10 thoughts on “Child Sex Trafficking Is A Dirty Little Secret Of The NFL Super Bowl”

  1. Tammi,

    First let me say thank you for bringing this to my attention and for taking time to share your heart.

    We put this video up on several public social media sites like Viddler and YouTube to get the message out. Sadly we do NOT control the advertising in these situations.

    We thought about this long and hard, and realized that even if advertising we would not approve of is loaded on the video, it was because advertisers realized there were predators on these sites. I would rather our videos be playing than having their perverts watching some other kind of video on the sites.

    It is sad that public venues feel this type of behavior is protected under the First Amendment, when the very act itself is illegal.

    I know you brought this to my attention, and we will complain. But what might be even more effective is if you and others will complain with us to Viddler or YouTube wherever you watched the video.

    But, let me once again make it perfectly clear, on public social video sites, we do not control the advertising, NOR do we share in the revenues!!!

    You are a true value to this community. Thank you again for caring enough to share!!!

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  2. Troy,

    Please let me apologize for my harsh assessment earlier, I did not intend to imply that you are in any way a trafficker,,,,,I just wanted to emphasize the appearance of that ad scrolling below you that seemed to directly contradict what you trying to convey. I think someone may be playing a very sick joke on you and that you are unaware of this ad.

    Upon reflection, I may have come across as rather judgmental toward you. I can assure that was not my intent, I was simply very disturbed by the juxtaposition of your words vs: your ads.

    I would appreciate you looking into this situation.

    Thank you,


  3. Troy,

    I just saw your video regarding sex trafficking and under age victims. I found the information enlightening to say the least, but was VERY disturbed to see a scroll below the post for "Date pretty Chinese girl"!!!!! I know you are sponsored by several affiliates, but I find it difficult to reconcile your article with your sponsor promo scrolling underneath you while you denounce sex trading. I would presume that "girl" means: child; ie: not a woman.

    I think you need to check into this because it would have been laughably absurd if the subject wasn't so deadly serious. I am deeply disturbed by this even if the ad was for a legitimate dating service, the word "girl" only serves to make you look like (at best); a hypocrite and (at worst): a trafficker…..or (the in between); a fool for not checking who is scrolling ads below your video feeds.

    This is not to accuse you of any misconduct, I like your shows and your perspective on most things, this is just an observation from the outside. I am not trying to judge you harshly, I know you mean well and perhaps are unaware of the ad.

    Please check into this as it speaks to your credibility in an unflattering way.

    Thanks for the information though, it was thought provoking and informative. We all need to know more about the methods predators use to lure our children away from us and into hell. We need to prevent these crimes before they happen, because once they do, there is no undoing the damage. Sometimes, there are no second chances, so we need to prevent this at all costs.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. Its time to Protect this Great Nation…Blog to Protect Children, Secure Borders, Report Gangs and illegals.

    What is even a bigger Joke is the Megga Billion Dollar Fence the US Government installed along the border children can climb and get over it…where is the barb wire and flat solid surface.

    The fence is even wide enough to pass drugs through !!!. This is a conspiracy and not a design failure…Vote Obama out before your using Chop Stix !!!


  5. Wow Troy…. I did not know this! Brings tears to my eyes. Would you want this to happen to your son or daughter? We all should band together!!

    David Agrinsonis

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