Breaking News Update: Fortune High Tech Marketing aka FHTM Still Facing Legal Issues

I started reporting about a year ago the issues facing Fortune High Tech Marketing (FHTM), and the fact I thought Paul Orberson had taken his eye off the ball, and was allowing others to cause huge issues for the company. You can read the reports here!

Several states and at least two difference groups have filed legal action against Fortune High Tech Marketing aka FHTM and the business model. Here are a few of the news reports we found.

The most current issue comes from Texas where FHTM lost their most recent round of legal battles. (Read Here)

Now I do want to report, the the Fortune leadership now seem to have taken seriously the legal battles they are facing and have completely revamped their internal legal team. In the spring of 2011, they started to hire some very focused lawyers in-house to help clean up the external mess, and to look at their business model for flaws.


I strongly suggest anyone interested go to the FHTM website (Click Here) and listen to Keith Kuder, Chief Counsel for Fortune as he explains why he took the job, and the promises Paul Orberson.

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  1. Paul Orberson and Thomas Mills banned from MLM

  2. I use to be pretty close with his personal assistant/housekeeper and she didn’t have much to say about them moving. It was a quick move and a sudden one. I also know that she was one of their recruiters. I asked her what happened when referring to why she wasn’t with FHTM anymore her response “It wasn’t worth it anymore” I already knew what had happened but just wanted to see her response because she had tried to get me back in the business for a long time. I had been to Todd’s house on several occasions and I knew when he packed it all up and moved something spooked him.

  3. @George,

    I will sure be glad when all this can be laid to rest and all of you can get rolling without all the additional frustrations.

  4. The federal judge in the FHTM class action overturned her previous decision by throwing out arbitration and bringing the case back to federal court. A major victory for the plaintiffs.

  5. Has anyone else heard that Todd Rowland (supposedly the #2 guy in FHTM) has moved from his multi-million dollar home in North Carolina last week in the middle of the night? Court documents show his family trashed the mansion, failed to pay a million dollar plus balloon payment in February 2011 and ran with his family to Destin Florida. Is this the beginning of the end for him or was it when the IRS audited him for the past 7 years?

  6. The worst part of this video by Keith Kuder as the General Counsel for FHTM is he is NOT a member of the Kentucky Bar (like his predecessor Judy Hammerschmidt). He represents them illegally. He is not licensed to practice law in Kentucky since he was stolen from ACN last year. THe video he made is no more than a promotional video, similar to the legal counsel of ex washed up AG’s they hired to make themselves look legal.

    One day FHTM will experience the same fate as Zeek Rewards just did and their Ponzi Scheme will come to an end as abruptly

  7. FHTM graduates from Pyramid Fraud to attempted murder!!!

    It is so incomprehensible to understand how a company (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) that claims its mere existence is to help as many as possible, with help of the church, can also be so obnoxiously arrogant to believe they can manipulate the justice system to a point where they can push someone to death. After exposing the truth about Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) the whistleblower was sued in an attempt to shut him up and stifle his rights to freedom of speech.

    “If the fate of your business model rests at the hands of one individual, (not me) to the extent that you have to spend millions of dollars to try and shut him up then the system is just fatally flawed. Fix the PROBLEM not the SYMPTOM. This is all just a side effect of what you have created. I don’t see the worst of the worst companies out there that act like this or have to put up with this nonsense. What’s the common denominator? Stop acting like 3rd graders and run a business for once”, says Rob Jenkins.

    Not only are they arrogant enough to think they have to the right to destroy Mr. Isaacs financially, but they continue, to this day, the harassment and intentional lies to the Federal courts and American Arbitration Association until he was on his death bed almost gone. Their briefs and motions totally elude any factual statements and are based on unsubstantiated speculation and outright falsities, just like the foundation of their business since 2001. For 10 years they have claimed partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, being 100% debt free, solid enterprise and a money making franchise opportunity.

    When you peel the outside off of this lemon one discovers the bitterness and the exact opposite is true. Multiple AG’s have investigated, prosecuted and/or fined them for operating an illegal pyramid fraud. They are also on the FTC Operations Empty Promises list of companies being investigated for illegal activities. During the settlement with Texas AG in 2011 they claimed to not have enough money to pay back the 1+ Million in restitution yet they have found the funds to persecute the whistleblower that brought it all to light.

    In 2009, USA Today did an article on FHTM which laid out their legal woes and allegations of fraud.

    FHTM has not only engaged in a malicious prosecution since the very beginning. The ex- FHTM general counsel, Judy Hammerschmidt, who was not even licensed to practice law in Kentucky, during her tenure with FHTM, has displayed a great deal of malice and wrongful intent. Her attempts at intimidation as their general counsel were hilarious considering the fact that she was acting as a lawyer illegally. She has since been reprimanded by the Kentucky Bar Association. No evidence existed or exists to back any of their claims. If FHTM had a case with legal merit they would have never agreed to a settlement and dismissal in June 2011. They didn’t win anything as they have rumored through the ranks of their cult-like followers.

    FHTM continues to purposefully engage in behavior that is extreme and outrageous which is intended to cause severe mental anguish and they should be penalized for the intentional infliction of emotional distress. The FHTM attorneys, who are milking their cash-cow client, have outright said that they will not be satisfied until Mr. Isaacs is homeless, without family, living on welfare in a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere. Their intention is not to get at the truth but instead to bankrupt Mr. Isaacs.

    Mr. Isaacs took a sabbatical since the settlement in June 2011. He has given no further media interviews, no television appearances, no AG complaints and no internet blogging. It doesn’t matter if he discusses FHTM or not. The FHTM legal team is so bent on blaming Mr. Isaacs for every negative comment or complaint made against them anywhere that they are blinded by the fact that others despise them as well of not more than he ever did. They have made Mr. Isaacs the poster child for not going against their cult and fraudulent business model. Bernie Madoff ran his Ponzi scheme for thirty years before being shut down. If FHTM spent as much time fixing their lies to act more like a real business then they wouldn’t need to continue to harass and destroy anyone.

    It is like they smelled the blood and won’t let up till Mr. Isaacs is gone from the face of the earth permanently.

    Who in their sane mind would ever think that such a supposedly respectable company, run by the “King of MLM” – Paul Orberson, would spend all of their resources on attempted murder? Their intentions are clear – don’t rest until Mr. Isaacs is dead and gone.

  8. I had to revamp here, i was an fhtm rep and . jus like when you join any company , you have passion, build belief . i joined fhtm in 20 10 , my tenth month in business i was part of the top 4% of the company.. i shortly realized that i was living off hype in 2012, struggling to make ends meet, team walking away cause they seen wha i did not see.. today i look and see that they are now changed the comp plan, to lure new reps , promoting old reps to regional, have people on my team now in other companies getting emails saying your regional.. this is a disgrace taking money from the avaerage folks that really trying to live.. i must say fhtm , is a big joke , lots of hype, faking it till you make sorry for all my loves ones i lost due to me beleiving in you..

  9. @Millionaire Mentor.

    We have verified your comment and you are correct. I will make a correction to the blog post tomorrow.

  10. They are NOT a DSA Company. FHTM rescinded their application after being denied 3 years in a row.

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