Breaking Wireless MLM News Zer01 Mobile CEO Ben Piilani On The Hot Seat For Embellishment

Breaking Wireless MLM News: Zer01 Mobile CEO ben Pillani is now on the hot seat for embellishment. Over the last few weeks I have been hitting Global Verge, Buzzirk, Zer01 and Unified Technologies Group, Inc. hard.

Well, in this post I am not going to write much, all I want to do is provide links to some of the most respected Technology and Wireless sites available today.

This investigative reporters do this for a live, and have huge budgets to validate their facts. For my critics you might find it interesting that some of their facts are coming out weeks after we reported the same facts.

Zer01’s mobile offer: Too good to be true?

The Zer01 Story: Lots Of Buzz, But Is It Actually Real…?

Network World Uncovers More Dirt On Zer01

Washington Post

As I have stated in the past, out goal is not to report rumors, or half truths. When we report it is to protect distributors who may not fully understand what they are about to get into, and to protect the integrity of this great profession.

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