Breaking MLM Wireless News Zer01 Kills Global Verge Reps Severing Ties With Buzzirk Wireless

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Zer01 severs ties with Buzzirk Mobile And Global Verge. I want to thank all of our community members for passing this news. Also acknowledge Len Clements who broke this news internationally in his latest Market Wave Alert Email.

– Due To Breach Of Contract, MVNE Zer01 Mobile Cuts All Ties With Buzzirk Mobile For Distribution Services –

For immediate release: 8/13/09
For more information: Ron Dresner

(Las Vegas, NV) – Zer01 Mobile, the new mobile virtual network enabler offering unlimited voice, data and Web services nationwide for one, low monthly fee, announced today that it has severed its business relationship with Buzzirk Mobile for distribution services based upon breach of contract. The agreement for distribution services was originally announced in May 2009. However, due to violations of the agreement made by Buzzirk Mobile, Zer01 Mobile has concluded as of today its relationship with Buzzirk Mobile.

You can read the whole Press Release here…

Now, what I find interesting about this announcement is it comes just days after Global Verge’s new Press Secretary announces “We are re-branding to The Smart Band” and just a few days after it was purported mark Petschel demonstrated the Zer01 technology at the K.C. Meeting.

So, I am pretty sure we can put to rest that phones will not be shipped this week. At least not the original phones everyone joined Global Verge to market.

So, does this mean that sometime today through Saturday we will hear that out of the blue the offshore processor stopped processing credit cards and has refused to release the hard earned commissions of the Global Verge field force?

This is like watching ground hog day. This sure sounds similar to the E-Verge situation where in the end Mark Petschel & Crew blamed the loss of the strategic partner for the failure of the company.

“We did launch Buzzirk in 2006 at the Emmys, and our provider Amped Mobile went belly up, not in our control. Everge was hostally taken over by a now ex owner who was sued and we had to disolve it according to the suit to get our ruling.” Mark Petschel. You can read the whole article here…

So here are the questions I have.

1. Why did the new Global Verge Press Secretary state lie to the Global Verge Field Force on her last recorded call, pretending everything was all peaches and cream?
2. How long has Global Verge Leadership known of this and held it to themselves?
3. When are the commissions going to be paid to the hard working Global Verge Field Force?
4. Who’s really running Global Verge & Buzzirk Mobile.
5. Who cares about a new website when the #1 vender everyone joined Global Verge for bails?

Folks, just when I think Global Verge is turning this around, they just make up more excuses to prolong the truth, to collect more money from the field!

This proves what I have been saying all along, GLOBAL VERGE REPS WERE NOT PROTECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never Give Up,


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14 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News Zer01 Kills Global Verge Reps Severing Ties With Buzzirk Wireless”

  1. I just returned from FDI International convention and the GI Connect/FDI partnership is REAL, the products are REAL, the phones REALLY WORK, the Compensation is AMAZING and the possibilities are endless. No games, or gimmicks, FDI International has intergrity and cares about the customers and reps.

  2. Big Dave,

    Thanks for coming by our community. You ask some very important questions, and may not have had a chance to read through each post over the last couple of months, so I will do my best to give short answers to your questions.

    1. What has GV done to prevent the phones coming out? The answer to that is… They lied on several occasions by stating the phones were being shipped in days, phones were in the warehouse, etc.” You can listen to several of the recordings we have posted to hear their words. They also did not terminate the distributors who were causing the compliance issues, nor did they remove the “powered by Zer01” from the corporate website which is the main reason they say Zer01 pulled the agreement.

    2. As for Mark’s past. His criminal conviction, has nothing to do with anything as far as I am concerned. As long as he is abiding by his probation, and has not stolen anything from anyone else. However, his track record of starting MLM companies, pulling in huge amounts of cash, then shutting them down for verious reasons and not paying out the commissions earned by the distributors has everything to do with my concerns.

    3. Yes, they have been holding on to some of the money. Remember, they have three processors and have continued to take in cash on a daily basis from 300 to 700 new distributors according to GV management. That is a daily cash flow of $30K to $70K (rounded numbers) per day. Yes, they have not paid commissions for close to two months. SO yes, I do say they are holding onto cash, and moving other cash off shore.

    Yes, they have starting processing commissions, now, after 60 days of potentially collecting $6 million dollars. And with all the drop outs, backoffice mistakes and folks who have not been properly upgraded, I’ll bet the commissions are not correct and folks will be frustrated again. But if the commissions are paid out correctly, their first settlement was just enough to pay those commissions, which means millions are still somewhere else. I hope it is going to purchasing phones or fixing other ares of the company.

    4. I have written on Zer01, Ben Piilanti and that whole ball of wax. I have not left anyone out of this convoluted mess.

    5. Billing started several weeks ago, you may have only been billed this week, but the processing started at the end og July on the passed sign-ups, and before that for live billing.

    6. By the way if you think GV did not know about the Zer01 breakup before it was made public on the net, then you need to go back and listen to the GV calls all week long.

    7. Exactly how many reps have stayed loyal. Do you know the numbers? Think about it for a second. Jeff Powell states on a call the fist settlement “should” be enough to pay commissions. They had the potential of taking in over $6 million dollars, but have only collected enough to pay out 1/2 million. Sorry, but there are not near as many distributors active as folks like to pretend.

    8. Yes, I know you were not informed. Until Ted took back the control of the company, then only folks being kept in the loop were the Triple Ds and they were not being told the truth. Go back and listen to the calls. Nothing any of the management teams have said has been the total truth. They have run the company with the old myth in MLM “Positives go down, negatives go up.” That’s good advice, for some. But when a company is hurting, then you had better tell the truth to your field force. People can forgive mistakes, they will not forgive lairs, con artists and grifter.

    9. As for where “we critics will be” if GV comes through this? I’ll be right here reporting on one of the greatest turn arounds in business history. However, if Zer01 is not in the picture, then the turn around will not have anything to do with the original HYPE and SPIN which got folks to join this company in the first place. 99.9% of the distributors who have joined over the last 90 days joined because of Zer01 wireless technology, not to sell T-Mobile, AT&T or water filters. But I will sure tell the story, because if it is turned around, it will not be GV who does it, it will be the distributors who did stay loyal.

    10. And you are correct there are many top leaders inside and outside of the MLm corporate office who have shaded pasts. But I don’t know many who continue to launch companies, close them down and leave the distributors holding the bag. I have reached out to Mark twice for an open interview, and both times he has said yes, then never followed through.

    My reputation is well documented, I never violate the trust people place in me when I do an interview, but I never back away from the hard questions. I gave Mark a list of my questions, and to date he has refused to do an interview.

    Agian, you bring up great questions, and I hope you read my answers and read through the other posts.

    Never Give Up,


  3. I hear alot of slamming of GV . My question is this what has GV done that has prevented the phones from coming out? What does Mark Petchels past have to do with it? All this crying about commisions is bogus. We the distributors were just billed this past week. You make it sound like they have been holding on to the money. Troy why are you not attacking Zer01 for the unprofessional way they split ties with GV . Its like breaking up with your girlfriend via a post on Face Book. Have any of you out there wondered why so many of the reps. have stayed loyal? Do you really believe we are not informed. GV will come thru all this and then were will you critics be? I have been in the industry for over 30 yrs and believe me there are many corporate types out there with shaded pasts but they have not been targeted as has Mr Petchel. I commend him on the professionalism he has displayed thru all of this rubish. I wish all of you in this wonderful industry the best .

  4. Mark,

    I think you are right. Buzzirk, SBN (Smart Band Network) or whatever they decide to call themselves tomorrow, I do not believe, if you continue to blame ALL of youe field force, instead of terminating the ones who are the issue, that you can win any war.

    As a matter of fact, if that type of “leadership” was leading my old platoon into battle, you can bet it would be an excellent probability they would not have made it back from the war.

    Never Give Up,


  5. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

    “All e-Associates:

    We have another special Global Verge call set up for later today at 9:00pm EST.

    Please call one of the following 3 bridge numbers:

    641-594-7000, 641-594-7500 & 319-279-1000

    Pin 2291959#

    We are going to have many exciting updates, do not miss this call.


    Global Verge”

    MLM 3 in 3D at theatres now!

  6. Thanks Troy! This has been one wild for the Global Verge E-Associates.

    Who will WIN the Wireless Wars? I’m guessing it won’t be Buzzirk.

  7. MLM D,

    The singing is getting louder… I am starting to hear it above the roar of the Cigar Boats running up and down the coast right now. As a matter I think we all need a little fun, so I am going to go post on the Emerald Coast Poker Run!

    Then get back to finishing this Screen Play for Steven Spielberg. No that won’t work, it not really an epic adventure. I know Steven Seagal. No, that won’t work either, this isn’t a shoot em’ up, cut em’ up type of screen play… At least not yet. I know Stephen King. Yep that is it. Ok, MLM D, I know where we’re sending it, now we just have to write the final act.

    Never Give Up,


  8. I myself find it bad that Zer01 would threaten such legal actions when it seems to me, along with GV/Buzzirk, that they have all taken part of some possible serious illegalities against the public.

    Anymore word yet Troy on the legal issues arising in MO?

  9. MLM D,

    I think we need to get an agent, because we may make more money from the action figures than the movie rights.

    Never Give Up,


  10. Great article Casper,

    It think it’s because they are ALL IN ON IT!

    GV/Buzzirk Mobile/UTG/Zer01

    Time lines are very important.

    Ben and Mark did in fact know each other Before the CITA show in LV.

    As the saying goes…it takes two!

  11. Troy,

    Do I hear the fat lady singing?

    No, wait a minute…she may have something stuck in her throat.

    The Smart Brand!

    Is that a contradiction in terms?

    Name one thing that GV did that was Smart.

    Oh ya, they took the money and ran!


  12. WOW!

    Skip the screen play and the book, this is going straight to the big screen!


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