Breaking MLM Wireless News: The Real Wireless Provider For Liberty International Distributors

Breaking MLM Wireless News:

The Real Wireless Provider For Liberty International Distributors!


Over the last few days since I linked over to Micah Collin’s post at, many of you have questioned both Micah’s reporting of the facts, and my lending his credibility.

Well below you can read through the Bankruptcy filing and see for yourself, that Liberty International LLC., was the company Randy Jeffers formed to provide wireless services to Liberty International, Inc.

Now this does provide answers to those who are interested in learning how the money all flowed, or didn’t flow.

What it doesn’t answer is the following questions:

1. Which company; Liberty International Inc., or Liberty International, LLC., owes refunds to those Liberty Internatioanl (distributors, preferred customers, and regular wireless subscribers)?

2. If Liberty International LLC, is not found to be liable for the refunds, will Liberty International Inc., be willing to repay the refunds for services and phones it charged, distributors, preferred customers and subscribers, then did not deliver the services, because Libert International, LLC. did not pay the $1.9 million dollars owed in the Service Agreement?

3. Will T-Mobile go after Randy jeffers personally, and if so how will this affect Liberty International Inc., Liberty Freedom Network and the distributors past and current?

As more facts unfold and answers to these and other questions comes forward we’ll report on them.

Liberty International Bankruptcy Court Docs

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  2. GeminiDogg,

    Thank you for taking time to comment. I agree 100% with what you wrote. When people want their money back, don't debate who is right or who is wrong. Just refund the money and protect the company reputation.

    As for "giving credence" you might want to review my comments over the last few months. I have made it very clear where I stand when it comes to what happened to the distributors.

  3. Loyal LFN Rep said:

    "Sign in, re-up you personal gateway and get building. Then you can get the product swap. Perhaps join another team !!!"

    That is not the answer this gentleman is looking for. He wants his $800 back, plain and simple; and all you can tell him is to get a product swap; and or joined another team?? WTF's wrong with you man? As a leader of your company, you have failed miserably to help this guy!

    I would never recommend ANYBODY to joined a cyber company like LFN because the fact is you don't know who you're dealing with! They don't have a actuall home address, they don't have a customer service phone number, and we don't know who runs the place.

    Troy, you need to stop giving credence with this company, and called them out! All the people, including Randy Jeffers, and others who are running LFN, needs to be put away in jail for what they done. I hope it happens soon!

  4. Sign in, re-up you personal gateway and get building. Then you can get the product swap. Perhaps join another team !!!

    What really hurt Liberty was the Top Leaders leaving in a tiff. They were paid thousands of dollars, raised up on peti-stool, recruited the towns folk, held big meetings and one sign of problems they bailed on their friends, community, reps and Liberty. They left their fellow people, not even to answer a phone, supply a e-mail or even communicate.

    Sure we were upset what t-Mobile did…but that give you no right to walk out on people you recruited, sold etc.

    I took the heat…listened to their calls, got the flack, got threatened, got crank calls for months from people not in my team…my team survives…they were following a "Leader".

    It was the Leaders to blame more than Liberty. It was the Leaders walking out that hurt people.

    Now some of those Leaders went to other copy cat mlm's and started the charge back scam on Liberty as a recruiting tool for reps to join their new program free. This really shows who they were.

    Hence Liberty said enough of this and shut its merchant account down, and started to protect the company.

    Troy if the Leaders acted like business men things would have been Very different to "their" down lines.

    Again Liberty is a GOOD Company, and done me right.

    P.S It takes 7-8 months to get a day job (stats)…now try and keep it too.

  5. Troy reps and non active reps have control of their own autoship billing…simply sign in enter rep i.d / ss# and password and then cancel the personal gateway, or any other autoships. They agreed to this at sign up. Just because Liberty lost one product (t-Mobile) does not stop an opportunity (over 300 products) or ones monthly autoship for other products.

    We all know T-Mobile pulled the plug…get the product swap or wait for a lawsuit settlement on the matter. However I think the legal fees would not be worth Liberty pursuing it. Personally I think its water gone by…perhaps it was a way to get rid of the fleas…lol!. The company is nicer now…before there was a shark frenzy and people were not helping each other…now the company is nice and reps are working together.

    Most people complaining are with other wireless mlm's "still not making money" and using the issue to put down LFN. I believe LFN is a new quality company that weathered a F5. Other companies are still in the eye of the storm so to speak. Whats worse ???

    Liberty was more than just wow mobile alone…thus still a opportunity…now many carriers again.

    Troy I cant write why we are better here but glad to share you a link that shows you why…

    Payout 100% matching comm points to infinity…from reps not signed up by you…VG

    Troy I have been around well before GV even with Excel…LFN is clearly the best program…even our reps are back from other wireless mlm's glad to be home.

    The Wow TV vendor could not deliver on a massive scale so it was scrapped, and due to contracts we could not go around them. I had a demo unit and used it, watched it with all liberty menus and software so it was REAL…it just did not work out.

    Liberty are only launching products of certainty…we don't even hype launch dates or say when they will be here….they just show up in the back office…LFN are over delivering and under promising. The future looks good…as they say the proof is in the pudding.

    P.S Troy how many times did AL Williams fail before the biggest Millionaires were made ?, how many regular US Businesses start up an fail…MLM is a business and odds are many will fail…its the nature of the industry. However Liberty survives and I have my dream and opportunity…Bravo!

    P.SS Getting a paycheck "EVERY WEEK" from liberty for the last two years is not sad.

    Troy right out of the gate kids were making thousands of dollars with Liberty in a Very short time.. and its happening again…money talks and …….. …..?

  6. Ben,

    Now be nice 🙂 By the way WOW TV may have gone the same direct as Lightyear Energy Drink 🙂

    Love ya bro!!!

  7. Hey, when is that WOW TV coming out? Surely any day now right?

    Sorry Troy, don't mean to add sarcasm to this discussion but the whole story of WOW/Liberty International/LFN is so exhausting and embarrassing to the MLM profession that we need some humor. It truly is so sad what they've done to people.

    Ben Sturtevant

  8. .QUOTE: As for reps looking for a credit, LFN has offered a product swap of equal value.


    bull%$#^&&,,,they never contacted me?

    they got me for $800.00 plus,,,,, I'll take a phone right now,pal!!!

    my upline?completely ignored me,left me out to dry!!!

    don't even try throwing the blame on them either!!!


    step up and help me get my money back,or a phone,,,and everybody elde to!!!!!


  9. Loyal LFN Rep,

    It does sound like LFN is moving forward over the issues of last year. However, there are still some small items which should be corrected.

    1. I have been contacted by a few folks who are having their accounts debits, who have not been active in the new company at all. They have sent me copies of what they have sent to LFN and to date no answer. I understand things can drop through the cracks but this is not good.

    2. Everyone fully understands it is the LLC which filed bankruptcy. However, your explanation that it was done to protect the distributors doesn't fully hold water. But, if that is the story the company is pushing, then folks who do feel they are owed money, should be able to go after the INC which took their money after entering into binding agreements. By the way, publicly stating a shell LLC was created with NO ASSETS entered into binding agreements for any reason could cause more trouble than it is worth for the common owners of both the LLC and the INC. It could be misunderstood, and folks might think this was a pre-planned event… LLC enters into an agreement to pay the service provider, yet a completely different company where all the assets are and where the money is actually deposited. Make me wonder why a billion dollar international business would ever agree to doing business with a shell corporation, with no assets.

    3. As for being better than any other MLM. Can you please share what data or benchmark you are using for this determination?

    4. It doesn't have more products than other direct selling companies. There are several companies which have more products in more industries.

    5. And there are at least three companies which have higher payouts, the LFN per product sale.

    I love your excitement and I am proud of the fact you have stood true. But, DO NOT over hype the situation.

  10. Liberty's short lived problems are over…Liberty is building strong. T-Mobile is to blame…they flipped the switch not Liberty. What can you do ?, Start again !. T-Mobile had reps phone money held in escrow…not Liberty. T-Mobile deserve nothing for what they did. As for reps looking for a credit, LFN has offered a product swap of equal value. So no one needs to cry. Quite a decent deal too. If you are Liberty Rep contact your upline and ask about it. As for the paparazzi competition creating bad press, only 18 complaints to BBB and many of them have been resolved. Liberty now have many Cellular carriers…(not one!)

    Liberty said ..we would be given a better opportunity and we have, LFN are shipping product in 2 days and paychecks are NEVER not paid or late.

    As for the bankruptcy it was not related to Liberty International Inc "AT ALL". The LLC corp was a shell no asset corp put in place to protect distributors from the likes of T-Mobile…so T-Mobile wont get a dime from pulling the rug out from distributors…rightly so.

    Folks LFN is better than any other mlm. It pays "more money", has more products, has better marketing systems for the reps, has FREE autoship (not a rebate check), FREE Back office fees….Again its ALL FREE…No debits to your account…match that!

    The cream ALWAYS rises to the top.

  11. Jason,

    thanks for posting, but I guess I don't get it. We are VERY CLEAR the company in question is the LLC, not the INC. However, here is where you are incorrect.

    1. The LLC didn't do business with the Inc. This si not correct. The LLC had the direct contract with T-Mobile. The INC. was provided these T-Mobile services through the LLC.

    2. Since the LLC did act as a middleman for the T-Mobile services, this raises the question… When did the managing partner in the LLC, who is also the founder of the INC. know T-Mobile was going to turn off the services, and did the Founder and CEO of the INC., after learning of this pending situation continue to take money for services, the INC knew would not be delivered?

    Now, where most folks do get it wrong is the fact, WOW Mobile is just a brand for Liberty International. Based on this fact, the distributors have always joined Liberty and never WOW, which does allow for the INC to fight any potential lawsuits.

    So, before you tell folks to stop, you might want to get a little clearer yourself. Until a Judge rules if there is any grounds, folks do need to make their voice heard, so the Judge not you or I can render the legal opinion.

  12. Loyal LFN Rep (a/k/a concerned4america; a/k/a No Spin Zone and several different aliases;

    Your new company still has a problem that it will not go away..Your boy Randy Jeffers thinks he's slick

    by moving the assets to his wife's name from his shell company Liberty International so he won't pay

    up to T-Mobile and it's former reps. Well, I can assured you that the D.O.J. will have a say on the

    bankruptcy proceedings. Jeffers will be called to the witness stand. and they're gonna ask

    him along the so-called new management where's the $19,000 you owed to T-Mobile and the money

    you stole from the reps?

    Let see you answer that one, chump!


    This information is INACCURATE! Stop, look, and listen before following anyone's misguided, misinformed advice.


    The company that Randy Jeffers filed Bankruptcy for is "Liberty International, LLC" NOT "Liberty International, Inc" the company we all joined!!!!!

    Liberty International, LLC had business with T-Mobile but it is NOT the company we all joined, paid money to and need a refund from!!!!!! Liberty international, LLC had no asets and that's why it was listed "NO ASSETS". We were not listed as creditors becasue we have never given any money to this company!

    All this hoopla about getting included in this bankruptcy is just making everyone bark up the wrong tree and look silly in the process of finding out that bankruptcy case is none of our business!

    NONE OF US PAID "Liberty International, LLC", we paid "Liberty International, Inc".

    Please stop misleading us (interntional or unintentionally)!!!!!


















  15. GOOD Try!…thi is a shell llc company…NOT the liberty International INC or Randy Jeffers !

    Ha you Clowns cant even report RIGHT!





    November 18, 2010


    1001 SW 5th Ave #700

    Portland, OR 97204

    (503) 326-1500

    Creditor Help Page

    A creditor in a bankruptcy case is a person or entity to whom the debtor (the person or entity that filed for bankruptcy) owes money or who claims to be owed money by the debtor. If you have received a notice from the court about a particular bankruptcy case, it means that the debtor has listed you in the debtor's bankruptcy case as someone to whom the debtor owes money or might owe money.

    Because of the Automatic Stay you are not allowed to begin or continue any efforts to collect the debt owed to you by the person or entity who has filed bankruptcy, and you should contact an attorney for advice on how to proceed.

    If you believe the debtor is hiding money or property or is being untruthful in a bankruptcy case, call or write the U.S. Trustee (503-326-4000 for Portland cases; 541-465-6330 for Eugene cases) or the case trustee. You can also send an email to the U.S. Trustee's

    Fraud Hotline at

    Guidelines for using the hotline are posted at the U.S. Trustee's web site. If you have questions about what is happening in a particular bankruptcy case, call the case trustee.

  17. To those of you that post on this site: please learn how to write. I can't help but wonder if you speak that poorly in person too! Truly, many of you write as though you were illiterate and it's difficult to determine what you are trying to say!


    Paul Minervino

  18. LFN Back In Power:

    Your posting is so poorly written that I'm not quite sure what you're saying. Are you for it or are you against it. You seem to be advocating for it. Do you not proofread your writing before you post? Are you actually making money with LFN? I did well with Liberty International, but then came the meltdown. With your next post, take your time and try to make better sense or have somebody help you that knows how to write.

  19. Rebecca Kamitsuka, US DOJ (United States Department Of Justice) has a stack of correspondence from "Creditors" requesting to be listed in the Liberty International /Randy Jeffers Bankruptcy.

    It is NOT the responsibility of the DOJ to file Creditor's Claims with the court, and, due to the overwhelming volume, everyone needs to be aware that her office WILL NOT file creditors claims with the court.

    Neither Ms. Kamitsuka nor Ron Sticka's office (Bankruptcy Trustee) will file the creditors claims with the court.

    Ms. Kamitsuka cannot offer legal advice to the "Creditors" as she is the attorney for the US Bankruptcy Trustee.

    Everyone that has corresponded with her office must contact the debtor's attorney to be added as a Creditor.


    The Trustee and the DOJ definately need to be informed, as everyone is doing a fine job of, however, The DOJ office requests that everyone MUST contact the debtors attorney and file a written request to be included as a CREDITOR .

    IMPORTANT : Reference Case #10-65095-AER7 with all corresondence.

    Call and Write to :

    David Jacobson / Debtor's Attorney

    715 Commercial St NE

    Salem, OR 97301

    tel: 503-588-0556

    Also file with the Clerk of Court:

    Call 541- 431-4000 to request a form to fill out and file.

    Inquire how to get listed on the Creditor's mailing matrix…

    Eugene Oregon Bankruptcy Court

    Wayne Lyman Morse Court House

    405 E 8th Av Ste 2600

    Eugene, OR 97401

    541- 431-4000

    Send copies to:

    P Rebecca Kamitsuka

    US DOJ Ofc of the US Trustee

    405 E 8th Ave Ste 1100

    Eugene OR 97401


    And send copies to:

    Ronald Sticka /Trustee

    PO Box 10990

    Eugene, OR 97440


    It is the Trustee's job to find Assets.

    Mr. Sticka is reportedly very proficient in his job.

    Everyone MUST contact David Jacobson to be included as a Creditor.

    If you are not listed as a Creditor and assets are discovered that can apply to this case, you may not be eligible to receive any payment (refund), so it is in your best interest to contact David Jacobson's office and the Bankruptcy Court to file your claim.

    Follow up any telephone conversations with a WRITTEN REQUEST to include written confirmation of your claim, and later, a follow-up phone call.

    Again, it is very important that everyone contact David Jacobson with your claim to be included as a creditor ASAP.

    In Bankruptcy cases, there are time constraints, it is further suggested that everyone contact with a bankruptcy attorney to inquire about your rights as a creditor.

    THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE STOOD UP AND BEEN HEARD, Liberty International IS being scrutinized.

    The search for assets is on.

    Currently, Liberty International's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case filing has been reclassified as "UNKNOWN ASSETS".

    Encouragingly Different from "NO ASSETS".

    Everyone is encouraged to advise anyone they know to be a potential Creditor to Liberty International to CONTACT DAVID JACOBSON'S OFFICE WITH THEIR CLAIM.

    It may be your only chance at any form of restitution.

  20. Did Randy finally leave LFN or is he still running the show? If she's still running the show then I'd say all the apples are still on the tree. Just my opinion of course!

    Ben Sturtevant

  21. LOL!

    LFN is for a the REAL !

    Not a failure by any means…

    Its was GOD shaking the BAD apples off the tree…

    P>S Your NOT welcome back…don't even try !

    Perhaps stay at some other wireLESS company where you will be more familiar

  22. It's so sad that folks are STILL trying to promote something where the controlling parties are in the process of a bankruptcy filing and refusing to list people that are still seeking a refund as creditors. Credibility = EPIC fail…

  23. Get the product swap program. Get equal value in another product. Contact your sponsor for details. I got hooked up !

    LFN now have 4 carriers!!!…LFN have Power !

    Free cell phone service with refer 3 …(not 5). Free Unlimited tethering !!!

    Two Day shipping, "Good customer service", big comm weekly, operating well.

    Did you not come here for free cell phone service and to make money ?.

    The opportunity is WAY better !. (Remember you were once stoked with "one" carrier)



    People quit these programs in the droves…THEY DON'T MAKE MONEY!!!, they get BIG monthly bills, then overdraft fee's turn them into MLM wireless extremists… aka Angry Bloggers.

    Its the GARBAGE programs, lousy comp plans, BIG back office fees that are giving this industry a BAD name every day…

    People get suckered into all this quality crap, infrastructure, going global, auctions, and more…face it your program is GARBAGE its over priced!, get it cheaper down the street!…your hurting American citizens "blowing smoke of lots of money to earn"…quite the opposite…they soon go to family mobile for $39.95 and quit your program

    I DONT CARE what happened liberty International. I still have my same phone number!…I came here for a opportunity…its here! (plus I have free service)

    I lost more money trading options, write it off on your taxes, get the home biz deductions…like 5k!

    Randy designed the BOMB program and its running like a Ferrari…I am going to make a fortune !

    Troy did AL Williams not fail 5 times first ?

    Folks remember one thing the people who are with another company are not making money there, so they are upset, blaming the last company still !

    When people are threatened or not making money they blog and complain like crazy…Right Ben ?

  24. Agreed^^^^

    ONLY 24.. I laughed when I saw that.. I literally laughed!

    Zooming away over here though. Best of luck to all of you and your refund.

    Nick Schycker

    Zoom Founder – TX State Manager

  25. Are you seriously proud that Liberty International ONLY has 24 REGISTERED COMPLAINTS against them with the Oregon Attorney General's Office?

    One registered complaint should be too many.

    Those 24 complaints are Registered Complaints ONLY. In order to be counted as one of the registered complaints with the Oregon Attorney General's office, those 24 had to contact the AG and request a form that would then be mailed to them. They would fill in the complaint form and give details on their complaint in writing, then mail the written complaint back to the AG in Oregon.

    ONLY 24 people that lost money to Liberty International took time to be further inconvenienced by this disater to do this.

    Contact the Oregon Attorney General and inquire as to the total number of calls they've received in regards to Liberty and Randy Jeffers.

    And yes, it is most certainly a national disaster when a company deceives people across the nation by processing payment for goods and services that are not provided as agreed.

  26. Troy I paid 700 Dollars for my business. 400 of that was for a phone I never recieved this was 6 months ago. WOW totally screwed me. I would have never forgave myself if I would have led my friends and family to this company and allowed them to do to them what they done to me.

    David Peters

  27. Oregon AG only reports 24 complaints for people waiting for a sim Card or Phone (Call 'em its FACT!)…your obviously competition or a MLM Wireless rep out there are making this sound like a national disaster…

    I brought a new sim card…and also got another LFN product for a year FREE…they did me right because I am active and can do a product swap …others will have to wait for the T-Mobile settlement.

  28. Hello Troy,

    Thank you and Micah Collins so much for keeping updated on the Randy Jeffers, Liberty International saga. Not that it has yielded any refunds, but it is interesting to learn how we were all duped.

    I've been reading all these current Liberty International, Inc, Liberty International, LLC, Liberty Freedom Network posts on this site and at HBIZ Micah Collins website. It would appear that Randy Jeffers had early thoughts of such a train wreck taking place between T-Mobile and Liberty International and planned ahead to legally position himself in preparation for it and protected his ass ets well in advance.

    I joined Liberty International back in April, buying into the Advanced Package and the Samsung Galaxy phone $775. I was charged for 2 months of $89.95 T-Mobile cell phone service, 3 months $29.95/mo back office charges, listened to the Saturday calls, went to the meetings and was repeatedly assured over and over by Randy Jeffers, John Shaw, Mike Storm, Jeff Bakerink and others that everything was great and exciting, T-Mobile loves Wow Mobile & Liberty International, everything's going to be grand tomorrow, or next week, or on the 1st… just gotta get a sign-off from somebody at the top and you know how difficult it is to work with these big fortune 100 companies, heh heh, heh heh (sounded like beevis and butthead) and don't think about Wow Mobile, we got this new Wow TV hustle that's going to be the greatest thing ever… We all know where that is, or isn't.

    Thank God I am not responsible for involving any one of my family or friends or anyone else for that matter, in this fiasco.

    I'm surely not the sharpest briar in the patch, but it sure seems pretty clear from reading over the Bankruptcy papers that Randy Jeffers, Liberty International, et al were very aware that the issue with T-Mobile was clearly an outstanding unpaid phone bill to the tune of $1.9 Million, and not about T-Mobile logos on websites or what have you.

    Meanwhile, I (and many others) had requested a refund because the over $1000+ dollars, (not to mention all the hours of time and money spent developing website, brochures, travel, etc), I invested into this too good to be true dream was nothing but a money pit for those mentioned above to prosper from.

    Out of all the emails (and mail) I sent to Liberty Accounting, all the time wasted with Liberty Customer Service Online, there was never once any real indication that Liberty was interested in even preparing to refund my money and frankly, I just cannot afford to lose any money. Being out of a job and trying to support a single parent family on nothing is hard enough without somebody hoodooing out of what little you did have. Granted, I am at fault for not believing what I had uncovered about Randy Jeffers and his penchant for false promises, legal wrangling and obsconding off with the treasure chest leaving the little people to believe that it wasn't Randy Jeffers at fault, no it was the bad guys like T-Mobile in this case. I remember all the hype Randy was espouting, saying he was going to sue T-Mobile blah, blah, blah? – Take a look at his bankruptcy filing for Liberty – It clearly shows that T-Mobile is sueing Liberty for over $1.9 MILLION DOLLARS – it's a collections suit. That means T-Mobile did not get paid for services rendered. It doesn't mean T-Mobile was concerned about their logo being spread around enmasse, chances are, they probably appreciated their logo in front of more people, free advertising and all, anyway…

    The big gripe here is that, let's just say, "apparently", Randy Jeffers et al was aware that no service was forthcoming from T-Mobile due to the unpaid phone bill, YET, Randy Jeffers et al continued to charge for services, knowing full well those services could not be provided. Is this not outright fraud? Why didn't Randy Jeffers et all refund the IRs or at least offer a bona fide plan to do so, instead of burying his head in shame, clamming up and offering nothing of substance to satisfy all the disgruntled Reps that he financially hurt?

    AND THEN, having the gall to set up shop under another alias, Liberty Freedom Network and require all the Reps to BUY another phone and sign up for another Service Plan, WITHOUT any refund OR the monies already paid to Liberty to apply towards the phone or the more expensive Service Plan.



    In my opinion, what has really hurt Liberty, Randy Jeffers the most is plain outright deception and a total lack of communication regarding anything other than getting more Reps to pay in more money.

    Should the shafted Liberty IR's file a class action against Liberty International, Inc or maybe directly against Randy Jeffers since he is both companies?

    If Randy Jeffers is the common denominator of Liberty International, Inc and Liberty International, LLC and Liberty Freedom Network, why then aren't Randy Jeffers and his 3 companies liable and obligated to refund all IRs since we didn't get what we paid for at all?

    How can Liberty Freedom Network continue to operate under Randy Jeffers control with all the money owed to jilted Reps?

    How can Liberty Freedom Network continue to go forward in light of all the controversy surrounding Liberty and Randy Jeffers in general? Who would want to be associated with such a dark cloud?

    By the way, I am not affiliated with any other mlm at all. I joined Liberty International because it really appeared to be a great opportunity to make money and to get a cool phone and free service. That didn't work out, I got burned, lost money and NO I am not interested in any mlm business ever again.

    It would be nice to get my money refunded. Somebody in one of the posts indicated that there was a plan being developed right now to refund all the Reps. Are there any details, timeline or truth to this?

    Best wishes to all Liberty Freedom Network marketers. The concept IS really great, refer 3 get yours free. Too bad the management behind Liberty has proven to be untrustworthy, undependable and outright despicable. I do really hope LFN turns out well for all the good people, in light of all the negativety surrounding it.

    If anyone really knows for sure how to get refunded from Liberty International, please tell the rest of us!

  29. Meanwhile, I have a VoIP phone as a customer only…not a distributor, I'm getting a message that my phone is no longer active and the website states that they are essentially closed for business. Since they are the reseller for the product, I am having much trouble getting a solution.

  30. Better Reporting Needed,

    I am somewhat concerned in the fact you may not seem to fully have read what has been written or understand what I said in the videos. So for the benefit of ALL who listen and read let me clarify once again.

    1. Although the companies are two separate companies they do have the same common equity owner Randy Jeffers.

    2. Since Liberty International LLC, did have an agreement to provide wireless services powered by T-Mobile to the Liberty International Inc. distributors, the distributors should contact the bankruptcy trustee to determine if the bankrupt company should have listed them as creditors if they are owed refunds. If they do not contact the trustee and it is later determined Liberty International LLC, should have been the entity responsible for their refunds, and the case is already discharged, then they will have no recourse.

    3. The bankruptcy filing shows only one unsecured creditor which is T-Mobile. This indicates that all services were delivered to Liberty International, Inc. If this is found to be true, then Liberty International, Inc. should be the entity which is held responsible for the valid refunds. However, if the bankruptcy trustee determines that based on the fact T-Mobile shut off the services, prior to Liberty International Inc. stopping of acceptance of funds from customers, distributors and new signing distributors, and the funds were transferred to Liberty International, LLC for these wireless services and/or equipment and services/equipment was then not delivered to the paying parties at Liberty International Inc., then Liberty International LLC, may be held liable. This does raise the question… Why were funds still received and or charged for monthly services and equipment, after T-Mobile suspended and eventuality terminated services?

    Another issue I want to point out. According to the Bankruptcy filing, there was no arms length service agreement between Liberty International LLC, and Liberty International Inc. to provide wireless services to Liberty International Inc. period. This in and of itself does raise questions and about the protection of the distributors. If it was not disclosed that Liberty International LLC was the true owner of all wireless phones and ported numbers, then maybe Randy Jeffers as the common equity partner is personally liable for the refunds.

    With the bankruptcy filing showing that Liberty International LLC, did not receive any income for at least the last two years, it does cause one to ponder which company paid the bills to T-Mobile, if any bill was paid? If the checks all came from Liberty International Inc., then it should be clear to the bankruptcy that Liberty International LLC, is not responsible for the refunds and they should issue a statement as such very quickly.
    These questions may be seen as harsh, but they must be asked, to the bankruptcy trustee to determine if the consumers who purchased services and equipment in good faith are due to be added as unsecured creditors.

    If it is determined Randy left them off. so he could pay the refunds out of Liberty International Inc., then let's have that added to the bankruptcy or at least see a public document where he claims to repay the refunds out of some entity he owns that will not go bankrupt.

    4. The overall question is NOT who is to blame, it is to determine who is should be held responsible for the valid refunds due to people!

    5. Your argument stating Liberty International LLC, was set up to protect distributors from T-Mobile, raises another question. Why would Randy think there would be an issue in the 3 and free program in the first place, causes him to "protect the distributors?" And please explain what protection was provided? This looks more like a way to protect the assets of Liberty International Inc., not the distributors, which in and of itself is a great business move, and indirectly does protect the distributors.

    I fully agree with you that LFN seems to be back on track and rolling forward. The quicker all this gets finalized and valid refunds paid, the faster folks will get on down the road and use this as just a learning experience.

    In closing let me state once again. I do not believe Randy Jeffers has committed any form of intentional fraud in any way shape or form towards the distributors in any company. However, many businessmen with good intent have and do make mistakes, and bad judgment calls which we all must learn from.

    Living An EPic Adventure,


  31. Ok let me put this in simple terms for the people.

    Liberty International is NOT in bankruptcy !

    Distributors should NOT contact trustee of LLC company for a refund…its a different company ! (perhaps the blog owners "could have pointed this out!).

    Liberty International INC is NOT Broke by any means.

    Liberty International LLC was a separate company. Obviously set up to "Protect" distributors from the big bad Gorilla…yes the Gorilla told Liberty to stop the 3/free !!!, then T-Mobile's stores complained the phone's logo's problem…(remember the parent company Deutsch telecom stepped in to help and gave Liberty the Samsung phone), then again T-mobile stores complained the sim card had a logo's, then the toll calls that we were not meant to be able to dial, then they shut off phones even with 0.60cent tolls on them!, refused to provide billing, refused to turn toll call phones back on !!! then the "NO Contact" to Liberty for weeks… all this while senior managers or heads swapped jobs. It was a organized coop from internal divisions representing t-mobile independent stores. While t-mobile corporate loved us the stores hated us and exercised trademark rights and tried to stifle Liberty in every way…they won !.

    Liberty did not want the relationship to go bad…it did every thing it could…there were many meetings from t-mobile corporate to Randy…yes there were contracts in place. Randy told us the truth the whole way along on the calls…but when they shut off a block of phones he did not hide…he told its like it was!. Randy even showed up at the Orlando Super Saturday event to face the company in the trouble. Randy did not run and hide…now hes dealing in legal matters with his old company.

    Liberty international does not owe t-mobile 1.9 mill. This is GOOD for distributors. Remember t-mobile shut your phone off and hurt you!…they deserve nothing!…and I believe Liberty International INC can still sue them for damages…correct me if I am wrong.

    Anyway I have my number back with LFN…I did not lose my number for one day through this. I ported to t-mobile and back again. (perhaps this was just a move to get Liberty's customers?)

    As you know LFN (separate company!) provided a opportunity, pays comm checks, shipped product, and have 4 carriers…get back building…LFN is not a scam or a GV who you are all shell shocked from.

    Remember how excited you were in March ?…There is no reason not to feel that…the BIGGEST comp plan is here…working! paying! LFN top distributors are even offering a product trade of equal value to reps who were owed a phone…you must be active… Otherwise wait till the legal settlement from Liberty. Liberty don't want your money, things just have to be done the right legal way, so you have to wait.

    I checked with AG Oregon only 24 complaints…you guys make this sound like a national disaster…all this blogging is from competition who left to "other companies"…as I see it the grass it not greener there either!…the real people who will do well are the one's who stay with LFN and keep building and tending to their flock…like anyone "should" in bad times…not leave and spout off. Leap Floggers NEVER build big teams.

    You nay Sayers will all be proven wrong…LFN will grow…dist are already stoked again. I am honestly telling it like it is. All you got is "sacm"…its as bad as playing the bigot card…this is what losers do!. I see the same people posting negative all the time.

    Troy LFN is NO scam…far from it….soon the sheep will go back through the gate, when the hear BIG MONEY!

  32. Better Reporting Needed,

    I have to fully disagree with you on this one for several reasons.

    1. Neither Micah or I have ever stated Liberty International Inc. is bankrupt. As a matter of fact Micah made sure that he listed the LLC in the title of his article. And it is common knowledge that an LLC can't be owned by a corporation. So although you may have felt that Micah was referring to Liberty International Inc, I believe he was very clear it was the LLC.

    2. How can you say Micah's reporting cause the "World of upset?" Let's make sure we are on the same page… Liberty International LLC, entered into an agreement with T-Mobile for Wireless Communication Services. I assume that Liberty International, LLC then entered into an agreement (If not them Randy could be personally liable for a boatload of refunds.), with Liberty International, Inc to provide wholesale private labeled for Liberty's brand WOW mobile (Later re-branded to say powered by T-Mobile). When Randy Jeffers the common equity partner between the two companies in question Liberty International LLC and Liberty International Inc, decided to to may the T-Mobile bill, T-Mobile decided to cut off the services for breach of contract. However, for whatever reason Liberty International Inc, did not stop taking funds for new phones and charging for services that they common equity partner would seem to know was not going to be delivered. Now if you do not think this is what caused the "World of Upset" then I guess you can look at Micah who has never owned any equity in these companies as the catalyst, and I will not change your mind.

    3. I am glad to see that Randy and the Distributors who weighed the risks and stayed have turned the corner and are moving forward. This is great news, and we have been hearing some great things. I hope to soon see the WOW TV, it did look promising.

    4. The reality's between FHTM and LFN is the fact the majority of the commissions paid ALL company from inside of the compensation plan, from the sales of business packages aka sign-up fees. In the old days this has worked well. However, since burn lounge things have changed and the FTC and AGs are going after ALL companies they find. The latest has been YTB and FHTM.

    I am not sure why distributors and owners are not willing to heed caution, instead of risking the financial futures of the average people.

    5. By the way… None of us have questioned the quality or value of LFN. And in my case I have only issues words of caution.

    6. However, not wanting to burst your bubble, there are other companies in the same niche who are offering the same type of compensation plans, and customer benefits. Some even pay the customers, and they do not have to pay to join or join the compensation structure.

    Again, you are missing the warning we have raised, or at least refuse to look at them. If you did, then maybe you could help lead your company in the right direction as we move into the second decade of a new century.

    Again, you are a solid member of this community and I am glad you provide a great differing view!!!!

  33. No Liberty International INC is NOT in bankruptcy.

    Micah Collins led distributors to believe the LLC was under the same umbrella as the INC were distributors belong to, this is FACT.

    Micah's poor research has created a world of upset..that is NOT true.

    Troy DON'T back up Micah Collins…he has made a BIG Blunder…can he be sued? .

    On another note the LFN company is operating very well, two day shipping of products, comm paid like clock work, new everything, and more coming.

    P.S Liberty is nothing like FHTM !!!.

    In FHTM "your own points" count to qualify for payout and residuals of lousy 1%, hence no on is earning from residuals or forced to get customers…just recruiting for fast starts.

    In LFN…you have to go out and get REAL Customers to qualify…Min 3… "Not counting you!."

    LFN pay BIG residuals…the BIGGEST out there…we make money from customers, not fast starts

    LFN have over 300 products…its product driven…like 1 product problem is Armageddon…Please!

    LFN is REAL Value (like FREE Stuff!)…to the consumer… not in a pyramid recruiting scheme.

    LFN have no Fees with 3…Actually its all FREE !…This Rocks!…other companies would not dare to offer What LFN do!…and if they think they do…they are not mentioning all the strings and hoops!

    Please don't compare LFN to FHTM…the programs ARE different…Very Different.

    My suggestion is to perhaps not be quick to post… Liberty International operated 11 years shipping, paying comm and operating very well. This is True!

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