Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Wins Judgement Against Zer01 and Ben Piilani

Today, I had the opportunity to catch Brian Hardy of Marquis & Aurbach, the attorney of record for Global Verge, at his office. Mr. hardy has just gotten back from court, where his client Global Verge was awarded $43,981,313.00 in their lawsuit against Zer01.

I also had the privilege of meeting Ted Robbins for the first time over the phone.

Ted and I had a great conversation. He explained how frustrated, no down right angry he was at some of the things we had posted, and he was not sure he could trust me. Which if I were in his shoes I would probably feel the same way.

Long story short, by the end of the call, he agreed to an in-depth interview in the next week or so, and I agreed to do a five part series on Global Verge today.

Over the next few days I will go through all the old posts and find the important issues and see if we can get answers as to how those concerns have been addressed.

What I would like to ask right now is for current Global verge E-Associates to comment on this post and share with us any concerns you have which may need to be address.

I would also like current Global verge associates to share what they like about Global Verge. Tell us why you have stuck it out, and how you feel you have grown personally though all of this craziness.

Now there are two specific points I do want to clear up, which Brain Hardy and ted Robbins addressed on our call.

1. I and others across the net have alluded to the fact, by using an offshore processor, Global Verge and their owners “might” be stashing money in offshore tax havens, in case Global Verge went down. Ted and Brian were very clear, NO MONEY has ever been deposited offshore. All money was deposited in US banks, specifically BOA (Bank of America).

2. Ted Robbins also made it very clear, that through two of their business lawyers, they have addressed all complaints filed with the Attorney General’s office.

I am looking forward to talking with Ted and even Mark on the past, present and future of Global verge.

Stay tuned for the up coming series.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Troy Dooly

Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals

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Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals

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113 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Wins Judgement Against Zer01 and Ben Piilani

  1. Hopeful Wireless MLMer,

    Global Pros is still an upstart company. Until I see policies, terms and compensation plans, I really do not have anything to say. However, their leadership have reached out on several occasions to talk and share their vision.

  2. hopeful, Wireless MLMer,

    First of all explain what the term "I hear they suck" means.

    Second, go read all the reviews we have done on the company, and then ask specific questions.

    Not to sound short, but the phrase you use is ambiguous at best. I think McDonalds sucks, but they are the #1 fast food chain in the world. Apple Evangelists think Microsoft sucks, but they are the #1 software company in the world. Some folks think Wal-Mart sucks, but they are the #1 discount retailer in the world. See what I mean?

    Get specific, then I can answer your questions.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  3. GVT,

    Get your info straight about Global Pros. It is not free to sign up. Stop saying things that are not true. You will only be hurting us all.

    I'm with GP so I know the information.

    I don't know who your leader is but make sure you're getting the right info before you start throwing things out there.

    Call me if you are not working directly with anyone.

    626 539-2570

  4. Troy,

    How do you feel about Global Pros? This company seems to have all their ducks in order from what I hear.

    Been looking every to see if I find any negativity and non thus far.

  5. I have been with Global Verge since June 1, 2009. I am EXTREMELY proud to be a founding member and leader of Global Verge and it broke my heart to see so many people accusing this company of wrong-doing.

    I have nothing but complete respect for Ted Robbins and Mark Petchel. They have been stellar throughout this entire mess and still kept going wearing their hearts on their sleeves and smiles on their faces. They were accused of things that just were NOT true and they remained focused on the future and never waivered.

    I have been paid every month…in fact I was paid more than I should have been last summer because they felt they owed us a reward for going through that mess with them. We have amazing products and the compensation plan is a true masterpiece.

    I left another telecom company to join Global Verge….and it was definitely the best decision I have ever made. There is no way that company can hold a candle to what we have here.

    There is NO other company on the planet that offers what we offer. This company has a heart and soul like no other. Ted and Mark have an incredible passion and vision for the future of this great company and to know them is to love them. It is a family here and there is no place I would rather be, than here at Global Verge.

    People are FLOCKING to this company and I hate to see anyone get left behind on what we have to offer.

    Malinda Winn 941-219-4304

  6. GVT it is not free signup at GlobalPros. Signup is not even open as of yet. And when it is opened it will not be free. Please, do not spread false propaganda. It hurts the credibility of everyone that is trying to build a business.

  7. hey mikeymo, News Flash. GV reps have EVO's in hand, oh yea 7 days from the release of the hottest phone in the marketplace, GV reps have them, also at an unlimited supply. I guess Sprint didn't cut GV off after all. mikeymo, read your comments above, you are an idiot. The GV koolaid is tasting better and better these days. HA!

    Real Source

  8. plus $39 of the membership $119 this global verge deal is a joke you are over paying and just wait august 1 sprint unlimited averithing and tethering $69 is oficial like I said never put all your eggs in one basket we expect a wireless war coming I learn the hard way on my own store with the first company the lunch unlimetd talk and text 3 years ago before boost, powerlink and boost kill our deals and we lost alot money thats why I believe globalpros wil be number one on this war 30 deal with diferent mvno and the 4 carriers lunching agreements in 4 countries cheaper than every body, 3×10 matrix wahu and you can sign up for free and still make money global verge can't compare

  9. DON'T FORGOT :good job guys we need to say the thruth avery day until this real source or wherever guy is because new people can be ripoof again with this hype of evo phone fact avery corporate and stores can order the evo after lunch delay. not just global trash and don’t forgot all the victims from the past if you hype and lie just to make money what you expect from the future from thoes guys even if they are shiping some phones just to recrute more victims stay with the thruth y Im one of thoes victims that oredered a NEW PHONE and after 2 months I got a refurbished phone instead and also diferent model and a scratch sim card with global mobil one on the top and I paid for the activation $9.99 and never got my service plus the phone after 1 month didnt work no more, and there are many like me do your math what did they did with thoes funds may be paying the lawyers they use to file a lawsuite to zero 1

  10. Hi Real Source,

    Boy I like your style! the lawsuit has been filed and we will see how long people helping themselves stay open………….stay tuned.

  11. mikeymo, truth hurts buddy, I'm just keeping it real. Everything I have posted has happened, and is the truth.

    Real Source.

  12. Hey Ricky, it's a good thing I don't believe all the BS that's on the internet, sorry for your luck. It's been 2 weeks and we're still alive and kicking. Phone sales are rolling, recruiting is way up, and a ton of reps are ordering the new EVO. How's that People helping themselves going for ya.

    Real Source.

  13. mikeymo, you must be an idiot, and probably working a job everyday instead of building a business. A JOB is not in my vocabulary, son. GV has been paying on the 15th of every mo like clockwork, you just need to bring in 3 members and teach them to do the same. GV has had phones since March 31st, on their Sprint members only plan $79.99 unlimited everything, and retailing phones since May 1st. There are thousands of reps and customers that have bought phones in the last couple mos, and on Friday we were able to order the new EVO so yes i'm sure you will be seeing some youtube videos out there, but hey you could always pay that membership and get yourself one at a GV wholesale price, or just go to the store and sign that 2 year contract and pay that higher price with taxes/fees. mikeymo always obliged to get you up to speed on things. I know it's hard when you have to work a JOB everyday.

    Real Source

  14. John, how ya feeling about people helping themselves now? Good luck building the matrix with vitamins.

    Real Source

  15. If you're starting a wireless company of your own, why would you even bother spending so much time talking to and interviewing Ted Robbins about GV??

  16. Dude if you were standing in front of me after saying this i wold probably have to hurt you! your brainwashed.

  17. Get your EVo yet? LOL!

    I challenge you to make a yotube video of your phone in action. NEVER will happen son.

    But there is a big shipment of water machines coming in. while ur waiting for your huge commissions on phones u can sell a few water machines to keep you busy.

    Bro if you spent half of your time working a real job rather then pushing this company you would have made your second income. It called a second job. Not looking to crush your dream. i am just pointing out obvious fact that you cant see. you are blinded by the GV Bull**** . GV hasn't done anything in over a year. that is a fact. The only reason you continue to push is either your stupid or you have group in your downline you are feeding a line to.

    There is no HW to be done with GV. Its been dead for almost a year now. Knock yourself out., Ill sit back and watch this whale of an opportunity pass me by. oh well.

    dont forget you still dont have a phone yet! They are coming really soon. just hang in there. Like the last email says dont forget to pay your Autoship!!!LOL Sucker boy.

  18. John, if you just wanted to build a matrix you should've stayed in GV, atleast now you would've been able to buy and sell phones for a profit, and as of today, order your new HTC EVO, that's right, GV reps are ordering the new HTC EVO.

    Instead, you just joined a version of what GV was a year ago, hype on get in now, the matrix is filling, phones are coming. So John when will you be able to sell a phone, and make a profit?

    You are going to hear over the next few mos it's coming, it's coming.

    Real Source.

  19. good luck HAha ha aaa!! theres better deal out there that this scam clowns who cares about water machines you can google an get better deal on phones prices and you don't have to pay a membership if you want a solid company you better check global pros you can signup for free and still make money on your costumers if you want a solid income 3 x 10 matrix they have tmobile for $49.99 unlimited data,text and talk can you beat that and one more verizon for $59 and sprint $59 as well but nice try I was there too and was only about 65 people so don't hype

  20. I was in a Global Verge corporate meeting last night near Seattle. Of the 100 or so people in the room about half had working Global Verge Phones and at least two had Water Machines… so I don't think GV can be accused of not providing product anymore. There were several Triple Diamond e-associates there as well… some of whom said they were making really good commissions and huge shares of the bonus pools. I'm totally willing to give them a shot.

  21. I was checking on my ticket with Global Verge, HEK-322973 which I submitted last week after talking to someone at the headquarters. They own me commissions for June and July and the auto response to the ticket I submitted has a password and my login to view my ticket. Well when I use the login and password it gives me a message "you have to login to view this page". I mention in the above ticket and the new one I submitted that I was going to report it on MLM HelpDesk. So what part of "you owe me" don't they understand!1

  22. Hey Phil just Listen to you, your a very sick person man!

    Listen to yourself man! Your so desperate you can’t find any more words to say but the Lords name. Your so weak of a man. And no, I’m not upset with you because your the kind of person no man wants here want to be like, and that is YOU! You Scum Bag, The Scum Of This Earth!! How does it feel to be hated by so many people Phil?? It hurts ha?? Do you cry at night Phil? I think Not because YOU HAVE NO Heart! If you did you get out of DNA!!

    Your so so Selfish Phil that this will be the Death Of You! Ha! Phil Piccolo The Scum Of Mother Earth! NO One here likes you Phil, so why don’t you go hide under your rock in your back yard! Don’t let the bed bugs bit you.

    This is going to haunt you till you die man. So your right, keep on saying your prayers because I’m sure that NO Man here wants to work, see you and let alone hear you!

    Your causing the DEATH OF DNA! Not to mention the cheep flea market stuff anyone can by at the flea market. Magnets, Magic potions & lotions and youth drinks that Snapple sells.

    May The Lord Help You Phil !

  23. globalvisionteam, obviouslly your not up on things, i'm not talking about Sprint's $69 plan which will end up more than the $84.50 your talking about, I'm talking about Sprint's $99.99 Unlimited Everything Talk/Text/Internet plus taxes and fees and any apps you may download. Our GV member only Sprint plan is $79.99 flat, Everything Included no extra charges, no contract, no taxes, no credit check, so try and go to the Sprint store and get that deal. I guess you also didn't realize we have retail plans we are selling as well. Plan A (Verizon) $49.99 unlimited talk/text and Plan B (Sprint) $49.99 unlimited talk/text and yes we get awesome commissions from the sale of phones and the monthly residuals. So keep bashing GV all you want, but they're not going anywhere. As far as Global Pros goes, if Greco is involved, I'll say my prayers for you now. Real Source

  24. Well True Source let me update you with some facts. People Helping People,Inc. just put 8000 plus people in their company in the first 24 hours of enrollment,does GV even have that many members now ?Of course not and I personally have twice the organization after one day of enrollment in People Helping People,Inc. than I had in 6 months with GV.The unending rush of people who understand and have taken part in this new record in the Industry is catapulting People Helping People into the forefront of MLM.I thank God for GV because without their incompetence there might never have been a record setting company like People Helping People,Inc.

  25. They have not refunded me or anyone on my team. I personally think these 2 clowns are just great scammers. All some and mirrors.

  26. they lied and they will lie again good luck with you deal that you have to be a member and order to have a service righ now I can go directly with sprint and have everithing for $84.50 tax incluided HAHAHAHA or better go to global pros they have tmobile for $49.99 inlimited everithing and you can signup for free I bet you did know that? and just to confirm why don't send to trou all thoes emails from the people that you refund his money All Mark and Ted,Ruth,Jim hellman had to say was, “Well we don’t have a product yet but we hope it’s coming.” Instead they LIED and said they were talking on ZER01 phones THAT NEVER EXISTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. John, don't be like others, that have jumped ship to the next deal, and bash GV about not getting paid. John, noone is disputing the problems they had in the past, but these guys have worked thru it, and have been doing everything they can to right any wrong. GV has been doing some great things, and now are starting to roll. I have seen many people get paid any money they were due. John, instead of writing about it, pick up the phone tomorrow and call customer service, state your facts on what you think your owed and they will make good on it, if it's deserved. I know for a fact that GV has refunded many people, and those same people disputed charges, and they received refunds plus kept the refund check from GV, so in those cases who was stealing from who. It's kind of ironic John, you and all those people that left GV mos ago, to go with Frank's deal, if you just wanted to join a matrix you should've stayed right where you were with GV, just think if all you guys had stayed in and each sponsored 3 members, you probably would have a full matrix and you now would have some awesome phones on a kick ass members plan for $79.99 unlimited everything and receiving commissions on all the phone sales, and the monthly residual, and John you don't have to get 10 customers to get paid, good luck with that. Atleast one thing hasn't changed, your still hearing those famous words "it's coming soon, it's coming soon, since February huh. Real Source

  28. "I finally got a loose Sim Card that had the branding painted over in an plain envelope from Global Mobile"

    But they have already explained away that the fault is in their software; all web orders had to be manually re-typed in another software, and besides, their software lacked tracking nymbers, so, when they shipped 50 phones, their software whas fuzzy what phones where shipped to who, when…

    They hired business consultants who told them "amazing" things about how to do Orders Processing.

    They explained that the whole December-February Global Mobile One bungle had been a "learning experience" !

  29. mikeymo, man you did get an F on your homework assignment. I guess you were skipping class, when they covered the part that GV's member only plan is directly with Sprint, so yes mikeymo, we have the Samsung Moment, HTC Hero, HTC Touch Pro II, and a boatload of other kick ass smart phones, and yes we get to order the new EVO, and it doesn't cost GV a dime. On our members plan with Sprint we place an order from our backoffice, and the order goes from GV directly to Sprint, they ship the phone the next day to GV, then is shipped to us. Paid for and activated. Sounds like somebody is getting their act together, and don't forget about the huge commissions that are paid off every phone sale and the residual every mo off the service. Believe me I will keep drinking the GV koolaid, ever since those 2 ingredients of Zer01, and Greco has been taken out, the GV koolaid is gettin good!!!

    Real Source

  30. What I find interesting is that through all the ZERO1 fraud the Global Verge owners and field leaders were on conference calls saying that the product existed. How is it all ZERO1's fault that people were lied to? All Mark and Ted,Ruth,Jim hellman had to say was, "Well we don't have a product yet but we hope it's coming." Instead they LIED and said they were talking on ZER01 phones THAT NEVER EXISTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is no vindication here. Hopefully they (Global Verge) will get some money so they can refund the thousands of people the lied to, me included!

  31. Ricky is a good man, an average man who had dreams and a family to support. The real bad guys here are the liars such as the management of Globalverge. I can't tell you about all the emails and audios which say "blank …is coming". Nothing came and dreams were shattered. When someone says Frank Varon knew something was wrong, how would he? He simply saw the same opportunity as all of us did and then when it did not come to fruition he did what any person would do, leave. So what that he started a new deal, at least he's doing something and moving forward. He's living his life like an epic adventure, exactly as Troy says. For me? Well, I have a position which was never paid since July-09 and I've opened tickets only to have mystery c/s people mark them "closed". Perhaps GV is a good company, however VERY MISMANAGED. I did what any person would do in my shoes, I filed a complaint against them and will let the due process of law enforcement and the Missouri AG take over. I think they will find that yes, there are many people who were never paid, and then ..well…they will simply blame the accountants for bad recordkeeping. I sound like Andy Rooney! I'm moving on to Frank's new deal, at least they kept the dream alive for me.

  32. I began with Global Verge (GV) in June 2009, grew my downline and paid every month until it fell apart and I finally stopped the bleed in January 2010. I signed up for their VOIP service for a rental property I own in Nov 2009 – paid all the upfront fees and have been billed by them every month since for service they never provided and I've been unable to stop this. I never got the router to connect to their VOIP service and I have repeatedly tried to get my money back with numerous requests both direct and through their Ticket system with absolutely no reply ever. Same for signing up for phone services which I did for several phones and never got the service and could never get a refund. I finally got a loose Sim Card that had the branding painted over in an plain envelope from Global Mobile 1, 6405 103rd St, Jacksonville FL 32210 which doesn't work (still have it) just to demonstrate the professionalism or lack thereof in the way I've been treated and the way GV operate. They are constantly wanting me to sign up and pay their fees before May 31st or else I lose everything. Why would I ever do that when they can't even respond to a serious matter like I've outlined above. This issue is still open today with no response from anyone. I wonder how many others have gone through this hell with them. To think that they are still in business is only validation of the many people who "just don't know". This company doesn't deserve to be in business. I'm with Liberty W0W Mobile and there has been absolutely no problems since I started.

  33. It will not be hard to "pierce the corporate veil" of ZER01. All you have to show is that the CEO Ben Piilani, used corporate funds as its own bank account. A surprising number of executives, especially in semi-fictitious companies like ZER01/UTGI, don't bother to follow the form and to keep corporate and personal finances well separated.

    But I expect first FINDING Ben Piilani, and then getting money from him may be difficult and even costly.

    There are 2 US states, Florida and Texas, I think, where you cannot force an bankrupt individual to sell his home, so there are a few bankrupt millionnaires still living in luxurious mansions there.

    Of course Ben can go abroad, and live in say, Costa Rica or … Greece …

    If he was a real company executive, with real businesses, it would not be difficult to seize property and assets.

  34. My credentials & reasons for offering help are as follows.

    I have 40,000+ people ho have joined our team in GV. As you can imagine I had "hell" on my hands when Zer01 did their thing along with all of the bumps and poor decisions etc. that were made. But I have NEVER had Ted Robbins refuse to do the right thing. I have seen him make things good when he was loosing money to do so. I have direct access to Ted, all of his cell numbers etc etc. I can help you IF you want help.

    I used the email address that I posted for one reason. I am a business owner and I have that old email address I hardly ever use that I put out on this forum. Too many idiots out there whose only interest it to cause problems and I will not risk a good email address being filled with SPAM. I am NOT GV Cust service, but I am, a Christian Rep who operates by the Golden Rule. I have no incentive to help you otherwise.

    I dont have to have Mark look up anything for you. If you will email me at that email addresswith your contact, I will personally call you and 3-way you into Ted who had been more than willing to correct any banking glitches and over charges and overdrafts as a result. You will need to provide a copy of the bank statement showing the extra charges and the overdrafts.

    So I am ready to help you. I will be waiting to see if you want help or if you would rather be able to complain about being shafted. Thanks.

  35. I've hung in – on and off – with Mark for about four years.

    There have been far too many changes and the most unfortunate matter is that throughout all these years, Mark and his various partners and managers have continued to take membership fees and orders from every member that was willing to pay them. There certainly have also been investors and that begs the question, what of their returns?

    One cannot blame Mark for any members willingness to pay, or others to invest, except for the fact that he gave them reason to. But he is definitely guilty of continuing to build his business on the fees of tens of thousands of past and present members who have had little opportunity of earning ongoing income because of the many changes/reinventions GV has evolved out of.

    Its common knowledge that in network marketing most people generally do not make money but in GV's case the odds have been stacked against them because of everything that has transpired. How many times can a member sell an individual or company something that does not come to fruition or that does not last? And, on the other end of the spectrum, how many successful network marketers have stuck it out with him?

    The proper way for Mark to have done it would have been to have gotten all his ducks in a row, everything up and running, and then taken on members. That's not to say that everything should have been perfect, that there should have been no problems; but there are multitudes of businesses, brick and mortar as well as online, that have had their foundations laid and infrastructure in place before they opened their doors.

    To his credit Mark, and those who have been there from the beginning, have demonstrated determination, tenacity and their ability to work. And GV's compensation plan is weighted in favour of the average networker.

    But as for the multitude of past members, and perhaps some investors, whom Mark will not be able to make right with, like all of us, his only hope is true repentance and real faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for all our sins and rose from the dead for our justification.

  36. John Wells,

    Brian is correct, it will be hard to collect. Unless they are able to prove personal fraud and the judge agrees. In which case Piilani would not be able to bankrupt and get away from the settlement. It would be kind of like an O.J. situation, if I understand the law right.

  37. Troy,

    Again thanks for all you do! to add to my recent post i just came across this link from the lawyer of Global Verge who admits it is highly unlikely they will ever collect a penny of that judgement (as i previously mentioned in my last post..)

    Yet global Verge is still slamming everyone with emails saying different! Just more of the same from a company that just doesn't get it. Stop drinking the kool-aid folks

  38. Troy,

    Again thanks for all you do! to add to my recent post i just came across this link from the lawyer of Global Verge who admits it is highly unlikely they will ever collect a penny of that judgement as i previusly mentioned in my last post..

    Yet global Verge is still slamming everyone with emails saying different! Just more of the same from a company that just doesn't get it.

  39. LMAO.

    Yea bro keep dreaming. Sprint wont be able to keep the EVO in and you think GV is gonna have these phones!

    So far GV has had empty promises and refurbs. You think they have enough capital to buy the EVO for a few hundred brain washed scammers like yourself.,

    You are now getting the koolaid via IV drip. WAKE UP BRO!! STOP kidding your self and scamming your friends and family.

    You must be a triple diamond preaching this crap to your downline. Shame on you. Brother i GUARANTEE you that GV will never get the EVO!! Dollars to dough nuts.

    What you will get is a high energy sales pitch and a phone that had a lot of bugs in itm that need further testing. You know like the last 3 phones GV supposedly had.


  40. Nancy Gohring of IDG has reported on Global Verge courtt "win":
    She has interviewed both Brian Hardy, GV's lawyer, and Ted Robbins.

    "We may never collect against it," Hardy said. "My guess is Zer01 goes completely under, if they're not already, and we end up collecting probably nothing."

    Ted Robbins maintains that peoples who signed up with Global Verge, signed to only to sell phones, but also for the exciting water machines and ID recovery.

    Anyone who asked for a refund got one, he sayz.

    "Global Verge is involved in other legal actions. Its lawyers have sent a cease and desist order to an MLM blogger, Troy Dooly, asking him to remove what they say are defamatory statements about Global Verge from his Web site."

  41. Real Source, you must be mistaken. I've opened support tix from February, only to have them ignored. I re-opened them as of 30 days ago and nobody at GV took action, in fact they closed them. I have a position that goes back to Commissions Plus which has NEVER been paid. I have people in my d/l who NEVER received their phones or a refund. There is something funny going on over there and I too also lost good friends over a deal that went bad. I can't trust a company who refuses to deal with requests. I have given them all the time in the world and still cannot produce reports or pay their distributors. Stop touting how great they are because its all window dressing.

  42. I'm glad you know the whole story. Let's see how much longer you get paid like clockwork, Real Source. How many reps you have in your downline ? Are you going to admit to them that you didn't do YOUR DUE DILIGENCE ? I'd like to talk to your downline in about a week or two and then see if your still getting YOUR suckers to pay you like clockwork. Real Source, it's real sad you didn't see what the history was of YOUR saviors. I mean if YOUR any kind of leader at all then you would have seen their path of destruction ( Bizzbuzz,cuntryclub,everge,buzzirk,globalmobile1,ZERO/1 ) it's been all over the internet. It probably doesn't bother you cause nobody in YOUR downline knows who REAL SOURCE really is. You don't have enough balls to say who you really are. That way when BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD go down, you can start up a new downline with another company and they will never know who YOU TRULY are. I think your new tag will be REAL QUIET real soon.


  43. Hey Troy!

    You bring up some GREAT points here in your reply to the prior commentor “Good Country Christian”. None of us as a community of leaders, direct sales and marketing people CAN truly know ALL about each and every company's involvement in these "Wireless Wars" any more than we can know about each individuals involvement and to what extent.

    For your time and efforts in seeking the TRUTHS's – you are to be commended. It's NOT easy to FIND EVERYTHING in cases where PUBLIC OPINION seems to want to rule. It's WHAT is in the court system and what's being done legally to resolve ALL these issues and WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN!

    Troy you stated:

    "Part of the relationship is serving others by holding them accountable with hard questions, when in their resent past they have shown a track record of failures and sin."

    This is EXACTLY WHY we as human beings have the FREEDOM's we do to engage in any chosen behavior, lifestyle or affiliation with others. WE'VE ALL BEEN GIVEN the RIGHT TO CHOOSE our paths in life. It's UNDERSTANDING the CONSQUENCES of ALL OUR ACTIONS and DOING WHAT IS RIGHT or NOT that makes the difference.

    Troy …YOU Just keep on reporting, investigating and keeping the direct sales and marketing people informed in the best way possible as you always do. It's NOT up to ANYONE to judge ANYONE ELSE let alone you and …IF they choose to NOT continue to be part of THIS community – we're sure there ARE other less informative, biased communities they'd probably enjoy more or not. Either way, thanks for the information and taking the time to find out facts, confirming your findings and letting THE PEOPLE KNOW what's really going on!

    Our bets are that they won't be able to "stay away" and at least WILL READ what's being said HERE because there aren't too many other places to find out information that is at least verifiable and confirmed one way or another! Sorry – it's just human nature. Let someone state or think they're not allowed to be someplace, be a part of something …they will always FIND SOME REASON or METHOD to find their way back in!

    Semper Fi

  44. New Hope,

    We are still watching this company. they are the former largest leg of Global Verge for the most part.

    And personally, I would not join any company who's owners or top leaders were some of the last to leave Global Verge, because I have a feeling they may also be brought into some pending litigation.

    Outside of Lightyear, I am worried all these companies may end up killing each other off.

  45. Troy

    Really don't know where to post my question .

    But about 2 weeks ago you said you would research into P.H.P. Inc. and give us some info on this new company.

    I value your opinion and findings on MLM companies and am waiting to here something on P.H.P.

    to help me decide weather to join or not .

    Do you know anything about them and who they will be offering there cell service with.

    Are they going to be for real or a mess like alot of these other MLM cell companies ?

    Thanks for any info

    New Hope

  46. My bad..I misquoted GV and Panthers prices, with data

    GV Unlimited Talk, text and 50 megs of data is $69.99 monthly

    Panthers 1200 talk and 1200 Text , 50 megs of data is $29.95 Monthly

    GV Unlimited talk and text, 150 megs of data is $89.99 Monthly

    Panther Unlimited talk and text, 150 megs of data is $60.00 Monthly

  47. Ricky, were you really in GV 13 mos ago. Most people came in June/July timeframe, and if you did make 13 payments of $39.95, if $519.35 was going to make you lose your home, then I think you need to blame someone other than GV because it sounds like you had a problem all along. Ricky, it's still your business noone forced you to make that payment every mo, you could have turned off your autoship and went and got a job, or you could've went out and sponsored 3 members and helped them get 3 and help them get 3 and so on, and maybe Ricky you could've filled that 9 level Matrix and got yourself a new house. Ricky, GV is a hub marketing company not a phone company, they have a 9 level forced Matrix that pays on memberships and retail sales of a variety of products.

    Real Source.



    On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 2:09 AM, Chris Greco wrote:

    Phil I am not a Christian I at one time followed catholism and then Islam. I have seen a lot of religion, I am more tuned to nature, you need to study egyptology, then see if it shakes you beliefs, I try and stay in things I know not believe. But maybe your right and I am wrong.

    we will all see on day.

    I don't address the allegations because its all bs phil. Don't have time for it, global pros is providing wireless service now, the same service you could of had. But hey you made that choice. Not me.

    As for dna suffering, it will do better once you come clean on it, phil if they don't want to be there cause of you, then you don't need em. There is a big story comming out on me tomorrow, I am not going to fight everyone. I am issuing a statement and then focusing the rest of whatever time I have left on my family.

    That's it. I'm done.

    The mlm wireless will be wide open.

    Seriously phil let's just not bother each other anymore. I am done trying to discredit you, and or anyone else my family is much more important. So I'm done.


    Chris…. BIG MISTAKE

    Potential brother in the Lord… Do not renounce JESUS because of Catholicism… And please do not make the biggest mistake of your life by going to your grave believing in egyptology or whatever you wish to call it… Nature will not SAVE you nor did it DIE for you… Jesus did and I implore you to drop to your knees and right now where ever you are say…

    LORD JESUS if you are the way please show me… IF YOU ARE REAL please have my heart believe… IF YOU ARE THE ONLY WAY show me… Right Here Right Now… I know I am a sinner just like every other… Just like Phil Piccolo who I hate right now… But just in case you are real JESUS and by the slight chance that Phil may be speaking truth… Please reveal yourself to me as my time is short… PLEASE DO IT RIGHT NOW… (and Chris even if you doubt it ask all of this) IN THE NAME OF JESUS…

  49. Hey Ricky, like I said before ‘just wait and see” well you saw what happened Thursday didn’t you $44 mil. Ricky, more to come!!!

  50. Dave, alot of people came in back in June on the hype of the super phone, which now proves it was Zero1 that was all hype. Dave you paid your $40 for a couple mos, what do you think GV lost because of Zero1. GV took all the hits, the slander from people, but they never waivered once, they stayed the course, they have continued to pay people that are building their businesses. Dave the true fact is that this is a business, when people sign up in GV, everyone has the opportunity to sponsor a few members and help them to do the same, you can build a massive income off the Matrix alone, if you or anyone else got in to GV for a phone, you could’ve turned off your autoship and waited til they released phones. When I look at a business, I look at what they have done, what they have to offer now, and what direction and potential they have moving forward. It blows my mind that people sign up in a business, they don’t work it and then want a refund. It’s a business risk, like a stock, just because the stock drops, should you get your money back. Dave, I would agree with you if that hype was in malicious intent, but it has been proven in a court of law, that it was Zero1 scamming GV. So in my opinion you don’t deserve a refund. Keeping it Real
    Real Source.

  51. Josh Turner,

    First let me say thank you for speaking your mind. your ability to openly vent your frustration is exactly why we launched this community.

    Now, let's look at your frustrations.

    1. I have never at any time stated "Cris Greco" is lying about his illness. I have shown he has lied about other things, but I have stayed away from calling him out on the deaths of all his family members over the last few months, or his current purported illness. I have stated he could be lying, based on the fact I have seen other con men, grifter and scammers do tis over the years right before they had to face legal issues.

    If I did not bring up the hard cold questions, and down the road you or others found out Chris had lied, then you would be writing this same comment, about not coming here because I don't ask the hard questions, were to easy on Chris, or just plain can't be trusted.

    So, if you feel I am cold and callused, then just wait until my next public post. I will ask some hard questions. All distributors deserve to look at the questions without emotion.

    I do feel for Chris, and have stated that on this site. I am not a god, and I can't see a person's mind. I take Chris at his word on his personal life.

    You can see it as bad taste, and cruel, but, what would you call it, if everyone turned a blind eye, and down the road you found out Chris went to Ireland so he did not have to face civil charges in America, and distributors were left without any company one more time.

    2. As for the signatures, I have in my possession several court filed documents, and other documents which have been sent by Chris, but have not been entered into the court records. Why is it, the one company I am many others have questioned over the last 18 months has been willing to move forward in court to get the truth out, yet everyone else is wanting to use public opinion?

    Since several documents Chris has sent, have been challenged in court as being authentic, we are going well above the usual processes to determined how authentic they are.

    3. I find it interesting that everyone is pointing fingers at Petschel. What I find even more interesting is the fact, Chris's attorney would allow any documentation to by displayed outside of the court records. Have you slowed down long enough to ask… Why hasn't Greco's attorney filed a counter suit, claiming defamation, liable, fraud, identity thief? Why hasn't any of the Global Pros founders publicly come forward to stand in support of Greco in this situation? Most if not all of them were part of the Global Verge saga.

    If you feel MLM Wireless News is giving you all the facts in this game, then great. Just remember, it was you, who personally decided to stop being a valuable part of this community.

    However, if you want ALL sides of this issue, not just one, then every now and then you may want to stop by and take a look. Especially, the next post.

    In closing, you have done exactly what Phil did. You have judged. You have done the one thing you got ticked off about. And again all in the name of "Good Country Christian" Well sport, there is no such thing! Jesus was very clear, He came to save the world, NOT judge it." 9My version of John 3:17).

    Morals will not get any of us to heaven. At the end of the day, it is all about the authentic relationship with have with the Lord.

    Part of the relationship is serving others by holding them accountable with hard questions, when in their resent past they have shown a track record of failures and sin. I am sure I am preaching to the choir.

    I will ask some hard questions in my conversation with Chris and in my next post, so it is a good thing, you will not read it.

    By the way, it is never about how I look. It is about asking the questions others will not ask, to get the answers everyone wants.

  52. Just a Short CLARIFICATION:


    A PERSON MAKES THEIR OWN DECISION to JOIN or NOT TO JOIN a company and /or business. It's UP TO EACH PERSON to decide WHEN, HOW and WHERE THEY are going to PLACE THEIR OWN LOYALTIES and WHAT THEY CAN DO AFTER THE FACT when it goes sour!

  53. WOW!

    ALL the questions about DID GV eAssociates EVER GET PAID? WE DID and WE KNOW OF SEVERAL OTHERS WHO DID GET PAID ALSO! There MUST be some sort of misunderstanding as to IF an eAssociate WHO TERMINATES, or WHO DOES NOT PAY THEIR MONTHLY gets paid at all.

    We've said this before and as IS the case with MOST MLM Companies and business's – IF YOU TERMINATE YOUR POSITION OR …IF YOU DON'T KEEP YOUR MONTHLY FEES for Replicated Website and Back Office FEES PAID – THEN YES IT's TRUE – YOU LIKELY WILL NOT BE PAID! In fact, WE HAVE NEVER BELONGED to an MLM COMPANY or Business that PAYS MEMBERS THAT TERMINATE or DON'T MEET THEIR MONTHLY FEES and BILLING's.



  54. I am really disgusted at your above comment, and on another post as well, I am a DNA Pro Affiliate, Or let me say was up until five minutes ago, I also was an avid reader of this site. I will no longer come here for my MLM Wireless info, Troy you said Chris Greco is lying about his illness, look I am not happy at what happened at DNA, but I moved on and built or was building my business, But for you and Phil to even allude to such a thing is not only bad taste its cruel, Have you seen the new post at Have you seen the signatures Troy, That sure looks a bunch like Mr.Petschel's signature that Signed Greco's name, Hey its side by side, and I am no dummy, Do you have a comment on that? It just doesn't look good, And with Phil saying what he said, I am sorry MR.P I am cancelling my account at DNA, I found a New MLM wireless Provider today that is also 100% free, check it out Troy, no cost to get it like DNA and it has wireless,, So I have a home Phil, Troy good luck in all you do, I will no longer visit this site. As a good country christian man I have morals, and one of those is not play with someones life or degrade a terminal illness, I am sorry but you look very bad on this one.

  55. Jones, again where have you been, GV's member plan $79.99 unlimited talk / text / data.

  56. Partners, I have said this to you before. This is a business, people are responsible for their own actions. If the hype that came from GV was meant maliciously and had intent, if they were really trying to scam people and flee the Country like alot of people said back then, then yes I would agree that those guys should be locked up and everyone be refunded, BUT and that's a big BUT, it was GV that was scammed by Zero1. GV is a hub marketing company that had major sizzle because of what they were promised by Zero1, the fact is when people sign up in a business they are able to offer whatever that company has to offer, GV offered a Matrix program that you could sponsor 3 active members and get paid on 9 levels of active members, they offered, pow-r-savs, water machines, travel, and shopping mall discount program. People may have signed up because they thought phones were coming, but that is their risk, the company still had other services and the ability to be paid off the Matrix. They could've worked the GV program and been paid, or after their initial 30 days, they didn't have to pay their membership. Partners, it's like an ACN rep paying $500 to get in and if they don't work the program then deciding they want their $500 back, or buying a stock and all of a sudden it drops but you were told it was suppose to go up. It's time people take responsibility, it's a risk, it's called business. There was no malicious intent on GV's side, don't you think they wished Zero1 was for real.

    Real Souce.

  57. Ed call GV cust service 816-875-3213 tomorrow morning and tell them your story. I promise you they will pull your records and if you had commissions owed to you they will pay you. Did you ever check to see if it went to Commissions Plus back then, they have since changed their names. I have had many people that their money was sitting in the Commissions Plus account, because they didn't go in and set up their account to withdraw it. If you are owed money they will pay.

    Real Source.

  58. mikeymo, I guess you haven't done your homework lately, last time i checked, GV's $79.99 Unlimited everything talk / text / data members plan blows away Sprints $99.99 plus taxes/fees, and 2 year contract. Also GV's $44.99 members plan and $49.99 retail plan unlimited talk / text blows away Verizon, and Sprint's talk / text plan. Dude Verizon charges $89.99 plus taxes/fees and 2 year contract for unlimited talk / text. Hey mikeymo the new HTC Evo is gonna look sweet along side all of those, what did you say "BS GV Products" Keeping it Real.

    Real Source.

  59. Craig, I have been getting paid every month like clockwork. If you have an active order and the people in your matrix have active orders, and if you have sponsored 1 member you qualify to be paid for 3 levels, if you have 2 personally sponsored active members, you qualify for 6 levels, and if you have your 3 personally sponsored active members you qualify for all 9 levels. Craig, sponsor 3 and help them sponsor 3 and so on. I promise you money is paid.

    Real Source.

  60. Ed,

    I have received several comments and emails stating this same issue. I will talk with ted about this and all the others.

  61. Glenn, the only mis-information being spewed is from reps like yourself. Glenn, I know that us WANNA-BE " E- ASSOCIATES", WHINERS ETC. will be vindicated in a rather short period of time. I think instead of preaching to us WANNA-BE " E-ASSOCIATES " YOU need to do your own due diligence ( Rod Cook – HISTORY OF MARK BEAVIS & TED BUTTHEAD ) for regard of YOUR own downline. Glenn, do all of YOUR reps in YOUR downline know about this forum ? MINE DO. I think Mark out did himself on the latest accusations posted on Maybe now all of their LIES,DECEIPT AND so so much destruction will come to an end.


  62. Phil, I have no idea who you are. Explain why you would be able to take care of this ? Is GV's new back office customer support ? Mark said countless times that the customer support was revamped and they spent millions. Have Mark go back and look at the state of art server and get my records.

  63. Other than phones and gift certificates has anyone received regular commission payments from Global Verge? I joined over a year ago brought people in and all I've received is promises and hype.

  64. Wayne,

    Arthur is correct. You have to be a member to receive the best plans. I will also add that the retail pricing on the site will come down as the activations start adding up. Just like any other supplier, larger volume leads to smaller pricing. Sprint has stepped up but only if used with the associates. This is still a great deal! I had Sprint before and was paying $120 with taxes, fees, and 2 yr. contract. This is a $40 savings with no contract. This alone will cover the basic membership fee and still be $25 over with the restaurants certificate. On top of that, we start earning commissions on everything else. I'm not sure why Arthur thinks we will be shut off. GM1 is really protecting the agreement and only allowing 2 Sprint plans per associate in order to avoid it being retailed.

    I will make this statement. If we enter a business, it's to make money. If you want to save money, then go shopping. The 2 don't mix. Now we here other companies that may offer plans for less. How much commission can you make on a $49.99 plan? You see, if you were making $12,000/month in a company that you've been in for 12 months, would you leave it if you found a plan for $20 less? I think not! This is why I choose to continue to expand my organization. I'm here to make money. And I can't make a whole lot if I'm selling $10 plans or selling $2 discounted plans from companies that are found everywhere. Many of my associates had the discounted plans from the other companies ($25-$39) and had many signal and coverage problems. Our Sprint plans are great and the other plans will be lowered in time. This is the senario that I like to do business in. I like finding 1 customer that gives me $10 commision. Now there are people that would rather do 5x the work by earning $2 per customer and that's OK. Do it! Just don't say that it is the best think and we are overcharging! There are companies that are charging @$180 for the same type of service that we are providing. And that is who we are comparing ourselves with. Not the discounted, limited coverage companies. It's a matter of preference and there are plenty of people types for all of us to make a good living if we concentrate on what we are doing instead of bashing every other company because they are different.

    I don't know if you are a member yet, but let me know if you are interested. We have great leadership and I am personally doing a corporate overview call. And my group is tied to corporate. Regardless of what other people might be saying, competitors or ex-associates that are still hurt, we are moving on and Ted and Mark and doing whatever it takes.

    God bless!!


    It's ALL about WHO YOU ARE INSIDE OUT – It's ALL ABOUT WHAT VALUE and PRINCIPLES you HOLD for YOURSELVES! NEVER, EVER let ANYONE tell you different! BE Kind, BE Professional and above ALL – BE WHO YOU ARE and DO RIGHT Each and EVERY Time!

    WE ARE ALL where we are because WE HOPE – WE DREAM and WE WORK HARD to provide for ourselves and our families and friends. WHEN YOU STOP doing what's RIGHT FOR YOU – YOU CEASE LIVING the GOOD LIFE! Let's ALL HELP EACH OTHER and DO THE RIGHT THINGS! THEN MAYBE – WE ALL have the opportunity to SEE CLEARLY – EACH and EVERY DAY!



  66. Hey Troy!

    Again – THANK YOU SIR! We've been trying to contact you via eMail and phone listed on this site but to no avail. Please BE SURE to listen to your messages and check your eMail as WE KNOW YOU WILL, ROFL!

    It's YOUR VALUE and PRINCIPLES that make THIS SITE a dependable, reliable resource for all direct sales and marketing associates. KEEP UP the great work you're doing and hopefully we'll connect by phone very soon!

    ENJOY your weekend with family and friends and IF you get one of those "moments" BE SURE to call us @ 386-438-8056. We have NOTHING to hide and don't mind ANYONE having our phone number and in fact have received MANY eMails from commenters here on your site. ALL of course complimentary and that's SO VERY nice and we're proud to be a part of THIS SPECIAL community of professionals and friends even IF some are not – IT's ALL GOOD!

  67. So Phil …

    What happens to the distributors that joined in June of 2009 OR BEFORE and terminated DURING, BEFORE or in February of 2010? ARE THEY going to see some RESTITUTION for the monies THEY PAID over a 9+ or more period of time? HOW ARE THEY going to be RE-IMBURSED for THEIR MONEY PAID to Global Verge MONTHLY for ALL those months with NOTHING BEING PROVIDED in the way of TELCOM Products and / or Services? WHO IS GOING TO HELP THEM get THEIR money back?

    DOES IT MATTER wether or not they REPORTED to the MISSOURI AG's SITE online – in some OTHER fashion OR …IF AT ALL? It will definitely BE INTERESTING to find out WHO ALL is going to BE PAID BACK THEIR MONIES when this whole thing is FINALLY SETTLED!!!

    SURE – it would be GREAT if the MISSOURI AG's office HAS a RUNNING DATA BASE of EVERYONE EVER BELONGING to Global Verge BUT – WHAT ARE the odds of that happening and WHAT ARE the odds that EVERYONE WILL BE PAID BACK monies taken from THEIR PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNTS with NOTHING PROVIDED to the END DISTRIBUTOR???

    ALL these questions NEED TO BE ANSWERED – NO MATTER what the END ANSWER IS or …IS NOT!

    We just hope EVERYONE who feels they got scammed or WAS SCAMMED GETS SOMETHING in return wether or not it be the KNOWING and ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY of HOW TO DO DUE DILIGENCE or MONEY REFUNDED!! Either way – WE ALL LEARNED A LONG and DIFFICULT LESSON NO MATTER WHAT our level of knowledge and experience!

  68. This news means nothing! GV is damaged goods. I have lost friends and my rep over this abortion of a company. Anyways Wireless MLM is a lost cause nobody. I REPEAT NOBODY is going to get rich selling this Extremely expensive phone service!!! The 4 big wireless companies got GV prices beat!,they got WOW beat. Why would you even waste your time? Not to mention the phones are getting better by the day. PLEASE Troy! your annoying me even speaking positively of this pile of crap company. U just lost my respect. Put this nightmare into the scam section where it belongs.

    None of these companies even have physical offices or stores to visit. I person would have to be stupid or unaware of the wireless companies in there own town. Sell your water machines and peddle your other B.S. GV products. You are wasting your time push wireless service, your a reseller!! overly priced, you would actually be hurting your friends and family to give them GV wireless service. Ask them for money out right dont scam them!!

  69. I was in since June, it's been hard can't tell you it hasen't. Go to the next MLM, do you think they tell you all the truth all the time, like PHP launching may 21st.(What happened) I am sorry you put everything into this company, I have a good job but thought this was a way of making some extra money. I have listened to the calls and followed them, and before I met Ted and Mark I knew they would put it together. Hang in there and hope things get better.

  70. Have you set up your GV wallet?? Have you called the company?? I have called on a few issues and get them resolved very quickly, I get paid every month through GV wallet works well.

  71. Troy,ed

    I was with GV and never did received what they owned me for June and July of 2009. I like so many others worked my tail off promoting GV and the service. I talked to service providers and phone dealers, street fairs and alot of computer time. I contacted the main office and told them numerous times about not getting paid and nothing was done or did I receive a call back. Is this money just a reward on paper or are their going to actual get the money and if so are they going to pay what they own?

  72. Adam, did you physically go into your backoffice and click the terminate button? If you only took off your autoship, then your position is still there but just not being charged. You would still be receiving Company emails. After May 31st you won't have to worry about it, because everyone that does not have an active order in the last 60 days will be compressed out and finally kicked out of the Matrix, now some real momentum can take place.

    Real Source

  73. Get real Global Verge and proud, if you were truly a GV rep you would know Ben is not in on this, we took so much heat from the Zero1 debacle, how ridiculous is that. You would feel vindicated, for everything we have had to go thru, all the slander from everyone, and especially Greco. Also if you were a true rep you would be on the Members only Plan and be excited to have everything unlimited for $79.99. Real Source.

  74. LoL,

    Where do I start? The garbage just goes on and on and on! I made the mistake myself of getting involved with Global Verge last July. Yes I let the hype get to me too! I learned quickly however after doing extensive research that it was all just a big hoax as far as the technology was concerned. The things being said just did not line up with reality whatsoever! It wasn't just over zealous reps either! Mark and Ted and crew had plenty to do with all the hype! Anyway, without going into every detail let's cover these important points. Ben Pilani who had a showing of his product at some ctia awards or whatever was spotted there by Mark Petschal who relentlessly pursued him to allow GV to market his product. Ben who not knowing Marks past eventually agreed to let GV be one of the outlets for his idea etc. Whether Bens ideas ever will come to pass remains to be seen. I only knew that if they ever were going to…it wasn't going to be anytime soon and that if it ever did…GV would not be the exclusive outlet. Anyway, Ben realized after becoming involved with Mark things of Marks past etc and decided he didn't want his company associated with him. That with all the other lies being told about his technology. GV was hurting Ben and his reputation! It's absolutely ridiculous that GV can con a guy into some bogus contract which cost them nothing and that some unknowing court can rule a multi-million dollar settlement in the scammers favor. That is funny indeed! However, GV will never see a dime of this! This will no doubt be appealed, overturned and reversed to Bens favor…No doubt about it. Amazing tha arrogance of GV to think they can win this scam! Because of the technology lies and hypes told by GV they took a silly hub marketing company going nowhere to quite large status in short time. Even after knowing that Ben terminated the contract the lies continued as we know! GV in desperation to cover their butts went seeking some kind of alternative for their so called dilemma started pushing the global mobile one joke. They in fact lucked upon a craigslist add put out by Greico who was offering franchises of sorts which would allow folks to capitalize on his page plus agreements. Mark and Ted saw these ads and once again the hype continued! They cut an agreement with Chris and crew and ran with it. Chris having not seen the potential of mlm before saw this as a quicker avenue to diversify his business. Of course soon after getting into bed with GV Chris realized the pitfalls of mlm too! You just can't get away with selling a 39.99 limited product for 79.99 as the scammers over at GV were doing! The field started raising cain about this and along with the other garbage involved Chris smartly cut ties as well. I'm confident that GV thinks they will get a bunch of money from him too! However as I have surmised that will go in the favor of the folks blind enough to have gotten involved with the sue happy scheming likes of Mark and Ted! GV will fail in all these get rich of the ignorance of others schemes and finally be put to rest for good. Noone with any sense sees GV as a good opportunity anymore. Are you kidding me? They have an incredibly lousy comp plan to start with! I wonder if people even consider the weakness of a forced matrix! I don't need anyone to jabber at me about matching bonuses either, I know this comp plan inside and out and it is an incredible impossible joke for 99.9% of all who are blind to it! As far what GV will pay for customer? Who cares! They don't have nothing but 3rd party reselling going on and never will have an appealing direct agreement with anyone. Enjoy your restaurant certificates guys! Outside of paying forty to a hundred bucks a month for those and the rare tiny checks anyone will may receive….you got nothing! By the way GV still owes me a tiny check I never got and also a customer I had who paid for but never got his global mobile 1 service. LoL…I canceld and got out long ago so I Don't care anymore about it. GV will need every dollar just to support its fleeing leaders. LoL…the audacity of Ted to come out of hiding just because some ignorant court decides to try and line his pockets! This will Never happen! Shame on anyone hoping that a scheme like this would benefit these theives! Sad what this word has come to…sad indeed! I can't wait to watch this backfire…get em Ben…get em Chris…get em page plus…get em disgruntled reps! LoL…its just so ridiculously funny!

  75. Hey Troy. My wife and I have been e-associates since 2009 and contemplated leaving the company but as you suggested and stated, stuck it out. Was it difficult yes, but none the less, the news we got via your site was definitely vindicating. To anyone who left or still has that sour taste in their mouths, we understand, but honestly, it was Zero1 from the beginning in our opinion that started this entire mess with people thinking it was a scam and so on. Had that not happened and everything that was planned came out as stated, the company would have avoided much of the harsh words and opinions that followed the Zero1 fallout. With that, I am proud to say and stick with GV and will focus on growing our business no matter what.

    Even now, many of the former reps like Lucifer and a third of the angels, left GV due to those harsh opinions to form their own company. Even we at one point were considering the switch, but as time told its tale, some of what we heard and still hear with them was just hype (which we do not practice in our business) and a business plan not much better either.

    Troy, thanks for all your hard work as well. We found you online looking for answers one day and since then, continue to tune in for more. Your videos never grow old and continue to do what you do and know that we are going to spread the word to our down to tune in for your opinions and facts on GV and anything else for that matter they want to know on the MLM front.

    Again, thanks for all you do and have done and as you always say, live life like and epic adventure and we will see you at the top.

  76. All BS aside, all finger pointing aside, all moves to cover their personal butts aside. I say to the long suffering little guys of this fiasco, the biggies of GV & GG "THEY KNEW" way back for a FACT what you painfully long suspected.

  77. Global Verge and Proud,

    I have personally talked with Ben on several occasions over the last month, and he and his attorneys were well aware of this pending litigation. He never once mentioned not being served. Although, he was not overly concerned at the verdict one way or another, he was fully aware it was going on.

    Ben, like all the other players in this saga has told me stuff off the record about the past, present and future of Zer01 and the other companies involved.

    From what I have learned from all sides, and from other 3rd party investigative reporters, I believe all parties could have done a better job of making this partnership work in the early stages.

    Since I have not reviewed the software code, which is the backbone of Ben's claim on the technology, I can't say if it will work or not, or if he was really ready for the market. If he was, and the GV field leaders and owners over hyped it out of the gate then they are also at fault for part of this. However, if all they were stating is what they were given from Ben's group, then his team is at fault. In my opinion ALL parties play some roll in what happened.

    What I do find most interesting and Brian Hardy has been very clear on this issue. Is the fact Buzzirk Mobile was not a part of this lawsuit. Buzzirk is the company which signed the exclusive agreement to market Zer01 to the MLM arena. The Global Verge lawsuit was filed not just on behalf of Global Verge corporate, but for the e-associates past and present who joined the company because Zer01 and Ben specifically had made promises.

    What I want to see when the final order is published is if Ben Piilani was found guilty personally of any fraud in this situation. From my layman understanding of the law, if Ben is found guilty personally of fraud in this situation, it will stay with him. He will not be able to bankrupt Zer01 or any other company to get away from this judgment. In other words Global Verge will have an outside vested interest in any other business venture he ever launches.

    So if the technology ever does come to market, GV reps may still get it.

    I do agree this was a great PR move. I for one, am proud they finally came out fighting. I was really sick and tired of hearing only from one side. Brian Hardy is a top notch attorney and he has been very open with both me and Kevin Thompson. This is just the beginning, and from what I have been told off the record, there are several un-named companies who may still be facing some interesting times ahead.

    I also agree with you on the forgiveness, while at the same time continuing to hold Mark, Ted, Steve Lewis and other field leaders accountable for the propaganda they spread about the super phone. you can rest assured when Ted and I talk I will be asking the hard questions, searching for answers to publish so ALL e-associates.

    As for the Greco situation… I may sound very callused in what I am about to say, and some folks may take it wrong, which not something I can control.

    If Chris truly has a brain tumor, then he will be in the fight of his life, and from the comments I have seen and the emotion which ran high on the call Global Pros held, I must assume the story is true.

    But, at the same time I have bonded out, and been associated with some pretty nasty criminals, grifters and con men in my time. Their ability to gain peoples trust and sympathy was amazing.

    Whether Chris has a brain tumor or not does not change any of the facts. If a court of law finds him guilty of any of the charges, then he must be held responsible for his actions.

    John Gotti was a murderer and was dying, Nick Civila ran one of the most notorious criminal organizations in history, and died before going to prison. Even Bernie Madoff who is dying must be held responsible for his actions.

    Just because someone is going through a physical or terminal issue, does not negate their actions.

    Chris and I have a very open communication and I will be talking with him on Monday, to see where he stands personally, and to see if there is anything I can do to help him and his family through this time. But at no time will I cur Chris any slack if his actions are found to be illegal. I already believe some of them are unethical, but I also understand some folks don't have the same ethics I do.

    I would welcome a call between all parties (attorneys included if need be) to put everything behind them. Not sure that would happen, but I would be very open to it.

    You have provided some great insight into this situation from a distributors standpoint, and I thank you for that.


  79. Ricky, I feel your pain. I was one of the first triple diamonds in the company, busted my butt and now almost a year later I have ZERO to show for it. Oh wait, if I stay in GV I get a $25 credit to LMAO. I had a great thing going with my team. People were so fired up. There was plenty of time even with the zer01 craziness to fix the issue. Then Mark and Ted said ok we have a new plan of action and have a great new site. Next thing we know, sorry everyone, we are doing upgrades and we are really finding behind the scenes Mark and Ted mislead everyone what is really going on. They also allowed cross recruiting to go on. I can say this because it happened to me. They allowed leader like Jim Helman to speak giving misinformation consistently. As much as Frank Varon who also shared a lot of mis information and supposedly had the biggest leg in GV, left to start another program says to me GV has no credibility. Your top guys who believed in you and saw the writing on the wall that GV was simply not going to deliver.

  80. Ricky, I feel your paid. I was one of the first triple diamonds in the company, busted my butt and now almost a year later I have ZERO to show for it. Oh wait, if I stay in GV I get a $25 credit to LMAO. I had a great thing going with my team. People were so fired up. There was plenty of time even with the zer01 craziness to fix the issue. Then Mark and Ted said ok we have a new plan of action and have a great new site. Next thing we know, sorry everyone, we are doing upgrades and we are really finding behind the scenes Mark and Ted mislead everyone what is really going on. They also allowed cross recruiting to go on. I can say this because it happened to me. They allowed leader like Jim Helman to speak giving misinformation consistently. As much as Frank Varon who also shared a lot of mis information and supposedly had the biggest leg in GV, left to start another program says to me GV has no credibility. Your top guys who believed in you and saw the writing on the wall that GV was simply not going to deliver.

  81. I am a former e-associate that resigned from the company a long time ago. I keep getting company emails even though I have asked to be taken off their email list I even reported it as spam and still they keep sending me emails.

  82. Wayne, according to Global Verge, the $79.99 plan is offered to E-Associates only.

    They claim they have a Special Deal from Sprint. It works only on certain phones or refurb phones that you have to purchase from GV, thru the BackOffice portal.

    I expect Sprint to inform Global Verge that they have misread their reseller contract any day now, and GV to inform its members 1 month or two afterwards that their Sprint-locked smartphones will no longer work.

  83. Troy I am proud to say I am a global verge rep. I am not Proud of the Decision in Nevada yesterday, Why you may ask, Piilani was never served and Never contested the charges, Here is what I am worried about, We all know how tight Mark and Ben were having private calls, etc. Jim has talked about this on his calls. To be honest and I am not mad, I think this is a PR move and calculated move By GV to move on, and I trully believe Ben was in on it, Have you talked to Ben Troy. Also Let me state I do have the Verizon plan phone from GV and it works ok, Not as good as what I had, But it works. I have forgiven Mark and Ted for the lies of the super phone they said they were using. And am now focusing on my business at GV, I think mark and ted need to do the same. I think Getting into a public shouting match with Mr. Chris is a very Bad idea, especially considering the news out today on his condition. The only thing I wish would happen is for Mark, Ted and Chris, to get on a call with you Troy, Let by gones be By gones so we can all build are businesses and put this behind us. If not I think that it could end badly for us in the long run.

  84. Hey Ricky,

    Please send me your contact to my email and I bet you will see the wrong charges returned but the overdraft charges as a result. He has always done the right thing. You will need to provide documnetion to prove things which should be no sweat but I believe you will be happy.

    All I ask in return is for you to post that it was handled and call the AGs office and let them know it was handled.

  85. Troy,

    As a former e-associate I received an email(as i am sure everyone did) from master distribuor Jim Hellman for Global Verge today announcing the following:











    Even if GV were to somehow collect any part of that money which you must admit is unlikely anytime soon,the facts for those of us who finally stopped drinking the kool-aid are simple.This companies corporate leadership (or should I say lack of it) has a very long documented history of misleading,and even lying to the associates.You have documented it yourself since last year.

    You see it just doesn't matter because they have "built there house on sinking sand." I can forgive them for all the problems of a start-up(I did!),and even commend them on not giving up after the zero one dabacle.But Troy I can't do business with anyone who may have the best intentions but at the end of the day lacks integrity.It will always come back to bite you.

  86. Paul are you serious? Unlimited talk, unlimited text and 150 meg of data for $119.99? Rip off. People can get the same deal for $29..99 a month from Panther Mobile. They are both providing the service through Pageplus (Verizon network)

  87. I was told the tall tales about Global Verge in June of 09 and bit. After several months of waiting and paying (and getting NOTHING) I canceled and asked for my money back (that was gotten under false pretense) SEVERAL times through different channels. I've never received a dime back. Until I receive my money back I would NEVER trust this company even if they came up with a PROVABLE best product EVER!

  88. Most default rulings never get collected as such.

    When a process server or a collection agency finally tracks down the company or its principals, it usually goes straight back to Court, and they attempt to have the default ruling reversed.

    Right now, Global Verge self-announced "partner", Hop On Inc, has a default judgment pronounced against themselves, and it doesn't prevent them to pretend to still be in business.

  89. The summary judgement in no way vindicates Global Verge's leaders, Ted, Mark, Jim, Jan, Ruth and the Global Group leaders, Frank, Bud, Bernard, Dean, Betty and many triple diamonds that stood silent as the saga unfolded (THEY KNEW). The e-associates were encouraged to keep the auto ships going so the ship would not sink. Months after it was known none of these things promised were going to happen these leaders were still drawing their big matrix checks. 40,000 associates paying ($45-$90) go figure,and you can see why no Servant Leader was to be found,until, until the affiliates started figuring out before their leaders that it just wasn't going to happen. As they left the checks got smaller. The biggest fear a huge leader has is the loss of down line that will no longer follow as they go from one venture to the next. Hence, Global Group forms (PHP), their Phoenix to salvage and cut losses and to right all the wrongs of that BAD "Global Verge". The reason I bring this up is the fact, Global Group, (WAS) Global Verge., 29,000 affiliates strong. THEY KNEW!

    In order to show their compassion and concerns for their fellow affiliates,and to keep them in the fold, GG had a series of the following type e-mails send to their dwindling down lines. GV & GG both could have prevented this sort of sad happenings had they just been honest from day one, but instead GREED RULED.

    The following comes from GG e-mail: "My wife and I are both disabled and on a VERY limited fixed income. We have done without some of our medicines and other needs for several months now trying to hold on until things ‘got going’ with GV. Our credit card is almost maxed out and we don’t have enough in there but for one more month of auto ship payments. Do we just cut our losses or do you think we should hold out for this last month and hope for a miracle? (SIR, I SAY TO YOU, THEY KNEW)

  90. There will always be people who will insist black is white just to preserve their position. Yes, there have been money/product issues with GV members that caused tongues to wag. However, all the issues I was involved in (with in my team) were solved, to great satisfaction, because instead of "reacting" these folks persisted on their own behalf knowing that GV wanted to take care of them, which Ted and Mark repeated over and over, and they did. Once you dig yourself in a hole of distrust, and spread negative information looking for support, it is very difficult to change position and save face. That is human nature. Too bad. Oh yes, getting the money isn't the point in my view, being vindicated is!

  91. Oscar Dee, WHERE Dee we find THE $79.95 PLAN? I found no mention on Global Verge site.

    Here is what I dee find .

    Unlimited Talk / Text $49.99 Unlimited Talk and Text (Coverage Plan A Only)

    Unlimited Talk / Text / 50MB $69.99 Unlimited Talk and Text Plus 50 MB (Coverage Plan A Only)

    Unlimited Talk / Text / 150MB $89.99 Unlimited Talk and Text Plus 150 MB (Coverage Plan A Only)

    Unlimited Talk / Text / 750MB $119.99 Unlimited Talk and Text Plus 750 MB (Coverage Plan A Only)

    Pick Your Phone and Plan Today Click Here To Get Started!

    Unlimited Talk / Text $49.99 Unlimited Talk and Text (Coverage Plan B Only)

    Unlimited Talk / Text / 100MB $59.99 Unlimited Talk and Text Plus 100 MB (Coverage Plan B Only)


  92. See, you only met him a couple months ago. Where was Ted at the 13 months I was there ( Recorded Calls ) ? He never got to hear the story about my kids or about maybe losing my house. Just keep paying that autoship cause it will be here in 21 days, next month, next month. How about all the people we pushed this to ? I know I would have been a triple D in a matter of days of having a mobile product ( no telling what rank in a couple of months ) ( my people didn't want the overpriced water machines by $500 ). Those people are gone and most won't even talk to me. I'm talking about a bunch of people. Now I can't recruit those people in my new wireless company that has everything we were saying back then. How do you put a dollar amount on that ? I wouldn't be losing my house if I had those reps with me in GLOBAL PROS cause we have all the services and products that those people wanted.

  93. Still, there seems to be a lot of propaganda on the posts here, lots of mis-information, most likely from former wanna-be "e-associates" who are recruiting for their current hit and run. If GV had worked out in the first place they wouldn't have known what to do anyway. Notice how it's all about "I" & "Me"? They say THEY were wronged and ripped off and done wrong… without regard or even acknowledging issues their downline have experienced. If my name were Chris i would be very worried right about now. If i were any company connected with Chris i would be very worried right about now- because guess who's next? And for those of you who say they can't collect- wanna bet?

  94. Troy, I joined in June of 09, right after I bought an iphone that I had planned on switching over. Still am but waiting till we're offering our GSM plans. I've stuck around because I believe in the vision, I believe I feel the heart of these two men and how important it is to them to offer the best opportunity for the average everyday person that so desperatly needs something like this. I've talked to Mark personally, and have seen and heard Ted Robbins when he came to Tampa and Orlando, like I said I really believe, in my heart, that it's not about the money for them, so much as it is for them to offer the best opportunity for US. Yes, I have been frustrated and angry over the delays at times, but I do understand why it has taken so long, and I'm really ok with it. We've had 2 of our phones on their service for the last 4-5 months, that's as good or better than what we had before. On a comment before someone mentioned that we don't have the plans and rates we promised, and that's incorrect. We do have an unlimited everything plan for $79 as promised, as well as unlimited talk/text for $49. Those rates are now members only rates, and I think that's brilliant. People can become members for as little as $19.99 the first month and then $14.95 thereafter, and they get a certificate that'll save them $25 off at a participating restaurant of their choosing. So they're getting alot more than they're paying, and they can make retail commissions to boot if they choose. Now to really start to earn some serious income they can come in on the basic pack for $39.99/mo (there is a $30 fee to join the first month) and when I say membership has it's benefits, BOY does it ever. Bottom line, these guys could've give up a long time ago, but that's not their nature I believe, what these men (and us eassociates) have gone thru over the last year they should be commended not persecuted. You' ve brought up Mark's past, and used it against him every step of the way Troy. People make mistakes, grow from them and often become better because of them. Hell I've screwed up in my past, paid my dues, and the past is over, you can't undo it. I believe this is going to be the best NWM opportunity out there, already is, wait and see.

    Thank you Troy for admitting you may have been wrong, I respect you for that, and I'm so grateful I stuck it out. There have been people that put their account on hold for MONTHS, and have been allowed to keep their spot, how many companies will do that., become a member and take control of your future, because the future is here. They haven't given up and neither have I and am sooooo grateful for this opportunity. To the people that're thinking they are still owed $$, one of these guys sold their home to be able to pay their reps commissions in the past. Try again they'll make it right I believe that 100%. Thanks again Troy for posting the truth about this new and dynamic company!! Lisa Blanton

  95. _Arthur,

    I think you might be a little early on your prediction. Wait until you see the final order, you may find they will be able to collect. Maybe not all at once, but over time.

  96. Let's be real here, I was recruited and joined for the technology that was being touted not the hub. I have the recordings when Jim Hellman starts off his call with an overview of all the overpriced HUB MARKETING and then would say " ok now let's go to what everyone on this call is really here for TELECOM ". Yup, they knew they had to talk about that to stay within the laws. They were talking about technology that couldn't even be used yet. Jim Hellman was on a call stating he was using the new 5G/ Pharos 137 and the technology was all working great. Pushing the $99/autoship when explaining the comp plan cause you would get paid double and all the extras that came with it. I never had a phone product in 13 months and then got off autoship. They sent emails saying you will be terminated if you don't come back and get on autoship. This happened a couple of times and now they want to come out of this smelling like a rose. Did Ben P. even show up or contest this ? There were lies and hype put out there before they even met Ben P./ Zero1. Then blamed the reps for all kinds of issues.

  97. I was one of the complaints with the AG's office and haven't heard anything from Global Verge. I was charged 4 extra $30 activation fees 4 months in a row and on that fourth month,three days after a $69 charge,I got hit for another $109. I wonder how many other reps have stories like mine ? I haven't heard anything from the AG's office either. I didn't have the extra $200+ to give to Global Verge. It's not just the $200+, it's the overdraft fees as well. Ted, do you know that when I got hit those extra activations and charges that I didn't have that in my account ? Instead of saying that you took care of all the tickets, I think it would be better to post a link where reps could say for themselves if all was taken care of.

  98. That's a default ruling. Global Verge will actually be able to collect $0.00 of that.

  99. Partners,

    Ted did admit they used an offshore processor to collect the funds, they just did not deposit the funds offshore. I think we're on the same page. I just want to make sure folks understand, we alluded to a situation, which GV and their attorney have been very straightforward did not happen. Lord knows they have had enough issues, without me or anyone else adding to them.

    Thank you for your continued value here in this community. I know what you have been through lately, and my prayers are with you.

  100. Well Thats good I hope now they can pay us , is not much ($48)but if there are 10,000 peoples like me just do your math and may they owned more than me will see what hapened. i'm already moving forward, theres better companies out there with better products,payment plan and honest leaders

    If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin."

  101. As a Canadian, I hung on for a phone. It was the Zer01 super phone that attracted me to the company, not the power savers or water machines.

    They now have phone service. Not the unlimited talk, text, data, instant messaging, high speed downloading phone that calls 30 countries for 89.95 a month. No it is unlimited talk, text, and 150 MB of data for $119.99 a month. A far cry from the original irresistible offer. It is not available in Canada.

    It has always been my belief, and it is still my belief, that the founders of Global Verge truly want to build something great. I have the blog post to prove it.

    I wrote that when almost all of the MLM Bloggers including you Troy called GV a scam. I feel very vindicated for my belief and faith in this company.

    I have moved on. I need a phone. GV has not provided one. Nothing personal and I do wish them well.

    Mark, Ted, congratulation on that win.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog ..So You Think Network Marketing Is Tough? =-.

  102. Troy,

    Here we are racing down the highway. Is there traffic? Yes. Is there bumps on the road? Yes! Could there be unforeseen delays? Always!! But if you stick with the vision and believe in where you are heading, you will make it! There will be many exit ramps that look like they can get you there quicker. Or maybe to another destination that seems better. But there is a reward for running the race and not giving up! I've been with Global Verge since July 09 and I've seen all the ups and downs. But today, I stand here with a great phone with unlimited everything for $79.99. I've received commissions every month since I joined. I'm also receiving commissions from the bonus pools which is fantastic and my organization is growing! I've had Mark respond to my emails the same day! Customer service is great and all my associates are receiving their products. And things will only get better!!

    Thank you Ted and Mark for sticking with the company and delivering on the promise. And thanks to all the great leaders that also stayed and kept our hopes up and our vision focused. I am truly blessed to be a part of Global Verge and am looking forward to a wonderfully bright future!

    God bless you all!!

  103. Hey Troy …

    As past members of Global Verge we can safely say and agree through our commission processses with e-Wallet and having been on the phone with them out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida that YES …to our knowledge, this was NOT an offshore processor of any kind.

    It will be interesting to hear the TRUE stories as so much misinformation has been misguided by emotion and at the end of the day regarding the Global Verge experience. It's a FACT, when

    emotions rule the day and at the end of the day …not much ever changes. When logic and reasoning come into play …that's WHEN we realize the TRUTH's of what's actually happened one way or another …or not.

    Again, thanks for YOUR diligence and servitude in keeping us all posted. Your updates along with individual comments make perfectly clear where everyone is coming from one way or another. IF it's positive everyone wins and IF NOT – well there WILL BE some explaining to do but we feel surer than ever, this all WILL come out in the wash when the "clorox" bottle comes out and we see who's left standing!

    As people go …we MUST state that in general, ALL people have commonality in being or trying to be good people. It's what's said and done in between that leads to questions that most none of us can answer on our own. One thing for sure – we'll all know when we KNOW and that's the rest of the story yet to come!

    Semper Fi


  104. I met Ted Robbins in Tampa Fl a few months back, I watched him interact with everyone after the meeting. He stayed in the lobby for over 2 hours talking to every E Assoc and again in Orlando he made himself available to everyone and stayed until every question was answered even taking notes to make sure all issues were delt with. In Tampa as he was talking to the crowd which at times was not the friendliest , he broke down talking about his family and a little boy that he has spent many days away from. That's all I needed to know about his character, he is the real deal. Thanks Ted and Mark !