Breaking MLM Wireless News: ViTel Wireless (ViTel) Launching ViSocial, & Eliminates Monthly Business Fees

ViTel ViFi Hotspot

Earlier this week Vitel completed the implementation and launch of ViSocial; an all in one social marketing system that brings together an extensive suite of social marketing solutions under one integrated web-based service platform that can be offered worldwide.

ViSocial is an integrated suite of social marketing solutions delivered through a web-based service model. Key components of the Platform include:

A unique social media management system that helps you post, track, and manage all of your social profiles from one location. It’s easy to use and sure to help you grow your business and your team. And if you’re too busy to keep up with it all, or don’t totally understand social marketing, turn on the exclusive Autopilot™ feature and let the system do the work for you

When asked to comment, CEO, Scott Rogers, stated “Vitel has deployed a powerful online tool that empowers people to market and promote their business without having to have a PHD. Fully automated social media management and more, so you can do what you do best which is sell and market your products and services.”

The upcoming product launches will include ViText, ViMeet, ViPage, ViCapture, and ViLead. Currently these programs can be found under one roof in the ViSocial suite, however will be offered as standalone products to end users and companies worldwide. (Read The Full Press Release Here)

Vitel Completely Eliminates Monthly Business Cost.

Earlier this week Vitel launched their No Monthly Business Fee Program completely eliminating a monthly cost to remain an active Vitel Independent Business Owner.  According to sources close to the company, Business Owners will only have to pay a one-time enrolment fee that includes “The Vitel Success Kit” and a $79.99 annual fee vs. the previous monthly fee of up to $99.95.



A company spokesperson stated, “Vitel wants to position themselves as a company who puts the Independent Business Owner first and removing the monthly obligations to remain active was the first step to implementing a news system that allows everyone to grow with the company and create better futures for themselves and their families.”

When asked CEO, Scott Rogers expressed,” In today’s marketplace, so many people miss opportunities because of limits.  Vitel means LIFE, and we believe life should be without limits.  So eliminating the monthly business cost, the sky becomes the limit with the ability for us to grow and help others win in today’s tough economy and marketplace.”

“Our goal has always been to create a program anyone could participate in, no matter their current economic position, and allow them to grow and become successful.  What we had discovered is the current model did not give someone the time they needed to build and grow a sustainable income over time without putting the pressures of adding to their monthly expenses.  In these times people just want a chance to make a difference and change their lives and we feel these enhancements will give more people that opportunity,” stated Company COO, James Pearson.

Read The Full Press Release Here



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