Breaking Ponzi Bulletin From Patrick Pretty: Zeekers Targeted In New Scheme With Ties To Piccolo Organization

By  5:37 pm Aug 30, 2013

truecashnetworkBULLETIN: Zeek Rewards members are being targeted in a new scheme with ties to the Phil Piccolo organization and are being solicited for sums ranging from $600 to $60,000 “in return for ” . . .  “guaranteed 50 percent interest” from a purported “unique and legal loan system” over an unspecified time period, the PP Blog has learned.

The offering, which hints of some sort of falling out with Zeek’s management, has been styled on YouTube as “The Diamond Club by TRUE CASH.” The emerging “program” was the subject of an email pitch yesterday that appears to have been targeted by an unknown party at former Zeek “Diamond” affiliates, potentially including some of Zeek’s largest “winners” who have exposure to clawback lawsuits filed by the court-appointed receiver and who previously have been solicited to make contributions to a purported defense fund for Zeek affiliates. Zeek “losers” also could be targets.

Previous schemes linked to Piccolo include the uber-bizarre Data Network Affiliates (DNA) “program” and One World One Website (OWOW), an equally bizarre money grab. (Use the PP Blog’s search function for information on those “programs.”) (read Full Bulletin At

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Ponzi Bulletin From Patrick Pretty: Zeekers Targeted In New Scheme With Ties To Piccolo Organization”

  1. Troy! Why am I not surprised to see Phil Piccolo attached to another money movement program with little or no value?

    I remember a few years ago with DNA and how Phil, a ‘consultant’ to the company, kicked me out when I started asking questions about the legality of the company and it’s structure etc.

    (I think that was about the time he broke out his magic magnet showers to DNA… after their failed cellular bid…)

    He then went on a public bashing tour of belittlement, calling me a ‘thousanddollernaire’ and gloating about he was such an amazing networker and how much money he makes etc.

    Well, yes at the time I was a thousandollarnair, thank you Phil Piccolo for pointing that out and not being a mentor and offering to guide and shape those around you who are paying your income… 😉

    I say this partially ‘tongue-in-cheek’, but his comment actually angered me to the point that I decided that I would never give up… NEVER, building my team the right way, with integrity.

    You see I can’t stand people who walk on the backs of their reps, I was involved with a company in the past which did that, I was making an incredible income and terminated my distributorship with them because of how they were conducting business and left the industry completely for many years.

    Phil Piccolo to me is one of the worst, his comments disturbed me more than anything, just thinking about all the hundreds of thousands of people who’s lives have been affected by his influence, which I believe to be overall a negative force for this industry.

    That is why I decided to be a positive force, and not align myself with companies that don’t adhere to my values, it has been a long road, one which I have finally found a home with after three years of searching.

    The sad part is that guys like Piccolo could do so much GOOD if they weren’t so focused on making a paycheck themselves…

    Focus on your team, help them to become successful, it is so simple, but so many just want that fast start bonus and forget that they are working with families, people that have others depending on them to survive.

    Every rep to me is like part of my family, I cry when they tell me they can’t feed their families or give their kids a Christmas and rejoice with them with tears of joy when they start seeing success!

    I have never understood those who do this business just for the money… this business is so much more rewarding when you focus on developing people, both monetarily and spiritually.

    God bless you Troy for all you do and for exposing the programs that are just not up to snuff!


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