Breaking MLM Wireless News: Ted Robbins For Judgement Against Chris Greco

Breaking MLM Wireless News

Ted Robbins, President of Global Verge Asks For Final Judgement

Ted Robbins President of Global Verge Files ExParte Application for Default Judgment Against Christopher Greco

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4 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News: Ted Robbins For Judgement Against Chris Greco”

  1. Tony,

    Great comment and a boat load of questions. Although I don't have all the answers let me see if I can answer a few.

    1. There was never a multi-million dollar judgment with Greco. All Ted and GV wanted was their money back and a judgment to show they were wrong. Why of their do you feel Ted or GV withdrew one of their cases? The only case that I know which has been moved is the one between Gv and PHPI, which will have to be filed in Missouri. The complaint on fraud is already posted here. And if I am not mistaken Ted and GV had already asked for the judgment. I do know there has been talk of filing a new complaint in Missouri against Sipes and Greco and maybe that is why this was more personal than corporate.

    2. Not sure why you thought this was a footnote. This was posted on the front of the site, until the news cast went live. However, with that said, most people realize Greco is not really Greco so finding and getting much in the way of a judgment is slim.

    3. I think everyone knows Ted and Harry have backed a new technology company. We are all waiting to see how things go once everything is live and rolling. It truly should be interesting to watch.

    4. I can't confirm one way or another. Although that would be an interesting turn of events. What's even more interesting is Ted launching a new MLM and Mark is not a part of it. Trust me many things are still waiting to be made public. 🙂

    5. I am not sure what math has to do with a case being dismissed. Please provide me the documents showing any case against Greco has been dismissed.

    6. The Zero1 case was not dismissed, and I do know the investigators and attorneys are still combing through mounds of documents tracking ownership of major assets so they can snag them.

    7. As for the real reason they left, that is something we are all waiting to hear. From my understanding Ted is still an equity owner and handles all the pending legal issues. Outside of that, only time will tell.

    8. 🙂 you may want to read our past posts and listen to the recordings. Both process servers and public notice was done on Greco. Again, send me the documentation to show any case has been dismissed involving him.

    In closing most of the time we do not know everything in a case. And if this case has gone from civil to criminal we may have to wait a little longer.

  2. Troy you make it sound as if they nailed this guy… Come on this is already known. He admited it.

    This is crap for all gv distributors. Where is the multi million dollar judgement. Where is the fraud etc.

    We all know this ass slandered Ted Robbins. Why was the corporate case dismissed?

    Why are they letting greco off easy? Only $5000.00?

    No wonder this is a foot note on the blog.

    Troy come on we need to know what really happened. This wont fly. Also did you know about Harry Aston and Ted Robbins partnering up to launch some social network mlm company?

    Can you confirm that the person know as chris greco is not working with mark petschel?

    Doing some simple detective work is providing me with some really interesting math. Is this being done to hide the bigger case against him being dismissed?

    I was screwed by this guy at Panther Mobile. Why its a fair question.

    I also am hearing one of his companies is now working with o-life.

    Troy I just want to make sure there is nothing fishy here. I may be thinking fantasy byt who better to put the blame on and make people forget about zero1 then a person who doesnt exist. They pretend to go after, they get a slander judgement and nothing else.

    What is wrong with this picture?

    What is the real reason ted and ruth left gv?

    Troy we deserve answers.

    This guy just disappears then everything at gv blows up. Panther closes ted leaves gv, ruth leaves gv, now ted nails this guy in court personally and only asks for $5,000.00

    Why was the public notification not sent to this guys known areas? Are they intentionally making sure the case doesnt win?

    They are giving this con artist to many ways to get out of this.

    This is not fair to all of us former distributors that were this guys wake.

    This is not good. Troy please let us know it doesnt end like this.

  3. Arthur_

    Great question. When it comes to all pending legal issues, Ted is still representing GV as the President. Outside of the legal side of things it is my understanding Ted has nothing whatsoever to do with the business.

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