Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Rebrands As The Smart Band

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge re-brands as “The Smart Band”, will this help them overcome all the frustrations surrounding the very foundation of the company?

OK, right off the back I have to say, that Global Verge’s new Press Secretary is hot! No, I’m not talking about sexy hot, I’m talking about the fact she is a professional! As a matter of fact she may be the first real professional the company has hired, since the brought Gerry Nehra in to look things over.

Here is a clip where she toots her own horn. Still not sure why Ruth or Ted did not introduce her. Just listening is a little uncomfortable, because knowing she is a professional Press Secretary, it brings up a boatload of questions.

Now without a doubt she has an impressive background. But…

1. What is her last name?
2. What is her company name?
3. Which professional media organization presented her with these awards?
4. Who were her clients when these awards were won?

Yes, these are important questions, since we have seen so much smoke and mirrors surrounding Blogbal Verge, Buzzirk and Zer01.

Now let’s take a look at what the new Press Secretary has to say about some of the Global Verge Technology. Notice in this segment she does not mention Zer01 or Buzzirk technology, but uses general terms… We.

1. What technology is she talking about.
2. How long as she known Mark & Ted to be able to determine they are honorable people?
3. What Category Dominating Technology?

Now this clicp has great news about the websites and giving Global Verge a Professional Makeover, but the words used to decribe this makeover brought a smile to my face. She truly knows how to write a speech to make it sound good. I know some politicians in KC who could use her help.

All of the above is good. But until the commissions hit the hands of distributors, and until someone comes forward to provide the distributors with a “Catagory Dominating” wireless appliance, the money wasted on putting makeup on the outside is just throwing good money after bad.

The rest of the call was just the same old propaganda. However, here is the whole call.

Although I did make light of the call, there are a few things which I want to seriously address.

1. It does seem that operations are moving to Lee’s Summit, where Global Verge leases some executive Suites.
2. I respect the professional job that Valery takes at delivering the best image for Global Veerge.
3. Ted Robbins has started taking control of the company he -co-founded and my hat is off to him for taking responsibility.

I still believe it will take an act of God to get this company turned around so it can survive. And I still question the the business practice of using offshore processors in order to circumvent the PATRIOT ACT.

There are still more questions than answers, and I personally believe the if something very positive doesn’t happen quick, some very frustrated distributors may file a class action suite against Global Verge and some major criminal complaints against the founders and the strategic partner know as XennSoft who’s software was used to perpetrate this nightmare.

Never Give Up,


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  2. Tom,

    Over the years, we have seen MLM cause the retail market to come in line with pricing in several areas. And this very well might be one. However, I was out pricing Broadband, VOIP, and regular routers today, and found all the current MLM Wireless companies are substantially higher in price for their hardward that what I can buy on the open market.

    As for everything else in this new and ever expanding MLM wireless war… Well the writers of the screen play are watching.

    Never Give Up,


  3. Smartband maybe this

    Rebranding is the classic marketing trick to get rid of all the bad press. You can replace all management as another tactic to refocus a company. Now from an ethical standpoint that guy Mark can not be trusted. Stealing money is stealing money and you can not be the CEO, with that record!

    What’s interesting with Buzzirk, FDI, and others is that more technology is coming out to lower the cost. Vonage even responded tonight with lowering the International cost with expansion. This is good becuase I’ve been overseas and its competitive which is great for the marketplace. You select a phone and then select a carrier, now that’s freedom to do business with whom you want.

    VOIP on a cellular phone is nothing new and its completely possible. Now whatever the hold up between Zero1 and Buzzirk, who knowns what’s happening. I do know from a standpoint of Zero1 if all this bad information and reports were coming out, I would have responding with my PR people right away, no delays to have all these media outlets gang up on the story. The reason why I stated this is because competitors that were never apart of Global Verge was blasting false information to steer people to their opportunity. I love network marketing but this is the ugly side to the business. This is why, the FTC and FCC is trying to implement a new rule regarding blogging, internet marketing, and endorsements.

    Now it does smell like something is wrong, thanks to great reporting. Its plenty of companies that miss their initial release date but how can they set another and miss that date.

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    5:02 am – August 13th, 2009

    This is the smartband network found online
    can this be confirmed”

    Good find. It seems our mysterious Valery was either not completely informed or not completely honest when she described the name “SmartBand” as “owned” by Global Verge or a brand name their of. She’s a very compelling speaker but it seems the information she conveys is no more reliable than any of the previous speakers on their official calls.

    The laws in this area get a bit arcane, since this is a service it would seem service mark is more applicable than trade mark but either way I’m willing to bet that Global Verge wont be able to use the term “smartband” without paying either the registered owner, or an attorney, or both.

  6. Love the spin in the article:

    “Creating interconnect agreements throughout North America and abroad, Zer01 Mobile is the first mobile service to offer a truly unlimited voice, data and Internet plan that is priced affordably with taxes and fees included.”

    Ummm…..someome correct me if I’m wrong, but they have yet to deliver a product that works, right? And if that’s the case, how coudl they be the “firlst mobiel service…”
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  7. Troy, did you get this? Zer01 Mobile pulled the plug on Buzzirk Mobile/Global Verge

  8. Jim

    Just a quick question, what direction do you really seriously think GV/Buzzirk is going?

    I mean, major news agencies have questioned the ethics and business practices of the companies in question, from the offset there has been a chain of out right falsehoods that have rolled downhill.

    Ben P who is supposed to be developing the software is now the proud owner of the bragging rights to being the first company in 18 years to ever have an award rescinded. Of course forget the fact he has also not been forthright with the truth.

    The money is being handled offshore and countless people have claimed that monies were illegally obtained after they had cancelled the instructions to pay on the comapnies recomendations.

    I am just plain dumbfounded that anyone can be dedicated to this, there is nothign at all in the public domain to suggest you should give a company run by a convicted felon your ssn and bank information to once again try to launch a super duper phone service.

    This pantomine continues to roll along it’s such an eye opener to see the levels of gullibilty in this country and beyond.

    Money sure can damage the ability to think rationally.

  9. Hey all,

    Can anyone give me a little more details on this Buzzirk Mobile subsidiary?

    From a quick review I am wondering if this might be the new focus.

    Never Give Up,


  10. Jon,

    I am not sure if it is a new “brand” they are going to corner, or a technology they are moving towards.

    Never Give Up,


  11. Robin,

    Great site, but I do not see any reference to multiple media awards. I would think all the awares earned would be listed. Maybe I just missed them.

    Never Give Up,


  12. This is the smartband network found online
    can this be confirmed

  13. Hey Troy, I tried to upload a video and picture per the info below and was not able to. I enjoy your post and I am glad you keep an open mind. Seems like everyone has a bump in the road now and then.

    I am a dedicated associate with Global Verge and I see the company moving in the right direction. I firmly believe that our company will be a force when the dust settles.


    Jim Wood

  14. No idea what smart band technology is, sounds made up to me. I have a dear friend that got started with GV and I’d like to thank Troy for all the work he’s done digging up information. I’ve been able to keep my friend updated better with the information I get from here than he’s able to get from his own upline (I just hope things work out for him).

    Thanks again Troy, keep up the awesome work!


  15. As the comedy rolls on I can’t but help picture one of my favourite movies and a rather apt quote to sum up the new call.

    Hedley Lamarr: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

    Taggart: God darnit, Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar w***e.

    I can’t wait for the “awesomeness” Valerie(who shall remain last nameless) is going to tell us about at the weekend.


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