CEO of Elepreneurs, U.S., LLC, & Subsidiary of Sharing Services Global Corp., Claims Gross Financial Misconduct For Stripping Robert Oblon Of Authority.

Kip H Allison, CEO Of Elepreneurs & Director Of Sharing Services Global Corporation, Seems To Have Been Found Guilty Of Gross Financial Misconduct & Gross Negligence.

In reading through the documents filed in the original article on Sharing Services Global Services found at you will find additional information mentioned in the video in this current article.

The following documents have been presented publicly through court filings, public websites and other media and communication platforms.

February -- Office of Executive Officer, Elepreneurs, U.S. LLC sends Memorandum To The Field.

In the above Memo to the Field, the following was stated:

Robert Oblon was removed from the Board of Directors and stripped of his position of authority in the Company as a result of gross financial misconduct.

At one time, Oblon was an Officer and a director of Sharing Services (Dec 2017 -- Feb 2019). As a Board Member and an Office, Oblon owed a fiduciary duty to the Company, to the shareholders, and the public. He was obligated to operate the Company lawfully and In accordance with all regulatory requirements for a public company. A fiduciary duty is the highest duty recognized by law.

Since the above is the standard set by the law, then doesn’t it make sense that ALL the past and current Board Members and Executives of Sharing Services Global Corporation, Elepreneurs and Elevacity be held to the same standard?

Potential Gross Financial Misconduct & Breach of Fiduciary Duty by Kip Hughs Allison.

Kip implicated in Texas Family Court Corruption Case -- News 8 WFAA-TV

What got Fowler in serious trouble with the Judicial Conduct Commission was the appointment good friend and lawyer, Kip Allison, to a child custody case.

“We knew beyond any doubt that what Kip asked  he was going to get from Judge Fowler. That had been proven over and over and over again,” said

Attorney Joyce White.

As an attorney appointed by the court to represent the children, Allison bills totaling nearly $74,000 for only 64 days work.

The Judicial Conduct Commission found that not only did Allison’s fees exceed fair market value” but that by approving the fees Judge Fowler “failed to avoid bias and favoritism in his rulings.”

“No matter what we did or how right we were about the law, it wasn’t going matter. And, it’s a very, very powerless feeling,” said Attorney Mary McKnight.

They say, they watched in despair as Allison manipulated the lives of the he was supposed to represent.

Eventually the News 8 investigation uncovered that Allison was a volunteer the judge’s political campaign. Allison was among the top 10 contributors that he practically worked for free in an expensive legal case  estate of the judge’s dead mother.

The Commission found that none of this was properly revealed at the time of Allison’s court-appoint.

“It got to the point that we were not only fighting for our clients to  wrong there,” said White. “But, we had to try to vindicate ourselves Kip Allison had filed a sanction against us and asked that we be that we  monetarily sanctioned.”

“It is evident from a review of the facts and testimony in the case that Judge Fowler’s relationship with Kip Allison resulted in rulings that were to unsupported by the evidence. It further found a clear implication that the judge intended for the court appointment in Melissa and Daniel’s case to compensate Allison for his services in the judge’s personal inheritance case.

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