Breaking MLM Wireless News: ViTel Wireless Does It Again Taking Three & Free To A New Level

Scott Rogers Managing Partner/CEO & Co-Founder of ViTel Wireless just reached out to me with an amazing breakthrough on “Get Three And Your’s Is Free.” With little to nothing new really making a buzz in the MLM Wireless Niche, this could cause several of the companies to step up to the plate and start offering more than just their own service.

Without a doubt the MLM Wireless niche has finally settled down to where just a handful of companies have made a name for themselves, but cutting out their own piece of the pie. I am glad to see all of these companies taking care of their agents, distributors and independent business owners.

Here is what Scott sent over to me…

“Platinum Executive Package: $59 to sign up and $99 auto ship. Get 3 and your cell phone is free! Now with Vi-Tel get 3 and your phone is free with any carrier, any service, any plan, NO RESTRICTIONS! You don’t have to switch to our service, bring what you already have. Refer 6 and your business is free, enjoy a debt free business. This would not go into effect until auto ships are successful vs. enrollment fee paid.

• Single line bill payment limit $100
• Vi-Tel Benefits Network (shopping, Savings, Dining, Entertainment, legal Care, Roadside assistance, and more)
• Car payment program enroll 25 and drive for free up to $750
• Fast Starts
• Residuals
• Ability to sell contract phones, pre-paid, Dish, Front point Security
• Residual bill payment center of your very own

Residuals will be as follows:

Level 1 $14.85
Level 2 $12.87
Level 3 $9.90
Level 4 $7.92
Level 5 $5.94

Fast Start paid 5 levels total of $155 total: $100, 25, 15, 10, 5 for every 3.”

If you want to learn more about ViTel, shoot me an email and I will get you in contact with Scott or one of his field leaders.

Living An Epic Adventure,


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