Breaking MonaVie News: Dallin Laren Back As Chief Visionary Hires New CEO To Run Daily Operations

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With rumors flying over the last few weeks as to what has been going on in the C-Suites over at MonaVie, I reached out to Dallin Larsen for some insight. Dallin got right back with me and said… Nothing! He is always fast to respond, but always cautious in saying too much until he has talked with his leaders. Well drop down below and see the news Dallin shared. This may be some of the best news coming out of MonaVie in the last couple of years!

Hi Troy,

Now that our event has been completed this past weekend in Florida, I will let you know that after months of interviewing various candidates, we’ve hired a new CEO/President for MonaVie. He was well received by our leadership this past weekend.

My new role will be Founder and Chairman.  This is designed to free me up from the day-to-day of the business and allow me to build relationships globally, attend the major functions, host top leaders and continue casting the vision and mission of MonaVie globally. I have a good feeling about this and have peace inside that this is the right move at the right time for MonaVie.

For the record, this was MY decision to pass the baton.  I wasn’t forced to do so nor coerced to do so.  I’ve always attempted to make my decisions based on what’s in the best interest of our distributors and I believe this decision is just that.

I’m doing a North America conference call tonight to recap what took place in Orlando with the introduction of our new scanner technology, the new tools, and also introduce Mauricio to the larger MonaVie audience.

Hope all is well with you Troy and that you have an amazing 2013.

Thank you for all you do,


Without a doubt, MonaVie is a company that has weathered many storms, rumors, and even the loss of some great leaders who felt it was time to move on. But through it all, Dallin, Randy and Henry have stayed true to their original goals. I will continue to watch to see what 2013 brings for the MonaVie crew.

MonaVie Founders

Randy Larsen, Dallin Larsen, Henry Marsh

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