Breaking MLM Wireless News Latest Global Verge Info From Triple Diamond Call

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Latest Global Verge info from the Monday Night Triple Diamond Call!

Special Update… August 5th Triple Diamond Call CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really thought this saga was just about finished, but between the emails, phone calls, and internet info flying like crazy this is is the MLM monster that just doesn’t die…

Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis

First let’s look at what Steve Lewis brought up about his and Teresa Curtis’s former companies Home BIz Tax Pro, HBO Prosperity, and HBO Tax Academy. According to the audio below, Steve Lewis stated that HBO Tax Academy folded because he had a heart attack. Now, his heart attack could very well be true. Since medical records are not public record Steve knows we can’t check those.

However, there is one thing we can all agree on. Based on Steve Lewis’s own words “he is a bubba” and Tersae Runs his operations.” So if he did have a Heart Attack, it would not have anything to do with the success or failure of this business.

Here are questions which should be asked.

1. What is the case number against Laure Knight?
2. Why weren’t distributors paid their earned commissions?
3. Why did Laura Knight File a Restraining Order against Teresa Curtis, fearing for her life?
4. Why hasn’t Cindy Bodwin been paid back?

I talked to Cindy Bodwin on the phone to get her permission before we published her version of this situation. This audio has been edited to share only Cindy’s answers.

Ok, now let’s take a look at some of the other items on this situation.

The websites mentioned above.

Here is the scam buster site that was put up when Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis were hurting folks.
The HBO Tax Academy Scam

Here are copies of the extension to the original restraining order.

Page 1
Page 2

Now you can also read where this restraining order was extended here

Here is the scam site listing the events of this issue Click Here

Now for those who may be asking “what does this have to do with Global Verge?” It shows a track record of purported abuse of both distributors and employees and raises more questions than answers.

Ok, now let’s look at changes made on the Corporate records as of 7/29/09 (Now I also think it would be good to realize that when this company was incorporated it incorporated as just a “Shell Corp” with no capital. Initial Stock Value: No Par Value Total Authorized Capital: $ 0.00)

The reason that is important, is because the only way to raise capital is with investors, getting folks to join so you can fund the corporation with the fees you pay in.

Plus it’s kind of hard to yell “I’ve been scammed”, when the reality is, you joined a membership benefits company and are paying a monthly fee for those benefits.

It’s not like you were joining Buzzirk to sell their cell phone and sim chips. All you are doing is joining a marketing company to use the benefits and sell them to other.

On Monday night’s call Steve Lewis was not introduced as the interim CEO nor was Teresa Lewis introduced as CFO. Now that may be due to the changes made on July 29, 2009 and available for review at the Sec. of State Nevada.

What you will find is Ted Robbins is back as President of Global Verge. The interesting this is Warren Hanchey is the new Treasurer, which I do find interesting since Teresa Curtis has been called the CFO. Normal business practices is to have your CFO act as Treasurer.

This brings up the following questions.

1. Who really owns Global Verge?
2. Who is really running Global Verge?
3. What is the agreement between Buzzirk & Global Verge?
4. Who owns Buzzirk?
5. Does Zer01 have agreements with Buzzirk or Global Verge?
3. Has Mark Petshcel stepped down from Buzzirk Mobile?
4. Why does Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis have the keys to the vault, and control commissions, while they hold top positions in the field?

OK, let’s look at the Offshore Credit Card charges. Lewis gave the following as the excuse for needing to take the money outside the USA.

One of the saddest things about his response is the fact he had no clue who was asking the question. I personally know the Triple Diamond who asked this question, and he has an extensive business background, and fully understands merchant accounts.

The excuse Steve Lewis and Teresa Curtis gave is 100% wrong. Legitimate, well capitalized network marketing companies are not looked upon as scams, and slime. As a matter of fact in the last 60-days alone several new MLM’s have launched, with the backing of several different well know financial institutions.

Now in this recording when a Triple Diamond Leader asks a question about declined charges Steve Lewis once again throws the blame onto the field once again. I find this very strange for a man who states publicly “I have a distributors heart!”

Now, listen to this audio and you will see why using an offshore credit card processor is not “Best Practices” and is known as the M.O (method of operation) for scam operations.

Now here are some questions which need answers.

1. Why can’t Global Verge get domestic merchant accounts?
2. Who’s money is really funding Global verge, the distributors?

I have received a boatload of questions on commissions so let’s take a look at that issue.

Now this is where Rick Presley asks Steve a very straightforward question and instead of really listening to one of his Triple Diamonds, and a MLM Leader, he talks down to him.

So, this brings up some up some great questions.

1. How can you run commissions when ranks aren’t right, nor have credit cards been run correctly?
2. How can the commission software from a top company like Xennsoft who’s software handles companies the size of MonaVie be the issue?
3. Who stands to gain if the commission run is completed before everything is fixed?

I know Steve Lewis and Teresa Curtis keep asking for time, like this is a pre-launch company with bugs in it. However, this is a three year old company which as remade itself at least twice. Each time getting more and more money from the field, then crashing.

So, ask yourself, is this legit or is this an MLM scam!

I have held on hope over the last few weeks, that Global Verge, Buzzirk and Zer01 would get their act together. I was hoping I was missing something and all the dots would not be connected.

Sadly, I can’t say that any more. When the dots were connected, it just does not add up as a legitimate MLM business.

Here is the complete call. Now this call starts about three minutes before the call, so ther eis a little dead space.

Never Give Up,


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  2. mcacke,

    In my opinion this company is still a NO GO! They ran one of the biggest bait and switch campaigns I have ever seen in MLM. This is the third time we have been able to trace where it has taken place.

    Although I have close friends who are part of Global Verge, at this time I must stand my ground! There are plenty of good solid MLM wireless companies out there where a distributor can make real money doing it right, by marketing products and services to the end user which will save them money.

    Living An Epic Adventture,


  3. Troy,
    Can you tell me if this company is still out? It has hit the SE sector and people are signing up as if it were new.
    Just need to know has this company emerged again with legitimate folks running the show. I have a dear friend that has signed up, along with some of her church members. — Most comments are dated 16 weeks ago, (4 months)
    They are promoting the mobile phone take off again. Being one of business intelligence and marketing, I sat in on one of their calls and asked many questions that could not be answered. For example, stating they have contracts with all cellular industries, thus allowing usage of all towers (somehow I doubted that, and asked for that in writing), we have yet to receive it.

    I was able to find many of their products offered being sold by the manufacturers and other distribution companies. Supposedly these are being sold "inclusive" to GV only. Also, there are supposed new contracts with Apple, HTC, Nokia, etc, for equipment (Iphone, Blackberry…) — enabling the use of their Sim Cards on their networks.

    Am in hopes that someone of honesty has taken over and set things straight, which is why this has emerged again. Anything you can provide is greatly appreciated!

  4. All I have to say is global verge is a joke all I hear about is excitement. " we are so excited with the direction we are going, last nights conference calls were great! We are rolling out soon. " I'm new to mlm but I'm an old Schooler and in the street we call this a flake. You talk and talk but don't show anything I hope everyone gets smart and bails and gv shall hope I never run into the one writing all the bullshit.

  5. wow – who is this GLMA person?? is it mark petschel????? or just some other delusional person..
    .-= Mike´s last blog .. Buzzirk Mobile and FDI Scam? – PRLog.Org (press release) (press release) =-.

  6. Troy,

    I am sorry to inform you but the water machine has not been taking of the website and is still very much in the GV Store it is sell for $1,995.00

  7. GLMA,

    You bring up a wonderful point.

    Yes, I am well aware of the products and services available through GV. As a matter of fact I have promoted the fact you have a wonderful ID Protection service, which I also market under a private label. However, 99% of the GV reps are not fucused on selling those products, nor did they join the company to market those products.

    As for the Air and Water…I do not believe those are available currently are they? I know they were removed from the site.

    As for the other services… Travel has come under attack heavily this last year from the AGs, the online malls do not generate enough commissions, nor does the video service you offer.

    The “power saving product” does look viable and as someone who is into conserving energy, because it lowers my monthly cash out-flow, I can see the need.

    However, these products seem to be there just as a thin layer of protection against the amount of income paid through the matrix based on distributor memberships. Although many MLM service companies do the same thing, more and more have been closed, or like Burn Lounge, nailed by the FTC. If the Ruling against Burn Lounge comes down in favor of the FTC, which we all beleive will happen, then companies from GV to YTB will be looking to change their business models or take the risk of getting shut down.

    YTB is so convinced that the Burn Lounge case will go in the FTCs favor, they have filed with the SEC that they are planning on abanding their MLM Model and will go 100% franchise.

    So, back to my point. The phones are the ONLY reason GV hit critical mass, in the last 60 days. Before that, Mark and Ted could hardly get people to look at their company. If the Sim Chips and the technology do not appear and are tested by 3rd parties who do not have anything to gain by their success or failure, or the technology doesn’t work, or Zer01 is sued by anyone for anything, then I do not beleive the majority of the reps will stay.

    If the above happens, and the additional services start to take off, then yes, there could be enough money coming from outside the comp pensation plan to make it work.

    Except… I only know of a few people who will accept international charges on the credit cards, so from a viable service to the public, there could still be issues.

    I’ll be posting this week, on why international processors even from “Tier 1 Banks” are not accepted from countries who have not signed privacy treaties with us.

    Agian, you do make a valid point, and only time will tell.

    Never Give Up,

  8. Troy,

    The Cell phones are just not the only product that is going to make any money. It is the only one in the lime light right now. Because of being behind schedule on delivery. That is all. There is the Air To Water machine that pays very well. Selling one machine pays a large amount of commission. That is a very easy sell of this product to doctors offices, vets, and homes. See what many people reading these blogs about the cell phones, have paid any attention what else is in the package.

    The truth is that there is other lucrative products in the Global Verge product line. Products that general public do use everyday and when replacing them with one or a combination of them, the client sees a significant savings. This saving would generate discretionary income in the house hold. We all know that in these times, that discretionary income is something the each and every family globally do appreciate to jump starts the economy.

    Do tell me that you have heard about the other products and taken into account the profit of the sale of these products before you made that statement regarding the Global Verge compensation plan.

    Yes, I do agree if the phones were the only things being sold we would be in trouble, but that is far from the truth about Global Verge. There is so much more in Compensation plan that no one has taken into account, There is where the troubles lies.

    There is large amount of money to be made from the consumers that I feel that you have not account for. Troy, revisit the opportunity and take a better look at what Global Verge is and what we are all about. I have taken a good look at this compensation plan and know how to explain it well. I did do my homework on this plan asking the questions. Accounting all the products and commissions in the plan. The consumer does pay for the majority of the money going out.

  9. GLMA,

    I can tell you wrote from the heart.

    But before you bite off more than you can chew spewing the company propaganda on the GV comp plan, you need to go study comp plans. The GV plan is better than some, and not as good as others.

    And based on the fact, the majority of income earned will come from the monthly autoship of distributors, the comp plan is in question at sustaining a FTC investigation. Especially with the Burn Lounge case just about to be handed down.

    Never Give Up,


  10. Everyone is entitled to your own opinion further more if you are in fact now apart of the competition. I am going to stay true and loyal to my company just like you are now hold true to you company. I have not crossed the line to go ahead and say that any unprofessional thing about my competition like you folks have.

    There is no reason for me to stoop down to your level of childish remarks towards my company. Yes we have got to a bumpy start and many of you the were once apart of GLOBAL VERGE are now FDI representatives. But you’ll never hear from me that FDI is a bad company. We are both going to be leaders in our industry. But there is many pros and cons that can be argued about both companies.

    One things is for sure, there will never be any of my team members that will be moved unless they choice to and we respect their decision. Once Global Verge comes out of this mess, this month and clears the air with all that has transpired all of you the once left will have to make a professional decision within in fact what has happened.

    Right now it feels that you are on the band wagon and you have made the right decision in turning your back on Global Verge. What will your song be like when this air is cleared. Commission are paid, The leading technology that the nation has ever seen in wireless services WORKS, further more the only company in the industry that its compensation plan that is very fair and equitable, without having to mark products up 200 to 400% to pay “fast start” bonus. Make sure we had a compensation plan that had a base model that allowed folks to start at a very affordable price. Something that is not offered by FDI. Making sure we were not getting caught in the stagnation of the 3×9 and so they added the matching bonus’s that will let you earn to infinity! The top producer pools and the upline product sales commissions and coded commissions are available for everyone! They promote retail sales and provide great commissions. This was built for long term sustainable income for everyone from the very beginner to the seasoned networker.


    After all That is how respect is created within our industry. I strongly believe in creating business contact without being rude and disrespectful to each other. My offer still stands about the meeting for everyone to make their processional option on our product line.

  11. GLMA is one of the reason people like mark petcshal and steve lewis keep doing this stuff.. naive sheep who keep getting led to slaughter.. glma – read about the jonestown cult and other cults.. you’re in one right now and it you open your eyes, there’s still time to save your money and dignity.. no wonder this country is in trouble..
    .-= Mike´s last blog .. FDI International Telecom VOIP Move over ACN, 5linx, Buzzirk – PRLog.Org (press release) =-.

  12. i just want to be around when i hear the news of these people, including my upline, going to jail for this stuff.. they make you feel like the bad guy just for asking simple questions..
    .-= Chris´s last blog .. FDI International Telecom VOIP Move over ACN, 5linx, Buzzirk – PRLog.Org (press release) =-.

  13. i’m been asking these quesitons since day 1 and i gold told i was too negative and even threatened.. so i got out..
    .-= Tony´s last blog .. FDI International Telecom VOIP Move over ACN, 5linx, Buzzirk – PRLog.Org (press release) =-.

  14. Troy,

    I think we’ll have to pick NGSI off the floor when we get our Buzzirk phones and call him. Although I don’t think he’ll be laughing!

    Have a great weekend!
    Julie 🙂

  15. NGSI,
    I am not certifiably insane – however, it would be fair to say that I’ve gone BUZZIRK! 🙂

    Julie Larson

  16. GLMA

    I will happily post something positive when you find it because for 8 weeks the only positive comments are made by TD or above and everything they say is debunked within minutes, no one in the industry, not the patents office, not the trademarks office not one independent third party who does not have a vested interest has said anything positive in fact for the first time in 18 YEARS Laptop have rescinded an award.

    The acting CEO said repeatedly for 3 weeks he had seen a working phone then last night he said he hadn’t so who’s lying him or you?

    Do you mean the rented office suite in MO that no one has been too in months that they had to change after pictures surface of the door with the paper sign?

    I only stand for the truth, GLMA show me your facts verified by an independent 3rd party and i’ll sing it loud of how wonderful GV is but for 4 weeks i was sturng along never getting the answers that was asked and then have followed the pathetic garbage conmen like you have so easily told those that lack the capacity to think rationally. You on the other hand, all you have repeated is the same stories we have heard for 8 weeks now, show me the patent number, show me the trademarks, JUST show me a phone. I have done plenty to show so not sure what exactly you are asking me to verify.

  17. NGSI,

    When the IPhone first came out three years people waited as much as 12 weeks for the phone. No one went and started saying that is was a big scam, yes there was people out there that said that the technology was not real. but upon release of the IPhone that competitors did everything possible to knock off the technology and provide a similar Mobile Phone in their product line. Global Verge is only 4 weeks behind schedule.

    Now I do understand that you are doing everything possible again throw Global Verge under the bus. Further more you are confirming to me and all the other reader of this blog that you are very much against GLOBAL VERGE, even thou you insist that you are an E- associate. Your replies to the facts are just doing one thing and one thing only. Your credibility to this company is just going down the toilet fast. There is no way possible that you could been the slightest bit supportive of Global Verge. Why would you start now that you are on the hot seat?

    Will you be one of the people that will be attending this presentation on August 10th, 2009?


    I have been reading your comments on The Global Verge Saga, not one single comment has been posted by you with any positive information. Even if you their is a bit of truth behind what you saying of being an Associate of Global Verge:

    Why would you not go out of your way to see for yourself the phones and all the other products in the Global Verge product line that you as a distributor would be selling?

    Why would you not go ask the questions that you constantly ask Troy to verify?

    Why would you not go to headquarters yourself and then report that you stand corrected the Global Verge is REAL?

    Again the ball is in your court and I keep putting you on the spot regarding your comments. The address of the corporate office has been available to all Global Verge E-Associates. If in fact you were one, I am still under the impression that you would not post the true address of the company because that is what you all about.

    So stand up for the company to you claim to support. Stop living in the problem and become apart of the solution. Global Verge will succeed and alimentary will have a strong, profitable future

  18. GLMA,

    I do respect your position. However, there are still plenty of unanswered questions. Until those questions are answered, people will continue to search for the truth.

    The reality of everything revolves around paying commissions. If commissions are not paid on work performed, then who cares about some vender who can’t supply phones. All that matters now is that GV fixes their issues, stop the HYPE and pays commissions. Once that is done, then we can start looking at everything else.

    Simple but a starting point.

    Never Give Up,


  19. GLMA,

    I hope what you are saying is true. I signed up with GV originally because as a blackberry user who has been getting hosed for years by one of the big providers i wanted to get a phone.

    I became a distributor because i saw a huge potential in bringing this revolutionary new service to the masses and making money doing it.

    Every person i spoke to about it wanted the phone. When July 1 came and went, i did not get nervous because delays are not uncommon with start ups.

    I think Troy has done a very good job of reporting what he hears and sees. I do believe that his heart is in it for the distributors, many of whom are not even aware of all this stuff going on. They are still recruiting people unaware of the behind the scenes happenings. Not everyone is an internet junkie.

    Steve Lewis should never have been brought in as acting CEO, he is a distributor and claims to have more credentials than the real world can show. I’m amazed that they brought him in in the first place.

    I spoke to a major distributor today who has been upbeat throughout this process and he is giving them 2 weeks or he is out. It is reaching the put up or shut up stage as far as the phones go. Either they work or they don’t.

    Last info i heard was that they have to program the sim chips manually until the website that will process the programming online is up and working. The problem is that to do it manually could take months just to get the distributors the phones.

    I was told that when you place the sim chip in your smart phone it will log onto their website and in about 5 minutes you will have a working phone. Once this site is up and running its katy bar the door!

    I have put my recruiting on hold until i see some positive action. The one thing that i have learned in my 15 years of internet marketing is that negative news can turn positive in a matter of hours and vice versa. But, to knowingly ask a person to invest right now just does not sit right with me. To not give the facts about what is happening is just dishonest.

    We live in the information age and we need to understand that it is very hard to fly under the radar anymore. If you did something bad in your past it will come up. If you make false claims it will eventually be exposed. It is how you handle it and how you live your life now, that shows your integrity.

    I would love to see this company fly and so would 40,000 other people.

    Keep the good info coming Troy and i hope that you can log on next week and tell the world that commissions are being paid and the phones do work.


  20. Hey GLMA,

    Wow someone in the company saw the phone work, where have I heard that before??

    Please can you post the address of the MO company headquarters

    Also your little note at the end is nice but you forgot to mention one salient point

    Global verge were once known as E Verge and before that BizzBuzz and on two occasions have signed peopel up without delivering a phone

    You have substantiated nothing but spun the same company rhetoric as the rest of them

  21. Troy,

    Thank you for being honest with all of your readers. For all the doesn’t not know commissions for the month of JUNE has been report that will be paid on Thursday August 13th, 2009. Further more GLOBAL VERGE COMMISSIONS for the month of JULY have been schedules to be paid Monday August 17th, 2009.

    MERCHANT ACCOUNTS: Why we have ONE merchant of our three that is offshore.

    FIRST: The bank in Antigua is a TIER 1 bank aligned with Bank of America and can process millions of dollars per day for GV. This helps us deliver the funds to the correct country and speeds up the process. It is REASSURING to us that their is very long standing relationship with this bank and again its a TIER 1 bank. GLOBAL VERGE also wants everyone to know that it is making sure to follow ALL BANKING LAWS, crossing all T’s and dotting all the I’s

    (Troy’s Response: Go study the federal secrecy laws then talk to me about this bank. Just last year UBS got busted and they were here in the USA. So being a Tier 1 bank in a tax haven, after 9/11 just plain raises flags.)

    SECOND: COO in house council: Craig Perry has announced to all GV members, That he interviewed Mr. Piilani yesterday and his ability to actually watch the phone be programmed with BUZZIRK.

    He made sure he went off premise to make sure he was connecting to Zer01’s signal. He was VERY HAPPY to PROVE that yes the technology works, he made calls with it, further more he could not be happier! He also stated that he filmed part of it, the non proprietary stuff and will post it for all to see!!

    Craig, says there is a HUGE opportunity here, jump in now, or if you want to sit and wait, you are welcome to. Coming in early, like now, you have to be willing to live thru the bumps, but he is very happy to be here, and sees a very bright future with GV!!

    Craig also stated that he understands that some people want to wait, but it is a HUGE step for him, as he knows that the technology works and we SOON will be able to have this in everyone’s hands!

    (Troy’s Response: I appreciate the fact Craig, did this with the phone. And I understand his background is clean. However he is Biased. This should have been done by a non-biased 3rd party form the tech arena. Respectfully, Craig is an attorney, not a professional wireless pro.)

    TED talked about open house weekly at our MO Corp headquarters so people can see the products, meet the staff and see that we are real. Ted wants to be fair and honest with everyone, make sure that they know what our status is, where we are going, and that we are strong as a company, we have a great commission structure, great merchant accounts as well as wonderful vendors with LOTS of products. He also talked about lots of people who have come in and were never told about our other products and if you came in for JUST the phones, then you have options, you can stay and build with the other products, you can put your account on hold for the next 60 days, or you can leave, and come back later.

    (Troy’s Response: Monday’s event will be the start. I hope there are videos from distributors who are there.)

    Mick J. From AU, an investor and how rock solid he is, that although he has been offered a cash out with interest, he does not want it, he sees the future, the huge potential, and is excited. He states that he does want to see more communication from the company.

    MARK Ryder helped to create the Compensation plan, he announced about being able to put a comp plan together that was very fair and equitable, without having to mark products up 200 to 400% to pay “fast start” bonus that less than just a few people will ever make the big money. He wanted to make sure we had a compensation plan that had a base model that allowed folks to start at a very affordable price.

    (Troy’s Response: the comp plan has never been the real issue, although I do have a few little questions. Overall for a forced matrix it will work. But to make sure turn it over to Gerry Nehra and let him analyze it.)

    What this all means is this, if you still think that Global Verge is not for real and does not have a BRICK AND MORTAR location. That is a rumor that is not true at this time. That FACTS ARE HERE IN WRITING FOR ALL TO SEE. RECORDING’S ABOUT THIS INFORMATION WILL BE RELEASED THIS WEEK.

    (Troy’s Response: When a recording is available then I will listen with an open view, and report on what is said.)

    So do not miss out on your chance to bury all these rumors. I have posted in my comments above the time, date, location, and contact phone number, and directions to where you can have a look for yourself.

    We all know that looking is not enough so go touch and feel it. Taste the water, see if it even tastes good. Ask every question that you want to ask about the comp plan. Over complication it if you feel necessary. This is why the meetings are here to stay and Global Verge is here to stay.


    (Troy’s response: Global Verge did not set the above record. And MySmartNetworker in 2002 signed 70,000 reps in 30-days, and were out of business less than two years later. Signing people up, when you have not charged their card, doesn’t mean a thing. Let me know the numbers once all the cards have been correctly charged, and the commissions are run.

    If you don’t want people coming after GV then stop HYPING the facts.)

  22. GLMA,

    I’m not sure if you wrote this at me, or someone else. But you do bring up some good points.

    I am in the 3rd group…. I’ve been scratching my head everyday over tis saga for the last three months.

    But you left out the fourth kind of person… “The one who manipulates what happens.”

    I’ve been very careful to walk the find line between reality and fantasy in this situation, and will not guarantee in every case I have know which was which. However, I am not sure even Mark and Ted can tell on some days.

    I do know there have been several people hiding behind their alter egos, with hidden agendas. Some I am sure were with other companies hoping to lure some disgruntaled distributors their direction, which is typical of some folks.

    And I think there are some within GV who had their own agendas.

    However, none of this takes away from the cold hard facts that most of what has taken place was done from mismanagement, half truths, out right lies, and most of all, the silence from the FOUNDERS. Trust is always broken when communication is brakes down.

    I perosonally believe when Mark’s past was brought front and center had he addressed it (like the founder of Metabolife did a when asked on national TV is it true you were convicted of selling cocain?”) then some of this would not have gone as far as it has. I also think had Ted stepped in to show his support of his friend and take the helm of the companie as awkward as it may have been for him, then even more of this would not have become an issue.

    But, when the founders of the company put someone else out front who doesn’t have the loyalty or fully understand the history or the future of the company, then very quickly fantasy and reality get blurred, and trust is broken.

    I know I piss people off in both camps, and I have had folks from both sides say “Where do you stand? Are you for us or against us?” Well, I’m for the distributors.

    If Global Verge (I don’t care about Zer01 or Buzzirk, people did not join those companies) is legit, then the distributors need to be paid. If Global Verge is a scam, then ALL monies need to be refunded and all parties involved need to be prosecuted.

    And for the record I own a large amount of radio stock in the world’s most positive radio network… Ratings are about the truth, not a negative or positive slant. It negative news is what brings in ratings, then we would see a whole lot more liberal radio shows on the air.

    Thank you for your straightforward comment.

    Never give Up,


    I do agree there has been some very negative press over this sage. But

  23. And on a final note GMLA

    There are only really two kinds of people

    Honest and Dishonest, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take a degree to work out where we fall in those categories.

  24. Hey GLMA

    I’m throwing them under the bus that’s a laugh, the fact they have no offices, no patents, the company is run by a felon, half of management just quit, the money is being processed offshore, the award was rescinded after the company failing to provide a working model, Ben P has lied about his credentials, no commissions have been paid for two months do you want me to continue or should we come to your snake oil convention instead.

    Give it up


    Please forward to everyone!!!!!

    Kansas City Global Verge
    Opportunity Meeting

    Every Monday in Aug-Sept 7:30PM

    Special Guest Next Monday


    Co-Founder Mark Petschel

    Will Have Phones, Air to water Machines, Power saves and ect.

    American Royal
    1701 American Royal Ct.
    Kansas City, MO 64102

    All E-associates $5.00, all Guests Free

    Bring Everybody You Know,

    Take Advantage of this opportunity to see and touch the products and start building your team!!

    Doors open 6:45

    From the Northwest (St. Joseph): Take I-29 South to 169 South (over Broadway Bridge) to I-35 South to 12th Street. Exit and turn right, ½ mile to Genesee, turn left at Genesee, Follow Kemper Arena signs.
    From the Northeast (Iowa, Liberty, MO)
    Take I-35 South into Kansas City to the 12th Street Exit. Exit at the Wyoming,/Genesee/Kemper Arena Exit. Exit and turn right, ½ mile to Genesee, turn left at Genesee. Go to “T” veer left and immediately stay right. Turn right and park in parking lot B

    From the West:
    Take I-70 East to I-670 East, exit at Genesee and turn right. Go to “T” veer left and immediately stay right. Turn right and park in parking lot B

    From the East:
    Take I-70 West to I-670 West, exit at Wyoming,/Genesee/Kemper Arena exit. Turn left on Genesee. Go to “T” veer left and immediately stay right. Turn right and park in parking lot B

    From the South:
    Take I-35 North to I-670 West, exit at Wyoming,/Genesee/Kemper Arena exit. Turn left on Genesee. Go to “T” veer left and immediately stay right. Turn right and park in parking lot B

    After parking in parking lot B
    Enter north entrance of American Royal building and go to office at left and follow signs

    Please arrive 30 minutes early to allow some time for parking and Registration.
    Meeting starts promptly at 7:30

    American Royal
    1701 American Royal Ct.
    Kansas City, MO 64102

    Sponsored By: Bill Miller cell: 816-335-5821

  26. NGSI,

    For someone that claim to be backing GV 100% you really do spend alot of your time throwing GV under the bus. So far, anything that you have been mentioning about GV have not been true. Further more if there was the slightest bit of truth behind it, I really don’t think that you care.

    I really don’t think that you will ever come here to suit up and shut up. To report any truth any GV. Let’s be honest with Troy and with you NGSI. If it wasn’t for the rating that you are provide with all of this propaganda on GV you would not be report the truths. As adults most of us know that Negativity is the LOUDEST radio station on the radio. No matter how much truth their is behind the negativity.

    So if you would to make a professional opinion on where Global Verge stood most of us that have been tracking this SAGA would all agree that GV would have to release some very big ANNOUNCEMENTS with in the next two week. Those announcements are all in the back office and scheduled. Needless to say everyone is very aware that something must be done.

    Even still, with this information, there are going to be 3 Types of People:
    – Those who make it happen
    – Those who watch it happen
    – Those who wind up scratching their heads thinking, “what happened?”

  27. ROFLOL…

    If Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis and their crew have been recruiting for another company then two things need to happen…. First Global Verge Founders and all parties involved need to file huge criminal charges.

    Second… I would want to know the name of the new company because I will perosnally expose those facts.

    I know you said “what if” but if it is true, I want the facts. As a matter of fact if the facts are good, NGSI and I may team up and write the screen play and shop it around 🙂

    Never Give Up,


  28. NGSI,

    We fully agree on one specific point (and many others over the last few weeks) That when a respected 3rd party from the tech arena validates that the Sim Chips and technology are truly working and part of a brand new method of wireless delivery via cell phones, then like you I will gladly eat crow and will give as much energy promoting the technology as I have in questioning it.

    However, that has nothing to do with the drama we have seen unfold at Global Verge over the last few months, and there still needs to be some accountability on those issues.

    If this turns out to be a true MLM Scam as it looks to those of us on the outside, then ALL money’s need to be refunded and the company closed down. If we are wrong and this is not a MLM Scam, then commissions need to be paid to those who have earned them.

    Never Give Up,


  29. Mike

    I’ll be here till it ends!

    I have a lot of foolish pride to contend with that’s my agenda, it’s certainly nothing to do with any other mlm garbage(no disrespect Troy ).

    But more to the point I couldn’t care if Steve and Teresa were secret agents for the Iranian government, it’s all a carefully orchestrated pile of steaming horseshit, first Mark P had to step down and now the top brass were secretly recruiting for someone else, yeah right! what does this mean well no ones getting paid that’s for sure and no one has a phone.

    I’ll happily eat crow when a third party has verified the technology works and it’s on sale to the general public not that much to ask for is it.

    But so far it’s all been bull, lies and a bit of cunning deception just to keep it juicy.

    And GMLA, the burden of proof is for you to prove that the facts are wrong feel free to start at any time.

    The more I look at the people defending this the more I realise how greed corrupts the weak.

  30. Well for someone who Nearly Got Sucked In…. you seem to stick around. Maybe you should change your name to HG… Hired Gun because thats what you are.

    What If I told you Steve and Teressa were recruiting for another company and got exposed? Truth will be told and the saga will make a great move some day. Every see the Microsoft movie and the tensions between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

    Fact is GV can not keep extending this another few months….. I would say they would be very hard pressed to keep most distributors if they cant pay commissions or produce phones this month.

    Can you relax for a week or tow? If not then you certainly have an agenda in hand.


  31. GMLA
    I was in GV thats’ a fact, I am 150% certainly not a competitor that’s also a fact, I can go on with plenty more facts but it’s pointless now only the foolish are buying this good luck as they say there’s one born every minute.

  32. Jeff,

    I have received a copy of the call and will post it later this morning for all to hear.

    Never Give Up,


  33. NGSI,

    You can’t be in Global Verge, there is no way that you could off enrolled in this company. You have to be apart of the competitors. I mean really now you are the only one on hear that is really trying to ruin the reputation of global verge. Further more don’t you have anything else to do but make up rumor that is 100% not true. If there is anything that you can say about the company that is even remotely true then great i will love to keep reading.

    There has been meetings and announcements already in place and there are being done for Global Verge Reps. Everyone within the company. Commission Schedules for payments have been released. and the technology is VERY VERY REAL. It Works people !!!! So What Global Verge started off with a bumpy start.

    Public Release will start Monday August 10, 2009
    Opportunity Meeting
    Special Guest Next Monday

    Co-Founder Mark Petschel
    Will Have Phones, Air to water Machines, Power saves and ect.

    American Royal
    1701 American Royal Ct.
    Kansas City, MO 64102

    All E-associates $5.00, all Guests Free

    You want to see these products in action and point to bed all of the non sense get to this meeting and stop it with all the excuses. Have a look for your own two eyes….

  34. Troy,
    I was on that triple diamond call tonight and it is in fact true. Steve Lewis and Teresa and Henchy are all gone. Craig Perry is still there.

    Steve Lewis ran the call and announced they were resigning Friday, but Global Verge fired them and all the people they brought in today.

    He said all the support people they hired are gone and there is only 5 people running global verge right now. He also stated that he doubts if commissions will get paid next week like promised.

    I feel sorry for the thousands of people that with good intentions joined global verge hoping to be part of the next generation of mobile service. I strongly believe that the technology will be launched, just not by global Verge or ZER01.

    After i hung up from the call, i immediately contacted my small but well intentioned downline and informed them of what i heard. Be aware that i am not a triple diamond but was able to get on because a triple diamond gave me the number.

    It was a short call but it was quite an eye opener. All of the GV reps still defending them are big players with a lot to lose. It is a shame but Troy you did a great job of keeping these guys honest and exposing what may be the biggest MLM scam of 2009.


  35. Troy, can you confirm this information about Theresa and Steve, are you going to do a video?

  36. Mike

    Why exactly would we care, it doesn’t matter if they are the same person, 3 people or 100 different people it doesn’t change the fact there is no phone, no patents, no trademarks, no offices, the award was rescinded, the money is being charged offshore, there is at least 1 felon running a compnay that have pulled the same trick at least twice.

    So sorry I am really not sure what point you are trying to make indicating Bob Sterling is someone, we’ve been down the competitor route many times and GV have had ample opportunity to silence everyone by producing one of the magic 12 phones in the field but has it happened has it F**K

    Look I’m sorry your not going to be the Donald trump of the cellular world but give it up please.

  37. Mike,

    Now this does bring up and interesting point. Just maybe we can do a little snooping around and see if we can find out who the real culprit is. Sometimes I have wondered if it wasn’t someone from the inside who did not want to see Global Verge make it. Now, I am not a conspiracy expert, but with this saga nothing would surprise me.

    Never Give Up,


  38. NGSI,

    I have been out most of the day at the beach. Let me make some calls.

    OK, I just listened to a call with Steve Lewis, Warren hanchey and Teresa Curtis, and they have either been fired or resigned. I think that will be debatable for years to come.

    Never Give Up,


  39. Troy can you confirm

    Newwwwwwwsssss Flashhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    Holy sh!@t! Just Got Off A Private Call…712.432.7604 Pin 88888…at 8pm Today….with Steve Lewis & Terressa, Both Declaring Global Verge A Scam, They Have Been Fired And No Longer Represent The Company. Global Verge Is Falling, Here We Go….this Is A Scam, They Were All In It Together…….mark, Ben, Steve, Terressa, Bob, All Of Them…

    I Defended Gv To The Last…but No More…it’s All Over Folks, You Said It…ding Dong The Witch Is Dead…the Wicked Gv Witch Is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. OK… I’ll keep this as short as I can…. For all you real Geniuses out there who love to do investigative research…. Let’s check out who Bob Sterling Aka Wayene Tiddington and jdSullivan really is…. LOOK AT THE POST BELOW. Look at the phone numbers… do you see any similarities? Look at the websites and check it out for yourself. Google their names. This person in mY opinion is a hired gun to spreak crap and rumors on the internet

    ATTN: LAPTOP MAG…. If you have any integrity at all may I suggest that the moderator remove any and all of the post by Wayne! Alternatively… do a story on his how as a hired gun his job is to do what he does best… spread lies and rumours. I belive that is slander and is worth legal action.

    My attorney is JD Sullivan and his email address is, he is looking for a half dozen others to join with us in a Class Action Lawsuit….once lawsuit is filed the attorney will force them through discovery to open up their records so all past people who bought these so called memberships and services can be contacted in regards to the Class Action Lawsuit…..

    Bob Sterling



  41. Kathleen

    Why are you calling yourself Glenn? Because Troy posts facts is not catering to any side, I mean it’s not like he is changing his name now isn’t it what could possibly be achieved about posting false information now??

  42. Glenn,

    You have an interesting perspective. Since I posted the whole call I am not sure how you decide this is just one-sided. I do ask some very pointed questions, and we have shown some pretty have facts.

    If you have any validated information to share please do, I have no problem posting the info, if people are willing to stand behind what they say.

    I do appreciate your insight.

    Never Give Up,


  43. Mike,

    Do you know which post your were commenting on? I do not have any comments waiting for approval.

    This one posted without any issues.

    Never Give Up,


  44. Wow, i have seen one-sided… and i’ve seen One-Sided- but i’ve never seen ONE-SIDED like this before. You want to keep people informed- then Inform then. Stop hiding behind the “this is for your information/I’m smarter than you/I know better than you” platform- tell both sides of the story (and there always is another side) and let intelligent readers decide for themselves. Keep catering to the likes of “NGSI” and you’re going to lose what little credibility you’ve earned to this point.

  45. Julie,

    I personally do not see that anything you post should be criticized. We all know that facts can change daily. Once day a personal is seen as the scoundrel, then next day they are the hero.

    Don’t ever feel like you can’t post. And by the way there are many great GV reps who still read and like you are waiting for a good outcome.

    Never Give Up,


  46. Excellent investigation and documentation by Troy and MLM Help Desk.

    The probability for future performance, integrity and delivery of promises can measured by past performance, reputation and documentation of successful implementation in past endeavors. Facts and history are just that, it is what it is. Stephen Lewis loudly complains that the ‘investigative reporters’ keep finding inaccurate negative information and broadcasting it. Perhaps the problem is that investigative reporters do not necessarily have any ‘pre-determined’ agendas to fill, the information that is found, is the information that is found. Period. When it is even documented with ‘personal testimony’ in addition to documents. Makes it stick.

    Now for someone who has owned 8 MLM companies in the past, currently top distributor in 3 companies, has some 15 consulting companies that service some 40 companies in the Industry that all this extremely strong background is NOT documented some place. Certainly the Lewis/Curtis Team would have documentation about past success, testimonials and something positve to look at to make this ‘story’ believable. The fact that negative information, complaints and the like is all that can be found and the lack of any historical data on the Internet, even in the Wayback Machine that would subtantiate the Lewis/Curtis claims or story would certainly counteract all the negatives…..

    Once Troy is able to get the pictures of Steve and Teresa posted I suspect all the highly successful MLM people this couple have helped and enriched in their past businesses will come forward with their positive testimonials. To be fair, we need to hear from those folks.

  47. Julie

    Only the certifiably insane could be pro global verge at this point but hey it’s all a big conspiracy isn’t it all those pesky competitors spreading lies and rumours on the net. LOL

  48. Just in case there are any pro-GlobalVerge associates that still come to this site – I wanted to offer a word of encouragement as I am pro-GV.

    Here’s a quote from Mahatma Ghandi –
    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    I realize that by posting this here, I will also very likely be criticized, but I did want to encourage GV associates who may be discouraged by all the “stuff” flying around the internet – there is hope and I have no doubt we will win!

    Never giving up!
    Julie Larson

  49. Got this email from Global Verge this morning.
    Pretty sad when it has to digress to this level of trying to understand
    WHAT is really going on.

    Dear E-Associates:

    Tomorrow at 10:00 am PST I am meeting with Zer01’s president. I have permission to record the conversation. I am going to post the interview for you this week.

    I am writing this email to give all of you the opportunity to send me your pertinent questions. I think that I know what most of your questions are, but I am always amazed at the quality of input I receive from the field.

    So this is your chance…your chance to hear things straight from Ben Piilani himself. Given the misinformation swirling out there, he is ready to set the record straight. He was very willing to sit down with and show me how the phone works, talk about the technology, and answer questions.

    I’m bracing for your emails…send them to I’ll cover as many of them with him as I can with him.

    Craig Perry, Esq.
    Chief Operating Officer
    Globalverge Inc.

  50. Thanks for the detective work, Troy. I was going to add Global Verge to my portfolio. I’m just wondering, though, is the company part of Global Verge? They’re free but I want to dissociate with anything that may be suspected not legit so as to preserve my credibility.

  51. Thanks for another informative post Troy, let’s hope for a happy ending for all the distributors involved.internet marketing now a days is very rampant when marketing a products this help in promotion in your business.

  52. Hey what about selling the script to NBC or better yet lets get cameras and follow Theresa and Steve around and make a reality TV Show.

    Seriously, this is sad that so many people have had their hopes up only to be scammed. These scammers should not be allowed to breath the same air that decent people breathe.

  53. I smell a tv movie of the week! I mean really, who could think this stuff up? It really is larger than life.

    Thanks for another informative post Troy, let’s hope for a happy ending for all the distributors involved.


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