Configuring your MLM software

Your Software Will Make or Break Your Network Marketing Company!

You’re about to start your MLM business. You designed an exciting product. You have a competitive commission plan. You have recruited new distributors. You have your warehouse and manufacturing established. Now you need software to keep track of distributors and their downlines. The right software will enable you to take orders, process auto-shipments, calculate commissions, provide reports, and track customer interactions with your support team.

Some business software is not configurable; it comes preset with options which force you to use the terminology and processes designed by the software maker. Configurable software allows you to create unique processes; it allows the end user to set parameters that change the software logic or process to meet the company needs. Rather than putting in work orders for the software company to make changes for you, you set the parameters.

You’re starting a new MLM company, so you’ve probably realized that you won’t know everything about your business on day one. Configurable software allows the software to change to meet the changing needs of your business. It also allows the software to grow and scale with your company’s growth.

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