Breaking Zeek Rewards Update: Zeek Rewards CEO Paul Burks Clarifies Blockage Of Countries & Deactivation of Affiliates Accounts

Yesterday I wrote wrote about an article on Zeek Rewards Oz over at Behind MLM wrote where he stated “Zeek Rewards Banning Members Due To Politics

Well it seems both Oz and I were both on the right track as to what was going on, however neither of us had it all down. Today Paul Burks the CEO of Zeek Rewards made a public statement at Zeek News clarifying exactly what had taken place and why Zeek Rewards had to block specific countries and deactivate certain Zeek affiliates. Some which may have been members for close to a year.

The U.S. treasury Department administrated the Executive Orders issued by the President against all U.S.A. sanctioned countries. Oz, stated “Political Differences” although some may call it this, a more accurate description might be, “Crimes against their people, or crimes against the U.S.A.” these are the types of countries which are sanctioned. And in the case of Zeek Rewards, have been blocked from the business.

Although the exact Executive Order was not mentioned by Paul Burks, nor were the specific countries, I am providing an example of one such Executive Order, which may be very relevant, based on the Countries listed by Oz, in his article.

Executive Order Sanctioning The Balkans

Here is a copy of Paul Burks public statement published today at Zeek Rewards News

Paul Burks CEO of Zeek Rewards Responds To Bloggers Questions On Blocked Countries

All Zeek Rewards affiliates based on the U.S.A. or Canada need to fully understand, that if they are acting as “mules” people who are acting as U.S.A. based representatives for entities or individuals in any sanctioned country, then those U.S. or Canadian citizens can be charged by their respective countries for crimes which can range up to 30-years in prison, and may be seen as acts of treason depending on the situation. Although in most situations the charges would by civil in nature, if it is found that all parties were acting in a criminal conspiracy of some form, or that the North American citizens were acting as representatives for individuals on the SDN/BPL list (Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons List) then criminal charges could apply.

Here is the FAQ covering this sanctioned countries.

Who must comply with the Executive Order?

Online Compliance Guidelines

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