Breaking MLM Wireless News Is Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis Talking Out Both Sides Of His Mouth

Breaking MLM News February 18, 2010: Former Global Verge CEO & CFO Break Their Silence!

Now I know that tonight’s headline comes on strong, so before everyone starts sending emails and making comments, I challenge you to listen to each recording, read the questions I ask, then decide what you think.

This week Global Verge held a Triple Silver call where Steve Lewis the new CEO (according to him), shared the following information. I have added the call in its entirety so there is no question on the context in which it section was spoken.

Ok, let’s get into the meat of this post.

Who is the New Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis?

Every legitimate MLM CEO I know or who I have read about has a bio which is published on the company site. And at the very least you will find it floting around the MLM profession.


Where is the proof of who Steve Lewis really is?
What are the names of the 8 former MLMs he owned?
What are the names of the 15 current companies he currently purports to own?

How Many Global Verge Distributors are really in the company?

Below is a paragraph from a current email sent from

From: GlobalVerge []
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 5:44 PM
To: (Edited to protect MLM Help Desk Reporter)
Subject: Global Verge Update 7-21-09

All e-Associates:
Last week we sent you a notification stating that our commission run has been delayed for seven to ten days. Once again, this is a result of the phenomenal volumes generated by the almost 30,000 people that you (as a team) brought into the business in one month. (highlighted by MLM Help Desk) We are working feverishly to get everything aligned so that you are all paid appropriately.”


Who’s lying… The Global Verge Staff member, or Steve Lewis?

On that note who is really lying to the field?


What company launches without Policies & Procedures (guidelines) in place? Especially a company which is close to a year old? And whose founders have been trying to launch for three years?
If you can’t rely on the word of the corporate officers, then who’s word are you to rely on?
Since no one is really lying, yet no one knows what the guidelines are, then who do you go to for answers?
If the company was not planning on the field hitting critical mass so quick, why have they always talked about being a billion dollar company?
If the company is still being overwhelmed, then how in the same breach can the company be ready?

Why hasn’t credit cards been charged and commissions paid? Is this another lie, or a “not really” because 10 people whispered to each other until they got to Steve Lewis?

A little over a week ago, Steve Lewis said they would be starting to charge this week. Now he (THE CEO) doesn’t know when they will start charging?

Attention… This email just in!

“From: GlobalVerge
Date: Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 10:05 PM
Subject: Global Verge CC Processing Update

All e-Associates:

We are pleased to announce our merchant processing integration is completed and charges are starting to process now under out larger expanded accounts.

What this will mean for everyone is that you will see charges on your credit card for any original June/July order or autoship starting from June 5th. In some cases you will see both June and July charged to your card.”

Now that is a GREAT UPDATE!

OK, now let’s look at this scheme to collect CASH for the phones instead of running them through the corporate merchant accounts.

Now, Steve Lewis just stated they only have 130 phones (Apple sold 1 mmillion 3G iPhones in 3 days in june, how is zer01 or Buzzirk ever going to get JUST their field force outfitted with phones if new reps are still coming in at 500 to 1000 per day?)

Here is the issue I have with what Steve just said. His statement is he does not want to overwhelm their new processors. Yet in the above audio he states there are over $3,000,000,000 dollars in pending charges waiting to be processed.

Well, if all he has is 130 phones and if they were $600 each (price of original iPhones), that will only be an additional $78,000. That is not going to “overwhelm” a processor or group of processors doing $3,000,000,000.


How long are the processors holding the processed charges before they release to Global Verge checking accounts?
Is the first 15% to 25% of the charges going into reserve accounts to offset charge backs?
Why would the phones not be bought directly through the “private distributor” account of Buzzirk Mobile and delivered from Zer01 like other cell phone companies?
Is Buzzirk Wireless on a COD with Zer01, before Zer01 will delivedr phones or Sim Chips?

OK, now on to the New PR Firm for Global Verge. What legitimate company does not announce who their PR Firm is… Or worse yet, states “we have PR firms, then gives just the first name of one person?


Who is, or who are the PR folks handling things for Global Verge?
Why is Steve Lewis so worried about his field force calling to verify what he tells them?

Now, let’ switch gears and look at something very interesting. Steve Lewis starts talking about all the other products of Global Verge. On the surface this is not out of the ordinary for a CEO to chat about. EXCEPT, 30,000 to 40,000 people did not sign up for those products they signed up for Buzzirk Mobile (Which by the way has been removed from the Global Verge Website… WHY?)

But wait a second listen to this next audio.


Why bring in another new CEO?
Why bring in a “Dr” Scientist, if your main product is someone else’s cell service?
Who is Warren Hanchey (In my video I called him Wayne, that is my mistake)?
Is this the same Warren Hanchey who owns ZeroQuantum LLC8ight?
Is this the same Warren Hanchey who had issues at LightWave?

Since Steve Lewis would not tell folks how to spell the name who knows. Bus since Steve is all of a sudden talking up the other products it does make you wonder whats really going on.

Here is part of the recording where Steve Lewis talks about the commissions and when they are paying them out.

Although Steve Lewis has stated publicly that less than 700 people out of 40,000 have quit the company. There is no way to verify that information until the commission run is done and money flows to distributors.

I can say that Global Verge has given the distributors a chance to cancel their autoships before the cards were ran this week. This is a very positive move on their part.

Next week I’ll update on the commissions as word comes in.

Why would the CEO of Global Verge take on ACN, without first making sure his info was accurate?

Here is the link to the J.D. Sullivan’s company IGONet.

False accusations against a company like ACN could cause more trouble than Global Verge has currently.

ACN, really is a multi-million dollar corporation, with real offices and high priced attorneys.

In closing here is the link to the complete Triple Diamond Call. Please feel free to listen, to make sure I did not take anything out of context.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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