Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Postpones Large Commisison Payout

Breaking MLM Wireless News! Global Verge misses their first big commission payout. What does this mean for their distributors?

Below is the body of an email I received last night from a Global Verge Rep. After receiving this I called and talked to a Triple Diamond in Global Verge to get their thoughts.

Their feelings, is this happens on a regular basis to start-up companies, and are not concerned.

I do appreciate the fact, Global Verge is holding a call tonight with some of their top leaders to give them the most current news.

Anytime a company stays in constant communication with their top leaders (as long as they are telling them the truth) it is a very good sign.

Here is the content of the email I received: (It would been more professional email had it been signed by the CEO or some other top corporate officer of Global Verge.)

“All e-Associates:

Due to the fact that almost 30,000 people joined Global Verge in June there have been so many glitches in signups that the back office software, even though they are used to high volumes, have been completely overwhelmed.

This being our first large commission run, the upgrades, as well as the new signups and our credit card processing departments have run into overwhelm with small issues that take time to process.

We have a small problem, you guys have done too good a job. To be on the safe side, not to put out inaccurate commissions and to make sure it?s done correctly our extremely large commission run will be postponed seven to ten days.

We need to be accurate and correct for everyone?s sake and give you the service that you expect to receive from a rapidly growing company. You did a greater job in bringing in more distributors than we expected, now we need a little time to give everyone what they have actually earned.

Only seven to ten days to be accurate and there will be lots of announcements in that week about the upgrades and changes that will take this company to the next level. This is done for your safety and ours.

Global Verge Staff”

Watch the video above for my professional opinion of this situation.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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5 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Postpones Large Commisison Payout”

  1. Michael,

    First let me say congratulations on hitting Triple Diamond!!!! I will be posting some current updates today about GV and where I think the company is heading based on these new facts.

    Never Give Up,


  2. Hey Troy,
    Great video
    I am a triple diamond with GV and I am excited about the opportunity. I agree with you in regards of the issues are certainly answerable.
    I think they will pull it off and many many people will join our opportunity

  3. I just got this email from a friend.

    Here is some highlights from a special leadership call
    from last night after the corporate call.


    (This is from Diamond Elite – Ruth Mayne)

    There was a call last night for triple diamonds and above, and I know
    many of us, including me, did not get the email. Here is the guts
    of the call:

    Ben from Zer01 came on and spoke briefly about the contract with
    GV, that we do have sole marketing rights in NWM/Direct
    Sales/network marketing.

    He stated that things are moving forward
    and that GV is their strongest brand. He also stated that he was
    blown away at what we did in just one month!

    He made sure to mention that we need to clean up on compliance but
    he is looking forward to a great partnership

    Craig Perry, in house atty and COO came on and spoke about
    compliance and a ZERO tolerance policy, they will be really
    “cracking down” and there will be NO EXEPTIONS

    Announcement was made that they have now also retained Atty Jerry
    Nira, well known MLM atty who was in house council for companies
    like Amway.

    Steve Lewis spoke about the new CEO (name will be released next
    week) and now Mark will be able to have the help he needs so he can
    concentrate on what he does best!

    It was made very clear that they are working hard to streamline the
    company with new marketing materials, automated marketing sites,
    upgrade to the back office, making it much simpler to find things.

    Steve also talked about compliance and the ZERO TOLERANCE policy.
    That it is up to US to turn in anything we see that is not from the

    He closed with the fact that he is very comfortable in the fact
    that everything will be and running within the next 30 days.
    They will be posting in the back office a notice of your options:
    Remember, MOST of you were not charged anything in JUNE and no one
    has been charged in July. This goes for your Auto ship as well as
    any product you ordered. So…your options are this:

    1. Confirm your auto ship (they will post a notice) and stay
    active/ collect commissions
    2. Stop your auto ship (you can do this for a max of 60 days) hold
    your position, get no commissions for JUNE (since no payment was
    taken) and “wait and see” and either start your auto ship within
    the time frame or be purged
    3. Resign; they will waive the 6 month wait time to rejoin and you
    can make a decision over the next few months after you see that we
    are “up and going.

    This was a very infomative call.

    I’m just forwarding information as I get it.

  4. MLM Expert,

    You do make some valid points. And until we truly see phones and Sim chips ship to the end users (outside the comp plan) we will not know for sure.

    However, their software company is a reputable company with billion dollar MLM clients. So, I am not sure if this is a software issue, or a company running on a shoe string budget.

    I do agree that 30K in 30 days is a small number during a roaring economy. However, with most companies flat-lined, merging, and going bankrupt, I think we can saftly say, Mark Petschel and Global Verge never dreamed of this type of critical mass in such a very short time.

    Even the CEO of ZER01 has stated publicly he never dreamed this would happen. And if these folks all stay and get certified to marketing ZER01 products and services, then Global Verge will have the largest sale force in the USA among Wireless companies.

    You are correct, they are scrambling for a Merchant Service Provider. The one they had STOPPED processing, which left Global Verge sitting on $3 million in un-collected funds. Hard to payout commissions when you have not collected the funds.

    Besides, there are no commissions earned, until the company accepts the Agreements by charging the credit cards or taking an ACH. Catch 22 for all involved.

    Having been on both sides of the fence, I can say most companies never “believe” they will hit critical mass fast. All dream they will, all publically say they want it to happen. But when it does most are not prepared for it. Even MonaVie and XanGo had issues early on with software, so this in and of itself is not a big deal.

    But, when you add all these little glitches up, then as you and I know, you have a HUGE issue.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Never Give Up,


  5. Does anyone honestly believe their cover story? They must have lousy software and incompetent IT people and programmers to have all of these issues, especially when you’re talking about these “glitches” being caused by 30,000 sign ups, which is not a large number…

    In addition, they are probably scrambling to get a merchant account at this point…

    Another classic example of people who didn’t have their platform in place and everything tested and double checked before they launched…Of course, then you’ve got a whole separate issue when it comes to whether what they have on the product is real…

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