Breaking MLM Wireless News On Zer01 Buzzirk Global Verge And Unified Technologies Group

Breaking MLM Wireless News On Zer01, Buzzirk, Global Verge, And Unified Technologies Group. Len Clements latest Podcast on the above companies will leave more questions than answers for everyone who listens to it, and that my friends is a GREAT THING!

Len has taken this to a new level, going beyond just the issues at Global Verge and looking deep into the strategic partner UGTI aka Zer01, and how they really play into the whole scheme of things.

Len Clement

Click On The Above Image To Listen To Len’s PodCast

Links to information Len talks about:
Mo. Court Info: https: Once on the site you can put in Mark Petschel. The case number you are looking for is: 2104R-01819 (should be the first case showing.) then look at 08SL-AC40531 (this should be the last one.) This last case is a judgement for over $30K from E-Verg which has morphed into Global Verge.

CTIA Wireless 2009 – Len mentions this link in his Podcast. Now I may have to come to Zer01 defense on this issue, because the site only shows the top 3 in each catagory, and Zer01 does state they were in the top 5. Although that might be five out of five for all I know.

Techo Talk on Zer01

Computer World On Zer01 – To Good To Be True

ARS Technica – Doing The Math On Zer01

Now her is something else to think about…

When a company does Billions in sales from their services, then one or more of their websites will be ranked in the top 1000 of all websites in the world. In doing a review of all the sites of the purported “International Diversified Conglomerate” UGTI, none of their sites rank even close to the top. How can you generate billions in business, if no one is using your services?

ITS Unlimited ranked: 3,216,975
5iveSe7en Hosting Ranked: 69,288 (this is a false positive in ranking because it is an unmasked affiliate account and the rank comes from the top domain which is not a US based company, nor is it a listed company that UTGI owns.)
INS Communications Ranked: 8.151,000
Hyper-Band Global Technologies Ranked: 7,151,896
Piilani Computers Ranked: 239,813 (This is another affiliate acocunt so the ranking is from the top domain, which once again is not a UTGI company.)
9ine5ive Public relations Ranked: 16,872,604 (I find this funny. Their tag line is “always On Point” Yep, the point of someone boot!)
5fiveSe7en Entertainment Ranked: 12,120,060
Silver Services Ranked: 9,325,008
TSG-AMERIGROUP-Spirint Ranked: 13,920,843
Mobile Evolution Ranked: 7,556,678 (I hate “Under Construction” sites.)
The Yorkshire Companies Ranked: 6,016,879
Yorkshire Research Institute Rankded: Private
Yorkshire AES Ranked: Private
Yorkshire Direct Ranked: Private
Yorkshire Capital Holdings Ranked: Private
Yorkshire Bancorp Ranked: 7,947,170 (I find it interesting, that they say they have approval, yet, nothing is dated nor is their an official. Plus in reviewing the interest rates they claim to pay, it reminds me of Stanford Financial.)
Yorkshire Investments Ranked: Based on the top domain
Yorkshire Management Ranked: Based on Top domain.

Now the best for last… Zer01 Mobile Ranked 102,089 (The ranking is this high because of the great job Global Verge Reps have done at driving traffic to the site. And yes, I will say that ZER01 is also doing their part at pushing folks to their site.)

Now for those who may be wondering why all the fuss….

When you listen to what Len has shared, then you look at all these sites and the lack of traffic, you start to realize not everything is what it seems.

As The MLM Cowboy Richard Brooke puts it… If it Quacks Like An Enron

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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22 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News On Zer01 Buzzirk Global Verge And Unified Technologies Group”

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  2. I need to know how to get a refund from GV, i was charged through ach for 19.35 when i cancelled it.

  3. VJ:

    Any company that claims they’re going global in 60-70-80-90 countries upon launching is ILLEGALLY operating in almost every single one of them-GUARANTEED!

    It takes several years and a few million dollars just to do a few dozen countries legally and properly, let alone over 60, and we’re only talking the network marketing aspect of things! In some countries they may have to also deal with telecommunications laws and approvals.

    It’s amazing the number of people who have no common sense! Herbalife is almost 30 years old, a multi-billion dollar giant, and they’re in 60 countries at best. Amway is an $8 billion a year company, over 50 years old, and they’re maybe in 60-70 countries. 30-50 years old, billion dollar companies, and they’re barely in 60 countries, and this young company comes out of the gate in 64 countries? Yes, and illegally operating in probably 63 of them!

    You can’t just go into any country you’d like, promote your opportunity, take people’s money, and then send money into their country in the form of commission and bonus checks, at least legally, unless you’ve done the necessary due diligence, legal work, paperwork and registration, etc. If they catch you without having met their various rules, regulations, and statutes, not only will they shut the company down in that country, but they are now prosecuting, fining, and giving jail terms to distributors for participating in illegal moneymaking opportunities!

    Affiliate programs that only pay on one level are able to go global on a quicker basis, but if you are paying on more than one level then you have much more paperwork to file and rules, regulations, and statutes to meet. In addition, some countries require the company to have a physicial presence, post bonds, have an authorized representative of the company in that country, a company bank account, etc…

    This is another Skybiz just waiting to happen if the company 1) allows distributors to make the “we’re global upon launching,” “opening in 64 countries when we launch” type statements and 2) if they accept applications, take money, and send commission checks to individuals in countries where they have not taken the necessary steps to be compliant!

  4. Zurvita,

    You hit it on the head. We really need to see GB get their act together. However, each time I am one a call, they just keep coming up with excuses.

    Never Give Up,


  5. Elite Group,

    You know, I try to not make it a point to bad mouth a company….

    But I had a friend who was with a telecom company and she lot her entire organization to GV. Of course, now they are all regretting the decision.

    I do hope for the industry (not telecom or wireless, but network marketing) that they do come out of this. The last thing we need is more bad press. I think the idea behind their technology is fascinating, just a bit ahead of the time here in the United States. Troy put it best in this: They need to get their act together.
    .-= Zurvita´s last blog .. Zurvita – Tapping Into The Telecom World With Zurvita Mobile And Zurvita’s VoIP Product Offering =-.

  6. Dear Troy,
    I have clicked on the link you gave me + I have clicked on the Len Clements links in your article and we have tried it on two computers in our home and it comes up with :
    The operation timed out when attempting to contact Would you have any idea why it isn’t working for us ? We are having no problem whatsoever on any other websites we go to. Thanks – Jenny

  7. Jenny,

    Thank you for commenting. I have double checked the link in the post with both Firefox (my personal favorite) and IE. it is working, so I am not sure why it did not work for you. I am sorry for that frustration.

    Len.s direct link is When you hit his site, look at the top left and you will see the current Podcast. I believe the number is 10.

    Never Give Upp,


  8. Was wondering if you could please email me the correct url for Len’s podcast about Global Verge. I did a search on Google for it and the urls are not working in IE or Firefox. Says page unknown ?
    Looking forward to receiving it. Thanks heaps in anticipation !

  9. EliteGroup,

    I truly feel your frustration, and yes I agree there has been many false truths that have come from several folks who represent GB at the corporate level.

    I want to believe that even Mark got caught up in the hype and buzz of what was happening and just did not give a thought to what the consequences would be.

    But, the more I dig the more I find that just doesn’t add up. And now even the Tech/Wireless community is questioning the validity of ZER01 & UTGI.

    Although, GV may not be the company for you, don’t give up on MLM. And before you join another company give me a call and let me know which one you are looking at, and we’ll do some research together to save you and your team any more frustration.

    Never Give Up,


    p.s. If you like the Wireless idea then check some of the other companies in MLM who are offering Wireless Services.

  10. I’m in Global Verge and I don’t know what to think anymore.

    Corporate have lied to us on several occasions on conference calls before the truth sort of leaked out on the triple diamond call.

    They didn’t process anyone through June and their excuse was they were integrating new processors in the backoffice. Then they said they left the processor because of high fees.

    But on the contrary, they complained about the fees but they are going to give the reps 12% for switching to ACH. No merchant account charge that much for a credit card transaction.

    Then we called the processor UAS and they said Global Verge weren’t prepared for the growth, (which they weren’t) and they lost their privileges because of too many chargebacks.

    Global Verge instead of charging a prorated charge to the people who wanted to upgrade to the pro level, they refunded them, then turned around and tried to his those people with a higher charge. Any refund through a merchant account is considered a charge back.

    Then there’s info that leaked out that GV initially was only setup to process 20K per month.

    Then tell me why Mark has a T-Mobile phone? I have nothing against T-Mobile because I have the service myself, but I would think he’ll be using a Buzzirk Mobile phone.

    I brought some good people in this business, but there is so many lies floating around that I don’t know what to believe.

    They went from having a launch date of Aug. 15th to not having one at all. Now they are allegedly waiting on Zer01 to give them a date.

    I just don’t know man. I wasted a month, don’t think I will waste another one.

  11. The sad thing to the whole Buzzirk issue, is they did not have to go through what they are going through had they taken a little more time to get it right. However, I think they needed some fast cash and if their processor had not terminated their agreement, they just might have gone through some of what is happening now.

    The other trend I have seen with them, is very few of their Triple Diamond’s have come out to their defense. If they had leaders who loved them like Zurvita and FDI, then people might not be as frustrated and worried as they are.

    Never Give Up,


  12. Buzzirk took a beating on the forums and now is appearing to not deliver. Had a good friend looking into my business (Zurvita) for our cell phone portion we just released. She was with another company and lost her entire downline….they all jumped on the Buzzirk bandwagon! Now they are all complaining….

    There are reputable companies out there with reputable cell phone services. We are one of many. Know who you are working with before you buy into the hype!
    .-= Zurvita´s last blog .. Zurvita – Building Powerful Residual Income and Passive Income Through Zurvita Mobile, Zurvita Telephone, and Zurvita Choice (Energy) Products, Zurvita Informercials, And The Power Of Internet Marketing =-.

  13. Thx for your hard work on this.. just saw this today and I see the end coming very soon..

  14. Georgeann,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    There are several great companies in the MLM Wireless Arena, and you just happen to be with one of them. Under the leadership of both of the former companies distributors were making money. Now with the combined energy all under once roof… BAM! I think folks are going to become totally financially independent.

    Never Give Up,


  15. Hi Troy,
    A huge thank you for all the time you spend making sure you are protecting people like myself in the field. “THANK YOU!”

    With the down economy and unemployment at an all time high, Americans are looking for ways to supplement their incomes. Unfortunately most newbies and some others do not know what to look for in the home based industry. We must separate hype from the real businesses being offered. Too many lives are being effected. I have done my research and due diligence.

    Mr. Kuba Farbiarz is a very unique business man who has already been ahead of the telecommunication technology for many years.

    I have meet with him on several occasions and “yes” his proprietary products exist and work beautifully. We have spoken while he was talking on his “one-of-a-kind” cell phone that will be available in only 23 days. The launch of FDI International will create many millionaires. This industry is ready the next best kept secret!

    If you must think, think BIG!


  16. VJ,

    I have wrote about FDi and Kuba a few times. We had him on the Home Based Business Radio Show back in June. You are with a solid company.

    Never Give Up,


  17. Hey….I was in GV also…very excited.

    There is another great opportunity out there called FDI.

    For those of you that joined us on “the conference call heard ‘round the WORLD”, now you know why FDI is THE TALK of the Network Marketing Industry and the NEW BUZZ in the Telecom Industry.

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    WE OWN THE TONE! That is, we are NOT just a re-seller of outdated technology that is subject to the whims of the Industry! We OWN cutting edge, proprietary technology that is re-shaping the industry TODAY, and for years to come! Here is a summary of today’s landmark conference call:

    • Telecom is a $4+ Trillion Industry worldwide, $1.3 Trillion in US Alone.
    • FDI International will launch simultaneously in the US and over 60 countries worldwide.
    • Using cutting edge technology, save up to 95% of the cost of Telecom today.
    • Do this with NO contracts and NO credit checks!
    • Our Proprietary technology is an FDI exclusive!
    • Largest compensation plan in FDI history with six-figure quarterly potential.

    For more info email me at

  18. I have done extensive research on this matter.
    Run Away As Fast As You Can!!
    Everything that Rod and Len have to say is TRUE!
    This will go down as the Biggest Scam EVER!!
    The Next Who Done It and Ran!!

    “A lie will travel half way around the world before it has a chance to put its pants on.”
    Winston Churchill

    MLM is Good! Scams are Bad!

  19. Marc,

    I am truly sorry that GB has not worked out. I always hate to see companies go through situations like this, and worse yet, I hate seeing reps go through this.

    We are keeping track of what is going.

    If you are interested in the Wireless side of things, there are some great companies rolling, just research them before joining.

    Never Give Up,


  20. Just want to say thanks for all your work here. I was realy excited about this thing(I even joined but they never took my money.! Whew) but now I’m begin to see the light.

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