I NEVER Give Up, Troy! <{)

  34. I take it you’ve seen this company-busting article…

  35. Good Morning Troy. I hope this finds you well. If you have any questions about FDI plese let me know. Our convention is this weekend in Baltimore but you can reach me on my cell at 262-391-0066. I just want to make sure you get the correct information about our company.

    Have a good day!
    Steve Schulz
    VP of Training & Field Development

  36. Jay,

    Thank you for your kind words. And yes, I am not shy about my faith. Now let’s get down to your questions.

    1. Yes there are resources available. Some you can find at the bookstore like “Network Marketing for Dummies”, “First Year In Network Marketing” and “Becoming a Person of Influence”.
    2. Join the DRA (Distributors Rights Association) This organization will provide you with solid information and training. And yes I am a founder and director. OUr mission is to educate and protect distributors with correct information.
    3. Jim Gillhouse host of Aces Radio Live have some great general training both in article and video formats.
    4. Richard Brooke Richard is the CEO of a network marketing company, but you would never know it, studying his training. He is a great servant leader who loves to help others.
    5. Tim Sale’s Brilliant Compensation series

    That will give you a start. YOu will also find some good training here on if you look through the catagories.

    Now, let me answer your other questions.

    1. Funded Proposals are a viable method to build your business. However, they are not the most duplicatable method. If you are going to look into funded proposals, then I suggest you become a member of I am an instructor on this site, which was created by Mike Dillard one of the pioneers in Funded Proposals. I have endorsed Mike’s “Magnetic Sponsoring” funded proposal, because it is a great read.

    2. Multiple Streams of Income, was make famous by Robert Allen, and although it can work if done right. Most folks try to run multiple MLms and that does not work. If you are wanting to start a multiple stream income business model, then go to my front page and click on the banner for Blog Success or the banner for the “free mp3 player”. Both of these guys are the best in training folks the correct way of doing multiple streams of income.

    3. Internet or Social Marketing – yes this works, but takes time to do it right. I have a whole page here at dedicated to Social Marketing Resources, and it is one of my favorite methods of marketing.

    4. Lead capture pages are a wonderful method. But if you create your personal blog correctly it will be your best lead capture page.

    5. Online systems can be a great marketing tool. However, I would be very cautious using one that is not approved by your primary company. Or, use one that offeres everything you have just asked about and does not promote your primary business. Remember at the end of the day, everything you do should be focused on branding you as the expert, not branding the creator of the funded proposal, the system creator, or your primary business. People fall in love with you, not your company.

    Art Williams taught me long ago… People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. So focus on creating your perosnal blog, then move to the next level.

    6. Traditional MLM Methods of talking to your local (warm) market is still the #1 method used to day. Over 87% of all sales are made person-to-person. Yes the Internet is growing and yes Social Marketing works. And I beleive that in the next few years, we will see more and more marketing happening through the net. But at the end of the day, I bet even then, folks will meet for a cup of coffee to close the deal.

    Jay, all of the above works, and you want to create a macro-marketing campaign using each of these methods. But, don’t get overwhelmed. Read a little and find the one you feel the most comfortable with, then work it, and work it everyday.

    PLease feel free to connect with me offline if you have more questions…

    Never Give Up,


  37. Excited,

    Standing back and reading what you wrote, you might be on the right track. I do agree that GV did the right thing in removing Steve & Crew. I think anytime a company has issues the last thing they need to do is escalate those issues with additional baggage.

    However, with that said, if Steve Lewis is using the GV proprietary database to contact folks for another company. And if while GV was under his fiduciary he used inside information to try and work private deals for himself, then why hasn’t GV and their founders filed criminal charges against Lewis and Curtis?

    As for the FDI charges… I know nothing about the technology. But from whating the demo, why would anyone need to buy equipment? And if you are talking about their flagship product… I’ve paid way more for my router and firewall that six ot seven hundred dollars… Although I do not think the average person will do that.

    Great comment, thanks for sharing.

    Never Give Up,


  38. Hi Troy,

    Just would like to comment on the article you posted. One of the issues that most were finding upsetting, was the fact that they couldn’t find any information on the patent. The article specifically states that it is not public information, so thanx for clearing that up.

    Also, the stabs and research done on Steve Lewis, Theresa and Warren Hanchey, just goes to show that Global Verge did the right thing. Steve can say anything he wants, but if you stand back and think about, how happy was he that he got fired!!! Fired because he got caught trying to recruit Global Verge Associates into another company, (maybe FDI??), having meetings with owners of OTHER companies in an attempt to solidify contracts for HIS company!!!! How happy do you think he’s going to be when he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar?? Like a woman scorned. OUCH!!!!

    So thank you for the article, which to me, just goes to show Global Verge is sifting out the dirt to get to the ‘creme of the crop”!

    By the way. FDI isn’t telling anyone that they have to purchas a $680.00 box to make their technology work!! If we’re going to compare (the FDI video), then lets compare apples to apples. Also, you have to join the Financial side ($350), before you can join the technology side ($100.00), then it will cost you $50.00 per month x 2 websites. Talk about FAST START BONUSES!! That’s where they’re coming from. I’d rather forego a Fast Start Bonus and get paid on the products purchased, which by the way, are a whole lot more than phones. For example, air to water machines, U-Save which will save you anywhere form 15% to 30% on your electric bill, discounts on travel, shopping AND Identity Theft Protection to name a few. All for $40 per month membership.


    I NEVER Give Up!!

  39. Troy,

    I “found” you a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I’ve listened to you on blogtalkradio as well as your videos on mlmhelpdesk. I’ve heard you speak openly about your faith which leads me to ask you my questions because I believe you’ll speak the truth.

    I’m a relative novice to the MLM/Network Marketing industry and I’m currently looking into an opportunity. I would like to know if there are any resources available that either support or refute (with actual data, not merely opinion) a method to build a successful business. There is just so much “noise” out there with no way for a novice to discern truth from hype. Funded Proposals, multiple streams of income, warm market, cold market, internet marketing, lead capture pages, etc…. HELP!

    Everyone want espouses their system is the “best”. All the top earners use XYZ. Of course, to use any of them I have to pay a fee without having any proof of the system. I realize that everyone is different and you get out what you put in…I’m willing to work to create a different life for myself and my family. But where do I start? Traditional MLM techniques? After all they’ve worked for decades. Internet Marketing? Or Both?

    MLMHelpDesk is a great resouce when deciding which company do join but is there any similar unbiased resource for a distributor AFTER joining?

    Thanks, Troy, for all you do. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading your response.

  40. Excited,

    You make a very valid post. And having listened to so many of those calls, some of the Q&A is redundant.

    Never Give Up,


  41. Troy,

    I don’t think that they’re not willing, I just think they’re tightening up. By that I mean, that the live q and a’s went on for 90 minutes and then some. sometimes it can get out of hand. Well, not sometimes, all the time. So for that reason, they are wanting to stay a little more oranized and efficient. I personally thought those calls got out of hand and short of a screaming match. How many times can you ask the same question over and over again. I was one of the Triples’ that emailed the company and suggested they do it that way to keep things in control instead of out of it!!

    I’ll let you know how it works out. I know “Professional” and ‘Refreshing” comes to mind. <:)

    Thanx for listening and ‘I Never Give Up”!

  42. Excited,

    Thank you for sharing this call. I have listened to it, and will report a little deeper on it first of the week. It does answer some questions the field had asked, but at the same time I raises a few more.

    I agree that banking issues do take a little longer to establish. However, when you have been running an MLM for over three years, having a merchant who will stand behind you, should not be an issue. Unless along the way some massive chargebacks took place.

    But, I can say listening to the last few calls has been refreshing, compared to some I have heard over the last few weeks.

    One thing that does bother me, is the Founders and Officers are not willing to do live Q&A, instead they are controlling the what the field hears. This is a red flag, no matter what the reason.

    Never Give Up,


  43. Hi Troy,

    In all fairness, as we are looking at this from ALL sides, thought you might want to post this call.

    Also had a representative from one of the three Merchant accounts talk to us on another call. He validated this Merchant Account saying that it is structured and ready to handle $150 Million per month – $5 Million per day!!! It’s no surprise that Merchant and Banking issues take more time today than they ever did. You would have to be in a coma to not know that.

    Everything good and worth it takes time!!

  44. Help,

    I am posting on iJango today. Although I will not comment on what my post will say overall I can say Steve Smith and his crew are straight shooters. Since Excel they have not really gotten one of their programs full steam, but they are good guys.

    The post will be out later today.

    Never Give Up,


  45. Troy, think your awesome. Can you help me. I’m looking at Ijango, I believe in Steve Smith and love the concept, but is it gonna pass the legitimate without a real product. and because they don’t release commisions without signing up 3 customers is that there way around it.
    Any insight you have would be appreciated

  46. Troy

    Fan + Sh*t = Laptop Mag rescinding the award

  47. What is the word on Mozeena??????????

    Mozeena, The Gold Standard I have been in several very strong Network Marketing Companies over the years. This is the fastest paying program company I have ever seen. I am sure its because it is built on the value and the stability of Gold, which is very hot right now for investors. Gold is trading at its highest price in years and with Mozeena you can get some for free!!!! Check out the presentation and then ask the questions?

  48. Ted,

    This is on the list for this week. WIth a daughter’s birthday and my anniversary, last week just got away from me.

    Never Give Up,


  49. Troy, thank you for your insightful comments on GV.
    On another note, have you had the opportunity to review the CE (Continuing Education) company known as StateCE located in Allen, Texas?
    If you have a moment, your comments on this company would be most appreciated.

  50. Troy, did you get on the Double Diamond call last night (Wednesday)?
    I’ve been looking for the recording and it’s not in dogshoe or whatever their conference call service is.


  51. Confused but hopeful,

    I agree it is confusing. But, if I am close and Ben is working to position for a sweeter deal, then Global Verge reps should be vindicated very soon, because it will prove everyone (including me) that the phones and Sim Chips are ready and work.

    I am personally looking forward to the call tonight. I had a call come in today from Steve Lewis himself and he invited me to be a guest on the call. So I will be listening.

    Just the fact that GV is processing cards again should be a big relief to the field.

    Let’s keep a close eye on what’s happening, because if Steve can bring in a team and pull this off, you guys will have one HUGE success story.

  52. Troy appreciate your feedback, so if your saying Piilani was positioning himself, that means he has something to position himself with, i.e. technology. Which adds to our confusion as reps, tonights call should be interesting. Keep up the good work, accountability is critical. If the company is solid, its all good.

  53. Dear Confused but Hopeful,

    You are asking some great questions, and I wish more reps would slow down enough to think about what you ask.

    Let’ em share some thoughts of my own on what you ask.

    Ben Piilani – From studying his background I think he has been preparing to position himself as a player in the wireless arena for a long time. However, it was not until this recent run with Zer01 Mobile that he really got some good traction.

    If his (so called) ground breaking technology will allow phones to work on wireless voip, then he realizes one of the big boys (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile) or maybe someone like Richard Branson (Billionaire Owner) of Virgin Mobile might just pay him mid to high millions (plus residuals per phone/Sim Chip used) to get the jump on everyone else.

    I also believe he knew exactly what he was doing when he agreed to team up with Mark Patschel. Mark had been combing through the Wireless arena for years looking for a solid player to bring this type of technology to the MLM arena. I have no doubt, Mark thought he had finally found a winner.

    I also personally believe that Mark, did not really think Global Verge would take off like it did when he announced Buzzirk Mobile would be marketing Zer01 technology.

    However, both of these gentlemen seem to have ethic issues, and do not have a problem in making up stories or using other peoples money to further their personal gain. And as of right now (until I am shown otherwise) I believe Steve Lewis has this same ethical glitch in his personality.

    I beleive gerry was brought in as a PR move, and to help Steve Lewis re-structure the company into something completely different. Remember, the new CEO Warren Hanchee (spelling could be wrong) is a scientist, and Steve Lewis on several occasions has called Global Verge “Global Ventures.” So only time will tell.

    With that said. Gerry is paid upfront for his services and his name. But once his retainer is used up, and/or he delivers his finding to the executive team at Global Verge. He is out of the picture, then we will truly know more.

    Never Give UP,


  54. Troy, I think your doing an awesome job reporting the facts on the Global Verge, Zer01 offering. I am a rep and believe that you only help with accountability.
    What I’m confused about mostly at this point is, what is Ben Pellani’s motives for faking the whole thing, unless he was in on it with Petchel from the beginning. Also, why would they bring Gerry Nhera on as an attorney? Whole thing doesn’t make sense. Love to hear your thoughts, and there is a follow up triple call tonight, should be interesting.

  55. I have put a team on the background of Zer01 & UTGI to get a better feel for who and what they truly are.

    for the sake of GB distributors I do hope they can deliver, but I really don’t think the Big Boys are going to sit back and let them change the status quo. As least not without getting a good chunk of change out of it.

    And I still stand by the fact the founder of GI Connect, who merged with Financial Destination is already in 60 countries across the globe with this same type of technology.

    So there are still huge questions on the whole marketing package. Especially since Global Verge was not created to focus on one product, but a group of products.

    Never Give Up,


  56. Thanks. I just noticed I could have psted this under video. can you move it?

  57. Hmmm…

    Great point. You can have phones. You can have Sim Chips. But if you do not have a live backbone that your service is running on, then you just have an expensive useless toy.

    I have some close friends in the tech/wireless industry I’ll call them tomorrow and get them on this aspect of things.

    Now as for UTGI… You, me and everyone I have talked with are all on the same page here. And, Rod Cook already as some folks looking into the back story of UTGI.

    I will keep you posted on what I learn.

    Never Give Up,


  58. Hey Troy thanks for looking out for us on the issue of GlobalVerge. I saw your video on the 3d call great stuff! I have to say that even if Gv can get straightened out. There is no proof that Zero1 can deliver. Please make this a primary issue/question as you continue to investigate. Gv could be running like a top but if Zero1 is not real then it doesnt matter. Ive been searching the internet day/night to find anything that would substantiate Piilani’s claims and have found nothing! no videos, no independent testing, not even Piilani making a phone call. The fact that we have to wait 8-30 more days on sims also raises a serious red flag on something that has supposedly been in the works for years and been beta tested and officially launched. I am in GV and certainly hope Zero1 can back thier claims. With the recent transparency on behalf of GV, it really makes us wonder about Zero1. Sidenote I looked @ a number of UTGI websites and it is suspect that a billion dollar conglomerate would have such cheap looking websites. Thanks for looking out for us!

  59. (Editor Note… Since Mark Petshcel never contacted us, and stepped down as CEO, we have decided to publish this comment)

    I like your post. Please do not post this! This is a private message to you.

    I would like to have an interview with you and tell you like it is. We will pull this together and the train will leave the station.

    I know Ben Piilani personally and I will tell you he is onto something and he knows this technology and it is real.

    Globalverge has hired teams of staff to help with member communication, corporate communication, compliance and legal.

    We have hired some of the best to create a brain trust to get our arms around this and do it right.

    We have to slow this down a bit and control the hype and non compliant sites and then rollout the service and handsets to the leaders, train and teach them, then to the field.

    Buzzirk Mobile and I are planning and strategizing this week with Mr Ben Piilani and Zer01.

  60. Troy, I have been reading a bit about you and was just wondering if you do Private Consulting?
    Philip Eckart

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