Breaking MLM Wireless News Which MLM Mobile Company Is Winning The War

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Which MLM mobile company is winning the MLM Wireless War? Since the fourth quarter of 2008, we have seen the MLM wireless niche, grow from less than five companies to over ten.

What I have found most interesting about the influx of companies focusing on the MLM Wireless Niche is the fact the older, larger MLM Telecommunication Companies seem to not really be focusing on any of the other companies.

Part of this may be the maturity of the field force, or the fact the companies are secure in they market share.

ACN, Escape International, FHTM, 5Link and even Lightyear do not seem to notice the new kids on the block.

Yet, the new kids; ProxyComm, Traverus, WOW Mobile/Liberty International, Buzzirk/Global Verge, FDI/GI Connect all seem to be focusing on the same little niche group of MLM distributors looking for a home.

Zurvita seems to be the only new kid, who added Telecommunications to its portfolio, yet, has not made a huge deal out of it.

I truly believe once the scavenging is over for market share, a few of these companies may merge or discontinue their telecommunication divisions. Those few companies who are left will carve out specific niches inside the MLM Telecommunication arena and dominate.

I’ve been studying the telecommunication niche over the last few months and can see, there is a boatload of room for some solid MLM companies to take some market share.

However, there are two major issues which all MLM Wireless Companies should address.

1. Service Fraud. ProxyComm has lost over $1 million dollars from fraud since late 2008 when they launched. These guys know the business and still lost big. This loss was shifted to the distributors in the form of “Chargebacks” and has stifled their growth.

2. Sim Chip Security. I have not seen, nor has anyone provided me information, stating, security software has been develop specifically for the Sim Chips being used over the WiFi Networks.

The MLM Telecommunication niche is young and there is room for solid growth. Time will tell which companies have what it takes to make it strong.

Never Give Up,


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