Breaking Zeek Rewards News: RVG Receiver Public Q&A Call Now Live

As promised we are posting the Recevier, Kenneth Bell’s live Q&A Call from this week live. You can also hear it at

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8 thoughts on “Breaking Zeek Rewards News: RVG Receiver Public Q&A Call Now Live”

  1. Troy,
    As an affiliate with Zeek Rewards, I am now curious as to when I can expect to get back some or all of my “investment”.
    My “investment” was sent out just days before the company was shut down. My certified check was never cashed, but yet is being held.

    At what point can I, and other affiliates, expect to see our money back?

  2. @Allen,

    Without a doubt our government does have its issues. ANd over the years, the cover-ups have been numerous. However, many have sued the US Government and won over the years. I have faith in the Justice System in the USA, and once all the appeals are exhausted, we will finally have a final verdict.

  3. YOU LAWYERS ARE THE BIGGEST CROOKS ….. hahahhahahaaa … you talk of obeying the law , what a joke , you obey only what suits your taste !!!!!! lol what a joke … go sue the fed govt….. you want a ponzi scheme your prezzzz… is the biggest schame and crook

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