Breaking Zeek Rewards Alert: Clearification From Last Night’s Zeek Rewards Leadership Call

My email and cell phone is roaring right now asking for clarification from last night’s Zeek Rewards Leadership Call. I have not listened to the since Iam flying this morning. Howver I have sent everyone’s concerns up to the very top of the Zeek leadership hill.

From texting with several of the Zeek Corporate leaders, I am told a clairification will be forthcoming.

As soon as I know more I will post. Keep watching Zeek Rewards New, as Iam sure it will go to the field long before I get notified.

Instead of beating a dead horse on this issue and shooting a video, when I have not yet had tome to listen to the call or truly study the eWallet’s and how they each work, I have decided to post the clarification from Zeek Rewards News

Source – Zeek Rewards News


Hello Fine People…Dawn Here. What follows are a few updates and clarification of my eWallet explanation last night:

It has come to my attention that I must clarify my explanation about the NxPay eWallet (and any eWallet associated with Zeek) Let me try this again in writing with more detail because it seems to have created some confusion.

Zeek is HEALTHY, DEBT-FREE and ROCK SOLID. We have our new banking relationships. We have three happy, healthy, functioning and integrated eWallets and are working on a fourth one with strong global payroll options that will pay your commissions direct into any Visa/MC debit card worldwide.

We have a BOOMING and HEALTHY business and it’s all because of you. Thank you. As Peter and I were explaining last night – they simply don’t make tubes at the drive through window big enough for Zeek. Moving money from one eWallet to another…is not like driving up to the bank window and putting a check in a tube by any stretch of the imagination.

Asking for NXPay commissions checks but purchasing your subscriptions and bids through AlertPay…is like driving up to Burger King® and asking for a Big Mac®. What’s amazing is…our trusted providers (even though they are in direct competition with eachother…ARE in discussions on how they can work together to give Zeek Affiliates what they are asking for. In order to make that happen…there are a lot of people and institutions involved and oodles of hoops to jump through. Everything is a process.


eWallet Defined: An eWallet (or digital wallet) is an empty container. What is in Zeek’s NxPay eWallet, AlertPay eWallet and STP eWallet are completely unrelated to each other. Using the above reference, they are Burger King®, McDonalds® and Wendys®. They all have burgers and fries yet each has something different to offer. So, Zeek integrated with them all so its affiliates could enjoy whichever one they preferred. They are NOT integrated with each other, however.

Each of those independent eWallet balances…is directly associated with what is purchased through them as individual providers…by the affiliates of Zeek and what is requested OUT by the affiliates of Zeek. eWallets are not banks, they have banks just like companies do. There are a ton of hoops to jump through for companies to be approved to “deposit/wire” funds into each individual eWallet provider and HOW MUCH is definiately something that is limited by the banks associated with them.

It was explained to me by the owner of an eWallet company whom we are in the process of building a new relationship with…that the model is built to ‘recycle money being spent by each company’s affiliates – to be paid back out to the affiliates in the form of payroll. That it’s not a “deposit account” at a bank.

I attempted to explain this last night using the analogy of the “lump of leather” we refer to as our own “wallet” in our purse or back pocket. We can want to go shopping and have plenty of money in the bank…but unless we take it out and put in into our “wallet” – there is no magical “spring fed” money geyser that makes the wallet full. Action must be taken to put money in it.

In the term of the way our eWallet relationships exist (although Zeek is fully capable and willing to “deposit” into our eWallets…the preferred model of the banks behind those eWallets is…that what is being “spent” by customers and affiliates is what is IN their individual eWallet and that THOSE FUNDS are what (preferably) can then be paid back out of THAT eWallet in the form of payroll back out to the field. I simply suggested that affiliates who prefer a specific eWallet for their payroll, should convert their spending to using that eWallet for purchasing instead of using a different eWallet or credit cards for their purchasing.

I apologize if my explanation last night made it more confusing. Continuing the analogy is like asking us to let you spend money at Burger King® and insisting you pick up your Big Mac® at Wendy’s®. Obviously it’s a lot of hoops each franchise must jump through so proper payment ends up where it belongs. Zeek must anticipate where the purchases are being made and where you are picking up your commissions and react. My suggestion was to limit be signed up for all, but use one for everything unless there is an issue.

None of this has ANY reflection on the health of our company. It was simply a training on what I was taught by the eWallet owner I have a new relationship with when I questioned why it wasn’t a simple matter of “deposit and pay payroll” when it came to the way eWallets do business. I hope that clarifies my explanation to the satisfaction of all.

Now…on to the updates:


We will be launching this incredible (long-awaited) power-packed video marketing and compliance package on or before July 1st!!
The Zeek video marketing system includes ALL of the incredible USHBB videos located at:
So, instead of paying $15/month PLUS $5-$10/year for the mandatory compliance course in order to market your Zeek business…the team came together and n annual fee of $29.99 within the next 2 weeks!! (Target date barring any unforeseen circumstances and getting EVERY AFFILIATE locked and loaded with the video marketing system and educated with the MLM Compliance Do’s & Don’ts Course.


We will be launching this money-making, savings and rebates customer shopping program around July 1st!!
Watch the RPP soar with this incredible customer acquisition program! (Think about it…every affiliate in Zeek…getting 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 active shoppers per month shopping and everyone will see the power of collective advertising go to the next level!
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This RPP booster will set our world-renowned comp plan on FIRE for all qualified ZR affiliates!!

STP Issues…Zeek Geeks Working
We are aware of the issue with STP purchasing (payOUTs are working just fine). The Zeek Geeks are working to resolve the issue with STP. We’ll let you know the second it’s resolved. Please use one of your other eWallets for purchasing until further notice.

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280 thoughts on “Breaking Zeek Rewards Alert: Clearification From Last Night’s Zeek Rewards Leadership Call”

  1. My help ticket with them is still unopened.

    I believe I may understand why I can't make the STP transaction work. The website states limits, not minimums, at $500, which my $ is less than that. So I guess it will sit there until I add more to it. I wish this would have been clearer, but that is to their advantage to make it less clear!

    So many things with this opportunity are still shaky in my opinion, which is probably why I have only a few downline affiliates, I always take the time to explain the risks involved with a new opportunity, at least the way I understand them. I will wait and watch for the news from Zeek, I'm not looking for more hot opportunities from Zeek just the clarification of the current situations.

    At least I know that attacking others, name calling, belittling their work, is not the best route to go when you are supporting your business. It is best to view all opinions and investigate diligently because personal responsibility is a key factor in personal growth.

    A saying I once heard goes "Within every Adversity lies the seed to an equal or better opportunity".

  2. @ZY,

    I do at least one of the companies they are in the process of working with, but can't disclose the name until they have decided to make it public but launching it as their payment solution. I can say in researching the company, it would be a great solution internationally as well as in the USA and would bring some great benefits to the affiliates.

  3. Troy thank you for keeping the community updated. Do you have any idea what would the upcoming new payment solution be?

  4. I heard about this a while back.

    If they cant place an ad then aren't they dropped from the RPP?

    So everyone in Montana isn't collecting from Zeek?

  5. @Ken,

    Can you share what questions you are referring? I have yet to find one question the Zeek leadership has backed away from. I have personally seen them take open questions from the floor publicly, from reporters and even regulators. So exactly what are you referring?

    It is easy to write that you have sent $500 a month ago in an open forum. If you really did send $500 and want to find out what happened. Then send me your Zeek ID and a copy of the $500 you (sent) not mailed to Zeek to and I will get you an answer.

    The funny thing is you mention Zeek needs to be honest and admit they screw up. Where have you been. Many times they have mentioned the challenges, never backing down from the issues.

    And you comment about paypal, truly does show you are not very educated on both network marketing and paypal. If you were then you would suely know that PayPal doesn't allow any network marketing companies.

    By the way, I do not think they are talking about a 4th eWallet, but are talking about one solution excepted worldwide.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  6. Chris ,

    Don't quit your day job.

    Most of us are not here to joke,we just want Zeek to not screw with us.Everyone knows that a cover up is worse than just being honest.

  7. I care Chang,

    I don't see why Zeek wouldn't welcome all questions.

    I had $500. personally sent (not mailed) to Zeek almost a month ago and still nothing from them. May be this is all a big scam and what they really do is loan our money out at a high rate of interest.

    I have e-mailed them 3 times….no answer. I tried the I-coor….it won't work, and many times I have tried to log on or go somewhere on the site and it fails to work. Zeek needs to just be honest and admit they screwed up. Their site cannot handle what they want to do.

    Oh and why the talk of a 4th wallet now? Why not 5 or 6? They couldn't have just used Pay Pal?

    People need to ask questions Chris

  8. @Ken,

    First let me say thank you for stopping by and taking time to share your insights. I do have a few questions to ask, so the community can get a better understanding on where you come up with your train of thought.

    1. Why do you feel there is no money in the eWallets? From all I have read there has always been money in the eWallets.

    2. Why would you feel I would have the money?

    3. Please explain how I have backed up Zeek? Especially since I my reporting is the same with all companies. I understand you must be busy, and may be ignorant to all the facts, but if you had the time then you would see I have been pretty balanced with the handful of companies we have ever covered which had shaky launches… Global Verge, WOW Mobile, Zoom Mobile, BidiFy, and Zeek to name the bigger ones we have covered.

    We look forward to your answers for clarification.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  9. Dear Chris,

    You bash Mr. Chang for being critical and asking questions that no one can answer, l wonder if there's no money in the e-wallets because it's all in Mr. Dooly's?

    Just something for you to ponder when you count the number of times Mr. Dooly backs up Zeek.

  10. I have received most of my 7/2 commission and so has my down line. I requested checks each day for a week and so did my downline. The only part we are missing is from the last day so it looks like they are just working there way through the week.

  11. @Eddie,

    I did talk with the powers to be yesterday. They should be making announcements on the commissions and giving a date for all commissions to be paid up to date with in the next couple of days. I will be reporting on this later today.

  12. Hi Troy,

    Have you found out anything yet about the 7/2 NXPay commissions. Lots of us are yet to be paid.


  13. @Greg,

    I can understand your frustration. Please keep me posted on your ticket. With last week being the 4th of July week, I do know they are behind further than normal.

    I have heard STP is going through some compliance issues themselves here in the states.

    eWallets have been an issue to some degree for years. Hopefully there will be a new solution before to long.

    Do keep us posted.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  14. What can I say, I am seeing problems, I put a ticket in on Zeek's help desk last week and its still not been opened by them. I am feeling very critical of the Zeek Rewards' opportunity right now. I also have a problem with my STP account, since they have $$ from Zeek but can't pay it to me because they need to verify me, which they are trying to catch up from 6/18 on verifications. This could mean that commissions I withheld from my account in May, requested be paid 6/18, deposited 7/02 to STP, could pay out in August.

    I think my upline is probably reconsidering his early retirement plans for this month now that earning an income with Zeek is becoming more problematic. They promised that all the banking issues were resolved. Now Zeek's problems may have been resolved but ours may have just begun. I had no problems with my Nx pay, and I have set up the Payza account, which I hope doesn't bring any problems with it.

    I was really looking forward to making this opportunity happen for my family, but I believe I'm better off with my current position than the Zeek opportunity, rather than share it when it may turn out to be too HOT for our own good.

  15. Thank you Troy!! I sincerely appreciate your comments and await your next post regarding Zeek Rewards! Karyn

  16. @Mark,

    Makes total sense. I am working to get some new and deeper info that I can share by tomorrow with you and the community. While on the road the last couple of weeks, it was not easy to connect with the powers to be.

    My goal is to report some new news by end of business tomorrow.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  17. Thank you Troy. The problem with the news announcements is they don't directly address the problems we affiliates are having. For instance, he mentions NxPay is coming back but says nothing about the late payments to Payza. I understand why he isn't mentioning the support forum as that has not been formally announcement. But lots of people are way behind on getting paid. I had someone in my down line that was 9 to 10 days late getting paid through NxPay a few days ago and now many of the July 2nd payments through AlertPay (Payza) are late. Who knows what it means for payments due today. It would be nice for Zeek to address the late payment issues.

    For what it's worth, I have hardly recruited for 2 months because of the issues. Until Zeek can demonstrate they are going to be able to handle big business, and make good on payments, I don't feel I can talk to people about the opportunity. I know everyone doesn't feel that way.

    Thanks for all the reporting you do. Your site is one of the best sites to come for information on network marketing.

  18. Hi Troy,

    Several people in my down-line emailed me to let me know that they are having problems getting their commission out of STP. When they tried to cash out, this is the message they get:


    The United States, in its mandate to continuously protect its citizens against financial crimes, is now requiring all financial providers, regardless of country, to acquire full licensing in most states.

    SolidTrust has begun working with your State's government to ensure we are fully compliant. Until this process is completed, you are not able to deposit or withdraw from your account. You may still purchase products & services directly via credit/debit card if the website you are buying from offers cards as a payment option.

    We kindly ask that you refrain from contacting our support department to ask questions; instead, please read below for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

    How long is this going to take?

    the regulation process can take up to a year depending on the state. As we acquire our licenses one by one, members in newly licensed states will be notified and full account services can be resumed by them.


    Can you find out from Zeek if this is for all states or just certain states.

    If it's for all states, can you ask Zeek, what should affiliates do that have already requested commission through STP.

    Lastly, a lot of people have not gotten their 7/2 payments through NXPay. They simply don't know what to do, because when NXPay was taken away, they had already requested payment.

    Troy, I'm so sorry we have to come here to try and get answers. There's no where else to turn because Zeek is not addressing these problems and they certainly aren't being taken care of.

    I saw Paul's update, but it's not enough. We want solutions, not more excuses. Plus we want to be paid.

    The affiliates in the field really need some answers including myself.

    Thanks Troy!

  19. "Now secondly could you hire some SEO (search engine optimization) consultants. Allowing BS websites that I won’t mention hear to climb in the search engines for different keywords based around your site is just plain unacceptable. These sites spin soundbites and make things sound 10x worse then they are. They are causing panic and fear in the field.

    You must be on the top of Google, Yahoo & Bing for keywords based around your business and in multiple spots. Allowing these attention seeking websites to cause panic is hurting the company tremendously."

    How do you know these web searches are hurting Zeek?

    Last I heard from the affiliate total was 800k to 900k and climbing(Of course that number was posted here and the person had no evidence to back it up).

  20. @Karyn,

    Let's see if I can answer some of your questions. I do have my own questions out for answers, and hope to have some of them answered this week so I can shoot a new video and editorial update.

    1. When it comes to recruiting, I can't help you on that one. Since unique bid auctions are not a business model, I personally would ever take a position in. This is something you will need to dig deep into your heart on. All businesses are a risk, and the unique bid auctions may be a little riskier than most. So, if I were you and you decide to continue recruiting, then at all cost make sure you disclose all the challenges along with all the potential.

    2. The challenges Paul Burks and his team have faced have been huge, and each time Paul doesn't hesitate to pull in outside experts to help him and the team. With this kind of attitude, I think he can overcome just about challenge. I do have to say, I have not seen many other companies hit with this many challenges at once. A.L. Williams and Herbalife were hit with some pretty huge challenges in their time and both went on to become billion dollar annual businesses, and two of the largest in their fields.

    And in the case of Herbalife and A.L. Williams, they faced both state and federal regulators and came out on top.

    3. I am not sure of the regulations you are referring. I have not heard of any new banking regulations at all. I can see where there might be some new money laundrying laws which might effect the eWallets, but without knowing specifically what you are referring I can only speculate. I do know Zeek is working on at least one huge new payment partner which would eliminate any issues. As for paper checks, Zeek like most companies are moving completely away from checks.

    4. Paul talked about the payment issues in his latest post at Zeek Rewards News. And I should be receiving an update on things first of the week. I know money is now flowing to all the eWallets and the bank accounts. I just do not know how long it takes to get all the deposits cleared to get the payments all caught up.

    Karyn, small fish grow to be big fish, and those small fish that don't grow to be big fish, can still bite pretty hard 🙂 Everyone counts, and all opinions need to be heard. Your concerns and frustrations are as important as someone earning tens of thousands of dollars.

    Although, I am not the one who can restore your faith, I can sure work to find the answers.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  21. @John Doe,

    I am not sure if you saw Paul Burks post yesterday at Zeek Rewards News but he did mention a few of the issues you mention. Although, he did not go into great detail he did mention the following.

    "Greetings Friends,

    Paul Burks here. Just a few items I wanted to chat about before the weekend.

    First, ALL IS WELL in Zeekland. That isn’t to say that we are not having our share of challenges and that things are clearly taking longer than we wish they were, but OVERALL, it’s all good.

    I just had a great conversation with our account manager over at Payza (formerly Alert Pay). We and they are both aware that many of the payments that were made to our affiliates on Monday were repeated on Tuesday, so some of you were paid twice. If this happened to you, please do not take any action like reversing the payment back to us. They are running scripts at that end to pull the overpayments back. If you have already sent the money back and you see that it has been pulled back anyway, just sit tight. They are aware of the situation and it will be corrected. Please do not submit tickets about it until we have a chance to correct everything.

    Dan Olivares, our chief programmer, has spent the past several days working on major improvements to our site’s security, so if you encounter any pages that are not working correctly just try again a bit later. In case you are still using a password like 123456 or using your username or first name as a password, please IMMEDIATELY change it to something difficult to guess, not a dictionary word, amd use numbers and letters with upper and lower case. Otherwise, I can almost promise you that your account will be hijacked. You would never give your ATM card and PIN number to a stranger, right? Treat your Zeek password with the same security.

    I am also expecting to be able to restore nxPay as a payment option in the next few days. As with most things, these issues have taken a bit longer to resolve than we expected, but we’re almost there.

    For those of you who live in the USA, I hope that you had a wonderful Fourth of July! The weather in North Carolina is HOT but Zeek is even HOTTER!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  22. I'm going to rant for a bit but I want everyone to know that I support Zeek Rewards 100%. I hope that they see this message or someone that can contact them directly will show them what is going on over the internet.

    To Zeek Rewards,

    All of the affiliates appreciate the hard work that you have done & we are here by your side. We want to work with you through the problems and issues & also help in any possible way so please don't hesitate to ask. As a member in the field I want to let you know what is taking place so you can in return take massive action to put the fire out!

    Affiliates are beginning to panic and you must communicate, communicate & communicate! People want to have their hands held and have no patience so if the company can stay connected giving information the leaders will keep the teams informed and not frustrated.

    Many people are experiencing hacked accounts or being locked out, IT problems with 500 Internal Errors, payments are delayed, NxPay is no longer an option. I know you have growing pains but please just communicate the reasoning behind it. So if you could just stay on top of the communication through this hard time everything would be 100x easier trust me.

    Now secondly could you hire some SEO (search engine optimization) consultants. Allowing BS websites that I won't mention hear to climb in the search engines for different keywords based around your site is just plain unacceptable. These sites spin soundbites and make things sound 10x worse then they are. They are causing panic and fear in the field.

    You must be on the top of Google, Yahoo & Bing for keywords based around your business and in multiple spots. Allowing these attention seeking websites to cause panic is hurting the company tremendously.

    I support zeek rewards 100% and understand the business model in full. This company is a category creator and I completely understand going through growing pains. The affiliates are here to support you just tell us what to do and we will make it happen. Everyone wants zeek rewards forever and you have the most massive team on the planet ready and willing to work for you. Thanks for everything and hope the message gets to someone at the office

  23. Dear Troy,

    I am deeply saddened by the comments I have read here. There are so many sides to this story and so much negativity. At this point you are the only source I am listening to because you have protested your honesty from the roof tops, so I am trusting you. I love this company and have recruited over 20 people–all close friends and family, some of which have purchased $10k in sample bids. I have been extremely patient while these "growing pains" have presented themselves and I am willing to be patient as they pass. That said, I am very concerned by all I have read. I need your honest answer to some questions…

    1. I have several affiliates that are excited about sharing this with their friends–people willing to spend a great deal of money. I have even more people knocking on my door too….Given what is going on, would you recommend refraining from recruiting as this time?

    Given the fact that any new recruit wouldn't typically be in a position to withdraw for several months…maybe Zeek would have their act together by then. It would be painful if I had a downline of people experiencing these payment issues.

    2. Do you really feel that Zeek can turn this around?? No pressure, but I how you answer will impact me a lot! lol

    3. I've heard there are some new regulations that will make transferring $ out of our ewallets to our bank accounts hard…Should we be requesting paper checks from them?

    Troy I don't want to quit! I am willing to see it through as I feel that they are really trying to fix things. I hope I am not being naive. I want to share with others but this is not something I usually do and people really trust me. They have taken my word that this isn't a scam. I have close friends putting a lot of $ in here and I would die if they lost their money on my recommendation. My word is like yours, sacred!

    To close I will just give you my experience so far. I started in Feb with only a $300 bid purchase and have grown my points to over 5000 with my recruiting efforts. Despite any ongoing issues Zeek has credited my account each and every night for 4 mos. I only switched to 80/20% a month ago and have requested money 3 times.

    1st time: $345.49 payment made to NXPay right on schedule.

    2nd payment: $92.43 scheduled to be paid to Payza (because NX wasn't avail) on 6/25…NEVER RECEIVED.

    3rd payment: $883.09 requested to Payza, due to be paid 7/23. This is $ I have set aside for the 1st vacation I have had in years. Please tell me I will get it as planned and if I do, should I request a paper check or transfer to my bank?

    Last comment: Please pass this on to Zeek if you get a chance! With so many of us needing info to feel safe and secure, it would be MOST helpful if they posted more often on their news blog. AND using more explanation in everyday terms that people understand. When there is no info and issues are occurring, we go elsewhere and read the poison in these forums and start to panic, complain and drag down the system. ALSO, it deeply upsets me when they announce new and exciting things when things are so unhealthy. It pains me to think that we will implement one more thing before we all get paid…how they can talk about the party at home office when all this turmoil is unresolved. From our point of view its difficult to hear when we are struggling.

    Troy, I know that I am only a small fish in this big sea but this money is so important to our family. I have been unemployed for over a year due to an injury. Please restore my faith in Zeek and encourage me to press on and share this life changing opportunity with others. I completely respect your opinion and anxiously await your reply.



  24. No the issue is with Montana state laws. If you are residing in Montana and are an affiliate of Zeek Rewards you are UNABLE to place an ad, purchase more bids, sign anyone new up or upgrade.

    Dawn had mentioned that she was aware of the situation with Montana on a conference call about a month ago and that their lawyers were working on it.

    Haven't heard anything since. Just wondering if you had any new information on this.


  25. @Reality Check

    Snipped quote:

    3. Rex pays you $200 (20%) for selling the bids, and credits you (if you qualify) with 1000 points in the Retail Point Pool.

    4. Zeek makes revenue off the sale of the bids, and the revenue from the winning bidder in each auction. Each winner must pay for what they just won.


    VIP points are only "points", not money. Zeek can pay out nearly unlimited amounts in "points" as long as the affiliates keeps reinvesting them.

    So when one of your customers spends $1,000 buying retail bids, Zeek will make a gross profit of $800, and you will make $200 in commission plus 1000 "points".

    And in business we have the general rule about "Money in hand is better than numbers on a screen", and Zeek has got the most major part of the money involved here.

    The 1000 VIP points WILL become a problem after a while, but with most normal withdrawal plans it will take 4 months or more before your customer's purchase has become a loss to Zeek. And some "unexpected problems" can happen, making the problem disappear.

    So your theory seems to be correct. The matching VIP points will eventually make your customer's purchase become a loss for Zeek, but it will take a few months before they have lost all the profit generated by that customer.

    Troy used another method where the 1000 VIP points didn't become a problem, and that method is also correct. The VIP points won't become a problem before the affiliates starts to withdraw money.

    The VIP balance isn't a problem in itself. The balance can continue to grow and grow and grow almost forever, as long as affiliates accepts being paid in "points". It will first become a problem if too many affiliates wants to be paid in money.

  26. Paul Burks just posted an update on Zeekrewards news. Apparently there was a double payment to Payza on Monday and a large amount of Affiliates were paid double. They have been trying to get those payments squared away.

  27. K.Chang,,

    Your daily routine….you wake up, go to your blog, Bash Zeek, you come here, Bash Zeek, you go to another blog, bash zeek…



    You Bash Zeek in multiple locations, with the same conversation that nobody pays attention to anymore, you bash and blog…

    Days over you check your traffic to your site and see how much you been paid to bash Zeek….

    You go to sleep….

    Wake up middle of the night, BLOG BASH AND POST…..

    Sleep…….you do this daily

  28. @Reality Check,

    1. You signed up for Zeekler following the affiliate link.

    2. You buy $1000.00 in bids to use in the auciton.

    3. Rex pays you $200 (20%) for selling the bids, and credits you (if you qualify) with 1000 points in the Retail Point Pool.

    4. Zeek makes revenue off the sale of the bids, and the revenue from the winning bidder in each auction. Each winner must pay for what they just won.

  29. Eddie,

    I have been on the road for two weeks on business. I will check into things. I do know the tech teams from several of the partnerships are integrating the new platforms, and that might have something to do with the login issues.

    I have been in contact with the top internal leadership and I have not been informed of any "looming problems" can you share more on what you mean by that statement?

    With all the issues that have faced affiliates, and Rex working to get all affiliates paid, it may be a great idea for them to disable the "update details" until all is back in order. I will check on this issue.

    Please if you are asking for help, don't put words in my mouth. Yes, we know affiliates are being paid. But the issue is to get all affiliates paid. And, yes after all the integration is complete, the new payment possessors are in place and all funds deposited, then all commissions should be totaled and affiliates paid and paid on time.

    I can fully understand the frustration, and would be just as frustrated in your shoes. And like you I want more communication form the company. In the mean time I would rather they work to fix all the issues, get the funds deposited and back on schedule and everything ready to launch, than to just hear some new little statement.

    The holiday is past, the teams are working to get everything rolling. So now I will connect and see if we can get answers.

    I guess, it would make more sense, for all the affiliates to STOP recruiting and STOP selling bids, until everything is under control. But… since I doubt the affiliates will feel that way, the company is going to continue to grow, and resources will be stretched. I know everyone wants the company to hire more people, but if you read your frustrations above, then I can guess the company is just as frustrated. Until they get everything under control, it is kind of hard to know where to hire and how many.

    If they over hire, then your revenue share will go down, because the net positive revenue will go down. They gave July 1st, it is only the 5th, let's see if I can get some answers.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  30. @Brad,

    Yes the regulators knews about ASD. However, ASD seemed to ignore all the communication from regulators in addressing many of the issues and complaints. I will ever try and defend what an attorney or consultant testify too. One reason I do not hold myself out as a professional witness, is because I would have to limit my client list 🙂

    There is a huge difference between ASD and Bernie Madoff or even the Stanford Ponzi. In the last two cases, it was deemed the investment scheme was a ponzi when the market fell and the current profits were not enough to pay off the "guaranteed" rate of returns. ASD was deemed in part a ponzi, because there was very little if any outside consumption and they also were promoting a "guaranteed rate of return."

    In the case of ZR, they started off without legal or compliance guidance and promoted their business very similar to ASD. Once they hired the team they now have, two of which had personal experience with ASD, the company quickly made some very significant changes to their business model, aligning them closely to the DubLi business model, instead of the ASD business model.

    And, you are correct it does take time for regulators to decide they have enough evidence to prove a leadership team is truly intent on operating a ponzi scheme. In all three of the cases above, the founders all spent extravagant amounts of money on personal lifestyles, which also played into the legal rulings.

    Sadly, what is very frustrating about the three cases above. Is even after the government seized tens of millions in funds, the "victims" do not seem to be the ones who have benefited from the regulators claims. I would like to see, when any regulator calls a company a ponzi or pyramid, and they seize huge amounts of the money, that it goes to those who were in the purported ponzi or pyramid. It seems that in some cases, the government waits, then seize huge amounts of money, then figures out ways to keep those funds due victims. But I digress 🙂 might give you a more info.

  31. K. Chang,

    PV in most cases will include personal consumption and/or personal customers/affiliates sales. In some cases, the compensation plans are created where the affiliates personal sales are credited to the enrolling sponsor (most uni-levels are this way), however, this is not the case 100% of the time.

    One thing that is standard between all the compensation plans, is that ALL volume (purchases) customer and/or affiliate is classified as PV or GV. Since most companies do not breakout sales these days, it does get a little complected. This is one of the changes I advocate so we have a clear distinction between outside sales and inside sales.

    In May when the short sellers asked HerbaLife for a breakdown, and Herbalife couldn't provide it, the stock fell. With more and more companies advocating outside (retail) sales, I think we will start to see CFOs figuring out a solid way to do the breakout.

    Now you and others may ask "why is this such a hard deal to breakout, it's either customers or affiliates?" And here is the issue, which has to my knowledge never been solidified in a judicial opinion… Is the affiliate a customer first, or a distributor first? In many companies, the only way anyone can become a distributor/affiliate is to be a customer first. In other companies, people can join as affiliates/distributors and never be a customer.

    Now to the ZR specific question.

    Not, all VIP points are classified as PV. Any customer/affiliate who is buying VIP bids, will fall into PV and/or GV depending on what level in the compensation plan the sales are counted. Is the customer buying the VIP bids, a personal enrolled customer or affiliate, or on the 1st level of the compensation plan. Agian, some compensation plans, count the personals as the first level, while other comp plans, count personals at zero level.

    One of the issues that seem to be a sticking point with critics of ZR is the purchase of the Bids to be given away. However, this may turn out to be one of the smartest moves the company has made. Unlike a traditional network marketing company, where distributors may be temped to buy product just to maintain a check, and it just sits in a room in their home. At ZR there is a lifetime cap on the extra bids purchased, and the bids must be used or returned to the company.

    Now, please understand, I recognize this business model is a category creator, and may not pass muster with regulators in the future.

    I understand that the Bids, are not personally consumed, and are given to the customers free as an enticement to buy more. The purchase of product/services to be given away to potential customers is a common practice and one that has never come into question in and of itself by regulators. I can see where it could be questioned, if a regulatory agency were to charge the company with infractions, and the numbers we don't see did not show a high enough amount of additional sales to JUST customers of Zeekler, or any of the other commissionable services. And, although we all agree Zeekler/ZR is the main income stream, ALL revenue collected by Rex Venture Group, which is generated by the affiliates marketing efforts will come into play.

    And, since the one main action all ZR affiliates must do, is advertise daily, Rex has a solid leg to stand on, when it comes to showing that the majority of revenue is generated through ZR affiliates.

    Without seeing the statement from MonaVie in it's full context I can't make an exact comment. But, from what I read above, it seems that preferred customers, which I believe are MonaVie customers on a monthly autoship, but are not classified as MonaVie distributors. I am not sure about today, but in the past MonaVie would flush the binary, and I believe if a distributor had not recruited anyone during a specific time, they would be downgraded to a preferred customer.

    And for clarification on my part… The monthly subscriptions Gold, Silver and Diamond would be seen as PV and/or GV. Plus any additional bid purchases will also be seen as PV or GV for payout in all parts of the compensation plan.

  32. Thanks Troy. Allow me to bring you up to speed on a few things:

    1) All past-due commissions were not paid by July 4th (FYI in reference to your June 27th post above).

    2) While payments via NxPay seem to have been the biggest issue thus far, now some payments via Payza that were expected on July 2nd have not been paid as of today (July 6). This is the first I've heard of delayed payments with the Payza e-wallet. I've been in touch with affiliates who were paid on-time for several months with Payza, and this is the first time they haven't been paid on-time.

    3) The issues above (or any issues) can't be reported or discussed at the support forum since many users have been unable to log into the forum since yesterday. I've managed to remain logged in, and finally received a reply yesterday that apparently “maintenance work…resulted in a disconnection between the forum and affiliates [accounts]“. “It is being looked into” and everything “will be back to normal soon”. “Please pass the word to everyone whois unable to log-in.” Yet, Zeek hasn't posted any updates at ZeekRewardsNews.

    With no way to report the continuing issues (especially the new Payza-related payment issues), I'm sure many affiliates are quite concerned to say the least.

  33. I would like to talk to Dawn. I am a seeker and yes i am concerned. its really nice to hear all of this new stuff happening (too much to mention) but they can't even get the pay issue figured out. excuse me but don't give me excuses about bank relationships etc. Amazon does it every day with CREDIT CARDS!!! No excuses! NONE! I fly for a commercial airline, we don't try to figure out how long before we put the gear down. IT GETS DONE! You run a business, you pay your people first. Ive got a new person in zeek that signed up three weeks ago and he can't even get his money in Payza. THREE WEEKS!!! That is unacceptable. I will not sign any more people till they get this issue fixed. B

  34. @Shane,

    Just got in from two weeks on the road with clients. I will check into things today and see if we can get some solid answers.

  35. Hi Troy,

    First just wanted to say I appreciate everything you do for this industry!


    I want to confirm that they are 4 days behind on my payment via alertpay. It's only my second cashout, things been in a pinch. So after months decided to pull some money out.

    First cash out was right on time, This second cash out is late by 4 days alertpay.

    Have a great day.

  36. Troy,

    Since when does personal volume refer to purchase BY affiliate and is NOT self-consumption?

    I always thought "personal volume" refers to PURCHASES BY CUSTOMERS (credited to the affiliate).

    You keep saying that the VIP points are based on PV.

    ZR affiliates get commission for PV and GV purchases.

    Affiliates in ZR buy the bids themselves (PAID FOR THEM), and the bids are NOT CONSUMED by the affiliates themselves either. The ONLY reason to buy these bids for ZR affiliates is to trade them for VIP points (through qualifier and giveaway). So it is NEITHER sold to customers NOR self-consumption. They get VIP points for NON-PV purchases.

    Quoting from MonaVie's brochure: " Preferred Customer Personal Volume (PCPV): Volume associated with a purchase made by a preferred customer, which is half of the volume of a purchase associated with a distributor."

    VIP Points are NOT based on PV, unless you have a different definition than the one I quoted.

  37. The problem is regulators knew about and watched ASD, but ASD continued running a ponzi scheme for about 18 months. Even Keith and Gerry both testified that ASD was not a ponzi scheme, but the Department of Justice ruled otherwise. Bernie Madoff ran his ponzi scheme for twenty years before his blew up. I am not saying Zeek Rewards is a ponzi scheme but I am saying it does take time for the regulators to watch and review a company before they take action. Their current silence does not mean they have no issue with Zeek Rewards.

    I think I need a better understanding of Zeek's compensation plan because an affiliate described a plan that would not be sustainable. I will look into this. Actually Zeek's income disclosure statement is much different vs. what I was told. How will Zeek manage the affiliates all over the world?

  38. Hi Troy,

    The affiliates in the field really need your help. If you have any say so at all, please contact Zeek.

    There has been no information to the field about more looming problems, such as not being able to log into the support forum. Zeek has disabled the "update details" in the back-office. So if you need to change you payment method, or personal details, that would be impossible right now. Tickets still going unanswered for months or just closed without an explanation.

    Not to mention people still not being paid. I know you gonna say that some people are being paid and that's fine…they should be. But everyone should be paid on time, every time…not just some. It's enough we have to wait 2 weeks just for the checks to be processed, and now there's even more wait time.

    Zeek said their banking issues were resolved. Lots of people are waiting on their 7/2 payments through NXPay including me. We don't even know if we will get paid or not through NXPay because of the lack of Zeek's transparency and in my opinion incompetence.

    I can't believe that Zeek started this craze and are letting all the other Penny Auction/MLM business models kick their butts…with better conference calls that actually makes sense, payments being made on time, customer service that responds, websites that are up 99% of the time.

    I think it's ridiculous that a company can have this many problems and affiliatea but not even bother to send out an update. Zeek ain't looking to good right now and it's spreading like wildfire on the net.

    I still deem Zeek legal until proven otherwise. But, I think the thing that will bring them down is their total lack of transparency and incompetence. They're turning into the laughing stock on the internet.

    Again, thanks for all you do!

  39. @Troy

    I believe you misunderstood my statements?

    1. "Revenue and profit derives from monetary transactions" (I have ignored other values to make it simple)

    2. "Selling bids is profitable. Spending bids in an auction isn't very profitable for the auction site".

    Both statements are logical, and we don't use math on logical statements. We can test if the logic is true or false.

    The first statement is relatively correct, but it doesn't cover all possible solutions. It will hold water for most businesses, "revenue is generated when someone pays money in and gets products or services in return".

    So when affiliates or others PAY for bids, then Zeek will generate revenue and profit. But I can't see the same thing happen when people are spending bids in auctions? There's no stream of money connected to the bids when people are using them. The stream of money happened when people paid for the bids.

    And I can't see it happen when affiliates are reinvesting the daily profit share in purchasing more sample bids? There's no stream of fresh money connected to this process? There IS a stream of money when affiliates makes their initial purchase, but after that they will pay for sample bids with "points".

    That's why people have been asking different affiliates for several months how many retail customers they have who actually PAY for bids. How many people who actually brings fresh money into the system, other than the affiliates themselves.

  40. Let me simplify the example.

    1. You signed up for Zeekler following my affiliate link.

    2. You buy $1000 in bids to use in the auction.

    3. Zeek Rewards pays me $1200.

    How is Zeek making money?

  41. Troy,

    I was wondering if you have heard any news on what is happening with Montana and when it will be resolved. Dawn had made a brief reference to it in a conference call and that's the last I've heard.

    I have some downline there that have been looking for answers because they haven't been able to build their businesses.

    Zeek hasn't been updating on the status of the situation and I have no answers for my group except for they are working on it.

    Thanks for your time and all your work,


  42. @ K. Chang

    Do you really think coming on this forum or any forum is going to get you the answers? What ever happen to innocence until proven guilty? Since your questions are not answered you make your comments like they are scamming everybody.

  43. @Reality Check,

    In knowing th real nmbers behin the three major acutions but not revealing those publically due to my NDS, I will sand by figures and might even say I was a litle lite.

    I can tell you the reason your math is 1/2 of mine is bcause major auctions in all unique bid auction houses atract high numbers of bidders who never bid in the small acutions. These are folks who go from auction house to auction house looking for high ticketed items. I view them as the ame typ of people who we might see showing up at a Barrett Jackson auction for cars or Tiffeny's for art or jewlery.

    Now to your more important statements… Matching point liability. I will bring up a couple of imporant points, as questions so you can help me to beter understand e issue.

    1. Points being awards in GV bonus pools based on PV volume sales (with personal cmmission being paid) is a standard i network marketing. Who is Zeeks point pool different?

    2. Zeek uses specfical qualifiers, a cap and time limit on those points in the pool, while using a floting daily net revenue figure to also maintain the ballance in the pool. With the qualifiers, cap, and time limit in place how does this point to a ponzi scheme?

    3. Any company whose fcus is o drivig retail sales, seems to me the type of company w want to see. It is the companbies who only drive network growth, and payout on new dollars from the signups that cause the issues.

    It seems to me the majority of unique bid autions focus on retail sales, not just netork growth. I know that in the case of MediaNet Group, their active customer base in the auction and shopping mall is around 3 million worldwide, while their affiliates are only around 150K.

    With Zeek announcing phase II of their rollout fr July 2012, it seems the are also strengthening their retail model.

    I am open to learning so if I am off, please guide me to beter understanding.

  44. @Troy,

    Your profit numbers for the Mustang and other high end auction items are off by at least 50% because almost everyone who purchased VIP bids for the promo received 2x bids per $1 spent as a result of the BOGO offer.

    More importantly, you seem to keep ignoring the matching VIP point liability that Zeek gives to affiliates. If you bought 1000 bids as a customer and paid $1000 for it, and I was the affiliate that referred you, I would earn $200 for the 20% commission, then receive 1000 VIP points that pay daily profit share for 90-days. This paragraph is one of the key reasons why so many Zeek critics are screaming "Ponzi" at the top of their keyboards.

    If you remove the matching VIP points, you can still have a Ponzi if the incoming retail penny auction revenue is insignificant relative to affiliate bid purchases that earn ROI. The speculation among Zeek critics is that the reason VIP point matching is given is because Zeek corporate knows that is the only way to drive "retail revenue" and that most analysts will just ignore the matching VIP point liability.

    Hope that clarifies.

  45. Morton,

    Actually the science is based around a math science called Game Theory and a psychology science called Gamification. All penny auction houses along with several main stream network marketing companies have started to combine these two sciences to gain the interaction of their target demographic. It is also used by name brand companies like 7-11, Starbucks, Apple, and others.

    All internet based companies are hugely profitable once they gain momentum. This is why FaceBook, who had no paying members, was a great buy before it went public. The equity partners all realized, the FB folks understood game theory and gamification long before it became a mainstream tech word.

    Now as for unique bid auctions not being profitable. I would respectfully disagree, as will the critics of this niche. Let's use the 2012 Mustang as an example. The High bidder, paid around $5K for the car (although he elected for the cash instead of the car, so the company sent him $25K). He made out great. The company made in this one auction around half a million dollars based on the some quick math. So take out the $25K (really around $20K). So based on this one example, I would say the majority of VIP auctions net the company well. And even the smaller auctions, seem to profit the company, while providing the bidder a fair deal.

    And, I have not yet, taken into account the commissionable money from the sale of VIP bids to affiliate customers, through Zeek Rewards.

    So, take some time and redo your math. Money flows to the company and affiliates from the sale of the bids, and the volume of the auctions. It is all counted as commissionable revenue.

    Other examples can be the ClubMed Vacation, the Super Bowl Tickets, and even the iPad's. Maybe we can get some of the critics to chat about the amount of money the auctions do bring in. They at times have felt the company makes too much money from the auctions.

    So, although you feel the logic is plain and simple, I have yet to find any type of math used in business plain and simple. And when it comes to the auction houses, it is even more complex. See, if the math used behind the auction house, is based on random chance, then it is gambling and illegal. If the math used is based on strategic gaming theory, then at this time it is legal.

    Just to understand those two math algorithms will take more than a simple equation. So, without a doubt, if you do not really care about understanding the math, science and psychology behind the unique bid auctions, then I agree 100% you do not need to study the 1000 plus pages.

    And, you are right, they will come to the conclusion that revenue is generated from monetary transactions. But, you do not seem to fully understand where all the revenue is derived.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  46. @Troy


    So although parts of the unique bd auctions look like ad surfng, the business model is backed by scince and has been debated by peple far smarer than I. You can revew the two articles I wrote on this subject and read over 1000 pages of documents from h SEC, FT and Universaties around the globe.


    I'll believe the science used some other conditions than the ones used by Zeek?

    SELLING bids is profitable. They cost almost nothing to produce. Spending bids in a penny auction isn't very profitable in itself for the auction site, 100 bids spent in a penny auction will raise the price of an item with $1.00 (one dollar), so the winner will eventually have to pay a higher price.

    I used plain and simple business logics here = "revenue and profit derives from monetary transactions". And the transaction will happen when people PAY for the bids, not when they are using them in an auction.

    The logic is plain and simple, so I can't really see why we will need to browse through 1000 pages of scientific studies. They will probably come to the same conclusion, "revenue derives from monetary transactions".

  47. K. Chang,

    One thing I have realized over the years is that the miority of an issue (oi both sides) make the largest noice on the net. And I think it is this noise that has caused flks like you and I to somtimes come to deductions that might not be the reality. Case in point is the RPP.

    In reading over some of our conversations (and yes I still agree a huge pool and tiny regular commissions doesn't create a solid comp plan) we have both assumed that the ajority are earning in he RPP. But I am just not sure that is true. In reviewing the numbers I have access too at Zeek, the majority of zeek affiliates are free affiliates, not on any monthly subscription, eliminating them from the RPP period.

    If this is the case, then the RP may be just ike any other bonus pool, a few at the top are splitin the pie. But the majority are earning nice commisions inside he standard compensation plan, from personal sales and overrides.

    I do agree that it seems tha the RPP is portrayed at the way to ear the most income. But could this just be markting like we see from other network marketing companies? Take the Binary, most companies cap the wekly amount a person can earn to 10% to 15% of the volume, then shout that the big money is in the matcing bonuses and other leadership paouts.

    I do see your point in giving away bids. But, I am not ure I can fuly agre. I look at this like I do folks buying monthl autoship to give away. The affiliate is stil buying the product/bids hat the comapny i selling. Whether they consume siad product/bids or give them awa, they still bught them.

    However, I do think your point is worth exporing deeper. If we assume the bids purchased monthly are just to give away, then another missing part of the equiation we do not have is… How many Zeek affiliates are buyng additional VIP bids tough their Zeekler Accunt to use for personal bidding? This missig part will also change the numbers we are all reviewing or trying to recreate.

    ow on the PV part of things. If the afiliates are giving them back to the company, then it can't count as PV, it would have to be a deduction from PV becasue the copany took them back. I would look at this as I would a chargeback from PrePaid Legal or Primerica. It would go against the PV ad/or even GV.

    You are corect PV is sales.

    Living An Epic Adventue,

    p.s. sorry for the delay in postin this. I have been out of own and waned to give this some additional thought.

    p.s.s. have you started digging into Bids That Give, the new PA launching today by Randy Jeffers? Now this may get all of us in an uproar… Seems Randy is promoting his cildren's non-profit foundation through a penny auction. Non-profit and any form of MLM building does seem shaky at best.

  48. @@brad,

    From past history, we can safely conclude many regulatory agencies are reviewing Zeek, BidiFy, BidsThatGives and any the many oher penny auction sites not in the network maeting space.

    We know without a shadow f a doubt the NC AG has been watcing Zeek for months, due to the handful of complaints the have received.

    ASD was not in business very long, but even more importantly, ASD was oporatng in a niche that had already been deemed ilegal by he Feds, and yet Andy decided to launch anyway. Every company in the Surfing space he was involved in, had been hit be regulators.

    So although parts of the unique bd auctions look like ad surfng, the business model is backed by scince and has been debated by peple far smarer than I. You can revew the two articles I wrote on this subject and read over 1000 pages of documents from h SEC, FT and Universaties around the globe.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  49. @K. Chang,

    I still think the majority of commissions need to flow through the main comp plan in most cases. Especially. In entertainment companies. Although was introduced to a new comp plan catagory this week which might work for penny auctions.

    You make a great point on the personal consumption issue. Since the affiliated are giving away the bids to people outside the comp plan, this one point may protect the company on its ratios.

    If the affiliates are giving the bids back to the company, then this might be part of the equation the company uses in calculating daily revenue.

  50. I think Harlon's Razor applies quite well.

    Dawn is the Dan Quayle of ZR, often saying the wrong thing, but still meaning well. ZR has gross nepotism and an unwillingness to bring in experts that know a lot more about enterprise-class systems and processes than any of them do. After having spoken with Dawn and Paul in past months I believe in their sincerity, just not their capability to execute. They're in over their heads; and a solution would be to bring in expertise, which I know they've started doing, albeit executing as slowly on that as they do everything else.

    It also doesn't help when "authors" such as the critical writer of behindmlm dot com make statements as if they were fact and confuse people in to thinking there is some big cover up going on. In fact, his analysis is based on second hand information, taking statements out of context to prove another statement was taken out of context, and conjecture about what it all means.

    It's also easy for any person commenting in a blog (including myself) to make a single statement about one issue and state a solution specific to that issue as if it could be implemented the very next day, however, much like an 'arm chair quarterback' we don't have an appreciation for what it really takes to play in the game nor all the facts about what is the next priority in a long list of decisions and strategy.

    I get frustrated with ZR every week, but it's no more frustrating than watching the many other companies or governments out there that continually fail at specific tasks, even if temporarily.


  51. @brad,

    Regulators are always watching companies. We know that several agencies watch my sites and review what is being written and talked about.

    It is public knowlege that the NC AG knows aboutZeek and has even received a few complaints.

    Both the SEC and the FTC know about Zeek. As a matter of fact the SEC and the FTC have already written warning letters on what to look out for in penny auctions and have even shut down a few.

    In most cases if a company is answering complaints and their attorneys are communicating with regulators answering their concerns and correction.

    Zeek has always been clear what you see today is just the beginning, not the end.

    As for ASD. Andy knew he was launching a company in a niche the feds had already deemed illegal. And from his personal admition knew he was running a shell game. Penny auctions are excepted worldwide and have not been deemed illegal.

  52. On 6/21 you have a You Tube video where you say a lot of critics and affiliates ask, "Can the actual auction support the compensation plan because at the end of the day that is what all regulators look at." Has Zeek Rewards been reviewed by any regulatory agency such as the Federal Trade Commission, North Carolina Department of Justice, or the Securities and Exchange Commission? If not these, who has?

    Also, how did Ad Surf Daily operate their ponzi scheme for so many months before they were shut down?

  53. I guess we'll need to see a breakdown of how much of an average affiliate's pay is from the RPP vs. straight up commission. You agreed earlier that a huge pool and tiny commission is not a good comp plan.

    From the way Zeek's portrayed, RPP seem to comprise *most* of the income of most affiliates.

    Furthermore, "giveaway bids purchase", IMHO, cannot be considered self-consumption as the affiliate do NOT use those bids. THEY ARE GIVEN BACK TO THE COMPANY to be reassigned to new prospects. Thus, are they really PV? Isn't PV supposed to be SALES, even if to one self?

  54. @ TROY

    Hi Troy I am a Zeek affiliate. I love what is going on with this company. I am so thankful for the opportunity this company and team of people have put together and consider it a blessing.

    You said in the post above about qualifiers as of July 1st "Second they have customer qualifications, which have now gone up as of July 1st, depending on the amount of points each individual affiliate has in the pool". Can you explain more on this topic as I have only seen the ZRnews? Do you know when they may release more information about the new qualifiers.

    Thank you for your work and presenting the facts. I do have to say that if anyone has a negative thing to say about zeek they have not been involved and should consider it. Yes there are growing pains but the opportunity is great!!! I pray God to bless the people in charge and give them wisdom and insight.


  55. K. Chang,

    1. I think I understand your train on thought on the placing of the ad. This is where I have had to dig a little deeper to fully get a grip on the comp plan and business model. And for clarification, I am not sure Zeek would be defined as a direct sales company which is where the majority of network marketing companies fall. But in the case of Internet based companies using a multi-level compensation plan, I feel they fall more into the direct marketing form of company. (@and direct marketing is different, with their own association.)

    Now to your point. Based on my understanding of the compensation plan, the affiliates are not qualified to earn commissions unless they place an ad per day. And based on my understanding they do not have to buy any bids in order to be paid through the compensation plan as long as they place the ad.

    If my understanding is correct then Zeek affiliates would seem to be paid only after qualifying by placing the daily ad.

    Now if we focus only on the retail point pool, this has additional qualifications. First the Zeek affiliates must be on a monthly subscription, similar to a traditional network marketing company's autoship.

    Second they have customer qualifications, which have now gone up as of July 1st, depending on the amount of points each individual affiliate has in the pool.

    Now I will say each company seems to put different qualifiers on their bonus pools, and these qualifiers can be based on volume, size of a sales organization, overall revenue of the company etc.

    I have never seen any bonus pool that doesn't include the volume from the purchase of monthly autoship from the sales force or any additional product purchased by them.

    Would respectfully disagree with you on the responsibility being split between Zeek corporate and the Zeek affiliates. I personally do feel it is split, and that Zeek is heavily involved with directly the advertising, and is even doing some marketing at a corporate level. Now if I misunderstood your point, please correct me.

    In the beginning I also brought up the issue of part of the Zeek Rewards model looking like ASD. But since those days, many changes have taken place. I would say Banner Brokers looks far closer to ASD than any penny auction.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  56. @K. Chang,

    Truly a sound comment. I was sitting with the founder and CEO of a network marketing company today, and even he said, it is tough to trust people blindly these days, based purely on reputation alone. When you bring up Madoff, it makes sense. Respect is given, Trust is Earned.

    However, I still stand by the Golden Rule, and will treat folks as I wish to be treated… Even when I find they have not lived up to their end of the relationship.

  57. I have no opinion about STP. I just don't like Dawn's explanation implying that you have to put money in for other affiliates to get paid.

    I'll just say that STP *do* cut off vendors that look suspicious and received too many chargebacks. And that has not yet happened.

  58. As Troy said, only a court can decide whether Zeek is a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme.

    However, I'd like to point out that Zeekrewards, in its past form (about a year ago), and even in its present form, displays some interesting (or alarming) similarities to the convicted Ponzi scheme Ad Surf Daily.

    Zeek has their own team of lawyers, and one of them was intimately involved in the Ad Surf Daily case (he reviewed ASD for compliance, claimed it is NOT a Ponzi, and testified on ASD's behalf in court) so doubtlessly they are AWARE of the similarities.

    How Zeek choose to ADDRESS those similarities and reassure the public… is up to them, and hiring the compliance team, as Troy said, is a good sign… IF the team had suggested some concrete business model changes and it was implemented to remove such similarities.

    I personally don't see much actual change, but I would suggest you do your own research and see what was actually changed in Zeek since beginning of 2012, when the compliance team was hired.

    THEN look up indictment of Ad Surf Daily on the website and see how close are the similarities.

    Then as Troy said, decide for yourself if you can live with such doubt.

  59. I will just add a word that I have nothing against Paul Burks or Dawn Wright-Olivares, as I don't know them. However, it is dangerous to purely rely on a person's reputation as guide to their ethics.

    Just look at Bernie Madoff, once head of NASDAQ… NOBODY believed he'd do something like that… Yet he did.

    So study ALL the evidence, and all the interpretations (various angles, perspectives, etc.) and account for your internal biases (do I have something to gain if I accept this viewpoint vs. that one? if so, why? )

    Is one side trying to argue with emotion instead of logic?

    And make your own decision.

    THEN it would be something YOU, yourself, and ONLY YOURSELF have decided, that you went into it with the best information you have available.

  60. Troy, ran out of reply levels, so I'll have to post my comment regarding your comment here.

    You commented

    "2. On the advertising and decision making. It is my understanding that Zeek affiliates can advertise as they see fit for the most part. Like all MLM companies there are specific sites they do not want them advertising, but outside of that they are wide open to build their marketing for Zeek on their own. I might be wrong."

    Yes, but are you NOT REWARDED FOR THE AD. That is merely a qualifier. Whether you post 1 or 100 or 10000 ads a day, that doesn't affect your reward. You are NOT rewarded for your effort.

    You are rewarded for the amount of giveaway bids you have PURCHASED (and given away to random people and/or people you designate). In other words, you are rewarded for the amount of $$$$$ you put in.

    WHICH MLM, in your experience, Troy, works that way?


    It would be like Melaleuca's PREFERRED CUSTOMERS (who do NOT earn commission or referral bonuses, only "Marketing Executives" do) get rewarded by giving away their monthly purcahse every month, and tell everybody they too can be rich by giving away stuff every month. The more they give away, the more they are rewarded.

    I'll perfectly admit I was not exposed to too many MLMs, certainly not as many as you, but I have read comp plans of dozens of them, AND that of dozens of scams.

    A legal business balances the responsibility of the company, vs. responsibility of the affiliates.

    Zeek does NOT have such a balance.

    Add to that Zeek's troubling resemblance to Ad Surf Daily business model and practices, and it is cause for suspicion, if not outright alarm.

  61. ZR is AWESOME! I just received my first withdraw transaction to ST as promised 2 weeks ago! At the same date as was said!!! ZR is the Best Program in the World!!!

  62. We received our payment from Nxpay for 6/25 this morning and also received our pay for 7/2 today from Solid Trust Pay, so I would Imagine you will be getting paid soon?

    Do you still have the option to receive payment thru Nxpay for future payments?

    Right now the only options we have for payment are Payza and STP?

    I will say the Fee's that STP charges for sending and receiving money for affiliates is an absolute RIP OFF!! There's one for ya K. Chang???

    Hopefully the option to use Nxpay will be restored soon??

  63. K. Chang,

    Thank you for the clarification. I will not go through answer reply to all of these. Your clarification is all I was looking for. I will make a couple of additional comments.

    1. XanGo is a 50% payout through the whole compensation plan. They have a 20% to 30% fast start bonus, then on personal commissions, all they pay is the difference between the wholesale price of $25 (plus shipping) and the retail price, which is most cases is around $40 bucks.

    2. On the advertising and decision making. It is my understanding that Zeek affiliates can advertise as they see fit for the most part. Like all MLM companies there are specific sites they do not want them advertising, but outside of that they are wide open to build their marketing for Zeek on their own. I might be wrong.

    3. I fully agree floating pools should not be the focus to growing a business in MLM

    4. is a lead company only, not a customer generation company, no matter what they use for their marketing pitch. To produce a customer lead, such as what Herbalife and VEMMA reps receive will run close to $100 each.

  64. @MB,

    Well money is rolling through for other folks. I have received several emails from affiliates who provided their Zeek ID who had not received their commissions. Then over the last few days I have received follow up messages stating they are not seeing their money. And I had yet to contact anyone from Zeek HQ.

  65. @Frightened Affiliate,

    Your original question was "Is Zeek a scam based on the integrity of the owners." I answered that question because I am qualified to answer it. When you or anyone else ask a question like "is Zeek a ponzi or pyramid scheme" that is a question only a Judge can decide.

    I can tell you in reviewing their business model, and seeing all the compliance they have added, and the new shopping mall, that I do not believe if fits the historical model of a ponzi or pyramid.

    However, I am not a Judge. And over the years Judges had ruled and made opinions I disagree with with, like the current Supreme Court Ruling That Obama Care is Constitutional. Then there have been Judicial Ruling in Australia, that I have disagree with based on U.S. law surrounding ACN. So there is no way ANYONE can tell you any company is not a ponzi or pyramid.

    We can offer subjective opinion based on our own interpretation of the law, and based on our own experiences.

    By the way I would define something a scam based on the intent of the owners. Ponzi and Pyramids most of the times are scams. It is the intent of the people who launch them to grab as much money as they can, as quickly as their can, then get out.

    Paul Burks has invested around 7 figures or more based on my calculations of the legal and compliance minds he has hired to make sure Zeek is not seen as a ponzi or pyramid. But again at the end of the day only a Judge can make this decision.

    My professional advice , is if you can not settle this issue in your heart, then you should not join. I know of thousands who have struggled with this very question, and my advice is always the same… STAY AWAY!

    You should only join a company when it can be the vehicle for you to fulfill your passion and mission in life. If you are joining any network marketing opportunity based on anything else, then you are joining for the wrong reason.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  66. Clarification regarding item 6

    RPP has NOTHING to do with GV, only with GIVEAWAY bids you purchase.

    PV and GV have their own 20% commission as cash.

    So what is the commission for, as YOU are spending the money?

    In a MLM, if it's drop-shipped, the customer is buying the item, and you get the commission. You don't really spend any money except samples, advertising, and training (and a small enrollment package). And samples are used for advertising / demonstration, NOT SOLD.

    In Zeek, customers *can* buy the product, but most of the purchases was done BY THE AFFILIATES FOR THEMSELVES! (they need it to trade for RPP points) You don't determine how much to advertise (just where, and it could be ANYWHERE) how much to train your downline (in general, you don't). All your money is spent on samples to be GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE, with UNKNOWN RESULTS.

    And you are compensated for HOW MANY BIDS YOU BOUGHT TO GIVE AWAY, not for how hard you worked / promoted Zeekler.

    In a regular MLM you can control how much you spend to advertise and how (social media? free classified? flyer? traditional media? banner clicks? radio? or just face-to-face selling? etc.) You don't necessarily have to spend a penny to convince people to buy your stuff (you spend "social capital" instead)

    In Zeek, you don't have ANY of these choices. You are told to post a link to your text ad posted… somewhere. AND to designate some accounts to give bids to (that you bought). That's it. Choice and control are virtually non-existent.

    Affiliates have virtually NO CONTROL over this "business". One wonders if the affiliates are REALLY independent contractors (and thus paid via 1099).

    And affiliates are compensated for the amount of money they spent (i.e. bids they bought for give away), NOT in how hard they worked.

    Is this REALLY MLM?

  67. You assume I'm being reckless or that I have not been cautious, I have been in business for over 20 years and have yet to find anything in business or life that is 100% bullet proof. As a business person & investor there is always a risk/reward analysis that every successful person has had to make before starting any new endeavor. Not once have I said that Zeek or anything else in life is "perfect safe".

    Equating choosing to maintain a positive outlook on life to someone being reckless is an inaccurate assumptive leap on your part, at least as it pertains to me.

    As for thinking positive yes I will continue to think that way, I believe that as you sow, so shall you reap.

    You are right that research is a lot better than a guess but this forum is the limit of the time I have to devote to you, no offense. I'm sure you are very interesting to someone who is interested enough to do the research on you, Al seems to be a fan.

    I dont think you being a skeptic of Zeek is a bad thing , it's just the redundancy that is getting a little long in the tooth. We get it, do you have anything factual and new for us?

  68. I still have not been paid my paycheck via Nxpay which was due on June 25. It is for over $3000.

  69. My replies are getting munged, trying again:

    1) No, Mr. Thompson and I traded comments about generic MLMs regarding self-consumption. I questioned whether there's a need for a new class of affiliate that doesn't recruit and doesn't retail, thus should earn LESS commission for whoever recruited them? He said "nobody would go for it". 🙂

    2) ZeekRewards is the advertising division of Zeekler, right? That's what it says on their website.

    MLM offloads much of advertising cost and decision onto the affiliates. It's part of the business model.

    ZeekRewards offloads the advertising cost onto the affiliates, but virtually none of the decisions.

    3) Doesn't Xango offer 50% commission? I always thought 20% is quite low. However, 20% here is paid on both "retail sales", as well as sold to other affiliates, even on the giveaway bids (which is clearly NOT retail)

    4) Have you ever seen the regular 20% commission mentioned in the ZR ads other than a gloss-over? EVERYBODY emphasizes the RPP profit shares, and people seem to be making most of the money there. For the exact numbers, I guess you need to ask Dawn.

    5) I personally consider "floating pools" to be impossible to plan for, and should NOT be the PRIMARY source of income. A "normal" company equivalent would be "everybody gets paid the minimum wage, but there's a large profit pool, which everybody shares if the company does well". Not all people want a comp plan like that. It's too dependent on OTHER PEOPLE'S efforts and not on one's own. Isn't the whole idea of MLM to be one's own boss and control one's own destiny?

    6) Individual shares refers to the individual RPP points. Each point entitles to the holder to one share of the profit. 1000 points RPP, 1.5% daily profit share = share of $15.

    I hesitate to call them PV and GV since they don't need to involve retail at all. Is giveaway actually "retail"? Esp. when there's the qualification is merely that the bids were allegedly given away, but NOT that they were used?

    ( explained that customers were created, bids given, THEN notified via e-mail that they received free bids, there is no verification that bids were used)

  70. Troy,

    Would you also say that based on your professional opinion and your experiences with Zeek management that Zeek is not a ponzi scheme in any form? I just want to clarify because I have noticed that some people do not call a ponzi scheme a scam as long as it is paying. I do appreciate your concise answer to my question in your previous post and I did not intend to seem disrespectful by saying "save your good name" if it came across that way.

  71. @Living The Beach Life,

    DubLi is owned by a U.S. Based public company called MediaNet Group. BidiFy, does have a U.S. based subsidiarity according to their MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson.

    And yes FantaZ is a US based company, created by some very successful Hollywood tech folks.

  72. K. Chang,

    Couple of quick questions for clarity…

    1. Are you stating you talked to Kevin Thompson about Zeek Rewards and he gave you his professional opinion?

    2. What do you mean "promotion is supose to come out of Zeekler's budget? Both Zeekler & Zeek Rewards are divisions of Rex Venture Gorup, LLC., so the only budget is at Rex. I just need a little better clarity.

    3. 20% is pretty good for personal sales in network marketing. Most of the large product companies is less than this. Some are based on the increase in personal volume. Why do you feel this is low?

    4. Why do you feel the commission plan doesn't have a good payout? All affiliates can earn money in the compensation plan, vs. just Gold Silver and Diamond in the point pool.

    5. Many bonus pools and even matching bonuses can be floating, such as Evolv and MonaVie, so why is this different at Zeek in your eyes? Which means you have to trust the companies such as you mention at PA companies.

    6. You mention "individual shares" I do not get your statement. The RPP is a point balance based on personal and group volume based on my understanding. Have I missed something?

  73. @Frightened Affiliate,

    I have found the integrity of Paul Burks and his team way above board. Each question I have asked has been answered. And from what I found about Paul he is true blue and really does want to create a company where the average distributor can earn a nice income.

    Now I can say, that at times words Paul states are taken out of context, and at other times he provides answers based on his experience and others like to disagree with him.

    Dawn, has never pretended to be something she is not. She loves marketing, and creating new projects. She has never liked the lime light and at times tries to explain things that are out of her strength zone and at times it has caused sound bites for the critics.

    Now, as for my "good name"… this is not about me, and never has been. I never worry about my name or trying to change other people's minds. My goal is to provide the facts and to allow those who disagree with me the opportunity to give their opinions.

    At the end of the day only a Court of law will decide if Unique Bid Auctions are legal or illegal. Any of us can make subjective opinions, and can even use past court cases to try and determine if a company is legal or illegal.

    I fully understand how the critics feel based on how Zeek launched. However, since the first video I published in Dec 2011, Zeek leadership has gone above and beyond what most companies ever do to get and stay legal.

    Most companies who would face what Zeek has faced would just close the doors and walk away. Instead Paul rallied his team, and each challenge has created newer and larger partnerships with some of the most respected names in their area of expertise.

    In my professional opinion Zeek Rewards is not a scam or is being run as a scam.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  74. Troy,

    From what I understand you personally know many of Zeek top management such as Dawn and maybe even Paul Burks. Can you tell us a little bit about the integrity and honesty of these people? If Zeek Rewards is a ponzi scheme at its core then do us all the courtesy of simply telling us, and save your good name in the process. I think you of all people who are not zeek management would know if they are running a dressed up ponzi scheme.

    Just do the right thing here man. I trust your opinions on Zeek more than the other MLM critics such as Oz and K. Chang because you actually know those running the company. Scam or no scam? That is the question I think you know the answer to and I would love to hear that answer.

    Thanks Troy

  75. I am *guessing* Al's point is… a penny auction (I'll just say PA from now on) needs bidders, not affiliates. If a PA got more affiliates than bidders, then it's clearly attracting the wrong type of people.

    It's a lot like the dilemma of self-consumption in a regular MLM. The "self-consumers" don't sell retail to the public. All they do is sit there and buy a little every month. They are technically affiliates, but they're not recruiting other salespeople… OR new customers.

    I had asked Mr. Kevin Thompson what he thought about the situation, and he talked about his solution to this problem, so it's clear we all thought about it.

    And now, we're here with ZeekRewards, on what exactly is the business model of Zeekler and ZeekRewards.

    Promotion is supposed to come out of Zeekler's budget, is it not?

    So what Zeekler and ZeekRewards is doing is they are spending AFFILIATE'S MONEY for promotion (i.e. the giveaway bids), and promise to give back a share of the profit in return for use of that money. Isn't it?

    MLM already does this by a certain extent, by offloading the promotion and training expenses off to the affiliates, but at least product-based MLMs have huge profit margins for sale of each product that can be profitable for the affiliates to cover such expenses (theoretically)

    But in this PA niche, there is little PROFIT on the affiliate's side for reselling. Affiliates don't sell the bids themselves. There's 20% commission, and that's about it. (and goes down a couple levels).

    So affiliates have to rely on this "profit sharing" for majority of their income. Indeed, most backoffice shows that income is from the profit shares, NOT the sale of bids to outside customers (most of the commission is from small repurchases of bids for giveaway from those in the downline, from a few backoffices I was able to glimpse)

    This makes the affiliates have an OVER-RELIANCE on the company itself. They *have* to trust that the company is honest, and will resolve any problems swiftly.

    For the product-based MLMs, if you sell 10 products, you know exactly how much you made (by pocketing the difference). And you can ask your downlines how much have they sold to know how much you can expect in commission.

    For the PA niche, you simply don't know. You *have* to trust the company to calculate the profit, the individual "shares", and have the ability to pay you. What's worse, you bought bids for them, with YOUR MONEY! Instead of they spending THEIR money to promote, they are spending YOUR money. You just gave them a loan, in essence, with promise of future repayment.


    This, to me, is NOT a sign of a healthy company to affiliate relationship. The affiliate has NO CHOICE but to trust in the company. The company has their money. It is NOT an equal partnership,

    In a normal job company trusts employee to do good work, and employee trusts company to pay up.

    In MLM, company trusts affiliate to promote and sell products, and affiliate trusts company to calculate commission accurately and pay promptly. In a MLM, the company do NOT hold much of affiliate's money. Most of the income is expected to be via retail.

    Not so in PA (and especially ZeekRewards). PA has all the money. It is NOT a balanced relationship. There is virtually no retail. bids are GIVEN AWAY.

    Thus, the affiliates have NO CHOICE but to "trust in Zeek". Zeek has their money.

  76. Does it address the Howey Test, Ponzi signs, and other problems that are NOT operational?


    It's clear Chris has to find SOMETHING positive to repost and troll who he considers to be Zeek haters.

  77. It is human nature to be cautious, not negative. False positive is a much prudent way of life.

    By being too positive, and ignoring warning signs, you put yourself into dangerous situations. it's called recklessness.

    And guess what reckless people tell people who are not reckless?

    "See, this is perfect safe…. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!"

    So please, go ahead and enjoy your positivity.

    You are welcome to guess at my gender, but research is a lot better than guess.

  78. I'd like to thank Morten for a very accurate and well thought out reply. The only thing I'd point out is that the "family member" doesn't really need to exist. I wont provide technical details but anyone with sufficient motivation can get past ZR's "anti-stacking" protocols and with minimal effort.

    This can also be used to explain a large part of the strange over bidding behavior seen in too many VIP bid auctions. If I'm buying a big stack of bids through a personally sponsored account (which is really just still me) I get the VIP points, a 20% commission and all the bids. I might as well use them but it doesn't really matter how I use them.

  79. Troy, I know Zeek is based in the United States and I believe Fantaz is also, are Dubli and Bidify U.S. based companies? Everyone should know that there are no guarantees in any new business no matter where it is based but, I do like that Zeek is a U.S. based company in Lexington, North Carolina.

    Many internet based companies run their base of operations offshore in order to avoid U.S. laws and enforcement, I think there is something to be said for companies that are based here and appear to be making every effort to operate within the law.

    Thanks for all you do.

  80. Dan M

    June 28, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    @ K Chang

    If you are sincere about wanting to see Zeek succeed (which judging from the tone of all of your threads, I doubt) perhaps you could contribute in a more positive manner and post threads about how the company can improve it’s systems to guarantee compliance.


    I have looked into it and analysed it.

    The problem can be found within the core of the business model, and can't be solved with any compliance methods.

    I consider the "compounder" (the daily profit share) to be in the core of the business. This part was flawed from the beginning.

    The main stream of money comes IN from the affiliates themselves when they're buying their first sample bids. Then you have a system where the money is converted to VIP points that can be compounded and grow for a period of time, before the affiliate starts to withdraw cash. This compounding system isn't sustainable, because the VIP balances grows without fresh money coming in to support the growth.

    Zeekler could have been able to make this system more sustainable, but it isn't. Zeekler would need to have retail customers paying money IN without generating any matching VIP points, a stream of money coming IN and growing at the same rate as the VIP balances.

    The part of the business that makes it work is also the part that makes it fail. Affiliates have generated huge VIP balances not supported by real money. It's possible to predict escalating payment problems when the stream of money OUT grows larger than the stream of money coming IN, when recruitment slows down and enough affiliates have started to withdraw money.

    So I don't have any solutions to the problem, but I have pointed out where the cause of the problem can be found in the business model.

  81. @Brad,

    That is the goal totally! However, I do edit at times and when I do I put in the comment "Edited By Troy", I do this when a harsh four letter swear word is used, or a very nasty personal comment towards someone else.

  82. @Al,

    You do bring up a great point. However, just like all entertainment, there are always new people getting involved. Many years ago, I heard an investment analyst state "electronic games are a fad, the best way to invest in them is buying stock in the equipment manufacturer, not the companies game companies themselves." His conclusion was that, the manufacturers, would stay in business, but would make different equipment. This was when Commodore and Atari were just getting to roll. Well today you can't find Commodore, and Atari is one of the most successful gaming companies around. Not only was it not a fad, but games have now gone online. Online entertainment, like network marketing can only become saturated, when men and women stop having sex and the population of the world starts to decline.

    Companies like DubLi, FantaZ, Zeek and BidiFy seem to be the newest niche companies to add a network marketing channel to see how fast they can hit their financial benchmarks. Although, like you I do not feel unique bid auctions should stand on their own, I do not feel they could become saturated.

    However, I am concerned that regulators may not see these entertainment companies as viable direct selling companies, so Rex Venture Group and MediaNet Group the parent companies of Zeek Rewards and the DubLi Network have made great moves in adding their shopping experiences for consumers.

    Let me conclude with looking at your comment about Dawn. I would fully disagree with you on this comment. I do conclude that from the outside that your comment could be perceived that Dawn doesn't care. However, it is a known fact,with years of historical evidence that when any company adds qualifiers and compliance to their business model, it does slow growth to a manageable level. Plus when you add the companies above, we can start to see some folks may leave Zeek for other companies helping all of them to manage their growth.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  83. The point I'm trying to make is that at some point, the market for penny auction customers will become saturated – maybe 100 million customers, maybe a billion, maybe 50,000; who knows. So special care should be taken now to try to where the equilibrium point between the number of affiliates and retail customers lies.

    Dawn runs this company like its an 800,000 ton freight train going full speed ahead, and she don't even care in the slightest that it has no brakes.

  84. There was not a reply button on your last response, so I had to use this one.

    I really appreciate that you post remarks as is with no editing. Readers can see exactly what people are saying good or bad. I really respect that Troy.

  85. @Brad,

    First let me say thank you for the kind words. I love this profession and the people who make it a community. Let me help explain why this information is not just provided to the general public. Although it will be clear what banks, if commission checks are cut in the future, or when the Zeek debit cards are made available.

    Let me explain a little.

    1. Yes, transparency is 100% a priority. And it is something I advocate. The reason Zeek is NOT making public the banks at this time is because each time the name of an vender or bank has been made public, affiliates began calling asking questions, like "Have you received my certified check, credit card charge etc., instead of going through Zeek as directed. As a professional, I am sure you can understand how it effects the flow of business with hundreds or even thousands of phone calls start rolling in each day asking questions you could not answer.

    2. NewBridge is not a little bank, but the branch office is a small branch in a small town. When you have these calls coming into a small branch, it effects all the regular customers. Then add to that one client who is bringing you a daily deposit with hundreds or thousands of individual transactions you much count and verify. This also effects the overall customer service of your other clients.

    Now some have said, NewBridge could have hired more employees to handle just this one client. But, if anything happened to Zeek, they changed banks, closed down, slowed down, changed business models, or anything, then the bank would have to lay off employees.

    BB&T just plain doesn't do business with specific business models. Internet based network marketing companies seem to be one such business model. The local branch approved the account, when the account was flagged due to the large deposits, BB&T informed Zeek they could not carry on the relationship.

    I hope this clarifies what took place on the banking side and why now that the new banking relationships are in place, Zeek has decided not to just broadcast the new banks, and are working diligently to move directly to a debit card system for all commissions.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  86. Troy, I really appreciate the time you put into reviewing MLM companies through videos and blog comments. I will review the information you referenced.

    Transparency is very important and naming the banking relationship would be a step in the right direction. As a Board Certified Financial Planner and a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, I know clients are interested in this information, especially if it is not being disclosed. Why doesn't Zeek go the extra mile and clearly disclose this information?

    According to the FDIC website, it does appear that New Bridge Bank is a relatively small bank;however, BB&T is in the S&P 500 as the 136 largest company in the US with a market cap of $22 billion. That does not mean they are MLM friendly from a processing point of view. I have no idea. They just are not small, but not nearly has big other other US banks.

  87. @Kevin DeRoo

    They are not asking for the status of the customers, but for real customers spending their OWN money buying bids.

    So if an affiliate sign up family and friends as customers, and directly or indirectly pay for the bids, they're not external customers.

    We know plenty of affiliates who have signed up family members as customers, but this is only a method to earn the extra 20% commission you can earn when retail customers buys retail bids.

    Instead of buying sample bids and give them away to customers, you can sign up family members as retail customers and buy retail bids through them. This will give you the same matching VIP points as buying sample bids (1 VIP point for each $ spent). In addition, you will get a 20% commission, and you will also get the bids (or you can give them away to the family member).

    With this method, the affiliate will usually withdraw money and pay the family member. The family member will then use the money and pay for bids. The affiliate will receive the matching VIP points as the referring affiliate, and he will also receive a 20% commission.

    This is only a recycling of the affiliate's own money, an IN-OUT operation where only the affiliate's own money is involved. People were not asking for that kind of customers. And since most people know about this method, seeing some "proofs" of having real customers isn't very interesting.

    Real retail customers will act as an external source of money, and make the business model become more sustainable. So they will need lots of real customers in order to be able to continue to pay out money.

    Paying out VIP points and reward points won't be a problem, since they are only "points". But for to be able to pay money OUT they will need a similar amount of money coming IN, and in this process the customers will be more important than the affiliates.

    Zeek will eventually run out of new affiliates willing to put fresh money IN, and then they will only be able to pay out "points" if they don't have a stream of money coming in from customers. And that is why people are asking about paying customers too, because they know the importance.

  88. RE: KS Chang

    Hey to you folks that insist that KS Chang has no life, I googled his name and found a LOT of very knowledgeable, well written articles on a wide variety of subjects written by him. His postings on zeek are just a small fraction of his output.(And for the record, I checked to verify that he hadn't copied his work from other sites)

    This is one impressive guy!

    For the record, I'M the pathetic one with no life.

  89. I agree with what you said Troy , it's just that we could be a little more civil than what Tommy did.

  90. For those of you that haven't caught the most recent update on



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    ZeeBates, All-Inclusives & Updates!!

    15 Years and counting!

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    Good News for Weekend!

    JUNE 29, 2012 5:32 PM ADMIN 23 COMMENTS

    Hello Fine People!!

    A few updates before everyone breaks for the weekend:

    1. STP is BACK UP for Purchases and Payouts.

    2. Our ACH systems are also almost ready to launch! Look for upcoming announcements after the holiday.

    3. NxPay & AP Deposits and transfers are in the process of being underway. (As I explained earlier in the week, major delays for company deposits are to be expected but are becoming more and more manageable)

    We’ve all been working hard and are very excited to report that we’re just around the corner from “All systems are GO” and “Better than Ever Before!”

    Your commitment, PATIENCE, diligence and hard work has paid off! Our new banks are taking great care to get everything set up properly and are working side-by-side with us to get Zeek’s financial systems running at their utmost efficiency. Nothing makes us happier than sharing good news.

    Note: Zeek’s Offices will be closed on Monday, July 2nd but will be open the remainder of the week, including July 4th!

    Have a Zeektastic Weekend and Independence Day!


  91. Hey Al

    In my opinion that would be selfish, self serving and for those that think that way, most often are not happily successful.

    I love hearing and seeing all the great testimonies from people who FINALLY found a solid company to earn a solid income from.

    So in my opinion "no" it wouldn't be a good thing for "you" "us" in zeek. Watching others succeed as well makes this journey all the more worth it.


  92. This weekends Zeeknews is clear and concise. It's much clearer than the early announcements. Looks like you were probably right about the bank deposits Troy.

    Here's the brief comment….

    3. NxPay & AP Deposits and transfers are in the process of being underway. (As I explained earlier in the week, major delays for company deposits are to be expected but are becoming more and more manageable)

    and here's the link

    This is much clearer than what was said earlier.

  93. Hey Neo, you are trapped in the Matrix of negativity, maybe you should ask Morpheus if he has a third pill like maybe a little Prozac??? Maybe a little time AFK, go outside every couple of hours and get some sun. It will refresh you and then you can come back and re-double your Zeek destruction efforts with new Zest!

    I agree with you life is about balance and there is nothing wrong with being skeptical of something, but it seems as though your equilibrium is out of whack?

    Life is about balance. Too much of one thing is never good, even “negativity”. ;- )

    At least we can agree to disagree and sit at the same table of conversation. I will even buy you a glass of whine, half empty of course. Lol…

    p.s. I think you are of the same gender as Trinity, but as you know I had to use Neo in the example above.

  94. MB

    I have had customers buy additional bids, I have had customers who have won items and paid the winning amount they owed.

    I have 6 people waiting to join as Preferred Retail Customers but cannot at the moment because the Credit Card processor is not available for them to finish their payment.

    These 6 will be coming in as diamond PRC's they have no interest in the affiliate side of the business. What they want is the e-store and the bids for the auction.

    So in answer to your question, yes. I do have paying customers and will have PRC's as soon as they can finish the sign up process.

    Just to also add another point to this conversation, I don't promote the affiliate side of zeek to just anyone. I promote the customer base to EVERYONE. I am VERY picky with whom I do business with and I only choose to share Zeek Rewards with those that I know will respect the business, present it properly and promote it appropriately. This in my opinion helps to ensure the longevity of the company. I am not in a race to get a "ton" of affiliates, I am working to build a solid customer base and am really looking forward to the new e-store and product lines we are about to see.

    Have a great weekend MB

    Shirley Crawford

  95. Al,
    I see your point. But without knowing how many of the 700,000 are paying for a subscription and are not just free affiliates it might now a difference if the 100,000 left are all the paying folks

  96. Okay, I'll admit one thing. I forgot to apply Harlon's Razor.

    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."'s_razor

    So Troy is correct, this particular booboo can be explained by stupidity.

  97. Chris B, I have nothing against Mr. Grimes and Mr. Nehra and the other consultants, by they are just that… consultants. They are paid to analyze and recommend. Whether to adopt the solution recommended is up to the business owner.

    Keep in mind that Mr. Nehra, who Zeek had hired as a compliance lawyer, had previously pronounced ASD as "not a Ponzi", and even testified in court to that effect. The same court found ASD to be a Ponzi.

    It *is* possible for an expert to be fooled. Don't rely on reputation alone as your guide. Study what logic they used and what evidence they based their decision on, i.e. know the WHY, not merely what.

    Thus far, Zeek had not released any details about the findings, recommendations, and schedule of implementation, if any. There were a few changes, but it's all focused on the affiliates, NOT CORPORATE. Thus, you have nothing to evaluate. You don't know what was changed on Zeek side. Though I do believe Mr. Dooly mentioned some "upcoming qualifiers".

    If you rely merely on the authority's reputation, and not their logic, then you may be guilty of employing "appeal to authority" fallacy. And when that happens, it's VERY VERY embarrassing for all parties involved. Remember a while back there was a hoax about "Internet explorer users have lower IQ"? Reuters reported it as real news, and that was really embarrassing for them, as did all the OTHER news outlets that picked it up… simply because it came from Reuters.

  98. Dan, I am NOT a consultant. Zeek already paid for plenty of consultants. They need to use them.

    I point out questions that needs to be answered, regarding facts that many of Zeek affiliates want to pretend do not exist, and indeed, becomes outright hostile when they were brought up.

    Positivity or negativity had nothing to do with it.

  99. Let's take that to its logical conclusion:

    If Zeek fails because I managed to discourage people from joining as affiliates (not customers, customers don't care about ZeekRewards, as they are only interesting in Zeekler and the auctions),

    Then that will ONLY PROVE it is a Ponzi scheme that needs continued influx of affiliates (with cash) to sustain itself.

  100. Isn't living day to day with so much positivity make you living in the Matrix, much like Cypher, that you prefer mirage to reality?

    Life is about balance. Too much of one thing is never good, even "positivity".

  101. I have a question for the zeek supporters. Your comments on KS Chang and other detractors seem indicate that negative comments about zeek might discourage new affiliates from joining or sway existing affiliates into leaving the program altogether or at least stop buying more sample bids.

    But wouldn't that be a good thing for you? For example, what if 700,000 affiliates were to leave and 100,000 remain, wouldn't that be really good for you as far as your share of the RPP?

  102. "K Chang full of vitriol"… isn't that too much of a black and white thinking on your part, i.e. "us vs. them"?

    Any one who says nice things about Zeek is good.

    Any one who ask questions about Zeek and points out suspicious / bad / potentially illegal parts is bad.

    How do things get solve if nobody points out problems and arranges for them to be fixed?

    What do you think compliance means? A bunch of legal and other consultants going over the company and look for problems! (and how to solve them)

    By your definition, all the consultants are negative people too!

  103. It is good to hear that you don't actually have to put money into NxPay like Dawn insisted to get paid.

  104. Hey MB,

    I have been with Zeek since Jan of this year and while I don't have anywhere close to 70 000 VIP points (good job by the way) I do have a very nice sized team comparable to your own.

    I believe what you're asking is does anyone have any PRC's. which of course stands for Premium Retail Customers. (Someone that is just interested in the auctions and not the home business.) I personally have two PRC's, one gold and one silver. I also know of at least 4 others that have been brought in by other members of my team. I realize that these are not high numbers but I am guilty of focusing on the Home Business side of things with less time and effort spent on the acquiring the PRC's.

    One suggestion I do have for you is that you incorporate the penny auction side of Zeek into your email campaigns … over time some WILL convert … that is how we are doing it on our team. I am always testing campaigns and I have no doubt that our conversion rate will improve drastically in the coming weeks and months ahead.

    Hope that helps.


  105. Wouldn't the fact that these so-called individuals "have an agenda to cause disruption because they would like to grow their business in a competing company or in just making sure their name is around if something goes south and they can pull some distributors." actually have skin in the game, albeit just not directly?

  106. Dan M. wrote:

    "[Critics such as K. Chang] ASSUME they have all the facts and have reached the conclusion, in no uncertain terms, that Zeek is a fraud, an illegal operation. This is scare mongering not unbiased reporting, and it is a disgrace"

    So show me the "other facts" that you implied is out there that I don't have, instead of yapping here about how "unfair" I am.

    Or did you just ASSUME such facts are out there?

  107. Your hallucinations are fascinating, which would also explain a lot of your fascination with Zeek. Instead of asking questions and get answers, you just make up things to suit your narrative.

    I don't assume anything. I support what I wrote with evidence. If you care to post a rebuttal, you are welcome. The fact that you choose to invent stuff to insult me with would suggest you lack actual arguments that are logical and/or backed with evidence.

    So I'll leave you with a Margaret Thatcher quote:

    "I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."

    And you dear, don't have an argument. You just have a bunch of assumptions.

  108. I checked with account, ADDED $10 to buy sample bids with Solid Trust Pay, the BUTTON is on ZEEK and working and process went through flawlessly. They added button back online in our back office!

  109. ZY,

    Not sure who you are referring, but all community members are just that community members. We may not always agree, but we do allow folks to express their frustration. I feel it is always worse when a person has not safe community to vent, than to block what folks have to say.

  110. Ann Marie,

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience. It is through personal experiences of the Affiliates pros and con that the world can see the truth of all the issues. Plus it helps folks to realize things are moving forward. Slowly at times, and far to little of communication at time, but it is moving forward.

  111. @James A.

    See when two ol' boys like us hang out long enough we find common ground we can agree on. Everyone deserves the right to fully understand anything and everything about a business. I am reviewing a book called Do Due Diligence on my radio show Real Mentors Radio which teaches this very issue.

  112. @GoldenChance,

    Welcome to the community and for taking time to share.

    There are truly to passionate sides to this debate. And At times both sides make strong valid points on their stance. However, at the same time, there are also those who comment that have no skin in the game at Zeek, but do have an agenda to cause disruption because they would like to grow their business in a competing company or in just making sure their name is around if something goes south and they can pull some distributors.

    I agree this is America, and ALL sides have the Right to share their opinions. I would not have it any other way 🙂

  113. @MB, unless you reply directly to the comment, and not down below where new comments are posted, it can sure get messy.

  114. @Al,

    Solid point. No one individual can make or break this company outside of a Judge's opinion. And although I do not agree with all the negative crap. I do believe we all need to always keep a critical eye open where any company is concerned.

  115. How could K. Chang's opinion bring this company down? By discouraging new affiliates from putting money into the company?

  116. These threads are all shuffled around. My comments were originally commenting on Shirley Crawford comments which were above mine then. Eddie made a comment that doesn't make sense because he must have seen a different comment above me then I was referring to.

    I still have not received my NxPay payment due the 25th, but I'm sure I will gradually see it.

    My original comments referring to Shirley is she only expressed feelings, like many Zeek affiliates who post in this forum.

    "Zeek is good, Paul is honest, Troy is great, I'm an uneducated babbler" are feelings that to do not counter logical and factual questions and debate.

    I have asked a reasonable question: Is there any evidence that anyone is getting real retail customers to buy a bid or bid pack and buy that pays the affiliate a commission.

    Troy answered earlier:

    "…But until all the information can be presented, which will not happened outside of a regulatory agency or court demanding it, all conclusions are based on limited information on both sides of the issues."

    Ok so let's look at limited information, but I want make a final conclusion.

    I personally have over 70,000 VIP points, and over 200 people in my sponsorship report, but I have never sold a single bid. Neither has anyone in my entire downline, and everyone I have inquired in my upline.

    How about you Shirley, have you ever sold a bid pack and been paid a commission?

    Everyone in this forum, have anyone of you ever sold a bid or bid pack that paid you a commission on that retail sale? Would you share how many if you have?

    I'm not trying to be negative, I am looking for the truth. If anyone has evidence, then that is a good thing.

    I would think there is evidence of at least one out there, I just have not actually seen one yet. It seems to be like snype hunting.

  117. I'll leave the forums once I receive the money I've already earned. In the meantime, I'm just looking for an explanation as to where my money went.

  118. Troy,

    Thanks for the opportunity that you are giving to everyone to be heard on your blog as well as being an advocate and a voice for MLMer's that come to your site.

    I have been following the various posts that are left on your blog and particularly the one that is directed at Zeek Rewards. There are apparently two sides that I can figure out that spending lots of time blogging and posting comments.

    It is unfortunate that the likes of KChang full of vitriol who do not seem to have a life have chosen to look for cheap popularity in the guise of been a critic particularly of zeek rewards get a free time to post on your blog, but anyway, this is America, the land of freedom and free speech.

  119. Oh Chang, sorry meant OZ , huu i wanted to type OzChang, It does not matter as you post as both.

    You can never dispute the fact that you have joined zeek. You have more adverts on your blog than before as you are Mr. Know all in anything-that-is not-good about zeek.You must be doing your Doctorate in ZeekHate. My problem with you is that you are not objective.You are intellectually myopic and you assume too much of yourself.The day you understand simple maths that you are a fraction of what you think you are the better for you.Check out the denominator and numerator.The denominator is your estimate of yourself.Reduce the denominator.Please do, going forward

    Learn the simple indulgence of giving credit to others where they deserve one .Strive to criticize constructively without arrogating to yourself wisdom of Solomon. In addition, do not try to bring others down in order for you to succeed.Those who destroy others in order to succeed always have destruction awaiting them at the door post of their success. I know you have to eat but eh, do it with wisdom.

    Haters are like crickets. Crickets make a lot of noise, you hear it but you can't see them. Then right when you walk by them, they are quiet.

    I can still be your fan and post on your blog if you change tactics. In the interim, i will be watching to see if you are a good student.

    The synopsis is, be constructive and never hesitate to give credit where you see one .Above all, learn how to say 'i don't know' .You portray yourself as a mobile encyclopedia – nothing deflects respect more.

    Closed with thanks for reading me

  120. @Dan…I think the last sentence of your post is reflective of concern for your own income and those who are already in Zeek.

    What about those who are considering putting their "money and their income" in Zeek? Don't they deserve all of the facts and not just those facts that support "your income" while others may lose theirs?

    I personally believe in the overall concept of Zeek and the penny auction. However, I also believe that this company has far outgrown management's and ownership's abilities. They have been nothing but reactive and have shown no ability to be proactive. When you are experiencing this kind of growth, managing in a reactive way, you will never get in front of the growth curve.

    What Zeek truly needs and has needed is a management team with sound management principles and wisdom, with a tremendous amount of experience in crisis management at this point. In my opinion, Zeek will never be able to recover from their past decisions unless growth slows down significantly.

    What Zeek currently has is "mom and pop" management skills, (that quite possibly have good intentions), but couldn't be in more over their heads.

  121. This was posted June 15, 2012

    HELLO FINE PEOPLE!! We’re very excited to give you the news that the subscription renewal runs will begin tonight and tomorrow! As this is going to be a very large run and will take quite some time (weeks) to process and finish…we are going to have to do this in a systematic and specific way in order to get it all done right…and in a way that makes our banking and eWallet partners happy.

    First, this weeks monthly subscription renewals will run as a normal renewals run on Sat or Sunday.

    Second, a special “claw-back” page is being created for all past-due subscriptions and will be linked to each affiliate.

    All available eWallets and credit cards will be allowed for payment of the past due months

    All active affiliates will have 30 days to pay their past due subscription payments in full with full continuity of service.

    So in closing: We have all credit cards being accepted. We have all commissions being paid. We have all subscriptions renewals being run. Yay!!

    Thanks, d

    This was posted on June 18, 2012

    Hello Fine People.

    We are in the process of our Monday commission run as well as running any past due subscription runs through the “past due” payment pages set up in your ZeekRewards back office. As these past due months are paid the commissions pay up instantly, so please get the word out to your teams. We will begin this weeks claw-back in a couple of hours and we will be offering both Payza (formerly known as AlertPay) and STP for instant payments. As NXPay is our newest eWallet with the least amount of recyclable cashflow – there will be a delay in payments of approximately 5 business days. We are in the process of bringing on board other payment solutions and getting information from STP as to the 3 states they are working out licensing with. The CEO of the company feels they are close to a solution and will be getting us information as she has it.

    Thanks so much for all of your continued support.



    I got my pay for 6-25 in NXpay, last night, I knew it was going to be Thursday that I received it,because it was Thursday, last week I received it………the company has been keeping us informed…..people need to pay better attention…..Dawn told us the process could take weeks to catch up! As money goes into the e-wallets… goes out for commissions! It is how the relationship between Zeek and the e-wallets work! =D


  122. Hi Everyone, just wanted to say that like many I have been on the roller coaster ride with Zeek and it has been nerve racking at times. That being said, so far every time I start to get a little concerned with an issue that Zeek is having, if it is poor communication, pay glitches, programming problems, etc.. Zeek always has come thru and we have been affiliates since 2/20/12.

    The potential for Zeek is incredible and unlimited, I believe that we will continue to have growing pains and challenges but they can and will be met. If you have ever owned a business of any kind you know that there will always be new challenges to overcome, just as there is in life. And I'm willing to bet that very few of us have ever had a global business challenge to deal with on this scale? Hang in there Guys!

    And to the Ponzini Kamikaze Foo Fighters, it's one thing to be critical, skeptical and analytical of a business, but to live day in and day out driving so much negativity with such intensity cannot be healthy?? Life is tough enough on it's own without wrapping yourself in a blanket of negativity. Hopefully there is a lot of truth to, What you Resist…Persists. Long Live Zeek!!

  123. I just want to add one more thing – When checks were being mailed – we got paid much later. Today I did receive my commissions, although it's 5 days later than the Monday it's to be processed, I am still going to receive it 5 days earlier than I would have had they mailed a check.

    Checks with this many affiliates took a lot of time to process because they were never received in the mail until the following Tuesday or Wednesday taking anywhere from 7-10 days to receive them.

    I myself even need to put things into respective and view the glass 1/2 full instead of 1/2 empty.

    Zeek has changed my life and has enabled me to help so many others with this home based business, not only do I hope they make it. I pray everyday that God gives them the knowledge and the strength to carry on and keep this wonderful business alive.

    I can't wait to see the enhancements we have coming our way.

    Kudos to Zeek

    Shirley Crawford

  124. @Alex,

    They are right now 🙂 The Unique Bid Auctions are what is driving the conversation. Next week it could be BidiFy or DubLi, or some Hunting and Fishing company… The one thing that does stay consistent, is the fact, I provide a safe place for all to share their opinions… Now that in and of itself is a full time job 🙂

  125. @Brad,

    I respectfully disagree. Companies do not go around telling folks they changed banks. People in general do not care what bank a company does business with.

    The issue is the fact NewBridge was a small bank, and BB&T is not network marketing friendly, well I think it is more internet based company friendly in this case.

    I have covered this from every way but Sunday. Review the videos and the comments for more details.

    This was never a huge issue, based on the fact I got it. Small town, small branches, down economy. To hire a exclusive staff to handle just Zeek is not a sound business decision, since the banks have no clue how many people to hire.

    Heck the Mail lady spends 6 hours a day just waiting for the certified receipts to be signed. What do you think a bank teller must go through verifying all the checks in the deposits?

  126. Hello again

    I just want to say that the people on my team that were concerned about being paid to their NXpay e-wallet before the holidays have received their pay.

    A couple of them, myself included received a portion of what was owed, however after viewing my back office under commission cash out report, if you click details next to the amount requested for withdrawal, many of us request payment daily which means that there may be more than one transaction request pending. I had 2 for the same pay date and have received the first request. I am 100% confident the rest will follow.

    ex: on June 9th requested 250.00

    on June 10th requested 150.00

    You will receive the 250.00 first, the 150 will follow. You add your pay up as 400.00 owed, however you may have requested this on 2 separate transactions/dates. This may not be the case for everyone, however it has been the case for me and a few others on my team this week.

    The reason I am adding that piece in is because I have heard some people say that they are getting paid but not the entire amount. I think that the payments are in a queue and being paid in the order requested.

    Zeek is an awesome company, growing pains are really tough on us, can you imagine how they must feel (admin) it's got to be 20 times worse for them. I am so glad I am not in their shoes, I can't imagine creating such an ingenious business, being as honest as Paul Burkes reputation says he is, only to hit a few bumps in the road and have an internet mob ready to judge him and hang him out to dry, before even giving the business a fair chance to iron the issues out.

    Life's never been a perfect ride, at least not in my life and I've had to put myself in check many times, because I would love perfection out of zeek too, reality is different though – something this wonderful is going to continuous work and commitment from all of us.

    I think we all need to sit back and let zeek do what they do best.

    Shirley Crawford

  127. K. Chang,

    I brought up the ASD comparison on my first video. The ad surf niche that was the rage in the middle of the first decade of the 21st Century could have worked if the affiliates would have used a logical approach and marketed the service to "customers" instead of a 99.9% internal consumption. They were to other marketers, instead of business owners.

    These companies still exist today without compensation structures. I have been using the same service for years. I do not get paid any money, I just know more folks are seeing my blog network.

    But your point on the comparison is sound and I believe that is why Zeek is adding the shopping mall, as did DubLi.

  128. Let's see, off the top of my head, Facebook, Google and Microsoft come to mind as examples of businesses that have grown bigger and faster than the one you speak for.

  129. Hey Everyone,

    I've been with Zeek Rewards since Jan of this year and I'll be the first to admit that they have some issues as any company with Zeek's growth rate naturally would. (I'm not making excuses for Zeek … they need to deal with their current issues in a more acceptable manner. (Customer Support and Communication and Credit Card Processing being what I feel to be their two largest issues of contention.)

    Nevertheless … with regards to payments … From my own personal experience I am being paid Every Single Monday Without Fail. I am currently using Payza for my withdrawals and as I said I have had NO issues with regards to payments.

    Zeek Rewards has a great vision, an awesome legal and compliance team and a very easy to duplicate model where affiliates can earn money, many of them for the first time in their marketing careers.

    Can they do better?

    Yes, of course they can.

    Am I a Happy Zeek Rewards affiliate?



  130. Oh, as if a few piddly Zeek defenders come to debate me on my blog will put food on my table.

    You're just like the Pointy-haired boss in DIlbert. He read a book on management that he doesn't agree with, so the book is automatically wrong, and it must be written by a disgruntled employee.

  131. I only repeat the questions because nobody ever bothered to ANSWER them.

    Instead, I get insults, derision, outright hostility, "you are so negative", and such reactions just by asking QUESTIONS.

    You LEARN by asking questions, make mistakes, ask how to do it BETTER, and do it better.

    You don't do things better by pretending there is no problem. It's called denial, and I don't mean the river.

  132. Since when is asking for information 'spread negative'?

    Unless you consider EVERY sort of question against Zeek to be "negative".

    Isn't that sign of paranoia?

  133. @Troy — ASD also only took money "for purchase of ad units" and look how far that argument got them.

  134. Are you having reading comprehension problems, Chris? I didn't say anything about me having good intentions.

    I analyze facts, I reached a conclusion based on logic and facts available. You can't discredit the facts I found or the logic I used, so you insist on nitpicking words and expressions.

    On my blog, I analyze the faulty logic and bad evidence used by some Zeek affiliates used to promote Zeek, and it's but a few of over 70 entries on the blog so far. I analyze plenty of other lies and excuses by other suspect schemes.

    Didn't Troy said it's best to LEARN from one's mistakes?

    But to learn from a mistake, you have to ADMIT it's a mistake first.

    Zeek haven't even done that… Except Dawn

    And they surely won't learn if they can make you guys tell everybody "it's not a mistake, just ignore it".

  135. Apparently, they are afraid of people calling the banks to verify that relationship, thus causing the bank management to "please use some other bank, we can't have your irate customers call us up for help".

    Which Dawn as much admitted to when she chastised affiliates, both in "leadership calls" and in the forums (both herself and the reps) that whoever keep asking about the bank's name should not be in Zeek.

  136. Does this concern you? Usually when corporations change banks they let you know which one they are using. Also, Zeek's notice went out on May 28th and they said checks would clear before June 1st. That is only a three to four day notice for a big change. What happened with BB&T and New Bridge Bank for such a sudden move?

  137. Absolute garbage!! Zeek critics that appear here and on the other sites do not report in an unbiased manner. K.Chang et al, ASSUME they have all the facts and have reached the conclusion, in no uncertain terms, that Zeek is a fraud, an illegal operation. This is scare mongering not unbiased reporting, and it is a disgrace. The reason these people do not reveal their identities is because they do not want to be made accountable for what is basically defamatory reporting with an intent to damage! Behaviour that would normally attract a massive law suit to keep such actions in line.

    K. Chang has said in this forum that it (since we dont know the identity) would like to see Zeek succeed. If it was sincere about this(which judging from the tone of all of his/her threads, I doubt) perhaps K Chang et al could contribute in a more positive manner and post threads about how the company can improve it’s systems to guarantee compliance. It could become involved with the company and direct its energies and knowledge toward ensuring that the company does not fail. Wouldn’t this approach be more consistent with K. Chang's objective to ensure that people don’t lose their money?? The way I see it at the moment, he/she is only serving to bring this company down and in turn ensuring that people lose their money and their income.

  138. Your All a Bunch of Idiots to believe in Zeek as a Sound Business Opportunity to Begin with. Zeek is faltering before your eyes. Your likes ras and Zeek is the Pied Piper. Stupid is as Stupid does, and you cant fix STUPID.

  139. @MB

    The post above yours is not only based on feeling. It's based on provable facts. And whats not logical about affiliates wanting to be paid?

    When people I sponsored into Zeek call me with their concerns about not being paid, yes I feel for them. A lot of these people are my friends, coworkers and neighbors. This is a people business and it's about building relationships.

  140. @ Al

    You have said that you have made a decision to leave Zeek. That's good, you've evaluated things and made a decision. Perhaps now you could leave and join the forums that concentrate on the negative side of Zeek Rewards. Not being malicious, just rational.

  141. @ K Chang

    If you are sincere about wanting to see Zeek succeed (which judging from the tone of all of your threads, I doubt) perhaps you could contribute in a more positive manner and post threads about how the company can improve it's systems to guarantee compliance. You could become involved with the company and direct your energies and knowledge toward ensuring that the company does not fail. Wouldn't this approach be more consistent with your objective to ensure that people don't lose their money?? The way I see it at the moment, you are only serving to bring this company down and in turn ensuring that people lose their money and their income.

  142. Let's not forget that was a recorded message.

    Dawn's incorrect burger analogy on ZRN the next day was pre-written.

    This wasn't an interview question when the speaker can be excused for a verbal gaffe.

    Remove the entire Zeek pro or anti-bias and listen/read what Dawn said from a more MLM perspective and I think a neutral observer will scream the "P" word.

  143. @Bryan,

    It is good to see an affiliate addressing the pay issue firsthand.

    Thanks for sharing.

  144. Hey Troy

    I noticed that all the comments are being left for you on subjects of ZEEK 🙂

    Others are not too active

  145. @Eddie,

    I have covered the payment issue on several occasions. With the deposits now flowing to the bank accounts, money should be able to be transferred to any and all ewallets.

    I am monitoring this situation and will be reaching out for answers when I land back at the office tomorrow.

    And I do agree the main issue now is paying the affiliates all they are owed for the work they have done to market the company.

  146. Not to mention that it is standard blogging netiquette to allow the responder to put their website in as long as they are not spamming the blog.

    Chris – you could link to your own blog if you wish.

    When Troy comments on others blogs, he also leaves his website so people who want to read more about Troy/follow up/vet/interact/respond with Troy can do so by following his link back to his blog.

    It's pretty standard netiquette but you're looking for sinister behavior when none exists.

  147. Chris you obviously are not objective and have your own anti-K.Chang agenda.

    Here are the facts:

    STP has been removed for payment of both retail penny auction bids and affiliate VIP bid purchase for at last 3 days now. You can still request withdrawals via STP, but you cannot pay via STP.

    Zeek also is having problems paying people via STP. The 6/18 STP payments are not yet complete, and the 6/25 STP payments are late. While it is likely just a 'technical glitch' and not a sinister cash flow problem, the lack of communication from corporate spurs the Zeek critics into assuming the worse.

    On a more practical level, it makes Zeek affiliates start doubting and also makes it difficult to sell the opportunity to prospects or keep the confidence up for new affiliates. The "growing pains" line can only be used so often.

  148. Hey Dan,

    You certainly do have the affiliates behind you, I misread the comments and thought it was K Chang that said that. Apologies my friend !!!

  149. @Shirley

    "Makes me wonder if these people have anything of value going on in their life at all."

    Why do you wonder about that? Would/should whether their lives have anything of value going on or not have any more significance than whether or not anybody else's lives have anything of value going on or not, including yours and mine? Is this something that could be helpful to our decision making?

    Also, when you say, "if you don’t like it – go away." Do you mean we should simply forfeit all the money and/or VIP points we've earned so far and leave right now, or should we wait to be paid?

  150. Pingback: Zeek Rewards !! How to get to $3K a month, starting as a free member ! - Page 9
  151. One more point, I only use "our" in the context of your comment. I personally do not have an agenda to see Zeek fail. My hope is they will address some major lingering issues, and be more transparent. Until then I'm the kid who yelled that the emperor was parading down the street naked, while others were clapping how beautiful his invisible clothes were! You can hang me and not simply explain how one can make invisible clothes, but he still looks naked to me.

  152. What are you trying to say, gotta have skin in the game to be authorized to comment? That would mean Troy couldnt post either. Or are we only allowed to post positive stuff on Zeek ignoring all the faults? DIDNT THINK WE WERE LIVING IN COMMUNIST CHINA ANYMORE.

    If you don't listen to everyones point of view you're missing 50% of the FACTS. That's what I call UNEDUCATED bordering on IGNORANT. That's why I like to read blogs Troy, KC, OZ, the zeek forums, real scam, and the stories of those who are in the business, even zeek updates, by doing so you get the full impartial picture without bias.

    People have every right to be skeptical especially when billions of dollars have been ripped off recently from people by similar business models.

    None of us are trying to bring zeek down instead warning those who dont know that such models CAN collapse and HAVE collapsed in the past. Even those at the top know this so it's only fair to provide a better education to all not just those at the top.

  153. I doubt an ombudsman would find Chang and others as uneducated babblers. Troy graciously answers our questions the best he can, and allows our views. The entire post above is feelings, not facts or logic. However, feelings can be valid posts also. Just as we could just not participate in Zeek, you can simply skip over our posts.

  154. Hi Troy,

    Is it possible you could find out if first, will affiliates be paid and second, will they be paid ON TIME going forward?

    One of the biggest problems I see is people not being paid, or shorted on the amount they should be paid.

    Come on Troy, you know it's not right that affiliates are not paid. And they should be paid on time. It already takes 2 weeks before the commission is even processed and then we have to wait again…and now even longer. I respect you Troy, but I just can't endorse affiliates not being paid …or not being paid on time. Before someone takes this the wrong way, I'm not saying you endorse it either.

    Many in my down-line are really disappointed, because they thought they would get paid and have money to enjoy the holiday with their families. Some of these people lost jobs when economical bubble burst. That's why they joined Zeek…to be able to do something for themselves again, feel useful in society but mainly provide for their families. It really makes me sad and guess who they're looking at for answers since they can't get any from Zeek!

    Not the mention the humongous problems they continue to have with these e-wallet systems, accounts not being credited, subs not being credited although paid, etc. Who in the world is running that IT department?

    When Zeek makes a post to the news site or have a call, it's almost like they feel their talking to a bunch of idiots. Always more questions than answers especially with this new e-wallet mess. Now maybe the newbies don't know how e-wallets work, but the more experienced marketers certainly do.

    It works the same for everyone. We, the affiliates must put money in from our bank accounts, debit/cc cards if we need to purchase or make payments. Zeek has to do the same thing. It's really that simple. It has nothing to do with affiliates purchasing through e-wallet systems so they can be paid.

    We know there is nothing in the world you can do about it, but maybe you can pull their legs and tell em to get it together.

    Time out for the growing pain excuses and hamburger analogies. We need some REAL answers and affiliates want their commission. Remember, Zeek was the ones that said "The Banking Issues are Resolved".

    This is not about Howey Test, Pyramid/Ponzi schemes or whatever. I'm deeming Zeek legal until proven otherwise. This is about the affiliates and what is rightfully theirs. No one goes to work everyday and on Friday the company tells them they don't have the checks.

    Speaking of checks, that should always be an option for affiliates.

    If Zeek think they have problems now, not paying people and not paying on time will create some serious issues for them.

    This is serious Troy. I'm not sure you know how serious, but it needs attention ASAP!

  155. Troy ,great job. I appreciate your balanced reporting.As a matter of fact , you do not have to worry about what devout critics have to say about you.Just reply them as you often do and do not descend to their level.I read some insults passed at you and when i read your replies, i get relieved that you are poles apart from this homo-sapiens whose stocks in trade is fallacy of hasty generalization and unwarranted assumptions.Some of these posts are sponsored posts and the writers are not intelligent enough to disguise them as genuine posts.Ge me right, i like like objective critics and we need them for a balanced ecosystem. Critics that can not see anything good in anything you do is a trader.

    Let me tell you a top secret, anyone that needs traffic today and wants ads, should just create a blog.Armed with fluent English, start to criticize zeek. He will Ozly and OzChangly start frequenting wholefoods.

    Some of these unrepentant blogs are getting traffic and ads now, thanks to zeek. OZ posts under different names in order to put food on his table. The heights that great men like you reached and kept was not attained by sudden flight.

    They want to copy you and get same result but they are not intelligent enough to use your formula.You saw red flag, you came with an alert, Zeek read it , went to drawing board and even bend over to you for help.Oz and OZ and OZ in Chang et al decided to feed on your stale message and refuse to even leave same location. I loath people who decide to remain at a state of inertia.

    As an aside i can not stand obligate parasite.I can at least tolerate facultative ones.Obligate has no life outside of his host.This people should get a life.

  156. MORTEN….thanks for sharing your thoughts, you must have spent hours thinking of this post, kudos to you for thinking of this.

    Morten, since you opened your mouth, lets see how far you can insert your foot into it.

    Provide me your detailed information that supports this claim? Tell me, how many Free, $10m, $50m, $99 a month Affiliates they have? How many Free Customers, and how many $10, $50, $99 a month PRC they have.

    Please also provide the amount of money spent each day on retail bids, VIP ect….

    You open your mouth, spread negative and have no information to support any claims, you or any of your friends who spend all hours of the night and i see you posted at 350am…..please go back into your hole and when you speak of facts, then make sense, OH GEEE TROY already responded to you….but i already knew this…have a nice day!!

  157. Been with Zeek since October 2011. Love what your doing on here Troy enjoy the comments. I disagree with the "slow pay" comments everytime, and I mean everytime I have asked for a check Zeek has delivered on time. Last one was scheduled for 6/27/2012 and like it always does it came through and smoothly went into nxpay and now sets in my bank. No problems at all! Some of the comments make me laugh. Obviously many have not been in MLM very long I can remember when we were paid once a month but with zeek we are paid daily.Also anybody remember facebook IPO even facebook has growing pains. Everything is a risk people even the stock market.

  158. @Troy

    I was talking about PAYING customers, also called external sources of income, where some other than the affiliates pay money IN to the company and generates revenue and profit.

    Paying customers are the ones personally referred by the affiliates. They may have started trying some free bids in the auctions, but then they return and starts to buy retail bids instead, and hopefully on a regular basis. Each time they buy retail bids they will generate matching VIP points for the affiliate, and a 20% commission.

    Having 800K affiliates isn't a success if they don't have paying customers to support the payouts. It makes a big difference if they use the affiliates own money to support payouts instead of money coming in from external sources (customers).

    With very few real customers, they will have a situation where money coming IN from new affiliates are paid OUT to old affiliates, until they run out of new affiliates willing to put money IN.

    The number of paying customers will have to grow faster than the number of affiliates, to be able to keep up with the growing VIP point balances. So Zeekler should probably have several million paying customers by now, buying retail bids on a regular basis.

  159. @Al,

    Very valid point. Since MLM is nothing more than a marketing and distribution method, it does make sense to focus on becoming the #1 Penny Auction.

    But many networkers love using the #1 fastest growing MLM, no matter what company it is because it sounds good. Heck everyone wants to be part of the fastest growing winning team. And I am sure if I were an affiliate I might just do the same thing.

    Now, I do know that Lexington is focused on being the #1 penny auction house, just like most company owners I meet, are focused on being #1 in their niche. And when you think about it, it the affiliates who are independent business folks are focused on building the largest network marketing teams, then the company's goal could also be met… if enough paying customers are buying the product/service…

  160. Good Morning Everyone

    It's wonderful Troy that you take the time to provide a place for everyone's thoughts.

    I have to say that I really do enjoy most of the posts, whether I agree or disagree, however I am finding that when I read all the redundant posts from K chang, MB, and a couple of others I get a headache.

    Its the same ole same ole stuff over and over. We all have heard you, we all know where you stand. I hope you are not in Zeek, I'm guessing you are not. It would be so nice if they would stick to their forum with Oz. They have a hay day over there at the expense of Zeek. Makes me wonder if these people have anything of value going on in their life at all.

    Zeek is an awesome company, if you don't like it – go away. I don't like the fact that the pay is slow right now either, but I will tell you this – I ALWAYS get paid, and it's only been in the last few weeks that it has been slow and although I wish none of us had to go through this, especially on a holiday weekend quickly approaching, I do believe they will figure out a way to get this handled in a timely manner.

    I believe that we will see Zeek Rewards around for many years. I am so tired of listening to the same "FEW" babble on and on and on with their uneducated views, they are like stubborn mules and you will never get them to budge no matter what facts you throw at them.


  161. @MB,

    I fully understand where folks are coming from on the Howey Test. I it makes logical sense that for you to feel Zeek doesn't pass the text that you would believe Bids are investments. And if you bought the bids expecting a profit, then your personal expectation would further validate your belief that bids are investments.

    However, your belief and expectation doesn't mean mean it is true or a fact. To come to a logical conclusion, we would need all the facts, not just a subjective belief and personal expectation based on what could be a false belief, formed based on false information.

    Now, to your additional question based on the evidence you bring. Even your evidence is without all facts I would need to come to a clean logical conclusion. Let me explain just a few additional facts I would need. Not all but a few.

    1. I would need the sworn testimony of the downline affiliates.
    2. I would need to know if they are "free associates" or if they are buying monthly bid subscriptions.
    3. "Customers" based on the classification I have been given by Zeek leadership are different than "retail customers" which have been defined to me as people who have bought a VIP bid package.

    In the editorial I did on the Zeekler numbers, I did show that the majority of the traffic come from outside the USA, this one piece of evidence, plus the fact you are based in the USA that the majority of your "customers" may also be located in the USA. Which would then cause one to have to seek out additional information before being able to come close to a logical conclusion.

    So I will not go in a circle with you. I fully understand where you are coming from and respect it based on your personal belief.

    But until all the information can be presented, which will not happened outside of a regulatory agency or court demanding it, all conclusions are based on limited information on both sides of the issues.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  162. Question, for anybody….

    When I see posts about ZR being the number one MLM, I think yeah that's great, but shouldn't the emphasis instead be on becoming the number one penny auction? (Or at least to be as great as possible)

    After all, we're competing against Quibids, Bidsson, and the the other penny auction companies, not against Visalus, Amway or Mary Kay, right?

  163. @Al,

    Well…. How do you know K. Chang is a guy? Maybe K.Chang is the smartest girl around 🙂

  164. @Al,

    Great question. I don't have an answer on that but can ask. If I were to guess I would say, if they do have a major accounting firm, it would not have happened until now, due to the fact they were just a small internet company until the last nine months.

    Although, I don't trust major accounting firms as being a positive. Enron, Health South, MCI, TYCO, and others have all had major accounting firms, and we see what good that did them. 🙂

    And, just because they are in Lexington, doesn't mean they do not have a well respected accounting firm. The 29th largest accounting firm in the nation is located on the same island, in the same little town I live in. See More. most accounting firms, like attorneys do not broadcast large footprints, they just do their job.

    They do have a pretty well known tax attorney who does lead them through the tax issues. Now don't get me wrong, being "well known", may not mean the attorney "knows well" how to direct them in all accounting areas.

    Now in addressing a couple of other things you wrote.

    1. There are not currency transfer provisions to worry about. All commissions are paid in dollars.

    2. The only tax issues they have to deal with are in the USA due to the fact they are an internet based company with all operations and services being run out of the USA.

    3. Audits usually happen a year or two after the taxes are filed, and can happen for up to seven years. So leaving Zeek is not going to save anyone from an audit. And if the IRS were to audit Zeek, then rest assured anyone who ever received income could come into the scope of the IRS.

    But, I do think folks need to make sure they fully understand the home business tax scene. So folks can go to for additional information.

  165. Gen3Benz,

    Well that could happen without a doubt. Although it is a little really for that. In most IRS audits, they are a couple of years behind. And the database was not very big in 2011, so I am not sure a flag would get raised on just the sheer number of 1099s from one company.

    And, if the affiliates filed their taxes wrong, I am not sure the IRS would focus on the company, but on the individual affiliates.

  166. #Morten,

    There is also something else to think about… If Zeek has grown to 800-900K in affiliates, if the majority of those affiliates are "free" affiliates, and have not recruiting anyone into the company, or are getting any income from the company, then there is a possibility based on looking at where the traffic on Zeekler .vs Zeek Rewards is coming from that there are plenty of customers.

    What none of us know is if a regulatory agency have already asked Zeek for the numbers, the numbers were provided and the regulators were satisfied.

  167. @Chris



    June 27, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    NOT ONE company in the history of the industry has went from 0 to 800-900k affiliates and created so much success in such a short time, so what, they have growing pains and will continue to have them, so what, big deal


    And how many paying customers do they have. The one thing that can separate them from being a Ponzi or pyramid scheme?

    If they only have a few paying customers, the payouts to affiliates are generated from other affiliates paying money IN, usually the newly recruited affiliates paying the old ones, until it collapses under its own weight.

    So questions about how many paying customers they have are more important than how many affiliates they have. Yet you claimed Zeek to be a success without even mentioning any customers?

    By the way, other scams have had far more "success" when it comes to the number of participants or the money involved.

  168. I think he is implying that many affiliates may have filed their taxes wrong and the IRS will put the microscope on Zeek.

  169. I care what you have to say Kasey Chang.

    You bring up very good points and dont attack people in blogs/forums. You just state what you have researched as facts and ask for answers.

    If people would be more skeptical towards things they would get into less trouble. I for one was and am a skeptic of Zeek from the time my friend tried to get me to join.

    I will say I have learned alot about MLM along the way.

    Also, I had never heard of cognitive dissonance until you brought it up on behindmlm, interesting stuff.

  170. Hi Troy, got a question for you. I wont ask for names to be named or anything, but could you tell us or find out for us whether Zeek uses a major accounting firm like Ernst & Young or KPMG?

    The reason I'd like to know is simply whether or not we're all going have more growing pains to deal with next tax season. If they don't have one of these major firms, it would be inconceivable to me to think that the friendly neighborhood H&R Block or their in-house clerks would have the expertise to successfully see such a massive, global operation through the multitude of tax and currency transfer provisions, rules, regulations and what not, of so many countries, especially considering that they can't even answer a simple "Where's my commission payment for last Monday?"

    I'll be long gone as an affiliate by then, but don't want, or want other affiliates, to have to deal with audits next year.

  171. @Troy

    Respectively, we might just go in circles because I believe

    Taking money for investments=accepting money for bid purchases

    I bought the bids in a common enterprise with the expectations of profit.

    Furthermore it does not appear that posting ads detemines the success of Zeekler and ZR. Out of over 200 "customers" in my sponsorship report, zero have ever bought a bid or bid pack. No affiliate I have ever talked to has sold a bid or bid pack.

    Where is evidence of outside sales? I'll bypass the retail to internal consumption ratio concern for now. Where is any evidence? I realize I am only one sample. I am not desiring to be correct just to be correct or be negative. The absence appears to be a fact. Without even addressing ratios, does anyone who has been an affiliate want to post how many real retail customers are in there sponsorship report. NOT just names in the report, but people you have made a COMMISSION on because they actually bought something.

  172. That's like saying J.D. Rockefeller didn't set out to create a monopoly, but he did – completely irrelevant and inaccurate correlation there…

  173. They are changing it so we pay one fee for large amounts rather then getting hit for high % rate, they told us this well in advance, dont look for issues K,chang where their is none….

  174. @Chris,

    I allow because it is fair and balanced. Although I may not agree with a person on a subject, doesn't mean I will keep their opinion hidden. I served to Protect the RIGHTS of all people.

  175. @MB,

    1. The Howey test has been brought up, a few times since the weekend. What I find interesting is a few critics want to say "Does not pass", yet the only way to determine if any company passes the Howey Test is if a company is taking money for investments. Zeek only accept money for purchases of bids.

    In the Howey case, units of a citrus grow were being sold to help finance the additional business growth. See The Case Here.

    In the Zeek situation, all commissions are paid from the sale of a product, used by the end user.

    Now, although people want to guess if a court of law might rule Zeek doesn't pass the Howey test, I would state that without seeing all the figures from the inside, which would be made available in discovery, there is no way to know for sure. Only a court of law can make the determination.

    Personally, with the additional qualifiers and the new shopping mall, plus the focus on outside sales, I think Zeek can pass the Howey Test. What I do not believe is that all affiliates are promoting the Zeek Rewards network marketing income opportunity correctly, which can cause one to wonder if it would pass or now.

    2. There is evidence of outside sales, and that has never been the question or issue raised. The question is if the outside sales are enough to please a regulatory agency. To make sure they are well inside compliance Zeek just announced the launch of the new shopping mall which is focused 1005 on outside sales.

  176. @MB,

    1. The Howey test has been brought up, a few times since the weekend. What I find interesting is a few critics want to say "Does not pass", yet the only way to determine if any company passes the Howey Test is if a company is taking money for investments. Zeek only accept money for purchases of bids.

    In the Howey case, units of a citrus grow were being sold to help finance the additional business growth. See The Case Here.

    In the Zeek situation, all commissions are paid from the sale of a product, used by the end user.

    Now, although people want to guess if a court of law might rule Zeek doesn't pass the Howey test, I would state that without seeing all the figures from the inside, which would be made available in discovery, there is no way to know for sure. Only a court of law can make the determination.

    Personally, with the additional qualifiers and the new shopping mall, plus the focus on outside sales, I think Zeek can pass the Howey Test. What I do not beleive is that all affiliates are promoting the Zeek Rewards network marketing income opportunity correctly, which can cause one to wonder if it would pass or now.

    2. There is evidence of outside sales, and that has never been the question or issue raised. The question is if the outside sales are enough to please a regulatory agency. To make sure they are well inside compliance Zeek just announced the launch of the new shopping mall which is focused 100% on outside sales.

  177. A lot of comments. In case i forgot, I would like to make two points:

    1 Does not pass the Howey test

    2 No evidence of retail customers buying bids outside internal consumption

    Sorry to be negative, but for me to try and change the subject would be like trying to jump over the moon blindfolded

  178. LEARN FROM ERRORS is how you grow, not merely allow errors.

    If you don't learn from errors, you're just doing things randomly.

  179. Why would I have to when the whole wide world of Zeek-dom have already done it?

    There's like a million of you and just one of me. Oh mine!

    (Yes, that was sarcasm)

  180. Actually I had McD's Big Mac yesterday. Thank you for demonstrating your ability to invent arguments. Are you just as good with facts?

  181. I want to see a LEGAL AND TRANSPARENT company as much as you and Mr. Dooly do.

    It's not my fault that the company just refuses to be transparent, have a COO who picks the weirdest analogies, have ten tons of operational problems, and thus far looks, smells, and walks like an investment, but insist that it isn't.

  182. In other words, "get a life"?

    Your attempt at derail is rather lame.

    And you didn't bother looking at all the ALARMING points… such as Howey Test, signs of Ponzi scheme, potential illegal lottery by offering auctions for cash (and cash out options)…

    I understand OPERATIONAL issues. The three things I named are NOT operational issues and cannot be explained by "growing pains".

    To borrow one of Mr. Dooly's analogy, "you have skin in the game", therefore you have some bias, whether you admit it or not. If Zeek refused to discuss the three issues I've mentioned before, then they are blind to it as risks, which makes things much riskier for you affiliates.

  183. Mr Hyperlinked name at it again….slick very slick K.Chang maybe Troy will be able to change that as I think its disgusting you linked your name to your slimeball site

  184. TROY Whyyy????? is K.CHANG ALLOWED to HYPERLINK his name to his personal website???

    Didn't you notice his game that I been telling you he is playing?? If he only had intention to post here, then WHY is his name hyperlinked to his site?? Why do you allow this??? Fair and Balanced huh? So when unsuspecting people come to your site, click on his name, they go to his site…real creative K.Chang!

  185. I am sure you started out with good intentions with Zeek, right K.Chang? ALL THE BASHING OF ZEEK AND OF TROY in your other forum and your personal site, YOU HAVE BEST OF INTENTIONS??????…..Don't you get it…nobody cares what you say anymoreeeeeeeeeee, nobodyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Nobody!

  186. @James,

    Great question. It is my understanding that the banking relationships were established a few weeks ago. However, it does take weeks sometimes months for the accounts to be opened and funded based on the back ground checks of the owners. Site visits to show the business is legit. Background check on the business itself. And then the BOD have to vote to approve a company the size of Zeek. Remember, checking accounts are only insured up to $250K (use to be $100K) so many accounts have to be opened and because of the size of daily transactions the banks all wanted to make sure they were prepared.

    It is my understanding the banks have finished their side of things, and funds are now being deposited daily. What I do not know is if, those funds are being held like a regular account, or if the bank allowed Paul Burks to personally guarantee the accounts with his personal assets, which is common when dealing with private companies.

  187. @Matt,

    Not at all. However, once the funds have cleared in the new banks, then funds can be transferred to any eWallet from their banks accounts.

    All eWallets do operate like paypal when it comes to uploading funds.

    If I understand Dawn's clarification at Zeek Rewards News, her statement had to do with the fact, affiliates have bought the majority of the bid's using the older eWallet's, while a good size group of affiliates have asked for commissions through NXPay, which does not have enough cleared funds in the account to payout. It is my understanding the first deposit made by Zeek to nxPay was held for some reason. I took a subjective guess that is was to make sure the deposit cleared. I made this guess based on how banks work.

  188. @Jim,

    You have a great point. However, if I understand everything correctly, it is a different company who is being paid for the mandatory video package.

  189. @e,

    Have you followed the whole situation regarding the banks?

    1. No one has ever stated "NO US Bank" can handle their business. However, they have stated the local bank could not handle the daily transactions at their long term bank. And they stated BB&T doesn't do Network Marketing and/or Penny Auctions companies. I do know some companies do not do network marketing or internet marketing banks.

    2. They have two very solid banks now, which did the Due Diligence prior to accepting any deposits, and it seems a new US CC processor may be coming on shortly.

    Now as for Dawn's explanation… I think she covered that.

  190. @Steve,

    Not sure of your comment. Care to explain just a little deeper.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  191. How is it that a 14 year old "solid company" not have "banking relationships"? Troy, does that sound like a solid company to you? (and I don't buy the excuse that no US bank can handle their volume).

    The fact that they have to use e-wallets at all is fishy.

    Dawn's simple explanation: "We have to rob Peter to Pay Paul."

  192. Also, who cares if Dawn makes an error in her communications, i UNDERSTOOD what she said, so what she compares hamburgers or great danes, ALLOW her to grow also, this is a NEW business for us all…ALLOW Dawn to make mistakes, the fact that she won by nearly 20,000 votes above the 2nd place is saying that Zeek people understand and willing to allow mistakes to happen….ALLOW ERRORS its how you grow…who else here has created a business as big and fast as Zeek?? Nobody, and since NOBODY has, then you have NO Idea what it takes to run one….allow the Zeek Team to pave the way as they have been and who cares of they make Errors they always make it right……I am supporting them 10000% as is my amazing team and the team i am on!

  193. NOT ONE company in the history of the industry has went from 0 to 800-900k affiliates and created so much success in such a short time, so what, they have growing pains and will continue to have them, so what, big deal….

    Troy is right, Zeek next year will not look like Zeek this year….those that do not like the business model, the stress, then as Troy said…move on….this wont be the end of their issues and again SO WHAT…SO WHAT….really….Zeek is changing lives, its changing peoples attitudes and creating a better world..those of you that have been in other MLM;s am sure 90% never made a dime…now your earning income with Zeek…do not complain….thats like crying its too cold out in the winter and crying its to hot out in the summer….think positive…

  194. @K Chang

    Yeah, but its the way you go about it buddy…and why do you spend every waking hour and every living fibre of your being obsessed with bringing this company down. If you stop for a moment, lift your head and smell the roses, you might find that zeek rewards will evolve into a global force that will provide hundreds of thousands of people with an income, whilst also providing a cutting edge online

    shopping vehicle for the globe. Rome wasn't built in a day!

    My agenda is to help this exciting opportunity to grow. And no, I am not from Zeek headquarters, I am simply an affiliate from Australia 🙂

  195. Troy, i hope you are NOT asking K.Change to present a positive side to this? Its like asking for the cow to jump over the moon…blindfolded

  196. I take it you don't like Hamburgers also? Will you be blogging about Mc Donalds and Burger King on your own site and how they have ties to Zeek and that Troy The Grimace is siding with the Hamburgerler?

  197. Paul….if Kchang worked this hard FOR Zeek as he does against it, he would have 100 people personally sponsored and be Z.Chang.Z

  198. Put up (and shut up) or get out. Is that the gist of it? Heck, it's even stated by official rep of Zeek in their support forum… any one who keep asking about the bank should not be in Zeek. Even Dawn implied that Zeek affiliates who keep asking questions lack commitment with that "toilet paper" analogy.

    Does Zeek only want people who don't ask questions? Even REASONABLE questions?

    "Best of intentions"… What was that saying? Ah, yes, road to hell is paved with good intentions. Charles Ponzi didn't set out to create the Ponzi scheme either, but he did.

    Evaluate actual deeds, not intentions.

  199. Facts are subjected to interpretation and analysis. Apparently Juno here only wants to hear POSITIVE interpretations, not negative ones.

  200. When did I declare I have "majority of Zeek affiliates" behind me?

    Don't invent stuff. Only makes you look stupid.

  201. By the way I am trying to pull out. While I was criticizing the response and clarification, I personally have no fears that I will not ultimately be paid. I do however have expressed the issue that there is no evidence affiliates have retail customers anywhere close to sustainability. This is why I cannot recruit for this company, and why I am pulling out.

  202. KChang,

    Solid comment. I know the banned countries is still a point folks want answers on. Even those who were not effected.

    My suggestion is if the folks in these countries feel they were treated unfairly then file a class action suit.

    As for the funds to pay commissions, that has never been the issue, getting the funds to the right place after losing the banks have been the issue.

  203. KChang,

    Facts can be presented fair and balanced which provides a solid picture for folks to make a serious business decision. However to many times folks want to show only the posititve or the negative, and they do not want to apply any critical thinking to the issues to present a balanced.

    When both sides of a situation or topic will use critical thinking then all who read what is written or spoken will be able to come to the best conclution for their personal situation.

  204. My agenda is force Zeek to answer some painful obvious and common sense questions.

    What’s yours?

  205. K.Chang,

    It is always easy for those of us on the outside to make comments on what others should and should not do.

    But until we walk in their shoes, we can't fully understand what anyone is thinking when they speak.

    Although I communicate differetly than Dawn or even Paul for that matter, I also know there are times when I saysomething different than I am trying to get across.

    I am glad it was clarified.

  206. @Steve

    I've been in network marketing for 30 years. I also own several successful businesses that are not MLM. Too many excuses and avoidable mistakes and PR gaffes

  207. There sure are a lot of armchair quarterbacks joining the Zeek ranks from what I can see. I've been with ZR for a year, and I've experienced the bumps in the road and developed a confidence in the leadership team to overcome. This isn't the first series of challenges we've hit, and I could outline a number of them with their positive outcomes.

    This may be the biggest so far, but it's been explained several times in calls, news releases, etc. Either you believe it or not, your choice. If it's stressing you out too much, cut your losses and get out. Otherwise, be patient and let it sort out. When you spend a year watching this stuff every day, listening to the calls, reading the releases, you start to get a feeling whether there is integrity in the process or smoke and mirrors being pulled out of the bag. The fact is ZR is still growing with traffic up 31% in the past month ( Dawn, who for the past year has always delivered what she said would be, has said ZR is healthy, stable, debt-free. The RPP is still steady and on-time. The bottle-neck is the delivery of funds to affiliates due to complex banking and e-wallet issues. Up until this week, I'd received multiple payments on time and as promised, but I understand what they're trying to adjust to with new banks, processors, e-wallets, etc.

    It's one thing when a company is small, but when Paul Burks reminds us the company has gone from 2 servers to 40 just to handle their volume, that means every system is stressed to the max, with the efficient flow of funds being one. Paul has also stated he takes pride in never missing a commission payout in 14 years of business, and if you listen to him I sincerely believe after a year of being steadily tuned in, these are people of integrity dealing with a unforseen growth pains. I've said it before, but unless you're in business for yourself, you don't understand that one of the biggest challenges and reasons for business failure is uncontrolled growth. It stresses everything. Troy, how many companies have grown like this in a compressed time period in the history of networking? I don't know, you would know, but I'm guessing it's not many.

    I believe these are good people with the best of intentions who, in their own words, never dreamed this thing would reach this level of success. Be thankful we're part of it, recognize the risks of being part of something that has a chance, and decide what your comfort level is. There are no guarantees Zeek will pull through it all, but they are innovative and determined. I've been reading the critics (in small doses) for over a year while I've made a significant income, more than I've ever made outside of my conventional business. I choose to believe that will continue…

  208. Your faith on Zeek is commendable, but Dawn could have just came out, explained the problem, and give a date on which all problems will be fixed, instead of this bogus explanation (then blame someone else for that explanation).

  209. I hope you're not a typical Zeek affiliates, as that ad hominem attack was uncalled for and I'm surprised Troy allow that personal attack to be published.

  210. I could go along with that premise to a certain extent, however, it would seem that a company that is in the process of changing banking relations or adding bank relations would keep funds remaining in one account(s) until they have the other fully functional. This pre-planning action alone would have alleviated most of the payment problems that Zeek is now trying to recover from.

    It would also seem most probable that Zeek is absolutely very attuned to fraud, ill-gotten gain, laundering, extremely large deposits and other concerns that would give a eWallet provider pause while in discussions about the possibility of entering into a relationship with the eWallet (3rd party provider). I could only assume that all of those challenges would have been addressed at the time of consummating the relationship.

    I think that there are still some questions left unanswered as to why things got into the mess that has transpired since the movement toward eWallets.

    If it is a fact that it was simply poor or incomplete planning and forethought, then that is what it is.

    A simple explanation would satisfy the resulting confusion for the affiliates. But, save any analogies to burger joints and there wares.

  211. HI Troy,

    After careful consideration of all that's going on, I'm going to go with your suggestion to quit, pull out my income and be done. Thanks!

  212. Facts are not positive or negative. It depends on your context.

    You are in ZeekRewards. You react to facts that *could* affect you negatively as "negativity". And you regard people who reveal such facts as people spreading "negativity".

    Avoiding negativity is really no different than closing one's eyes and wish the facts will just disappear. It's wishful thinking. And it's NOT conducive to your well-being, financial or otherwise.

  213. Troy,

    The banned countries have NEVER been explained to the affiliate's satisfaction. The OFACS explanation offered by Burks is bogus and verified with OFACS itself and through OFACS website. However, it's been "swept under the rug" and never mentioned again by Zeek. To borrow a popular movie phrase "it never existed", except to watchdogs and followers like you and me.

    When a company can just sudden ban entire countries of affiliates, and NOT PAY FOR THEIR WORK (only refund their monthly and initial bid purchases, but NONE OF THE VIP points and profits), all the affiliates should be alarmed, but apparently that didn't make much of a blip on affiliate's radars.

    I am willing to give Dawn a chance to come clean and admit she made a huge mistake in her explanations (which makes no sense, something even Zeek supporters agreed, they just don't think it's that big of a deal).

    However, affiliates want to see funds in their own eWallets. They don't want excuses.

    If they don't see that, they want to see funds in Zeek's eWallet and a FULL explanation, confirmed through third-party sources (such as NxPay spokesperson) that whatever verification process Zeek's going through will be done by _____ date and then they'll get paid.

    Failing that, they want to know that Zeek have the funds or have already deposited it with eWallet provider and a date on when that fund will be approved, deposited, and disbursed. A receipt from the eWallet provider (with pertinent parts redacted) would do wonders to assure everybody. (and silence the critics on this issue)

    These are very reasonable questions affiliates want answered. And Dawn should start ANSWERING THEM instead of "spin control".

  214. If you kept up to speed on the calls, Dawn said if you requested a payment via nx pay while the facility was available you will get paid, around 5 days later than normal. No big panic

  215. If she doesn't know what she was talking about, she should consult an expert before opening her mouth, or consult the eWallet provider's website, instead of making up bullsh__ explanations that is easily busted with 5 seconds of Google search.

    Some people's tolerance for bullsh__ is quite low, while for others it is quite high. Where are you in the spectrum? (same question goes for everybody else)

  216. You certainly dont have the majority of Zeek affiliates behind you, where did you dream that assumption up from.

    I would suggest you take your head out of the clouds, you are one voice and one voice only, dont try and make false assumptions.

  217. Then Dawn could have said that, instead of that horrendous burger analogy.

    There's huge difference between

    "We have the money, and our eWallet provider is verifying that with the bank and we'll fund our eWallet for payouts by (date). Stay tuned."

    vs. what Dawn actually said,

    "Whatever you guys (the affiliates) have purchased stuff from Zeek with, is what we can then turn around and pay commissions with. You (We?) can’t just go in there with your (our?) bag of money and go 'here'. "

    The former is a statement and a promise. the latter is a misunderstanding at best, outright lie at worst.

  218. Troy,

    If the banking scenario was as simple as what you suggest, that would be a simple answer.

    Unfortunately, that's not what Dawn said. Dawn did not say that Zeek was unable to fund eWallets because Zeek did not have banking relationships available. Dawn clearly was explaining how she and Zeek corporate understand eWallets to work. In 3 different examples (1 live call, 1 recorded call, 1 ZRN post), Dawn clearly said that the eWallet did not want or allow Zeek to deposit money, which is contrary to how everyone else understands and uses eWallets.

    P.S. I'm still waiting for my 6/18 and 6/25 payments. Withdrawals were requested 5/29 and 6/5. When my payments hit the eWallet, I have to wait weeks to get my check from them. Zeek's decision to stop using paper checks was a big mistake… 7-8 weeks from time of request until money in my bank account does not make for a healthy business model. What other MLM that you have covered has that long of a lag to pay earned commissions?

  219. Troy,

    I proposed the banking issues as a reason for the problems with NxPay yesterday.

    However, I also said that if the banking problems were the issue then corporate should have just come forward and admitted that instead of having Dawn state that affiliate money had to be deposited first before affiliates could be paid. That statement set off all kinds of alarms!

    Corporate needs to quite blaming others, such as the affiliates or the eWallet companies as examples, and take responsibility for their own issues.

    In other words, transparency is the best option, but so far their lack of transparency has just caused more criticisms and concerns. Unless they do become more transparent, all this talk of compliance and hiring consultants to fix the issues is going to fall on deaf ears for those who have real concerns about the business model of ZR.

    Please stay on top of these issues and get real answers so that everyone can make an informed decision about Zeek.

    Thanks for all you do.

  220. I think one simple step to showing the company's health and disproving some of these claims that it's out of money, is to allow affiliates to pay for this now mandatory video package with cash available. If they require payment from outside funds, then i'll be worried that it's a push to get more funds.

  221. Hey Troy,

    I'm definitely a Zeek fan, so I don't want this to be taken the wrong way. Just to clarify your comment to Mark:

    Has Zeek stated to you that they'll now (or in the very near future) be able to transfer funds between the processors?

    If the banks were the issue, that's totally understandable. However, there is still discord between that and Dawn's 'It just isn't possible to give them money' explanation.



  222. I believe that only an act of God or an act of law or an act of foolishness can kill Zeek.

    Zeek is legal and sustainable. Too many people like Kevin Grimes and other lawyers and other people's reputations are on the line for them to allow Zeek to be illegal or unsustainable.

    These are people who have been allowed to see the proprietary data that a lot of naysayers have been wanting to see like how much is Zeek earning from affiliates vs customers etc.

  223. It's easy to draw conclusions from Dawn's burger-ridden explanation of how e-wallets work, but I doubt many folks here have firsthand experience transferring high-dollar amounts into e-wallets. So allow me to share my personal experiences with PayPal from a couple of years ago, when I tried to fund my PayPal account with a $50,000 transfer from my Bank of America account.

    Though I had been a "Verified Business" customer in good standing for several years prior, PayPal froze my account immediately including the $50,000. It took six months and a LOT of documentation for them to finally free my funds. In my case, I had transferred the funds to pay affiliate commissions for one of my own products. But as I came to learn, e-wallets like PayPal, AlertPay (and presumably NxPay) look at large deposits from external banks with a high degree of scrutiny, mainly to prevent their services from being used to distribute ill-gotten gains. Had that $50,000 been generated from PayPal subscriptions to my product, and remained in my PayPal account, I'm certain there would have been no issues accessing those funds.

    Something else I learned while all of this was underway: Since PayPal wouldn't let me use the $50,000 in my PayPal account to pay commissions, I tried to do a 'mass pay' (uploaded CSV file with payee information) by drawing from additional funds in my Bank of America account. Keep in mind this was a bank account that had already been verified by PayPal. Yet the mass pay wasn't allowed either, since apparently mass pays must draw from available funds within the e-wallet (the same funds that had been frozen!) not external funds. It was maddening as hell.

    I'm NOT saying this is the case with Zeek and NxPay, but based on my experiences, this sounds to me like the scenario Dawn was clumsily trying to explain. So just something to keep in mind as a possibility. After all, there are two sides to everything, including burgers 🙂

  224. Thanks for the answer Troy. That just goes to show judgments based off of assumptions can be wrong and costly. Even my statement about "one of them is speaking inaccurately" was wrong! It is way better to get the facts before making a statement like I did.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    Hope you are enjoying your Epic Adventure.


  225. @Troy….if they have banks in place now and have for a few weeks, why wouldn't they be able to deposit the funds in NxPay? Depositing funds into or from a bank account isn't something that should take more than 48 hours.

    It appears to me that Zeek ownership and management are in way over their heads. This company appears to have far outgrown management's abilities to manage proactively. They have been in reactive mode for far too long and have no real plan to fix their challenges. Each week that passes reveals another challenge without the previous challenges being resolved.

    In my humble opinion, at some point you are going to be put in a position of reporting the fire instead of defending the smoke.

  226. Now it is my understanding affiliates are being paid. Just paid slowly. I have verified with affiliates I know and some have been paid and some have now yet been paid.

    Your point is very valid and I will check today to see if all past commissions will be caught up before the 4th.

  227. @Mark,

    The reason is because until just the last few weeks Zeek did not have any bank relationships. Without a bank account there is no way to transfer funds.

    Now that the banking relationships are up and running (I have verified through 3rd parties at least two banks are confirmed) then this issue should be a think of the past. If we see this continue and affiliates are not being paid on time, then I will be reporting.

    It is one thing to have the money and no way to transfer it. But outside of that there is no excuse outside of an Act of God.

  228. Troy,

    Why can't Zeek deposit funds from profit into their e-wallets? That doesn't make sense to me.

    NxPay's website states clearly that Zeek CAN deposit funds into their NxPay wallet to be used for pay outs to affiliates. Here's the link and the verbage…


    Here’s How it Works For You

    Your company establishes an NxPay® account whereby you deposit your payroll / commissions funds (by check, wire transfer or ACH). Then each of your independent representatives establishes an NxPay® account as well. Once all of the accounts have been set-up, your company creates a spreadsheet (within your NxPay® account) that tells NxPay® how you want to distribute the funds deposited. So, for example, if you have on representative that lives on the west coast (and is going to receive $100.00), and another representative that lives on the east coast (and is going to receive $1,500.00), once you have created your spreadsheet, with a click of the mouse, both the east coast representative and the west coast representative will receive their payroll / commission funds at the same time . . . within seconds of that mouse click. Your company generates a report that includes the amount of funds put into the NxPay® systems, the amount and account numbers of where the funds were distributed and a receipt when the funds were received.


    What Dawn is saying is in direct contradiction with what NxPay is saying. NxPay states that a company can fund their NxPay wallet with outside funds to use to pay their affiliates. Dawn stated that NxPay won't allow that. One of them is speaking inaccuracies for the current situation. Maybe NxPay needs to update their website. I don't know. But something doesn't seem right about this.

    Perhaps NxPay has put a cap on the amount of funds Zeek can deposit into the Zeek ewallet because they are a new client. I don't know. It would be nice to get clarification because what Zeek is saying and what NxPay's website are saying are two different things.

    Any further information would be greatly appreciated. It's hard to know who to trust when two companies doing business together state two things that are opposite from each other. I am sure there's an explanation for it. It would be nice to hear it.

    Do you have any ideas on why the companies are saying different things?



  229. Here is what I find very disturbing, I am a person who always is patient and find the good in everything. However, we are approaching the holiday weekend and there will be no money paid to affiliates and that is a shame, especially for those of us that were planning on enjoying the 4th with our pay that we won't receive.

    Fund the e-wallet with Zeek Money – what do they do with the truck loads of money that comes into their office every single day?

    First things first. PAY YOUR AFFILIATES and PAY them ONTIME.

    It is the responsibility of Zeeks admin to ensure that this happens no matter what "hoops" they have to jump through.

    They have 2 weeks delay to prepare for this, lets gett er done!!!!


  230. OK Guys

    I just want to say that what happened on Monday and with all the news that zeek came out with is not a big deal and things happen with zeek where they hit bumps on the road.

    Lets just give them some time to fix the problems and give us another update.

    For the people who is waiting to get paid I would recommend just to hang on untill NXpay is backup, I am sure everything is being done ti fix this problem.

    Have a good day guys 🙂

  231. MB You do not belong in network marketing. If you have the time though my lawn needs to be cut.

  232. @MB,

    I will both agree and disagree with you. First I agree that no matter how an affiliate with any company gets paid, when they have earned the money they need paid.

    I disagree in the area of the explanation not clarifying anything, it clarified a few things.

    1. Dawn the night before tried to explain how things worked, and caused more concerns, than less concerns.
    2. Dawn the following day with the guidance of her team created a clearly defined explanation of what she said the day before.
    3. Paul made it clear, nothing said will satisfy everyone
    4. The explanation doesn't deflect anything. Paul Burks has always taken full responsibility for the actions of Zeek Rewards Leadership, but he also is very straight forward when things do not go right, that there are many players involved.

    What has exacerbated each situation; credit card processing, international fraud, banking issues, banned countries etc., is than none of this was expected or planned for. And when a company of any kind does not plan for things, issues can drive even the greatest companies into a mess.

    I was taught from an early childhood to always expect the unexpected. In the Marines I was taught not just how to expect the unexpected but how to turn the situation into a victory.

    Knowing the outside consultants which have now been hired by Zeek to eliminate the current unexpected situations, and start planning for any new ones, I feel confident that by next year Zeek Rewards will not look or feel at all like it does today.

    If you are in Zeek Rewards, and are not at all happy with what is going on, I strongly suggest you quit. Pull out all your income and be done. If you like Zeek but are just frustrated with all the crap, then send in suggestions and hold them accountable for all the weaknesses.

    If you are not a part of Zeek, then only you can decide how valuable your time is and where to invest it.

  233. @ K Chang

    I know I dont speak for Troy here..him being a better man than I, he seems to respect your opinion and allows your posts to appear…but I know that I have the majority of Zeek affilliates behind me when I say that your agenda is becoming painstakingly obvious. I wonder if you will appear on this thread anymore to receive the responses you will receive when it is demonstrated once and for all that Zeek is here to stay. Have a nice day 🙂

  234. Same peoples always post negative things again again again………

    They wouldn't stop what they are doing til zeek falls… but looks like that's not going to happen.

  235. Can you imagine the following scenario: A kid goes and mows a yard after being told he will be paid when he is finished. The sweaty kid finishes the last strip of yard, then with satisfaction he knocks on the door to get paid. After finally answering, the smiling lady casually says, "I don't have your money today, but I will put something in the mailbox everytime you come back and mow."


  236. No, your explanation does not clarify anything. How I give you funds has nothing to do with how much you owe me, and your responsibility to pay on time. You said you would pay me on a date with NxPay and you have not. If the money is not where it was supposed to be when you said, then you need to send a check. Period. I agree that Zeek is deflecting responsibility. Do what you say you are going to do.

  237. @Chris

    My monies that are supposed to be paid from Zeek to my NxPay account are not there like ZR said they would be. For skeptics who analylize facts and logic over the course of the last several months, she does not make sense and does indeed appear to be in spin control. Her PR gaffes are amateurish.

  238. What dawn said makes sense, I do not understand why these people make something out of nothing, although she confuses with her analogies, it makes sense and I dont see an issue.

    She said

    " It was simply a training on what I was taught by the eWallet owner I have a new relationship with when I questioned why it wasn’t a simple matter of “deposit and pay payroll” when it came to the way eWallets do business. "

    Even Dawn herself was trying to explain best she understood what they taught her from the Ewallet company, and everybody jumps into Ponzi and this and that…OMG get a life people!

  239. Dawn's official explanation doesn't gibe with reality either.

    She blames this nameless eWallet rep for giving her the explanation. Either she listened to the wrong part of the sales pitch, or she has horrible memory (or she made the whole thing up) That's trying to deflect responsibility.

    She blames some sort of verification process for holding up the process of paying individual affiliates. However, NxPay had been used by various affiliates to get paid in the previous weeks. This blame is baseless and appears to be an attempt to deflect responsibility.

    She then blames the need of using multiple eWallet providers and need to keep funds at each eWallet to handle commission. Well, that's a Zeek problem for using multiple vendors in the first place! And WHY can't they just fund the eWallet (their own) with funds from their bank, which remains unnamed to this date?

    This explanation, for lack of a better word, is "spin control". She basically blamed EVERYBODY except Zeek and herself. It's the eWallet guy's fault. It's the eWallet provider's fault. It's the affiliates fault for not using NxPay to pay us, thus putting some funds into Zeek's eWallet at NxPay.


    Affiliates are STILL PANICKED. People are wondering if Zeek has a bank at all, if they can't fund their own eWallets. Dawn's explanations are not exactly very reassuring. If they can't handle their cashflow, who can? Remember, they have 2 weeks to anticipate cashout requests.

    The move to eWallets is disastrous. When they were using checks, they deal with only ONE bank. Now they are using THREE eWallet providers, they have tripled the paperwork for little gain. Yet they promised the affiliates that eWallets will solve EVERYTHING, for the past 3 months (or longer).

    Put yourself in the affiliates' shoes, Mr. Dooly. WHAT ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO THINK when they keep running into problems, both operational and fundamental? Not all such can be merely explained away as "growing pains".

    Zeek's response thus far is "it can't possible be Zeek's fault". If you ask more questions you're given a choice: stay or go.

    Some of the problems may be operational, but there is a PERSISTENT PATTERN here that suggests that something is NOT RIGHT in Zeekland. The problem may be ENDEMIC, not operational.

  240. @Troy

    You can get an explanation from me. I'm not sure it's 100% correct, but it's close to an explanation I would have used.

    Dawn started in the wrong direction when she was talking about the NxPay issue. She should have started with the solution rather than the problem, and focused on the correct solution from the affiliates viewpoint rather than the technical solution.

    Her message was something like this:

    "YOU will have to fill up our NxPay eWallet before you can withdraw money from it. You'll have to buy more bids using the NxPay eWallet to pay for them."

    It should have been something like this:

    "We have plenty of funds in the two other eWallets. You will have to use one of those for withdrawals for a couple of weeks, until the NxPay eWallet fills up naturally by money coming IN."

    "People have paid money IN through STP and AlertPay for several months, and those eWallets are full of cash. But now too many people are trying to withdraw money from the NxPay eWallet instead."

    "We CAN transfer funds from STP and AlertPay to NxPay, but this process will take 3 weeks or more for an amount of that size. It will also be a more expensive solution than withdrawals from STP or AlertPay."


    So, she gave the impression that people first had to pay money IN (buying bids through NxPay) before the company could start to pay OUT through NxPay. The description is relatively correct, technically speaking, but she should have focused on the two other eWallets first.

    And "fills up naturally" is a much better description than "YOU will have to pay money in".

    * "The NxPay eWallet will fill up naturally if you're using STP and AlertPay for withdrawals, and NxPay to pay money IN, for a couple of weeks."

  241. Hi Troy,

    It would be great to get clarification from the call last night. The call was very troubling to LOTS of affiliates.

    Dawn should really do a more professional call than what she does and stop using hamburgers as examples for what she is trying to say. Nobody knows what the heck she's talking about most of time.

    These calls continue to leave us with more questions than answers.

    Whey would the affiliates have to put money in NXPay in order to be paid through NXPay. That comment alone is starting to make Zeek sound like a ponzi scheme. They should be able to move money from their banks to NXPay to pay affiliates. Remember, according to them, they are growing very rapidly and this is a multi million dollar organization. We shouldn't just have to rely only on e-wallets to get paid.

    Some folks are from the old school and still like good ole fashion checks.

    Another thing I don't understand is why can't Zeek send our payments directly from their banks by ACH? Companies do it all the time. Most of these online e-wallet systems are very questionable and continue to have problems.

    Dawn definitely needs to be more clear about what she is saying to the affiliates.

    Hoping to get some clarification SOON.

  242. Here are some of the more interesting quotes from that leadership call:

    [3:45] The issue that we’ve had with NXPay, alright everybody wants to know “just turn the lights back on!”.

    Okay, so guys it’s like when you take out your wallet or purse from your back pocket, whatever is in there that you personally put in there, is the only money okay that you can go ahead and pay for your next grocery trip with.

    Okay, you might have cards in there, you might have checks in there but, if we’re talking cash, which is how an e-wallet works, whatever you guys (Zeek Rewards affiliates) have used to go ahead and make purchases from us with okay, is what’s in the e-wallet that we can turn around and pay payroll with. It’s not a depositing bank account.

    [4:50] Whatever you guys (the affiliates) have purchased stuff from Zeek with, is what we can then turn around and pay commissions with.

    You can’t just go in there with your bag of money and go “here” (laughter).

    [5:05] The more you go ahead and convert your purchasing from Zeek Rewards through NXPay, the more we can afford to pay out in commissions from NXPay.

    [5:40] It’s up to you whether there’s enough money in NXPay to pay everybody who’s asking to utilise that e-wallet for their income.

    [6:13] If you’re somebody who wants to withdraw your commission checks through NXPay, then make your purchases through NXPay. What goes in can come back out.

    Dawn Wright Olivares basically claims that Zeek cannot (or will not) add funds to their NXPay eWallet to pay affiliates… all payout to affiliates must come from other affiliates. Not once, but MULTIPLE TIMES.

    Yet NXSystems, parent of NXPay, says…

    Your company establishes an NxPay® account whereby you (the company) deposit your payroll / commissions funds (by check, wire transfer or ACH). Then each of your independent representatives establishes an NxPay® account as well.

    You *do* have to fund eWallet with real funds, but Zeek COO basically admitted they are NOT putting any money into NXPay. They want affiliates to pay themselves.

    Zeek COO basically admitted they are running a Ponzi scheme (albeit on a limited scale). Who knows how big is the iceberg under the surface?

    Mr. Dooly, affiliates are panicking out there. Some are willing to wait for clarification, but many are wondering if they indeed bet on the wrong horse. Even those who were only "mildly alarmed" at the signs are starting to panic

    Is Zeek running out of cash? Why would Zeek not just add funds to their NxPay wallet, and insist that affiliates put in even MORE money?

    Is Zeek as profitable as they claimed they were? Based on their own Income Disclosure they paid 58.5 million to US affiliates ALONE. I'd imagine their own profit should match or exceed that as per their "we pay up to 50% profit" claim. Call it 60 million.

    Where is that money now? How about all the alleged profits made in the first six months? We should be at least looking at 30 million, right?

    Where did that 90 million profit go? Why are they having trouble funding their own eWallets?

    And of course the biggest question all affiliates want answered:

    Will ZeekRewards be around long enough for me to get back at least the money I put in? (for those who haven't "broke even" yet)

  243. HI Troy have a nice and safe flight.

    I will just say this to your readers , as far as I understand

    all the zeek affiliates will have to buy the video presentation from Zeek rewards back office it will be mandatory

    Currently it is 5 dollars a month and 15 dollars thereafter and the new deal is that it will be 35 dollars a year and we will have all the videos as tool for the business ( a business expense if you will ) to make zeek grow and this videos are within compliance.

    The bottom line is that this videos will make a presentation for us and help the company grow.

    There is some other questions I have about last nights call but I will wait and listen to the 4pm call today and see if I can get them answered.

    Hope this helps 🙂


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