Breaking VEMMA News: New Milestone $14 Million In Product Sales January 2013

BK Boreyko just shot me a short email to share the exciting VEMMA news… Up $2 million in sales in January to $14 million! Now this is the cool thing about this! VEMMA sales were up in December 2012, a month when many direct sellers take time off to chill. Not at VEMMA, the Brand Partners just kept cranking! Boreyko states something in the video below I just love… “Thank you Brand Partners!” I love it when a company founder shares the love with their field force!!!

In May of 2010, I first reported “VEMMA has come out of the 2008-09 direct selling recession like a storm. At that time they were just breaking $72 million annually. In 2012 they broke into the top-tier of direct selling companies, pushing past the $100 million mark in annual sales. Now in 2013 at the rate they are going, they could very well break $200 million.

As I have followed the VEMMA Vision lead by BK, Karen, and Lauren Boreyko I have seen two common denominators which I believe are attributed to the continue success of VEMMA team. Click the pictures below to read more about these visionary leaders.

BK_BoreykoKaren BoreykoLauren Boreyko

First is the continued focus on making sue the Brand Partners fully relize they are loved, and apprciated.

Second and just as important is the fact, VEMMA never strays from it’s core values!

Now, I am sure there are many other factors, but over the years, the VEMMA message “WHY” has never changed! The products may come and go, but the single-formula focus is the same, and the mission of enhancing people’s lives has always stayed the same!

I truly believe the values Ben and Dottie Boreyko instilled in BK, Karen and Lauren years ago are alive and well today and is the underlying bedrock of the VEMMA success!

Boreyko, also shared with me the following VEMMA numbers…

  • 23K+ customers and Brand Partners signed up in January 2013.
  • Over 1.1 million mins viewed on in 30 days.
  • Over 1 mil visitors to in January 2013

And I do not want to forget to mention the VERVE BOLD has now launched, and the team is almost through the first run of the product!!!

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