Breaking MLM Wireless News Zurvita Inks Deals With Sprint AT&T T-Mobile And Verizon

Breaking MLM Wireless News, Mark Jarvis’s company Zurvita inks deals with Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon to take the lead in the MLM Wireless War.

This weekend the Zurvita family all converged in Nashville where Mark Jarvis and the corporate team at Zurvita unveiled one of the great strategic moves in the current MLM Wireless war.

After months of behind the scenes discussions, and some of the agreements coming down to the wire, Zurvita was able to create one of the most unique wireless business models available in Network marketing.

Here are a few of the unique benefits on the Zurvita Mobile program.

1. Current subscribers within a company can switch their current plans to a Zurvita plan.
In other words I can take my AT&T plan, and have it converted to a Zurvita AT&T plan. This is HUGE!

2. Residual income is played on all new plan subscriptions. Talk about creating life long residual income.

3. By offering wireless from all the top carriers Zurvita Reps can talk to everyone the know about their new Wireless Services.

Now, the Wireless side of things is not even the BIG news. Zurvita also unveiled that within just a couple of weeks, around August 1st or shortly after, they will also be entering into the following service arenas.

1. Commercial Energy

2. Commercial Telecommunication

3. Residential Digital VOIP

and a few more goodies I just can’t share yet.

Mark Jarvis and his 80 top leaders took a huge risk 12 months ago when they ALL walked away from five and six figure monthly incomes to launch Zurvita.

But in reviewing what has taken place within this short time, I truly believe God had a hand in this epic adventure.

1. Mark Jarvis and 80 leaders walk from Ameriplan to launch Zurvita
2. Ameriplan sues Zurvita, Mark Jarvis and others
3. Amacore Group Inc. enters the picture and purchases Zurvita, leaving Mark Jarvis and his team in place.
4. Ameriplan and Zurvita settle out of court in an undisclosed settlement ending all legal issues.
5. Zurvita launches the Freedom Crusade
6. Zurvita unveils their new focus with

Mark and team great job… You guys true run a Distributor Friendly Company!

Never Give Up,


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3 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News Zurvita Inks Deals With Sprint AT&T T-Mobile And Verizon”

  1. Thanks Troy. I believe that this is an opportunity that will change my life, my family’s lives, and the lives of all the people that will work diligently with me!
    .-= Zurvita´s last blog .. Zurvita Mobile – Zurvita Telecom Product, Zurvita Mobile, Beats Pricing 80% Of The Time! =-.

  2. Zurvita,

    I bet you guys are rocking after this last weekend!!!!

    you have truly picked a great vehicle to build your MLM career.

    never Give Up,


  3. LOL….saw this post after I posted the other comment.

    By the way, a lot of the big buzz has to do with the mobile phone product….but the VoIP product offering is incredible. The “virtual office” product alone would save me nearly $65/month over what I was paying for my 2 land lines…..and I’d get an additional phone number and an eFax number.

    Thanks Troy for posting this. Mark is a man of integrity, his goal is to build a company that people win at all levels.
    .-= Zurvita´s last blog .. Zurvita – Building Powerful Residual Income and Passive Income Through Zurvita Mobile, Zurvita Telephone, and Zurvita Choice (Energy) Products, Zurvita Informercials, And The Power Of Internet Marketing =-.

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