Breaking MLM Wireless News Troy Dooly Praises The Global Verge Leadership Team

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Troy Dooly praises the Global Verge leadership team! Well I bet that got your attention πŸ™‚

Over the last few days I have received countless emails from Global Verge distributors who are 100% ecstatic because they have received their June commissions, and were given access to transfer the moneys to their personal bank accounts.

My hat is off to Ted Robbins and Mark Petschel for keeping this promise and paying their field. This is just step one!

Step two is, we have to see the July commissions start to roll this week!

Now step three will be the catalyst on if Global Verge and Buzzirk are able to turn this nightmare around. It involves the roll out of a new Telecommunication company which will provide them with some type of wireless, broadband, or voip technology the Global Verge distributors will feel is advanced enough for them to stick around a market.

Now I know on the last few calls Jim Hilman and his top leaders have talked over and over about all the other Global Verge products, and the fact the company is really an Eco-Friendly company. But…

At least 40,000 plus Global Verge distributors did not join the company to market anything but high-end advanced telecommunication technology.

And, with several firmly grounded MLM companies adding advanced telecommunication services to their portfolio of products, only time will tell if the Global Verge distributors will stick around once they are paid.

And, we can’t forget the at least one AG (Missouri’s) is currently investigating Global Verge and its principles on complaints they have received.

But, at least for now we have some great news to celebrate!!!!

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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24 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News Troy Dooly Praises The Global Verge Leadership Team”

  1. Hello again.

    I have frozen my GV account till (and if) I see anything serious enough to move forward for, and am currently looking into FDI. The problem is that I am so pooped and ticked off after doing such intense research into the technology, the companies, the people, the BS, the PR and after all the craziness that we experienced, I lost patience to figure out what FDI is offering (services & costs) and keepeing track of GV’s new stuff.
    Can anybody help out with this?


  2. Hey Ladies,

    I have been keeping quite while you all chat amongst yourselves (I learned that from my wife and daughters) πŸ™‚

    But, I want to add just a small comment.

    I can see the passion each of you have about Global Verge, for and against. I can also see where you ALL really do care for your teams. The main issue is not really Global Verge, it’s the personal values and principles you are using to make your decision on staying or leaving.

    Just because we may not see eye to eye on the GV issue, does not mean we can’t all agree that communities like this one, where folks can get both sides is a fair and balanced way of sharing the facts.

    Robin, I praise your stance on Global Verge. Julie I completely respect where you are coming from.

    Just remember ladies in the end it’s not a matter of who is right or who is wrong. All that matters is your teams know you were looking out for them based on what you fully believe deep in your heart.

    I really don’t think GV can ever become the company they started out to become. But at the same time I have also made it very clear, that if they do turn the corner and overcome all the issues small and large, it will not be because of some high prices Press Secretary, or the corporate leaders. It will be because the field force who decided to stay, all will have a story which will go down in business history.

    OK, I’ll shut up and let you all get back to chatting πŸ˜‰

    Never Give Up,


  3. Been laying a little low again but talking with some leaders in my GV group. I’m hung in since the beginning of June but I’m losing the faith day by day. And, week by week….
    Nothing appears to be moving forward except for “talk” of moving forward.

    I gotta say, the saga just gets more unreal to me sometimes. The following email frwent out from Teresa Curtis last night.
    “HI, my name is Steve Lewis and I want you to remember that what I had promised you was a phone that was 3G ready, that would work pretty much everywhere in the world (over 100 countries with origination) and that is truly unlimited.
    As you know, I make no promises where I do not deliver.
    Please join me for a call that will introduce you to a company that will perform in every way what we all had expected to do. This call will answer all your questions and by the way, I have arranged for a FREE lateral transfer to this company for a limited time:”

    Well, out of curiosity, I got on the call and was a little shocked at who the company was they were recruiting for. They had David Manning and several others on the call and were recruiting for Traverus’s new techonolgy arm “Televarus”. They did report that phones were going out to 300 leaders this week.

    I had been considering Traverus and FDI for advanced technology options. I’ve always heard good things about Traverus, but I’ve got to say. That felt very low to me for Steve, Teresa, and Warren to do (yes, he was on the call too). The email and call appeared to be targeted at GV reps, particularly leaders and to my knowledge, that is the only connection and way the email could have come through to the few I know who got it.
    MLM has enough trouble without things like this happening.

    Troy , did you get to listen to it. I know I sent the email with the call time/number to you last minute, but that’s when I got it. I hope at some point you are able to post on Traverus and the new addition “Televarus”. I’d also love to hear your opinion on Steve, Teresa, and Warren’s actions.

    I’m thinking the movie might need to be written as a comedy to be a hit at this point:-) Or maybe we need a reality show kinda like MLM Survivor where people are trying to out-wit, out-hype and out-run the authorities and the masses of other distributors:-).

  4. Robin,

    I wanted to respond to your comments. I am not calling anyone names. I’m not calling Troy or Len liars. I’m also not calling anyone a blithering idiot.

    Quoting you “People believe what they want to believe.” You also seem to be believing what you want to believe and it’s just different than what I believe. I am believing that Global Verge had a rough start and had many issues to overcome and that they are overcoming them and that we will be getting our unlimited mobile wireless product very, very soon. I have also come to love the Hub marketing compensation plan and see that it works no matter what products are run through the distribution network. Because of that I am not only committed to Global Verge, but I am also letting other people know about the opportunity. The people that I am recruiting are people like myself who understand that you have to risk to get ahead. They are also people who have a mind of their own and are adults and can make decisions for themselves. I am not twisting anyone’s arms and I can say that I have not come across anyone who has said “no”.

    So, Robin, even though you don’t respect my passion about Global Verge, I would hope that you respect my opinion. My opinion is that Global Verge will become one of, if not THE BEST opportunity around.

    Wishing you the best!

  5. Sorry Sherry, I don’t respect Julie’s passion at all. Since she is coming to this website, she obviously has read everything Troy has said. She is aware of the facts. She is aware of Global Verge’s lies and deceptions. She is aware of Mark Petschel’s criminal record. And she still defends Global Verge. And she is still signing up people who trust her.

    And Julie said “the negative information on the internet.” Is she calling Troy Dooly a liar? Is she calling Len Clements a liar?

    I came here to learn the truth and to decipher the truth from the lies, and I think Troy and Len are telling the truth. And I think they have both done a remarkable job in their research.

    As Len says, if you are still involved with Global Verge and if you are not insulted by now, you should be. Because Global Verge is saying to you when you call in the equivalent statement of, β€œHello everybody, welcome to the call, we think you are all blithering idiots.” Because that is what Global Verge thinks about you if keep believing all of the stuff they are telling you.

    Len also said even if the T-Mobile thing is true, Global Verge has had it since January 2009 and did not give it to you or tell you about it.

    And Troy said, you should ask yourself the following two questions about Global Verge.

    β€œIf I wasn’t a rep would I still be excited about the product and services offered by Global Verge and want to purchase them as a customer?”

    A second question might be… If I was not a distributor and knew what I know now about Global Verge, would I do business with them?

  6. Sherry, I totally agree with you. Plus, I will add that I was over-charged on my credit card. $39.95 quickly became $77.57 last month. I submitted a support ticket on August 15 and as of this posting, have still not heard one word from GV.

    I have been listening to the blah,blah,blah coming from GV corporate updates in hopes that they might actually address this. But the recorded call’s are filled with nothing but fluff. There is no real meat and potatoes to sink your teeth into!

    I’m just curious as to how many others were over-charged, or have submitted support tickets and received no response.

    I also love how they, GV, talk about buzzirk as if different personnel were running it. I would love to see all of this work out, but past and present misleading statements to the reps, just seem to be a way of life with them.

    I guess I will have to submit a complaint with the AG as well.
    Best of luck to all.

  7. Julie your passion is formidable regarding GV – I respect that.

    I signed up in June, I have had no product to sell or promote (no documentation to back up anything – retail price, return policy, shipping charges, taxes, warranty info, etc). I have refused to sign up anyone until I have at least ONE product to stand behind. I can’t do that right now. I already paid 2 months worth of commissions to an up-line that had not earned it. No training, no support, no leadership, NO PRODUCT. Just recycled propaganda from head office, and even worse, recycled propaganda from so called “team leaders”.

    I shut off my autoship with good reason. If they have a real product to market to me and any potential downline I will look at it. But this is not what I signed up for and it’s not what I was promoting, and it wasn’t what GV was promoting either when the sold their opportunity to me.

    With respect,

  8. Mike,

    I hate to tell you but the money you received came from the most advanced offshore counterfeiting opporation in the world. Although your bank accepted it, within 90-days it will all be gone, and you will have to figure out how to earn some more. πŸ™‚

    I think I’ll add that line into my screenplay on GV.

    I am excited you have received your commissions. PLease keep us posted when the July commissions hit.

    Never Give Up,


  9. Julie,

    You are an inspiration for all current GV reps and my hat is off to you. Although you and I have not always agreed on GV, I have come to love your open and straightforward loyalty to your team and the GV company.

    Thank you for being a part of this community.

    Never Give Up,


  10. Ed,

    Thank you sir for your kind words. We do our best to get the facts out, and add a little commentary so folks can make informed decisions.

    With commissions being paid and drawn down into personal accounts, it does show me that some distributors will receive the moneys their have earned.

    Now we will see how the future rolls.

    Never Give Up,


  11. Gary,

    I am also excited that commissions are being paid. But exactly what do you mean when you say “the company moving foward in the business for which we signed up?” Does this mean GV?Buzzirk has renewed their agreement with Zer01?

    As for the propaganda “the most explosive MLM company to date.” I am really tired of hearing that. Several other MLMs which have luanched in the last 90-days have well over 100K reps each. Global Verge has not ever been close to 100K.

    And if we look at some of the companies closing in on 1 Billion in annual sales who are less than five years old, their recruiting numbers where even larges, and their retention is mind blowing. SO until you get the facts, please stop drinking the GV juice!

    Never Give Up,


  12. NGSI,

    Let me set the record straight before you scare everyone… I HAVE NOT CHANGE MY POSTION ON GV/BUZZIRK!!!!!!

    This company has blamed their field force for all of their screw-ups and that is something that is unacceptable PERIOD.

    40,000 plus reps joined GV to market what was purported as the MOST ADVANCE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY in history, and instead they are getting a bait and switch and told “we are a eco-friendly company with all kinds of great products.” Although that is a true statement, folks joined GV for the Telcom not for all the other reason.

    So, although I am excited that the June commissions are paid, and will be even more excited when the July commissions are paid, I have not changed my mind that GV is done as a viable MLM based on the facts as I have laid them out over the last couple of months.

    Never Give Up,


  13. Mike,

    Why do you think I am even interested in this garbage any longer, watching Troy come full circle and defend this crap is sickening to say the least I frankly don’t want to participate in this pantomime any longer but for the sake of answering your ridiculous comments here goes.

    If you are that excited about being paid commissions for selling absolutely zero then it says much more about your character and person than the whole debacle has turned out to be. I personally didn’t receive a cheque and frankly I would be embarrassed if I did.

    Because you have been paid monies that legally are questionable certainly doesn’t make the concept of Buzzirk any better than it was 2 weeks ago, you still don’t have a phone service and that’s why you signed up but you are happy to listen to any hired mouth for the sake of you receiving your commissions .

    And if you or any other gullible person are happy paying a autoship fee for a $10 identity lock and a host of other FREE products then it sort of fits with you being content to be paid money to be part of a pyramid scheme, because being paid commissions to recruit is all that that is. No one is selling the goods to general public.

    But at the end of the day Zero 1 turned out to be pie in the sky and the same character of people are happy to convince people this is a good deal because they have been paid commissions for RECRUITING, it’s garbage and it’s been proven to be garbage the rest is all just frills to keep people coming back to websites, it’s good , no it’s bad, wait this week it’s good, no wait this week it’s bad IT’S ALWAYS BEEN A CROCK OF SH*T end of.

  14. I love when a plan comes together. As a Global Verge distributor when I see comissions being paid and the company moving foward in the business for which we signed up for that is great news. I believe that this is the most advantageous time to become a distributor. Monthly expense is low, possibilites are high, so for those who are willing to take a risk at something that could pay hugh benefits now is the time.
    I believe the corporate leadership have seen the power of their distributors and they recognize the gigantic opportunity before them! If they continue to move foward and do the right things, then we are setting on the most explosive mlm company to date.

  15. Troy just wanted to say that I enjoy and appreciate you postings on Globl Verge. I joined like so many others because of the phones. The technology is the buzz right now, and what I see is that everyone is trying to capitalize on it. I watching and waiting and keeping my down informed of the latest news. Network Market has such great potential but many companies come out and get you going only to fade away along with those that you put in. Looking for a winner is tough but the one break thru would reward those that try. There are so many programs out there that a person could join for $5.00 one time fee and just share with everyone but because of the bad PR on Network marketing people have their eyes closed. I like many Americans have been laid off due to the economy plus I am 58 years old so jobs go to the young, but network marketing has the possibility of creating income simply by people helping people. I would like to see more positive responses and comments on how Network Marketing helps people to accomplish their goals and dreams!

  16. MT,

    My husband and I have not had any problem recruiting quality people. I believe that it’s because they are just that – quality people – and that they are smart enough to see an opportunity with Global Verge and they are also smart enough to see that with any new business there will be challenges. Sure, the negative information found on the internet can influence people, but it’s the quality people that look at the whole picture and can determine what’s true and what can be worked out.

    Don’t kid yourself about GV not being able to re-capture the momentum. The initial momentum that we saw is nothing compared to what will happen.

    MT, commit to GV and your team and make it happen. There is nothing stopping us now.

    Julie πŸ™‚

  17. An interesting thread….
    Yes, it is a very interesting compensation plan and with a little work, average folks could end up sharing in some bonus pools…It needs some changes to stay compliant…but if you can pump real retail products through it, it’s a great model.

    But tragically, with all of the nonsense and trouble, I would have a challenge recruiting quality people. Sure, the people who use the internet exclusively don’t care about who signs up (really)..but I want a people business and it’s damned embarrassing to try and talk to any new people today.
    Hopefully, this does become an epic victory (hopefully some of the rogue distributors also promote themselves to the next opportunity)…..and we pray it won’t take forever….
    While I wait, there are some other great products and companies out there….GV has a lot of work left to do and may never re-capture the momentum…

  18. I’m confused?

    Commissions paid… come one nay sayers… why suddenly so silent? Please tell me that the money I received was actually monopoly money.

    You guys just make me laugh. BTW… I waited a full day to post this and there were only 5 comments over the usual 25-30 comments posted by the same hired guns one hours after a somewhat negative posting.

    LOL all the way to my bank πŸ™‚

    You are right Troy… Never give up. How about you NGSI???? Where are you on this? If you we were in you probably got a check. Has that shut you up a little?

  19. Lexie,
    I have been in several different MLMs and I have a fair understanding of compensation plans.

    Thirty years ago I fell in love with the concept of benefiting from 1 percent of 100 people’s efforts rather than 100 percent of my own. Up until now, that love has turned out to be a curse because I’ve joined companies where I’ve put my heart and soul into them and done everything that my upline has told me to do and I’ve had what you would call mild success.

    It seems like the companies that I’ve been involved with had comp plans that were designed to make the company money and not the rep. Many of the comp plans had monthly sales quotas that had to be met and if you didn’t meet them, the company would keep the money. The binary comp plans that I got into were always with the promises of the upline building a power leg down one side and all I had to do was build one leg. Well, as it turned out, I was never actually in the “power leg” and had to build the business all by myself.

    The company that I was involved with when I was introduced to GV had a binary comp plan. My husband and I got in and my upline put one person in under us who never sponsored anyone. We currently have 650 people in one leg and 100 in the other. Because we worked hard and built a business, we became our upline’s strong leg and we were rewarded with him working in his other weak leg and never helping us build our team. That’s the reward of being a good builder in a binary comp plan. The company very likely will never have to pay us on the 550 people in our strong leg as we very likely will never get anyone in the other leg to build. The comp plans in most companies are designed for the company to win and not the rep.

    Global Verge has the fairest, easiest comp plan I’ve ever seen. My husband and I joined GV because of the opportunity with the phone product, however once we understood the comp plan, that is what has kept us in. Anyone who understands the GV comp plan understands that as far as recruiting goes, all you ever need to do is recruit 3 people and help them recruit their 3 and teach them to do the same thing. Whether you recruit them at the Basic Package ($39.95 per month) or the Professional Package ($99.95 per month) you are still able to make an awesome income.

    What makes it really fair is that their is no placement option. If you sponsor someone they fill in the spot that is in the next position closest to you. The only way that you can place someone is if you are willing to give up sponsorship. There is absolutely no reason that any one person cannot find 3 people who want to help people save money on their existing bills and make money along the way.

    The beauty of our Hub Marketing Compensation Plan is that it works no matter what product the company decides to market. The money that you make for purchasing your monthly products that make you eligible for matrix commissions is not tied to the product commissions. Our compensation plan works for any product and GV doesn’t have to inflate the prices so that they can pay out commissions.

    We are in the business of helping people reduce their existing bills and creating a way for them to make money by showing others how to do the same thing.

    Lexie, I will go as far as saying that the comp plan with GV is so good that even if we never got the phone product, I would still stay in and build an organization based on what we currently have.

    I would also encourage the people who have been on the fence or wishy-washy about whether they were going to join or keep their autoship in place to not waste one more minute and seriously study the comp plan and commit!

    Wishing you the best, Lexie!
    Julie πŸ™‚

  20. Julie, I hope you you’re right:-)

    And Troy thanks for your comment. Regarding your 2 questions, they are great questions for people to ask themselves.. For me personally…
    #1 – I don’t know if I’d be excited about the technology products because we still don’t know what might be a “real” product. I think that is the challenge. The other products are interesting but don’t excite me enough to care to sell them.
    #2 – I probably would not sign up if I were looking at it for the first time today, but I might put it on the radar to watch to see if it could turn itself around.

    Troy, one of the things that intriqued me about this company was that it looked like with the compensation plan, the “little guy” or “average person” could have a chance at building a business if they put in work. I have dabbled with 2 other well known companies and the problem I had was not in me personally moving forward but that it seemed like others were losing more money than they were making. And, some people really did put in effort. I understand that this is a business and you have to work. I just want a fair chance for people to be rewarded for their efforts. My personal values will not let me succeed at someone else’s expense. So, I backed out of both of them. I still use products from both companies. In your opinion, if this thing ends up with a viable telecom/technology product to sell and they get the company kinks worked out and are able to really move forward, do you think an average person would have a chance at making income in this. For some people, an extra $250 a month could really help in this economy. And, if it was $1000’s for their effort put in, that could be life changing for a lot of people.

    I want a company I can be excited about, but my main drive is in helping others to succeed. I know that in return, that will profit me. If you don’t think this will, but have other options for people to look at, please feel free to email me. I’m not trying to divert from GV, I just want to know how to be help others:-)

    And please, other posters, I don’t want to hear about your company on this post. I trust Troy’s opinion. I am not trying to open this up for recruiting. If you want to comment on your opinion of GV’s comp plan, great, let’s keep this to GV though on this post:-)


  21. Lexie,

    I have to smile when I read “At what point do you actually give up?” Over the last few weeks I have heard that question over and over. And I think the reality is, even as a critic, I cathc myself wanting this nightmare to turn in the great epic adventure in business history just for the sake of distributors like you!

    I do believe that, several federal and state agencies are looking into GV at this time, and if they do not find any issues, and GV will have an attorney like Gerry Nehra review and fix their compensation plan, they just might pull this off.

    On a personal note… Ask yourself the following question to decide when it is time to pull the plug.

    “If I wasn’t a rep would I still be excited about the product and services offered by Global Verge and want to purchase them as a customer?”

    A second question might be… If I was not a distributor and knew what I know now about Global Verge, would I do business with them?

    Never Give Up,


  22. Lexie,

    DON’T GIVE UP! Global Verge is so very close to being even more than what you and I signed up for that I would hate to see anyone quit prematurely.

    I’ve signed up for the travel site, the online mall, the discount program, NextDayPc and whatever else there was to sign up for. If you need help with any of that stuff, I can try and help you. Troy has my email address and he has my permission to send it to you. Possibly your sponsor could help you as well.

    Never giving up (even though some think I’m buzzirk)!
    Julie πŸ™‚

  23. Just finished the update call for tonight. It’s hard to keep the faith when so many things keep being set up for the next few days or weeks.

    So, without a current telecom product, I’ve been trying to be open to the “Hub” concept. I have now looked over the info for Next Day PC, and I signed up for the Savings Mall. I have no idea how to book travel as a Basic or Intro person and the support ticket I submitted a few weeks ago said be patient, a brand new web site was coming ( I actually had a friend who wanted to book travel at that time). I did see where to order the Power Saver and the Water Machine. Now, on a call today with Jim Hellman, I thought he mentioned a Restaurant program (although I think that was to help offset that additional credit card charge) and a program similar to AAA had been added, but I can’t find anything about them in the back office. I, however, am probably like the other 40,000+ who did not sign up for those products. I just can’t seem to get excited about the other stuff.

    At what point do you actually give up???
    What is it about this crazy little company that keeps people hanging in there??? I too seem to be one of the ones still sticking around.

    Looking forward to others feedback on the continuing saga….

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