Breaking Ocean Avenue News: Successful MLM Leaders Mark & Lyn-Dee Eldridge Join The Ocean 10 Wave Why?

Ocean Avenue

This last week I had the privilege to catch a wave of folks surfing into Ocean Avenue to see what all the buzz is about. Mark & Lyn-Dee Eldridge just happen to be in town connecting with some of their new team, and took time to talk with me.

Ocean Avenue

We have been looking for the right long-term home for almost two years. After taking a dream trip for a month to South Africa we had the desire to find a company that really had the potential to build globally that really made a difference.

We have been in the networking industry for 22 years and for the past 13 years we’ve had great success with a company being a millionaire club member, but that business changed ownership and it’ll never expand worldwide. So we have been looking for something that’s real and has the potential to be the next running giant.

Having been Co-Founder/Chairman of a large internet vacation company that became one of the fastest growing companies on Inc. 500/5000 list, we knew the power of the internet and how it’s quickly changing almost every industry.  And in 2004 authored the best-selling book “How to Position Yourself as The Obvious Expert” which is still used today by many top marketing experts. Times are changing and unless companies and people change, they’ll become obsolete. Just like one man, Steve Jobs helped change entire industries; i.e. computing, music, animation, and cell phones. Change is inevitable, but growth is optional.

We were looking for core key factors that Lyn-Dee and I were both passionate about. We’re like “yin and yang”, Lyn-Dee has always been product driven and I have always been opportunity driven.  But foremost we’ve always both been passionate about family, friends and making a difference. Being a couple that works the business together with different but complementary forces creates a dynamic duo, once we both know from our hearts that the business and products will make a real difference.

After much due diligence and flying out to the new corporate offices and spending time with the Founders Fred & Staci Ninow, Ken Dunn, and product creator Franco Cavaleri, and the incredible experienced corporate team and field leadership. It became very clear how unique and visionary Ocean Avenue is even prior to launching. In our opinion they have applied many of the principles in the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” that separates us from the competition and isn’t just another “me too” company.

The key differentiating factors we see are:

  • Family First. Family & friends creating lifetime memories together
  • Kids personal development and involvement in family business
  • Mission giving away more vacations than any other company in history
  • Publishing entity already in place to brand and edify field leaders
  • Unique nutritional science products backed by biologic nutrigenomics
  • Cutting-edge compensation plan designed for today’s economy
  • Launching four countries with corporate offices & support in each country
  • Solid financial backing with experienced proven corporate leadership

“When all is said and done, each of us will leave behind just memories and our legacy” – Paul J. Meyer, Unlocking Your Legacy

Having been fortunate to work with Paul J. Meyer for 11 years until he passed was an incredible experience.  He was a billionaire and one of the founding fathers of the personal development industry. On our desk is one of the many books he gave us over the years. “Unlocking Your Legacy” by Paul J. Meyer – which is one of the most valuable lesson’s we learned from Paul. Which means we understand the journey from success to significance and we believe that’s what Ocean Avenue and our team Legacy Global Network are also passionate about.

Bringing people on board and moving them along makes a big difference in retention. Ocean Avenue being devoted to personal development is also the core of our industry. Ocean Avenue will also be helping leaders as they reach the higher levels in the company create their own brand by helping with everything from creating their own blog, sending them to a top speaking communication program, to even helping them publish and market their own book. In our opinion that’s the best implementation of “The Obvious Expert” strategies we’ve seen any company commit to and the in house publishing entity is already in place prior to launch.

The great industry of network marketing is supposed to be about creating time freedom and being able to spend more time with your family, yet many companies have you spending more time away from your families. Ocean Avenue is truly on a mission to change that by getting the whole family involved from planning and taking more vacations together to even having kids conventions in conjunction with the corporate events.

When you fully understand everything that is already being put into place prior to Ocean Avenue even launching, it’s undeniable that this is the right place at the right time. Over the years our why like many people has always been family, with a passion for personal development and helping others find the greatness within them. We firmly believe this will be a life changing company that really helps bring families together more, creating unforgettable memories and creating an incredible legacy. We’re already running to reach the goal of the first Ocean Avenue elite international vacation. We’ve found a great home, we’ve found our ocean.

Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals