Breaking MLM Wireless News: Troy Dooly Launches New MLM Wireless Company

Yes, you read it right! After months of investigating, researching and building relationships with the top MLM Wireless players, both inside the corporate offices and in the field, I have decided to launch my own MLM Wireless Company.

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56 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News: Troy Dooly Launches New MLM Wireless Company”

  1. FooledNoLonger,

    Well sport, at least folks can see the level of your education. It is easy to see why you want to blame others instead of taking responsibility for your actions. It's easy to talk smack when you hide fake names 🙂

    But, hey, I'll gladly give you a platform to vent. We all need that every now and then.

    I just don't understand why you were afraid to show up on the radio show and confront Piccolo directly.

  2. FooledNoLonger,


    First, you really need to learn to spell the name right 🙂

    Not sure what exactly you are trying to say, but we're glad to listen.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  3. cell phones? hahaha. omg. that is the funniest thing i've heard. troy, you are a funny guy and a glutton for punishment.

  4. I have been on 'sabbatical' for a week or two… ;o) Now I'm back.

    I am now officially in Wait and see mode on GP…. Unlike others in this industry, I actually mean what I say! LOL… So when I say the 15th… I actually mean the 15th!

    Now, don't take this as me saying that GP is a bad company etc. I just expect a few things from a company that I represent.

    1. Communication with the field. i.e. daily or multiple weekly updates from corporate about the status of the company. I personally am done listening to every single conference call only to hear the same stuff. My info has been with GP from day one and to date I haven't received even one company email about anything…. This is very disheartening.

    2. A centralized place for information… conference call schedules, company info, updates etc on the web site…. C'mon people this really isn't that hard.

    3. Set realistic time lines and meet them. Personally I am tired of time lines not being met… WE as distributors have to answer to our friends and family and our team members when things don't happen on time… I'm tired of spending hours everyday answering questions without any details… I have run many teams, from sales organizations within a company to running the entire company either as an owner or as a general manager.. if I was not going to meet a deadline it would only be because of situations out of my control AND I would communicate the situation BEFORE the deadline passed and then set a new more realistic deadline based on the updated information.

    I guess I am just an odd ball that likes a business to be run like a business…

    Best regards,

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire

  5. Thank you for your feed back and I apologize for the question, would you please delete my info, yes, you are correct i am new to this blog and i need to tell you that the info we all get from your blog is phenomenal. I am still going to be in the look for the best company utilizing all your information you provide, again thank you and keep up the great work..

  6. NEWS! I think Excel went Buzzirk! Everything changed and looks awfully shaky!!! Why is everyone screwing up the wireless MLM business which could be so fruitful?

  7. Armando,

    You must be new to this community. I'm not in any company.

    As far as I can tell this is not a company, it is a website. The Real Excel is based out of Texas, and may not like another company playing on their name.

  8. Ain't interested… no "jet pack."

    Funny stuff, Troy. I'm thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. Got to have a sense of humor in this game.

  9. Troy, this post sure was fun, (“Breaking MLM Wireless News: Troy Dooly Launches New MLM Wireless Company”) but the wireless game isn't over just yet. MLM help desk and Troy have been very quite lately on the mlm wireless front.

    Things I'm hearing I know YOU KNOW, because I KNOW you know more than I KNOW, so Troy kick start this and let us ALL KNOW. We your readers look to you for Unbiased & truthful reporting on ALL COMPANIES INVOLVED IN MLM WIRELESS!!!!!

  10. Eric,

    Great question. We are doing some research, which includes talking to the newly emerged from bankruptcy Excel Telecommunications to see what their interest may be in another company in the telecommunication world using a similar name.

    Do you know by any chance if Excel is incorporated in the USA or just a pending dream?

  11. My hats off to you Troy,

    You gotta be able to laugh at what has happened in the three-ring-circus of wireless nwm.

    Thanks for a good chuckle.


  12. John,

    Is it me or doesn't any time someone says something like "I don't want to sound rude" followed by any statement it usually does sound kinda rude… LOL. I don't take it personally and no I don't think you are trying to be rude! ;o) I think though if you read my post again and even just the statement you quoted you will see that I am by no means drinking any 'Kool-aid' of any type and am waiting to see some results.

    I personally am waiting for verifiable details to be made 100% public on Excel Cellular Communications… as detailed in several key areas that I see and made a post on further down.

    I am still building my GP business and will continue to do so as we wade through this mess in the wireless niche and see what is produced as we move forward from all these companies. I am however VERY serious when I say that I will STOP all promotional activities for GP if they do not produce a product that I can market by the 15th of June and then I will go into a mode of 'wait and see' so to speak as I just quietly monitor the situation and see what is provided by them and all the other players in the niche.

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Unlimited Domain Hosting For One Full Year ~ $40.00! =-.

  13. "The domain name it is located in the same city Chris Greco lives in."

    RFLOL…I must say, Saddam has certainly left an

    impression on me.

  14. Hello Rick, you said..

    "If it is in fact a division of Excel and their new entrance into the Wireless Industry"

    Rick, dont lose any sleep over it, I think i could safely bet you (if i were a betting man)

    an $10 unlimited talk (if it existed) and text plan that it is not Excel.

    Anyway, how is Mathew doing? What position does Mathew have in Excel?

    Do you have any positions for Mark, Luke and John? That Mathew guy sounds really like Chris Greco, with a fake, overdone, Southern accent? It really does, it's uncanny.

    Rick, you said…" I am not ‘drinking any Koo-laid’" Rick, i dont want to sound rude but

    are you sure? Go back..double check.

  15. Partners,

    Yup, these are all the same questions that I will be getting clarification on as well.

    One thing that I have noticed about all of the wireless companies is the lack of ability to properly market themselves and maybe this is true of all network marketing companies as I haven't been in the business full time/dedicated like this for over 12+ years now. It reminds me of the merchant services industry that I am a part of. Credit card processing and check processing companies are also very bad at marketing their own companies, which is why I guess they need people like us to build their businesses. For example one of the check processing companies I work with hasn't updated their site design in about 10 years! However, they process I believe about 5 billion dollars a year in transactions! LOL. They told me about 2 months ago that they were going to update their site and make several improvements and my only thought was… 'and you didn't think of this 9 years ago or 30 billion dollars in transactions ago?" LOL.

    Anyway, I think that especially in this wireless niche there needs to be some extreme transparency provided to the field.

    These are the things that I would like to see from this company or ANY company in MLM today that is just getting started:(Posted on their site DAY ONE preferably, however within the first week would be acceptable to most I am sure.)

    1. A full list of all owners both corporate and individuals, their backgrounds and a way to verify the information provided. (Don't make it the sole responsibility of the distributors to do all the due diligence… if you need to pay a company to provide this information as a third party resource then do it! Remember you are asking your distributors to build the business the least you can do is provide pertinent information to the field so that they know they are working with legitimate individuals.)

    2. Company Addresses (All of them)

    3. Company Email and Phone Numbers (All of them)

    4. State of Incorporation (How about a link to verify with the State?)

    5. List of Company Attorneys (Seriously, if you don't have one… don't even attempt to open.)

    6. Terms of Service (obvious)

    7. Privacy Policies (See above)

    8. Comp Plan (Duh)

    9. List of Officers and their responsibilities (Hello!? Makes sense doesn't it?)

    10. Details, details and more details. (I personally don't want anything even remotely close to hype on a company. I want facts and figures, give me the meat and potatoes and I can sell that… The field can only bare so much hype before they move on, they need to see results.)

    11. A decent web presence… (Is that too much to ask? It is 2010 guys… and every company that I see that says they are backed by millions of dollars etc etc. seems to have crappy web sites… I am a web designer and developer getting my degree for the same currently and followed by my Masters in Internet Marketing… $15,000 for 30 days of consulting plus development costs and I will have any company a KICK ASS e-commerce site developed for them. Guess what it will cost between$50,000 to $100,000 to have a site built that is up to par these days and if a company has millions backing it they can and should EXPECT to pay someone to get the job done correctly. YUP, I am officially throwing my name in the hat for ANY legitimate company that wants someone to take over their web presence and help them get the info to the field that the reps want etc etc. $5,000 up front just to meet and all expenses paid to meet with you and get project details etc. contact me at my site Think I am joking? Then go hire some development team in India that barely speaks any English and see what your crappy results will be…. I fix those crappy sites(non css design, non xhtml compliant, error code generating crap) for business owners here locally all the time…LOL.)

    Companies that do the items above have a far better chance of making it… AND guess what you don't spend all your valuable time repeatedly answering the same stupid questions over and over again… Who are the owners?, What is the comp plan? Where are you located?, etc. etc. etc…. Then a company can focus on getting business done and the distributors can build a business that they are not afraid to refer their friends and family to because they won't be fielding all the stupid questions that they shouldn't have to try and answer or say the dreaded… "I don't know, but I can find out." Which is a deal killer.

    Talk is cheap especially in Network Marketing!

    One last thing….

    "Winners do what LOSERS won't!"

    Just my two point five cents!

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Global Pros Marketing System – How To Create An Email Campaign =-.

  16. Everyone,

    We were going to have a conference call tonight with Candice, however she had a police matter dealing with some clients that got into an alteration with each other at her store during the call and she was not able to make it as she was dealing with the police. I will let her make a formal announcement about this issue as I don't have all the details.

    Anyway, those of you that were on the call heard yours truly give my personal impression of Candice and the company so far and this niche in general… hopefully I didn't sound like too much of a dork on the call as I basically just stepped up when folks started asking questions and as I am not on the management team and am just a wireless rep I of course did not have any detailed specifics to give out, however I did make a few new friends! ;o)

    Candice will be making an announcement on the site and posting a conference call schedule and there will be a call tomorrow to get out pertinent details about the company etc.

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire

    Anyway, I just got done
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Hosted Auto Responder System ~ $30.00 per year! =-.

  17. Hey Troy …

    We are NOT going to post that WE KNOW EVERYTHING about this NEWER "Excel Communications" company or it's corporate owners and founders. BUT …

    Given that there ARE SO many questions yet to be asked and answered regarding this newest "knock off" of the original "Excel Communications" company began by Kenny Troutt in the late 80's and early 90's and all the things that occurred during and after the company's drive to be the top providers of communications for specialty, low costs, land- phones, includng bankruptcy and finally …a takeover.

    "In September 2005 the FCC approved the transfer Excel Communications of licenses to Comtel Assets, LLP and on June 12, 2006 the company emerged from bankruptcy under its new ownership, announcing a return to its former name (although with a slight change), "Excel Telecom." In this connection, Excel had sought to be released from its contracts with its independent representatives @ "Excel Communications".

    Apparently SOMEONE is attempting to bring back "Excel Communications" or at best re-originate an "Excel Communictions" company back onto the M:M scene as THE original one which has little if nothing to do with this most RECENTLY announced one. Having DONE some research several months ago and …given as THERE WAS a LOT mentioned on GV calls from SOME of the ORIGINAL MLM'ers that in FACT WERE with the ORIGINAL "Excel Communications" company that left and NOW has since been known as "Excel Telecom" …

    Perhaps WE ALL NEED SOME CLARIFICATION as TO WHOM is presenting this NEWEST "Excel Communications" company as a WIRELESS PROVIDER when originally to our knowledge … WIRELESS WAS NOT a product or service involved with or provided by "Excel Commuications" the ORIGINAL company out of Texas NOR the CURRENT one known as "Excel Telecom". Anything of course as we ALL know …MAY be possible!

    EVERYONE CAN READ the information and HISTORY ABOUT the ORIGINAL "Excel Communications" at this site:

    Just REALLY would like to know MORE information AS TO the CREATION of yet another NEW Wireless Company arriving on the scene named "Excel Communications". AS IF ANY of us need yet ANOTHER one to consider at this point and with ALL the other information STILL not TOTALLY complete as to the "Whens, How's and Who's" that are invovled previously or presently!

    Another" EPIC" Adventure Possibly in the Making!


  18. Rick Weston,

    Thank you for this update.

    Please keep us posted on what you find.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  19. Interesting,

    I will go on the record and state that Phil Piccolo has absolutely NOTHING to do with Excel Cellular Communications. I have spoken directly to the CEO of Excel Cellular Communications and she made that very clear that he has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    I will be on the conference call tonight at 9pm est with the folks over at Excel Cellular Communications and there will be more disclosure on this call as to plans, pricing, company structure etc etc. per my call with Candice.

    When I spoke with Candice earlier today she took about 30 minutes on the phone with me and I must say hands down that I am very impressed with her vision for the company and by her experience. She has stated that her history is an open book, her time with AT&T, ownership of a cellular store, her time in the Military, entire work history, college history etc etc. is all open and can and will be available as she has nothing to hide. This to me is very refreshing. While she may have no experience in the Network Marketing Industry she is surrounded by those that do, which makes up for it and in fact I would prefer that someone in the capacity of CEO did not have MLM experience in this particular niche.

    I am not 'drinking any Koo-laid' and I will be doing my due diligence on this company before pouring my heart and soul into it. If it is in fact a division of Excel and their new entrance into the Wireless Industry this can be huge. Free 3×12 matrix! Build and get paid… I like that concept personally.

    Now I haven't decided to stop building Global Pros, however at this point they really haven't delivered as has been the case with other companies thus far. I just got off of a conference call and we are supposed to have a corporate site up by the 15th of June. All I can say is this… I will be GONE if they don't produce something that I can market by or before the 15th… I will not build for a company that doesn't meet its obligations to the field. I literally focused 100% of my efforts on building that company because I thought that they were going to launch quickly…. thus I am out a lot of time and money at this point… If they get their act together later then I will go back on the war path to develop my sales team at that time… I would much rather a company said… 'We will not have a site, product etc. until 3 months from now" Then actually produce it in 2… or even just on time… When you get told date after date after date… you eventually lose faith and respect at that point and I think that is the broad spectrum of the results that everyone in this industry has seen with the wireless niche so far…

    The biggest issues I have seen is companies 'launching' but not having decent sites up and running with tracking capabilities in place for matrix systems etc. add the front end later as you bring on products, reps want the ability to track their teams and build their groups while in pre-launch without doubts about people being placed correctly etc.

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Building Your Global Pros Business – How To Recruit ~ IMPORTANT! =-.

  20. Interesting,

    This comment would be funny, except in the wireless niche ANYTHING can happen as we have seen in recent months.

  21. Troy,

    I would like to order 500K of these incredible phones because I found someone that can give me unlimited talk, text, and data for $10 per month. Can you imagine how successful I will be having a $10 plan with this hi-tech cell phone. Oh shucks, I just found out the person that said he could offer the $10 plan just left that company. Oh, wait, he is starting a new one. Ship them fast! 🙂

  22. Troy you are the best that phone rocks the toaster feature sold me I am in. I heard it has a built in license plate scanner so you do have to bend down to get the tag #. Send me 100,000 i will send you a money order from my offshore acct.

    I wont be able to start this week because I am still testing the new phone from a great company called they have a great GPS feature that has been known to give off a signal that bounces off the space station and shows me where BIG FOOT and the LOCNES MONSTER IS.





  23. Imagine this, what if Phil Piccolo is one of the founders of excel cellular? There are a few things I see that perked my suspicion about this.

    I know that Phil Piccolo has had religious posts and conversations with increasing frequency lately. The video on the site is very much embedded with a religious feel.

    I know that Phil has pretty much been the driving force behind negotiations with DNA's cellular division.

    I know that Phil has been downplaying DNA's cellular division to the affiliates. The company vision of what percentage of the business the cellular division would hold has gone from 20% to "less than 1%".

    One of the locations for the business is listed as Palm Coast, Florida. I'm fairly certain this is in Phil's back yard.

    The video seems fairly directed towards DNA Affiliates. Especially the "sinking ship" and the statement of "tired of your company going nowhere". I'm not saying this is the state of DNA, just saying one may use these types of statements to appeal to disgruntled or uneasy affiliates.

    Didn't DNA start with a "Free" concept, one that the corporate team has been really pushing as of late. "Focus on Free", "The only 100% Free Opportunity", etc.

    For the record, I have absolutely no proof of this and I am not saying this is fact. Just saying that a few things about this sparked my interest and seem a little….. interesting.

  24. Partners,

    Indeed ROFLOL ! I almost think that this was better than Troy's April Fools . Perhaps one day the field will get it that Troy has the backs of the integrity minded. Come to think about it the fools do a good job of exposing themselves quite well on here.

  25. Paul,

    ROFLOL… This is great. I am pretty sure I can leave you like you are, and you will be our new IFM – International Funny Man

  26. Jerry Paterson,

    When you trace the domain name it is located in the same city Chris Greco lives in. Things are sure looking strange from this end. Site kind of looks like a few others I have seen connected to Greco lately.

    I wonder what the real Excel will have to say about this knock off?

  27. Troy ,I just listened to the excell conferance call. And never heard a thing .The lady just talked in circles.Looks like more smoke and mirrors to me…Who are the owners?What do they have? FACTS

  28. Hey David!

    You're about AS excited as we are, ROFLOL!!! Troy DOES IT AGAIN …a REAL EPIC Adventure!!

    How about them doctors? THEY ALL WILL LOVE THIS NEW PHONE and WE are pretty SURE that HOUSEWIFES will LOVE the dishwashing function, the HARMONICA and LIFE SAVING APP's too …ROFLOL ,,,THIS COULD BE a GREAT BUSINESS you know!!!

    BE CAREFUL FOLKS —> WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW may cause side effects including, blurred vision, dizziness, obscene language and other unsuspected side effects. BE SURE to READ ALL THE FACTS on the Enclosed Manual to BE SAFE when you get yours. WE ABSOLUTELY 100% APPROVE this Commercial!


    "Partners" – Florida, USA

  29. Hey Troy,

    Firstly …we'd like to know when you're launching this NEW wireless business? It's going to be awesome to receive 50% of the company profits. In addition, we sure think you'd get a lot of women into this business with a phone like that. Imagine what a phone like this could do in society and it would make a great "babysitter" too. With housekeeping, entertainment, kitchen appliances and medical functionality …there ARE a few more applications we could think of to add to it. Just THINK of ALL the money we could make promoting this phone as a business …ROFLOL!!

    On the above: outstanding reply and PERFECT answer .. "there are two types of people in MLM… Those who lead and those who are lead." Troy, YOU'RE right ON the mark as there ARE people WHO LEAD and people WHO ARE LED including those who ARE LED right straight down PRIMROSE PATHS of destruction. In our humble opinion and experience, there must BE …at least 4 types of MLM'ers in the industry – A, B, C and D types.

    *** A Types: People who already HAVE business EXPERIENCE and KNOW what to do in order to CREATE success. These are mostly people who are driven and are "perfectionist" in all they do. Usually, SUCCESS finds them instead of the other way around. They ARE already INFLUENTIAL people in most cases or at least have come from some already successful and influential background or experience.

    *** B Types: People who have SOME business EXPERIENCE and are WILLING to LEARN more, DO more and STICK TO what they've chosen to do. These are mostly people who maybe haven't necessarily had the advantage of a high end lifestyle, education or experience but …ARE WILLING to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES and stick with it in order to ACHIEVE their goals and dreams and …FIND success! These are also mostly "ordinary" people who achieve "extra-ordinary" things due to their commitment and desire.

    *** C Types: People who CONSISTENTLY DEPEND on others as a means of becoming successful and who may have some experience, but in general NOT enough to accomplish what it is they want to achieve on their own, and who would rather BE GIFTED or win the lottery THAN DO the work required. These types generally JOIN to RIDE on SOMEONE ELSE's coat tails. These are mostly people who will put in MINIMAL work, time and effort, if any BUT …all the while secretly HOPING to earn a huge INFLUX of income DUE TO someone else's hard work, time and efforts.

    *** D Types: Mostly people who ARE NOT at all willing to learn, have NO DESIRE and ONLY TALK about business AS IF they know what it's all about. In actuality, these people resemble SOCIAL CLUB members or consider their business a HOBBY all together. Mostly these types DO NOT want to be ACCOUNTABLE for time, efforts or to anyone else …which is MAINLY WHY they don't succeed and usually spend MOST of their days in chat rooms, on social networking sites, lollygagging on the phone or otherwise detained in activities other THAN the MLM businessthey've chosen for themselves.

    *** Clarification: CHAT ROOMS and Social Networking CAN BE a GREAT THING depending on HOW one manages their TIME and efforts …balancing BOTH along with BUSINESS!

    IF a person TRULY WANTS to succeed, JIM ROHN says it best:

    "You've got to put in the long hours and put up with the setbacks and the disappointments. You've got to learn to enjoy the process of disciplines and of putting yourself through the paces of doing the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. You've got to be prepared and willing to attack the challenges if you want the success because challenges are part of success."

    TROY, you already understand these principles. You ARE disciplined, prepared and willing. YOUR SITE here IS teaching, encouraging and giving guidance and direction to ALL Direct Sales and Marketing people wether or not they know it. EVERY time someone visits this site, they learn about YOU, themselves AND OTHER people IN business, plus more. YOU ARE an exemplary type of person, influential and responsible and WE ALL can appreciate that!

    YOU TROY …ARE an "EPIC ADVENTURE" all on your own and …WE personally ARE happy and BLESSED to know you!

    "Partners" – Florida, USA

  30. One quick question Troy. If I take advantage of the leadership position you are offering, do I need to shave my head bald and grow a cheesy mustache?
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. Power Prayer For Chris Greco =-.

  31. Troy,

    Unfortunately people take life way to seriously. This video first appeared about a year ago and I sent it out to my down line in Global Verge and the response confused me. People said it was very unprofessional and disgusting and three people actually quit and went with another leader. I think its hilarious and don't regret sending it out. If you cant laugh everyday then head on home. Life is way to short for all the drama especially in this business. Anyway, have a great Memorial weekend and thank you for your service Troy. From one Vet to another.

  32. John,

    Great comment.

    Today should be a very interesting day.

    Sadly, there are two types of people in MLM… Those who lead and those who are lead.

  33. wow that was a hoot. At first I thought you were totally serious about launching a new company but then I saw the video of the phone. Boy wouldn't some of those features be nice although they are sure funny.

  34. Ahhh, you're a gem Troy. What a great sense of humour! Now…how do I get me one of those phones?

  35. Q) What does http://www.activationkingwireless(dot)com

    and http://www.excelwirelesscommunications(dot) com

    have in common?

    A) Graphics.

    The Excel site also looks like it has been designed by the

    same person/people that run mlmwirelessnews(dot)com?

    The Graphic (OPPORTUNITY ON STREET SIGN) at this page
    is the same graphic as on AKW site, used in their Animoto videos.


  36. I have been always reading your blog, but if this is not true, let me tell you that is not funny,

    Oh!! I know all you want is for people to relax and have fun! got it..Nice joke

    Thank you.

  37. Oh, man I bet the other MLM wireless companies are just dying inside that they haven't been promoting THIS for the last year. I can hear them all now…."the carrier pulled the plug on us, but we will have two new carriers by Monday's call, and we should be shipping phones by next week….this is just EXPLODING, you should have seen the phone in action at the Atlanta and Charlotte meetings. They were PACKED!!"

  38. Troy,

    LOL! Funny stuff bro! I sure needed a good laugh today!

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire… One day closer!
    .-= Rick Weston´s last blog .. Building Your Global Pros Business – How To Recruit ~ IMPORTANT! =-.

  39. Do you have an International plan yet and if not when can we market to Canada? I'm so excited that it will be hard to reach me over the next couple weeks as I will be busy cold calling and prospecting Doctors, because we now have just what they all want and need and no one else has been able to deliver. Can I buy these by the case? I knew hanging in there with you Troy would pay off.

    My excitement level is at an all time high almost to the level when it was announced that water machines were being rushed to Haiti during the time of greatest need.

    Oh, Do I need to send in anything,like sign up or does this alone place me at the TOP. This does place me in forth position (correct ) as I see I'm the forth person to respond with only three above me here on the comments. ( Sure hope you don't have a paper matrix thing going on here.)

    So looking to our new epic adventure.

  40. Looks like the rest of the Excel Group is Launching a New Wireless Troy!! I have left GV for Excel Wireless Communications, Yes that Excel, No this is not as funny as above,

    I have talked to Karri today as Danny Boyd, both of which made nice money in Excel, and have gathered 18 old guard Excel with some others.

    Should be a wild ride

    Excel Rides Again!!!!

  41. Troy – Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

    Matthew 5 , (King James).

    You do an amazing job standing up to all that is going on.

    I admire your work.

    John. – Mobile Virtual Toaster Operator (MVTO).

  42. So, your going to give each of us 50% of your company. Most times you only find two 50%'s in any company but you must have a lot more. How great is that….lol. Good one Troy.


    Everyone out there, stick with your companies and live life like it's an epic adventure! I'm talking to myself also!!!!!

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