Breaking Momentis News: Industry Icon Mike McDonald Joins Internationally Known Business Legends Wendy Stevens and Elena Fraga in Bringing New Energy to The Energy Business

Mike McDonald reached out to me with this exciting news a few weeks ago, and I was on the road. I have watched Mike rock the house in Network Marketing for years. When he joins a company, growth happens.

Mike McDonald

October 15th, 2012

Industry Icon Mike McDonald has recently announced: “After decades in the network marketing industry, I have reached the pinnacle of achievement by partnering with marketing and training legends Wendy Stevens and Elena Fraga in the Global Expansion of Energy Deregulation.

Momentis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Just Energy and acts as the direct sales arm of the company. Momentis is perfectly positioned in the expanding landscape of Energy Deregulation by offering commercial and residential energy users significant reductions in energy expenditures.

More specifically, we offer individuals, business owners, organizations, municipalities, school systems and any commercial energy consumer a product that significantly reduces their electricity and natural gas costs. In today’s economy, everyone is cutting back in an effort to save money.

How many individuals and business owners do you think would say “no” to an EXCLUSIVE, PATENTED PRODUCT that will GUARANTEE an 8-20% savings on their electric bill or their MONEY BACK, fully-backed by a Publicly Traded Company on the NYSE?

One of Mikes’ top priorities will be to help launch an Online Funnel for EMS Energy Mizer. The funnels will help introduce and market the Energy Mizer, a device guaranteed to cut down energy costs as well as reduce damaging EMF (electromagnetic frequencies).

Mike McDonald

The EnergyMizer® uses an exclusive Patent and state of the art technology to actively monitor and improve power usage. It is an advanced power reduction system that will save customers 8% to 20% on electricity bills each and every month. The Energy Mizer® has been installed in a variety of business clients resulting in hundreds of satisfied users. The flagship 8% money-back savings guarantee and value proposition have made EMS Energy Mizer a game changer in the Energy Industry.

To learn more about Mike McDonald, or the EMS Energy Mizer, please visit:
Mike is one of the best-known experts in online marketing today. Recognized as one of the top income earners in the Direct Sales Industry, Mike has been showcased as a speaker and trainer and as a multiple seven-figure Entrepreneur. He has a unique perspective in the online marketing world and his innovative strategies produce record results with world class marketing teams.

McDonald, a highly recognized and regarded industry professional, is very proud and excited to be joining forces with Wendy Stevens and Elena Fraga in bringing new energy to the energy business and in helping to expand the market for an exclusive patented device that should be in every home and business. Mike said, “There are not a whole lot of people in this industry that I would consider at the level of professionalism, expertise and integrity of Wendy Stevens or Elena Fraga. They have an enviable and proven track record of success and of helping to bring success to thousands of others who are willing to do what it takes. They have developed the systems, training and marketing expertise to assure the achievement of one’s goals”.

Mike McDonald, has been active and on the Board of Directors of the MLMIA, a leading industry trade association, and has been the mentor and success coach to thousands. He has been an income leader, business builder and trainer for decades and is excited about sharing the future with the likes of Stevens and Fraga. He is convinced that “Nothing Succeeds Like Success” and TEAM ENERGY has the Success to build on.

When the power of Stevens, Fraga and McDonald are directed to a common goal, which is the building of TEAM Energy, you must assume that success is in the future.

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