Breaking Ocean Avenue News: Christian and Stephanie Hockley Top 10 Income Earners In The First 30 Days

South Jordan, UT: November 1, 2012: Christian and Stephanie Hockley of Odessa, Florida were announced as Top Ten Income Earners at Ocean Avenue today! Christian has a 5 year background in networking and has had great success working with and building teams in the past.

Christian Hockley

“Coming out of the gates with a 40,000 BV month in a pre launch with no product yet is phenomenal!” says top income earner Rob Moffitt. “He is just an amazing leader with a knack for getting to know and leading people on this journey.”

Christian Hockley

Christian and Stephanie were recruited by several companies in recent months but were determined to select a company that fit their core values as a family. Ocean Avenue has labeled themselves as a Family First company and that was just one of the deciding factors for Christian. “In a world that can seem anti family at times, we needed to find a place that could fit our focus on the family and allow us the best possible platform to help thousands of people, I am just thrilled to be a part of Ocean Avenue and the team that is being assembled. I am so grateful to learn from the best in Rob and Tiffanie Moffitt and I look forward to working with and growing a dynamic team over the next 5-10 years!” says Christian

November 1, 2012 has officially begun the Pre-Launch stage at Ocean Avenue and hundreds of new Ambassadors are making their way to Ocean Avenue. With high quality products, an outstanding compensation plan and the Ocean Avenue Vacation Club, Christian and Stephanie feel confident that they have found their home!

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