Breaking MLM Wireless War News Global Verge CEO Comes Out Swinging

Breaking MLM Wireless War News: Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis comes out swinging.

Steve Lewis, sounded like he was ready to become the next heavy weight champion of the world as he addressed the Global Verge Triple Diamonds.

However, he also decided to take on Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog right in the middle of his war cry to the troops. Now, I don’t know if Rod will take that lying down, even though he has been under the weather the last few weeks.

Now, I can’t cover the whole call in this shot post, but I can say that if Steve Lewis can do what he told his troops he will do, then Global Verge just might come out of this with a solid foundation.

The big news should come on the Wednesday Triple Diamond call, so be watching for my post.

Three very important items I did take away from this call.

1. The Triple Diamonds are going to hold Steve Lewis and his team 100% accountable to the field for the success or failure of Global Verge.

2. The Triple Diamonds is concerned that Zer01 may not come through with the phones, and if they do, they might sell to the highest bidder.

3. The Triple Diamonds are concerned with the fact the back-office software is not completely accurate.

Steve Lewis addressed these three concerns.

1. Steve Lewis made it very clear, he is a distributor at heart. he has the top position in 3 MLM companies and will do whatever he can to make sure the distributors do not lose in this situation.

2. Steve Lewis told the Triple Diamonds he has personally used the phones and knows the technology is for real. In the next few weeks the phones will be in the field.

3. Steve Lewis made it very clear the corporate staff is fully aware of the issues in the back office and will have everything cleared up before commissions are run.

I still have major concerns with Global Verge and Zer01. However out of respect for Gerry Nehra, and my word to Steve Lewis, I am going to back off the little issues and just focus on the major ones for the next three weeks.

Troy’s Truth: It is never the major issues which bring down a company, it’s always a boatload of small ones.

Never Give Up,


p.s. We still don’t know what happened to Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins, or who is running Buzzirk Mobile, which is the company with the agreements with Zer01.

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36 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless War News Global Verge CEO Comes Out Swinging”

  1. GNSI,

    Sounds interesting. Is there a location where we can read about this new info?

    Never Give Up,


  2. Troy

    Some very interesting information has surfaced about the Sim Cards, a Sim card does not contain the information to change a logo that info is already pre built into a phone. So the claims of the Sim card not being able to change the T Mobile logo are completely false.

    It’s actually becoming very clear that this is just another means of stalling and people like Julie Larson are as guilty as the rest of them for continuing to hype this when the evidence clearly points in the opposite direction

  3. Julie,

    If you get a chance, can you share a little about the voip service. I know this is one area FDI has been bragging about. Since most folks have been focused on the wireless this could be a great time to help them focus on some other areas.

    Never Give Up,


  4. Hi Bwilly,

    First of all, I didn’t say that she made $70. She marked her prices up to where she made a 10% profit on anything she sold. I’m guessing she probably made about $40 on a $400 TV. I don’t know the exact make and model of TV, but I do know that the one that her customer purchased (and received and is happy with) was on sale at Walmart and was marked down by 50%.

    Hang in there Bwilly! I truly believe we do have a tremendous opportunity here with GV in spite of what you may be reading on the internet.

    Also, you may want to sign up for your Buzzoip reseller site as well. I understand that the VOIP service for your landline is about $5 a month less than some of the competitors.

    Wishing you the best!
    Julie 🙂

  5. As an additional note, I am currently signed up with Global Verge and am trying to find something to hold on to so I can validate the money I have spent. Just looking for some help…

  6. Julie Larson

    Could you please let us know what TV your E-associate order from NextDayPC? Every product I am able to find is more expensive than the exact same product on I would like to see what TV she sold and made $70 on.

  7. Hello all
    I have compassion for the fact that so many people are waiting patiently for Buzzirk and Global Verge to get their act together. Everyone has been MORE
    than patient. If you think about it, it is now one month past the promised launch date, and as far as I can tell, no one knows yet when the phones will be available.

    There is an option with FDI International..and I wanted to just list some of the technologies available. Please make note, that not only does FDI offer cell phone service but you can also save people 50-90% on ALL areas of telecom. Listed below are just some of the services. Also take heart, the services are already up and running, proven to work, for 6 years in other Countries. On August 14th they are being launched HERE in the United States. Thus all systems are in place, merchant accounts, phones, technologies, etc.

    FDI Residential Products include an amazing telecom product you can carry in the palm of your hand that features a $20 unlimited calling package to 30 countries and all you need is a dial tone!
    The Voip Adapter, FDI International’s superior product to Vonage, has a calling package for $23 per month providing unlimited calling to over 30 countries.

    FDI GiCell Phone is an amazing “hybrid” that allows you to call on VOIP or GSM and have 10 international or domestic incoming lines with separate numbers.

    FDI USB phone is a must for Dial up users in the massive rural markets as it
    allows them to talk free over the Internet with a Bose quality speaker.

    FDI Calling Cards can give you a competitive advantage in about any market you want to develop and features that’ll open up entire industries for you to cultivate.

    FDI International can offer an amazing array of Corporate Solutions for small commercial businesses to large corporate accounts including Hosted Virtual PBX Voip Systems that can eliminate costly dedicated Voice T1 circuits and POTS lines, Voice Trunks for PBX’s, Call Center Solutions and unbeatable 1+ International Callings programs.

    Our flagship product, The TriNet, allows residences or small businesses to ELIMINATE their telecommunications costs by saying good-bye to their local land line and long distance provider. The S1 TriNet gives you the capability to have three separate land lines and one cell phone for “pennies” a month!

    The other MAJOR asset behind the FDI International opportunity is the synergistic relationship with the top manufacturer of cellular hardware and software in the world based in Taiwan that not only manufacturers all FDI International telecom products but does so for Sony Erickson and Nokia.
    Kuba Farbriaz and the Chairman of this Company have a relationship that goes way back and it was through their combined efforts and the collaboration with each company’s engineers that developed our proprietary products.

    This is just part of what you can offer as an FDI Rep
    If you want more info email me at

  8. Hello everyone, especially Julie.

    I want to state from the outset, that I joined Global Verge almost month ago following an entusiastic recommendation of a good friend, and after doing what seemed to be adequate due diligence, namely, a thorough review of the information made available by Global Verge, Buzzirk and Zero1, attending Global Verge conference calls and webinars, and reading the journaistic coverage.

    I thought Buzzirk was a new and very exciting addition to Global Verge’s existing (and presumably growing) array of products and services, which I planned to benefit from as both a consumer and a distributor. I was not too clear on the technology aspects, but saw no reason to doubt Zero1’s ability to deliver what it was promising. I still don’t know if Zero1 can deliver, but I want some hard evidence, fast. The fact that there are experts raising questions about the technology, the agreements and other pieces of the puzzle worries me, but I am giving Zero1 credit thus far.

    However – the more I tried to make sense of Globar Verge (and remember, I was thriled to sign up, fork over my money and get the basic program on autoship), the worse it began to appear. When performance didn’t meet promises I was patient, giving them leeway as a startup (in terms of Buzzirk) and hoping this was just growing pains of the new Zero1-Buzzirk contract. However, I did expect the Global Verge marketing platform to be solid (it still isn’t), and I expected the products/services to be of value — and disovered some serious problems there.

    NextDayPC is a great service that anyone can join for free, regardless of Global Verge. After a very disturbing experience trying to book flights with Global Verge travel (more on that later), I began examining all of the products on the GV website to see what’s real and worthwhile versus whats flaky.

    I entered the NextDayPC section of GV, got into the website and looked at the “partners” section. Global Verge was not listed there. I called the NextDayPC customer support phone and asked the operator, who told me that they were not a partner. I stated that I knew they had had a partnership agreement with GV and asked her to inquire. After a few minutes she cam back to me and informed me the partnership had recently been severed, but that I was welcome to join them directly at no charge.

    Travel: I needed to book 3 international flights for next week, so rather than call my travel agent I thought I would do so via the GV travel webiste in order to get good rates and a cash-back rebate. I enrered th edates adn destinations and the system quoted me $3,600 (and higher) for 3 coach tickets. This seemed pretty steep, so I ran it again, with the same result. I then called my travel agen and her quote was for a little over $1,800!!! I told her I would get bvack to her and checked out the GV website again.

    At the bottom of the site I saw that the service was actually provided by, so I went to their site directly. The results were identidcal (of course), so I called the TravelNow customer support number and asked if they were TraavelNow or Global Verge. Tthey didn’t respond to that, they just confirmed the quotes were correct. I identified myself as a GV distributor and asked if there was a special discount for us, but the answer was no.

    I booked my flights with my travel agaent and saved $1,800.

    Do I want to send people to the GV site? Heck no.

    Do I want GV to launch Buzzirk and get rid of everything that doesn’t make sense – absolutely.

    Only time will tell what they decide to do, I am still waiting (impatiently).

  9. Hi Julie Larson,
    I agree that the NextDayPC would be a great value/benefit as a member of Global Verge. Unfortunatley it is only available to US residents. So if you are in Canada or Australia or any of the other countries they are signing up – you cannot use this benefit rendering it of no use to a large number of GV members. Canadians do make up a huge portion of the current GV membership. Many of the other benefits through GV are only available to US residents. If they are signing up globally, they should have value-for-membership in place in each of those countries.

  10. Hi Troy,

    I did see the article regarding NextDayPC and the headline implying that they have severed their ties to GV. However, if you read the article, it does not say that the ties have been severed. Troy, I’m counting on you to give accurate and fair information as I do not believe you have an agenda to try to take down GV as some of the other sites do. Unless NextDayPC has severed their ties, please don’t report that it has as that’s the kind of thing that is damaging.

    Our team has just started promoting NextDayPC and sometimes is takes a little educating to get people to see the value of what they have. Last week we signed up a new e-associate who went ahead and signed up for her NextDayPC resellers site. Within a couple of days, she had already sold a TV and earned enough of a commission to pay for her monthly autoship next month. Fortunately, Mr. Arthur Smaal, COO of NextDayPC realizes that sometimes it takes a little time to get ramped up.

    Tomorrow I will be ordering a new projector from my NextDayPC resellers site.

    I will admit that I joined GV because of the opportunity to promote Buzzirk Mobile. However, as I’ve been studying the company and the products and the compensation plan, I’ve discovered there are all kinds of neat products that we receive for our monthly autoship, plus there are great products that we can sell with lots more coming down the pipeline.

    Thank you for pointing out to “Getting To The Bottom of This” that we do indeed have services offered at a fair market value.

    Never giving up!
    Julie 🙂

  11. Getting to the bottom of this,

    I truly know where you are coming from. In the next three hours I will put up the newest post ong GV, and I ask some of these very questions. I personally believe the services offered were to make the company legal if the FTC came looking, and give them the ability to pay commissions. If all they did was collect fees, and not have a product to deliver, then they would have been nailed as a pyramid. As it is, they are offering services with a fair marketing value.

    However, with that said, I am not sure even that will hold water now, that everyone joining has join for Buzzirk, not for any of the services. If people would take the time to understand more about the services they have at hand, it might allow for some stability within the field.

    Thank you for your kind words, I do try and share facts and questions.

    Never Give Up,


  12. Troy,
    During the relatively short time I have been involved in MLM, I developed great respect and appreciation for what you are doing for all distributors in what seems like a jungle.

    I joined Buzzirk/Global Verge last month but have been holding off on sponsoring till I see the dust settlle, My impression of Global Verge (without Buzzirk) is that it’s an amateurish operation, with a basically meaningless and/or worthless collection of generic consumer goods and services, with the possible exception of two products they apparently market themselves. I checked out their travel and it is very badly priced, and some of their partenrs have already severed ties with them (Next Day Computers).

    Bottom line – Buzzirk is the only relevant product/service of any potential value. The interim CEO seems OK, getting control of things, and Gerry Nhera obviously gives confidence, but why the heck are they bringing in Warren Henchey (former LifeWave CFO, Holographic CD’s etc).

    As for Zero1, I have not been able to really get a handle on whether they really have something solid or not. If they do, and if they really have contracts to piggyback on existing GSM platforms, this might be huge. But do they have the goods and can they deliver? Can you get some telecommunications expert to give us a clear answer on the viablity of this, there has been so much BS and confusion flying around, I can barely see two feet ahead of me here. Thanks!

  13. Hey Troy,
    Any luck with the info on Wednesday’s call? Would love to see an update 🙂
    Thanks for all your great info!

  14. Ted,

    I am in the middle of putting up the audios, and will be posting later today.

    Never Give Up,


  15. Not a Triple,

    Buzzirk is a Nevada corporation owned by Ted Robbins and Mark Petschel. Buzzirk has all the contracts with Zer01. Global Verge is the marketing company and is a stand alone corporation licensed to do business out of the state of Missouri. Buzzirk is NOT a subsidiary of Global Verge.

    When I talked to Steve Lewis on Monday, he also validated this issue. Buzzirk has the agreements with Zer01, and Global Verge is the marketing company.

    Hope this helps.

    Never Give Up,


  16. Troy…
    You stated that Global Verge & Buzzirk Mobile were seperate companies. During Ruth Mayne’s webcasts (GV business overviews), she says Buzzirk Mobile is a subsidiary of Global Verge. Can that be true?

  17. Confused but hopeful,

    I was not invited to this Triple Diamond call, but I am listening to the call now that it is over. I am not shocked. I will be putting up a new post tomorrow on what I am hearing.

    Just remember, MLM is a great profession do you give up on your dreams.

    Never Give Up,


  18. TROY, PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE ON THIS TRIPLE CALL. holy crap. This is unreal, I am not hopeful any longer.

  19. Confused but hopeful,

    Jim put this site up way back before Global Verge, when things were still E-Verg and the last go around with AMPed Mobile, before they went bankrupted.

    Mark has been at this since 2005, and maybe this one will work. I think Jim put the site on hold because of Zer01 clamping down on the compliance issues.

  20. Maybe you could help make sense of this website, has buzzirk on it, but its also tied to Jim Hellman, the #1 rep, but selling some different stuff and phones that I have never seen, then ties back to our replicated website, very strange.

  21. Confused but hopeful,

    The one thing we all have in common is the desire to see Global Verge succeed. The best part of last night’s call was the Q&A which I will post later today.

    Never Give Up,


  22. Troy, I do want to see these guys pull this off, but last nights call was a joke, nothing new was said except wait till Wednesday, and he also said the Gerry Nhera’s office posted something on our back office about something, but nothing is there. Last weeks call said wait till Monday, now its wait till Wednesday, can’t do that to many times.
    Glad someone asked about the patent for zer01.

  23. Ryan,

    You ask a great question here.

    Since there does not seem to be any product or services being offered to the public in any state to date, which may be how they are getting around not having business licenses as of yet.

    Since Global Verge is the company who is really marketing anything, and they are legal is Missouri where they are purported to have offices and employees, maybe that is how all the companies are getting around licensing at this time. It’s a great question.

    Plus, since there is no “Live Product” it would seem that internet laws apply here, and that is a whole new ball game.

    Let’s see it anyone else has any insight.

    Never Give Up,


  24. Troy,
    I have been searching for some proof that Zer01/UTGI/Buzzirk exist. As far as I can find, none of these companies are registered with a business license in the state of Nevada/Missouri/Deleware as they claim.

    Globalverge has a pending business license in Clark County, NV and is registered with the MO secretary of state but there is nothing shown for zer01 or buzzirk in Las Vegas when I perform a business license search.

    How could these ‘companies’ offer products or services without a valid business license somewhere? What the heck is going on here?


  25. NGSI,

    You do ask a great question. In studying the “memberships” that are purchased at GV. Each level of membership comes with it, a set of benefits. These benefits have a fair market value to the end users who are receiving them, and commissions can be paid out on them.

    Now with that said, the real question we need to look at, is how many of these folks fully understand they have benefits with their memberships, and do they know how to activate them?

    If the FTC were to start an investigation, they may decide this is a thin “legal” maneuver to cover up the fact, 40,000 distributors paid a fee to join a company, to market ONLY a HYPED up product and service, which as of July 28, 2009 has not been made public to ANY of the typical Tech Journalists, Watchdogs, and Consumer Advocacy Organizations who usually get beta units to test and report on.

    So, when commissions are paid, although they will be paid legally based on the business model of GV, it could rasie questions. Burn Lounge also paid commissions based on their business model and we all know the final decision on that one.

    Time will tell. Gerry Nehra is working through all of this right now, and I have full faith, that if anyone can get these folks 100% compliant, Gerry can… Although the Secret Service and US Attorney general, along with the Florida AG, disagreed with him on Ad Surf Daily.

    Never Give Up,


  26. Maurice,

    According to Steve Lewis, both Mark and Ted have been relieved from ALL daily operations of Global Verge. Steve calls it a promotion to Co-Founders, which I do find humorous, because they were ALREADY the co-founders. If anything as Len Clements puts it, they were demoted.

    With that said, I do think it was a smart move since they were causing a huge distraction for the company, especially the field force.

    What I have not been able to verify, is if the two of them are still running the parent company Buzzirk. Buzzirk is the company with the agreements in place with Zer01, Global Verge is just the marketing arm. Which is something everyone should remember.

    Never Give Up,


  27. What amazes me is how Global Verge reps keep saying that we have a great opportunity, when they do not even have a working product.

    And that is just one part of it….once you have a product, you need distribution, customer service, enough supply to meet the demand, etc.

    If they have had so many problems already, with getting the phones to work, sims cards, merchant services, etc….how do you think they are going to pull it all together?

  28. Julie,

    First let me say, thank you for taking time to comment. With all you folks have going on I know this takes time out of your prospecting and building of your GV organization.

    I am looking forward to the next three weeks to see how what Steve’s team does. But the real story will be after Steve steps aside, and we see if the Founders (who own the company) and the new Corporate team follow through with the vision Steve has laid down.

    Now, let’s take a look at your question about Rod’s site

    Since I am not employed by Rod, nor am I someone who is on his corporate staff, I just don’t have an intelligent answer to your question.

    However, as a long time friend of Rod’s, and someone who has seen just about every side of him an outsider can see (not being his wife), I can say that Rod does extensive work with some of the top attorney’s, consultants, and CEO’s in the network Marketing Arena. I guess there is a chance some of them donate to his site.

    What I will do is talk with him or Marcie today and specifically ask that question. When I get the answer I’ll come back and post it.

    I can say tell you that is not supported by person or organization outside of ME! Although I do have several affiliate links to tools and education I believe can help people build their business, even though links are ONLY from sites where I am perosnally using the tools myself. I never endorse or promote any person, tool or system I am not currently using.

    Julie, I may not have all the answers, but if you ever have a question feel free to ask it, and I’ll see if I can find the RIGHT answer.

    Never Give Up,


  29. Hi Troy,

    Thank you for taking Steve Lewis up on his invitation to join the Triple Diamond call tonight. I was really looking forward to see what you would post and I think you were very fair.

    I have a question about Rod Cook’s MLMwatchdog and I don’t know if you have an answer or can answer, but here goes – at the bottom of his website in teeny tiny letters it says that the site is partially supported by donations from 3rd parties – why would a third party donate to MLMwatchdog? I do understand why someone might pay for a subscription, but I do not understand why anyone would just give him money. I can imagine why certain MLM companies would “donate” to him. I know you said that he’s your friend and I don’t mean to put you on the spot. I just thought I’d get a straight answer from you and I don’t think I would from him.

    I am a Double Diamond with Global Verge and in spite of the negative publicity we’ve received, I believe that we really do have a great opportunity.

    Thank you again and I look forward to future posts about GV/Buzzirk Mobile.

    Julie Larson

  30. Troy

    Can you explain how a MLM compnay that is not selling any products to people outside the distributors can go ahead and pay commissions, is there not a law that before theycan be paid 70% of sales have to be made to the public?

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