Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge More Questions Fewer Answers

Breaking MLM Wireless News: The latest Global Verge calls provide more questions and fewer answers.

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Well I have received numerous emails stating that Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis the former management team at Global Verge, have joined FDI International after their failed takeover attempt of Global Verge. We have not been able to verify, so if anyone has proof please send it our direction. Added August 13th, 2009… FDI VP of Operations confirms Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis ARE NOT part of FDI!

OK, first my hat is off to Global Verge corporate for continuing to hold calls to keep the field informed. However the calls seem a little staged over the last few days, and that does have me concerned.

Let’s get down to the new questions I have…

The first issue I want to address is the “temporary management” who were just terminated. In July here is what Steve Lewis the acting CEO had to say…

Now to add a little more facts before I ask questions…

On or about July 29, 2009 the corporate documentation for Global Verge was amended to the following.

President: Ted Robbins
Secretary: Teresa Curtis
Treasurer: Warren Hanchey
Director: Craig Perry

Here are my questions:

1. If Steve Lewis, Teresa Curtis and Warren Hanchey were temporary management, why were they (not Lewis) listed as corporate officers on July 29, 2009.
2. Why were employees being hired in the tune of dozens in Nevada instead of Missouri if everything in Vegas was temporary?
3. How can Craig Perry be an unbiased COO, since he was (according to Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis) Steve Lewis’s personal business attorney, before he was hired at Global Verge?
4. Is Steve Lewis & Teresa Curtis really out of the game or is this just another ploy to hold off paying commissions?

Ok, now to commissions

Here are the new questions this brought up.

1. Is the current management going to honor Steve Lewis’s promises to grandfather everyone for June & July?
2. Are the genealogy issues completely fixed?
3. Who’s verifying all the genealogy issues if the Lewis-Curtis team is now gone and new employees (who more likely than not do not have any ideas how to work the software)?
4. Have all upgrades, downgrades and cancellations been completed for June & July?
5. When exactly are the July & July commissions going to be paid, and will compression be included?

Ok now let’s take a look at the Offshore Merchant propaganda.

Ok, now the last call Jeff Powell mentions a couple of things we need to review before I ask my questions.

The first thing is the use of “Tier-1 Bank” like that was something huge. The reality is the term “Tier-1” refers to “capital” of a bank and is the core measure of a bank’s financial strength from a regulator’s point of view.

See the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter about the bank or their relationship with BOA (Bank of America) what matters is the WHY behind the offshore accounts. Here is a good reference on “High-Risk Offshore Merchant Accounts.”

When a USA based company admits on a phone call they want to circumvent the Patric Act in order to bring money back onshore or settle-up offshore where it will not be tracked, then I see issues in doing business with that type of company.

The USA PATRIOT ACT is an acronym – Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.

Now for some this may seem trival, but ask any NY resident how they feel. I fully understand its a controversial Law, but when a US-Based company uses the PATRIOT ACT, as the excuse for collecting money offshore, red flags go up, and questions need to be asked.

1. Why is Global Verge seen as a “High-Risk” MLM, instead of just a normal MLM company?
2. Why can’t the founders get approval through normal MLM friendly Merchant account procesors?
3. How are they going to charge clients overseas, when most USA banks deny offshore charges?

I have run a MLM doing millions a week, before, during and after 9/11. Yes we have new regulations and had to complete more paperwork for our members who lived in different countries. But we knew we were helping to keep America Safe.

Last but not least… Global Verge INVESTORS!

Why isn’t there any USA based investors? Having been an investor for several years in different start-ups and turn-around companies, I find it very out of the ordinary that the only investors mentioned are 5000 miles away from the operation they are investing. It’s not like we are talking about a publicly traded company with all the filed paperwork available through the SEC.

As I said after listening to the calls I had more questions than answers.

I am looking forward to the upcoming Press Releases to see how the professional spin starts to roll.

Never Give Up,


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12 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge More Questions Fewer Answers”

  1. Troy

    You are correct they planned all there announcements thur Friday and Saturday same as FDI convention which by this power move they are scared of FDI but even if they came out with a product that makes pigs fly there is not trust all of this should have never had happened.

    Semper fi
    Never give up

  2. I truly think this week has been the first week where a Press Secretary is in charge and boy can she lay it on thick. I can hardly wait until the weekend to hear whats up. Funny how this big announcement runs at the same time as the FDI convention!!!!!

    Never Give Up,


  3. Kerry,

    This gal is worth her weight in gold! If I can get her number I know some folks who would hire her to write their speeches. Depending on how this all goes down, some of the folks might hire her to write their defense.

    Never Give Up,


  4. Hey, Getting down to the bottom

    You hit the nail on the head. I am not worried about the CEOs in GV they will just go open up another company and move on its all the real distributors that came out into and out of retirement even well known affiliate marketers caught the f1h1 buzzirk virus. If you listen to that last call there was no mention of the phones

    You are right that PR person can sell sand to people living in the desert well scripted and planed out well if you play chess GV is in check they got three pawns no queen no rook no knights and 1 bishop.

    Semper fi
    Never give up

  5. Well well, well.

    It looks like this weekend GV is going to make a concerted effort to regain some of the credibility they lost. How much of this is simply a more effective spin with a better team? I have a sense they are making a very determined (somewhat last ditch) effort to clean up their act and get something of value to the market before another bunch of GV distributors jump ship to FDi, but I don’t know how much of it is simply more sophisticateed an dpolished hype, with a better team.

    It’s high time for Ted Robbins to have finally come out of seclusion, as he is one of the only people at GV that sounds real. I liked the new PR Director, who sounds very competent and likeable, However, other than repeating thay “we have our work cut out for us” she gave almost no indication that they have been trying to control a raging catastrophe, which I think should have been acknowledged to a greater degree.

    As far as credibility goes I want to ask – “where’s the beef?” both on communicatin isues and telecomminications issues.

    Remember Craig Perry mailing everyone on VG to send in questions in preparation for an interview he was going to do and record with Ben Piilanit? Did you hear the interview anyhwere? Nada.

    How about the conference call with Ben Piilani, Ted Robbins and Mark Petshel (istheformewr CEO still actively involved with GV)? Did it happen? If not, why not? If it was, when was it and where is the replay?

    As for the real beef of the story – Is Zero1 still involved? If there is rebranding, is it going to be Zero1 doing it or GV? What is the real deal with the technology, whether in the “original” or “improved” formula” (smart band???)

    Apart from the sheer entertainment value, I really hope that for all of the regular people who got caught up in this mess this story will have some sort of reasonable conclusion, and not turn out tobe like a really bad soaps, where the central character (let’s say Richard) disappears for 2 years after a plane crash in the jungle, then shows up in another country with the same face but with a new identity, and yo find out he survived the crash but had amnesia, his face was totally disfigured so he had massive plastic surgery… and then you find out he had an evil twin brother who set the whole thing up and kidnapped him… but then a celebrity attorney discloses the content of a sealed letter given to him anonymously by an undercover FBI operative, with instructions to only be opened in the evrent of his death, and after the FBI guy mysteriously and suspiciously dies, the attorney hands ofver the letter to the police, but the content is leaked, and we find out that Richard was indeed killed in the crash, but someone with similar height, wieight and colors, who survived the crash but suffered amnesia, was given Richard’s face in plastic surgery, but he was given a different identity, and then one day he was accidentally hit over the head and this jogged his memory, but he couldn’t recognize his face, aand then Richard’s evil twin brother, who Richard himself did not know abut becasue they were separated at birth …. blah blah blah… you get the picture?


    Well, that simply means you havn’t been following the story xlosely enoough — or maybe it’s the other way around – if your’e confused it’s because you HAVE been following the story….

    Help !!!!!

    Iv’e become addicted to watching this show, with new episodes coming out every 30 minutes on the Network TV’s MLM channel…

  6. Hi troy or anyone I listen to last night town hall call with GV and heard that they are rebranding under “smart band” i notice nothing was said about phones. Did they loss the ze01 product? Because the words she was using like broadband and wifi really didnt sound like they was talking about ze01 phones? Is this a bait and switch to save what ever people they have left cause they have no flagship product? What happen to all those domains purchased that used the word buzzirk that was a wasted of money? Troy can people really TRUST the company right now if they switch products mid stream?

    I see why you always say more questions than answers. I see why people was addicted the day time soaps back in the day. You just have to tune in to see what happens next “who shot JR” lol

    Semper fi
    Never give up!

  7. NGSI,

    That is a great question. I am working through everything, and trying to make live contact with the Detective working on this case. It seems he has been overwhelmed with calls, and emails.

    So as soon as I can get a full handle on exactly who, what, when and where the investigation is going, I will post.

    What I don’t want to do is throw fuel on an already roaring fire.

    Never Give Up,


  8. I weighed the words of ousted Steve Lewis w/ the facts as I knew them and found prob. convergence. I knew about the delays in taking our money. That bothered me since usually that’s the first thing cos. do. I knew they had a bear bones operation when they couldn’t ans. questions reg. my credit card acct. for several weeks. I knew the delays in everything inc. commissions and phones. It just added up that they couldn’t pay anybody when Lewis couldn’t find any us bank records account receivable etc. I fear the money’s gone and gv will blow up. I hope I’m wrong,rps
    .-= rick simovitz´s last blog .. Wartime Pen Pals’ Unlikely Romance =-.

  9. Troy,

    Don’t you think it’s in the best interest of everyone to divulge the information regarding the law enforcement inquiries you talked about previously??

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