Can You Build An MLM Business Through Social Marketing

Our profession was build upon what John C Maxwell calls “The Law of Connection,” yet I keep hearing the same question over and over “can you build an MLM business through social marketing.” Social marketing without a doubt is more than a trend. It has changed the way we all live our lives.

Since 2000 we have seen whole worlds go online with the launch of “Second Life.” We see people getting dating and getting married to their soul mates, after connecting with them on Match or eHarmony. In addition, during the last presidential campaign all of the lead contenders opened campaign offices online, and used YouTube and Facebook to get their propaganda across to the masses. So, I think we can all agree social marketing is impacting our personal and business life. What each of us need to ask is “how are we going to use social marketing to build our business?”

Relationships Are the Foundation

Jennifer Fong, an authority on social marketing to the direct marketing profession, shares that “relationships are the foundation of social marketing. Facebook and other social networking sites are how people are connecting, even when they already know each other personally.” I agree with Jennifer. The ease of connecting through social sites is allowing people to connect at a deeper level, because they connect more often, and are not restricted to specific times. This is especially true with single moms who are not only building a business, but are taking care of kids, paying the bills, cleaning the house, and trying to find time to interact with other single moms who can relate.

Now before everyone else starts getting their dander up, I used single moms in my example, because statistics show, that by the end of the next decade single moms will make up over 50% of the buying power within the direct marketing arena. This in an indication of two very powerful trends that we all should study and learn from. First is the fact, these powerful women are NOT acting like dull, negative disillusioned crybabies, because they are raising their children without a dad. They are sick and tired of being treated like second-class citizens and instead of taking governmental handouts, they are creating the life their family deserves.

The second trend, which I hate, is the fact more and more men are acting like dull, negative, disillusioned crybabies. Instead of taking responsibilities for their actions, they are continuing to act like cavemen, who can do what they want, when they want, without any responsibilities. WOW, that sounds like most of the teenagers and college freshmen I know.

Men, this should be a wakeup call, for those of us who are actively building our teams. If you want to create residual income, which will last, then learn how to attract and empower women on your team. For the last 30 years women have dominated this profession, earning the growing the biggest teams, creating the most volume and earning the largest paychecks. As the husband on one wife, and the father of two daughters, I’ve come to the conclusion… Why fight them, when you can join them.

Cross-Sponsoring & Social Marketing

I’ve talked to several leaders worry about high levels of cross-sponsoring now that social marketing has become the norm. So let me ask you who are reading this article, is cross-sponsoring really a big deal? Seriously, do you really want someone on your team, who doesn’t want to be there? Production inside of an organization is wrapped around the trust and communication between two people; the upline and the downline. And just like any relationship, you must search deep to see where the breakdown of the trust and communication is. So don’t stress about cross-sponsoring, instead focus on constant communication with your team, and building authentic trust with your team.

You might also find it interesting, that companies do not worry about cross-sponsoring as much as the field does. Let’s take XanGo as an example. In reviewing the XanGo website you can see where they encourage social relationship building among their distributors. They seem to understand that relationships are strengthened when people connect virally as well as physically. The “XanGoSphere” is loaded with blogs, videos, and photos of distributors worldwide. XanGo has also tapped into social marketing at a corporate level, with their own presence on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

I think Mark Stastny, Chief Marketing Officer for Scentsy, the wickless-candle maker sums it up best when he said “It’s all about relationships of trust!” If you are building relationships of trust, then cross-sponsoring becomes a mute issue. Your focus should be on building trust, not trying to keep your team isolated from the social networking. When a leader comes from a mentality of fear, your team will feel it, and start looking for a stronger leader.

Troy’s Truth: There is a 50% divorce rate among first time marriages, and even higher in second marriages. This is an indication of two issues we must face and address in building our network marketing businesses. First people today have a commitment issue, and may not stay long term on our teams. And second, we need to give our business partners the time and attention they deserve, or someone else will.

Empower Your Team To Connect

Don’t hold your team back, encourage them to connect with others and build solid long term relationships. I’ve been blessed over the last 28 years to have created some great personal relationships. Since 2000 when more and more networkers started to embrace the Internet, I’ve seen the numbers of friends grow. Although some of those friends are on my team, the majority are in other companies.
Let me share about one relationship, which has gone through the test of time. When I took over the helm of ProSTEP, I met a great distributor named Mark Laytin. As our relationship grew, he soon became my first call in the morning and the last call at the end of the day. I would do three-way calls, answer questions, and support his team. However, during this time we had never met personally.

In 2003, he was scheduled to come to Florida for our training symposium, when his father past away. Mark had to cancel his trip, but he did not cancel his daily calls. We would talk for hours (he would talk I would listen), about his dad, and the love between the two of them. Shortly after his fathers death, his father-in-law passed away. It was a rough year for Mark. Yet, daily we were on the phone building our relationship.

Let’s fast forward to 2009. Mark Laytin and I have yet to meet personally. Yet, over all these years, our relationship grew. In 2006 a door opened for Mark and I to join forces, and today his team makes up 50% of my monthly volume. We still have not met face-to-face.

Mark Laytin is not the only virtual relationship I have been blessed to build. Mike Dillard, Mike Boggs, Jackie Ulmer, Tom Chenault, Dallin Larsen, Steve Luxenberg, Sue Seward, Orrin Woodward, Kevin Thompson, Len Clements, Robby Fender, Darin Falter, and the list goes on and on. These are not just names of people I want to meet. These are people whose cell phone number is on my speed dial. These are folks I text on a regular basis. Yet, none of these folks have I met personally.

If you will encourage your team to grow their personal relationships using whatever means available, you will see your team grow. And in the few cases where folks may leave for new grown, let them go.

Living An Epic Adventure,

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7 thoughts on “Can You Build An MLM Business Through Social Marketing”

  1. Teresa,

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. You ask some great questions.

    1. It does sound like you are doing very well, and are just at the foundation stage of your business.

    2. The speed of growth depends on several things. However, let me make it very clear, the speed of growth is not important. What is important is the CONTINUED growth over time of the organization. Many times an organization will grow fast, then fizzle. So don't focus on the speed of your growth, just focus on growing your organization steadily over time. I would rather see you grow slowly over time, and in a few years be earning $5K a month with hundreds in your downline earning $800 a month. Than have you tell me I have made $15K in my first 30-days, then six months from now, still have only made $15K.

    3. If you take time to love your people, share the product line with them, let them see the value in the products, then share with them how they can get their products for free, you will start to see your team grow. On average about ever 4th person will be someone who gets the bug, and will start to focus on building their team. If you use this method of growing, then over the next 36 months, you will all of a sudden realize your team has grown and you are earning some good money. What will be even more exciting is how many people on your team is earning great parttime income.

    4. By the way, when using Social Marketing profiles to build your business, remember building a relationship is more important than spamming about your business.

  2. I just started with my business in April and have not began to use any social media other than a couple of posts on my personal Facebook page. I am now starting to look for ways to use social media to promote my Scentsy Products business. I have done very good so far or at least I think it is pretty good but my downline is not very big yet. It only cost me $99 to get started and I made it back in the first month with my bonus and commission I am making over $800 a month, but I want to learn more about building a downline. I got in the business because I called a consultant after buying the products and no one ever asked me to get involved. I was hoping it would be that easy to get others involved but my group is small right now. I am not sure how fast downline should grow, so this is one thing I am wondering about.

    How fast would you expect for a downline to grow in this type of business for someone who has never built a downline before?

    I love your blog and will be back to read more.

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  4. Have you seen this Own Your Channel ( Thing that is really starting to gain momentum. Looks like this video you have is exactly what they need. I think one of the leaders is Steven D Shook in Utah. They seem to have a new thing going.

  5. Lycia,

    If you are part of Mike's organization, then you are working with one of the most talented "Next Generation MLM Leaders" I know.

    I am proud to be part of Mike's very tight inter-circle of friends. Although I am not part of his new company, he has 100% of my support.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  6. It is so amazing to me the vast amount of people in this world and on the internet and I am on-line looking for advice on my MLM business and I read a blog story that lists my mentors name as one of your close relationships. I feel like I am doing the right things for my business and it sounds like what Mike Boggs is doing with me is going to be right. Very awesome story and if you have time to check out my blog it is

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