Ceres Living May Be The Best Kept Secret Prelaunch In MLM History

Ceres Living may be the best kept secret pre-launch in MLM history. When I got the call from a close friend, who said “Troy I think I’m coming out of semi-retirement because I find the motherload” I thought he was nuts.

At 27, he had retired from active MLM sponsoring, and was enjoying training and supporting the few organizations he had built since he turned 21. Now don’t get me wrong, he was still in the game, but as a consultant. He would do one-on-one training with distributors, and worked exclusively with MLMLeads.com teaching networkers how to prospect using the telephone. He also worked with top field leaders who came to him for advice on creating online marketing campaigns, and custom training for their teams.

So when he came to me, asking me to research Ceres Living, I said, “you got it.” Well, just like Mike, I was blown away with what I saw.

What I discovered about Ceres Living and their strategic partners, NeoStem and Optigenex, cause me to slow down and dig a little deeper.

Here are the most important things I discovered about Ceres Living for my friend. (Who by the way has joined Ceres Living.)

1. NeoStem is the first company to provide adult stem cell collection and banking services to the general adult population.

2. NeoStem not only developed AIO for Ceres Living, they have placed their logo on the bottle and the bottle on their website. This goes beyond being just a developer or manufacture. This is a true strategic partnership.

3. The Ceres Living website focuses on exactly what they should AIO. Unlike some companies who seem to think they are in the business of sponsoring new distributors (Which is the responsibility of the field leaders, not the company.)

4. Richard Anzalone has a passion and mission to get AIO in the hands of every person in the USA and around the world who have health issues with their DNA, Skin, Hearth and just about any other issue you can think of. When I talked to Richard this week, I could hear the passion in his voice as he shared about AIO.

5. Optigenex, Ceres Life and NeoStem’s other strategic partner is a worldwide leader in DNA research and repair. Their patented, all-natural cellular DNA care ingredient known as AC-11® (formerly called C-Med-100®) plays a major roll in the uniqueness of the AIO Puree, and gives Ceres Living the ability to dominate a very powerful niche in the MLM. By the way you can buy and read a great book, which reveals the amazing story of AC-11® at this link.

6. Ceres Living is so proud of their new product AIO they provide massive amounts of info via their website. Here is the document showing the supplemental facts for both their 2oz travel pack and their full 32oz bottle.

7. I was able to find a few good info pieces on some of the main ingredients of AIO at the Mayo Clinic website.

8. Then I decided I had better check out the compensation plan. The first thing which stood out, was the fact they offer a preferred customer position where customers can order AIO at wholesale prices. What makes this so important is the position is NOT inside of the compensation plan. Meaning, this is a true wholesale affiliate position. They can earn income on retail sales, but not on team building. Something the FTC looks at when investigating companies.

9. The barrier of entry to get into the compensation plan is only $60 BV, and to max the compensation plan is only $120 BV monthly. Breaking the $100.00 barrier for the new distributor, and the $200.00 barrier for the up and coming team builder.

10. The Ceres Living Reward Plan is a very powerful, but easy plan to understand, and one where there is plenty of money from the bottom to the top.

Overall I truly see this company has a winner. I am excited to watch the growth of this company, their research and new products, and the success of their budding field organization.

2010 should be a great launch you for this new category creating company.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

p.s. No I am not in Ceres Living!

Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals