Breaking Zeek Rewards News Updated December 2nd 2012: Fun Club USA Attorney’s Finally File A Motion… For Who’s Best Interest?

Zeek Rewards News

Today, we finally see a motion filed on behalf of Fun Club USA (Robert Cradock) David & Mary Kettner and David Sorrells, filed to have their personal attorney Michael J Quilling to be appointed as the Examiner to oversee and represent the interest of ALL former Zeek Rewards affiliates. But there is more…

Updated December 2nd 2012: Jordan D. Maglich Esq., and founder of offering some insight from a legal perspective. 

According to the motion which you can view below, part of the motion admits that Paul Burks has consented and is not going to help represent the best interest of the affiliates.

This seems to totally contradict the propaganda we have seen lately where folks are claiming Paul Burks is ready to withdraw his consent and fight for Rex Venture Group.

And the biggest surprise is that Cradock, Sorrells and the Kettners’ are asking that the court PAY their attorney our of the Receivers Estate… In others words USE YOUR MONEY!!! This will take MORE money out of the estate to pay back the net victims who in most cases were still within their 90-day window, or were folks who were told to not take anything out until they hit 100,000 points or more.

On another note, I received the following email from someone who tried to get their money out of NXPay and this is what they were told.

I chatted with NXPay and here is what they told me after logging into my acct. Sorry I was told that peoples money had been released.

Chat session started at 2:20:33 PM Please be patient while you are being connected with an operator …

You are now chatting with Kate

Terry: I was told yesterday that the funds still in NXPay were released.
Terry: I went in to my account and it said there was funds available.

Kate: All NxPay accounts under the program name Rex Venture Group are frozen until further notice. At this stage, we do not have a time frame as to if/when funds will be released. Therefore, it is not possible to transfer funds at this time.

Kate: Until we are finished with the reconciliation, all funds associated with Rex Venture Group are still considered frozen and unable to be transferred. NxPay will send out an email update to our account holders if/when funds are able to be released.

So although as we have talked about on several posts, the funds for some who got caught up in this mess, but had never bought bids, paid monthly subscriptions, or are classified victims may soon get their funds, but not yet.

Click here to read the Motion Filed by Fun Club USA, David & Mary Kettner and David Sorrells

Supporting Brief in Above Motion Filed By Fun Club USA, David Sorrells and The Kettners’

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