Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Is Still At The Same Old Grifter Stalling Game

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge is still at the same old stalling game. It’s now the August 31st, 2009, no phones and July commissions are not yet paid. This is a classic move of Grifters trying to keep the shell game moving forward.

Update: Global Verge has paid out the July commissions to the field!!!!!!

Now, from the latest Global Verge call we know the following:

1. July commissions are not paid
2. No special phone or technology has been released
3. Global Verge is trying to get their reps to market the other services
4. They have a new website
5. They are almost a year old (as Global Verge) and still do not have their act together.

So let’s listen to what Ted has to say, and ask some very important questions.


Ok, so let me get this right… 50 people kept 20K or more from getting paid July commissions?

1. When will July commissions really be paid?
2. Will August commissions be on time?
3. If XennSoft is one of the best MLM software companies supporting the likes of MonaVie, then why can’t they get it right a little company like Global Verge… What is the real issue?


OK, let me get this right… People who were in the Global Verge home office for an Open House, were using the phones and Ted couldn’t use one for the call?

1. Why didn’t Ted have some of those reps on the call to brag about how great the new phones are?
2. Why doesn’t Global Verge send me a phone for 30 days ready to use, so I can blog about how the phones work?
3. Why doesn’t Ted have Valery do a Press Release on the new contracts which have been signed with the new company?
4. Who is the new company?
5. Is this just another stall tactic to keep money rolling through the door, to pay those who were their first?


The site does look pretty good for a corporate site. And the video below does give a good overview of the Global Verge products and services.

However, the question this brings up, is what will the replicating sites look like? If they look like the corporate site, then I would not call this an MLM company, I would call it a super-affiliate company.

Here is the new product and service video, which, again from a corporate standpoint is pretty good. It is a little staged, but I would expect that from a PR Firm.

Here are the questions that come to mind from the site and this video.

1. What does “coming soon” really mean to Global Verge?
2. How can you charge the consumer more money than the cost you are paying when the products are so expensive already?
3. With the economy already hurting so many folks locally, why would I want to buy something online, when I know it could cause the local retail store to close and my friends or I could be out of a job?
4. What is the Unique Sales Proposition of Global Verge Today?

Ted states “no other company is doing what we are doing with “Hub Marketing.” Well I would beg to differ. Here is a small list of companies who market using the same Hub Marketing business strategy.

Market America
Fortune High-Tech Marketing
Team National
Escape International (Aisle19)

So, please explain how these companies differ? Except for the fact a few of these are listed by wholesale volume as top 100 MLM companies based on doing $100 million or more annually.

Well, in closing I can state the following…

I still believe Global Verge is nothing more than a gravy train for a few grifters who could not make it in a legitimate MLM company. If you go a Google search on some of the top names in Global Verge you will quickly see where they have represented several companies over the last few months (years), and always seem to have an excuse for failing and moving on.

I still believe there are some great leaders in Global Verge who are doing all they can to turn this company into a legitimate business opportunity. However, they do not control the company, and I am not convenced they can pull it off.

Global Verge lost it’s Catagory Creating position whe Zer01 could not deliver on the technology, and cancelled the exclusive contract. I also believe Global Verge had some inside corporate espionage, and should file criminal complaints against some of their past corporate employees.

All, in all, I would not look at Global Verge as a company I would want to put the future of my family.

Here is the complete call.

Never Give Up,


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28 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Is Still At The Same Old Grifter Stalling Game”

  1. I take that back it appears that MLM D may be talking about Light Year wireless…….they are an mlm company.

  2. I can honestly say that I have physically seen the new Televerus phone (Nokia E63) and have personally witnessed it working this past Monday. We have phones and are ready to rock and roll.

  3. I got tired of the GV promises and other rhetoric after a month, asked for a full refund and got it.


  4. MT,

    Great words of wisdom!!!!!

    At the end of the day we are all Americans reaching for our dreams!

    Never Give UP,


  5. Happy Long Weekend, friends.
    May you and your family be blessed.
    My thoughts may be scattered and sometimes even confused at times but I believe that what we promote, at the end of the day, is Freedom and Lifestyle. Financial and spiritual.

    The bitter nastiness and blatant BS of the company to company and rep to rep discourse of these times and the obscene self-serving competition in this industry kills the very heart and soul of what we should be about.

    Every organization, business, church, whatever, becomes a replication of its leadership. So, choose your leaders wisely.

    Reach out to your brothers and sisters and share the human potential of “breaking free.”

    But choose your leaders wisely.
    You owe them that. Your owe yourself the same standard.

    (Listening to Springsteen’s The Rising…while I write this)

  6. Hey Mt,

    Do you think that maybe their could be a wireless company that puts people first and can figure out a way to keep it exciting? The reason I ask is because you seem to have it all figured out. I know for a fact that a company like this does exists. Any product that is unconsciously purchased and habitually used is a Winner!


    As long as you can DELIVER a product or service that will SAVE someone money or ADD value to their life, you have a chance to do something great. Bottom line is NONE of us are really in the wireless business, health and wellness business, travel business or financial service business, we are ALL in the people business!

    As far as GV is concerned, they better have an agreement with T-Mobile because this is a highly regulated business and believe me, no one is going to get one over on the “Big Boy’s” without them getting their cut. That goes for FDI too.

    There is one company that I know of for a fact that does have an agreement with the nation’s largest network, Verizon. They also have just entered the Pre-Paid market as well, with Sprint. Unlimited Calling, Unlimited Text and Unlimited Data for Only $59.99. No Contract, No Credit Check, No Deposit.

    They also pay their reps true monthly residuals on the wireless bills because they are only using the “Big Boy’s” networks to deliver the service, but own the actual customers. They have the best of both worlds. They are not just a reseller, so residuals are paid year after year, even when the contract is up.

    Getting paid over and over again for doing something once is what this is ALL about!
    Teaching others to do the same is how fortunes are made. Focus on people, not the money and ALL of your dreams will come true!


    MLM D

  7. My humble prediction for 2010…..( a little early, I know).
    The telecom wars will end in a pyrrhic victory for someone.
    Someone will sell more phones and plans than the others, but in the process to push and hype “mine is better than yours,” companies will lose their reps to battle fatigue, carpet bombing and desertion.
    Attrition will either kill these companies OR WAKE THEM UP.

    Wireless phones and plans make BAD products for building NWM SALES because they are becoming ULTIMATELY BORING and people (read retail consumers) will change their plans and phones in a nanosecond with no loyalty. No contract = no loyalty.

    No new category is being created. It’s just a mirror image of the existing telecom industry…new products and plans are being rolled out every 90 days to eternity….
    Telecom though is a great “transfer buy” just like vitamins, soap and cosmetics. A natural, monthly consumable that could be added to a well developed line of products and services.
    That is practical…it maintains BV…it makes sense but it’s not fun…and the excitement quickly fades.

    And have you noticed how telecom seems to attract a certain type of “leader?” You know, the ones that can’t make it without HYPE and exaggerated income claims?

    My bet for 2010 is on companies like Yoli…where the story is about PEOPLE and PASSION.
    Anyone else have a NON-TELECOM company to discuss?

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  9. brainwashed is the classic mlm head hunter trying to get their . In general people can behave in a brainwashed manner in network marketing because the comment we have the best compensation plan, best product, best whatever is said to members and then repeated. True it’s no best in anything catagory in life because that subject to a person’s opinion. Troy can we get a story on Zero1 since this was the company with the technology for GV to market. I noticed that they have never shipped phones to reporters so do they really have what they claim they did. GV is the classic marketing arm and since Zero1 pulled the rug and then jumped on over to Traverus I see the same issue occuring over there. Now if GV is regrouping (who knows if it’s really new management in place) I think they have no choice but to get it right this time around. Remember all the MLM companies are dependent on other technology companies to produce the service and the phones. I see you did a good article on FDI is that because their management did an interview or that you have a relationship? I looked at their offering and its a lot of people that are in bundle packages from either their cable or telecom provider that they can not help. That Trinet is expensive to lower the cost and Google is launching Google Voice which does 50% of what the Trinet does without the ability of calling outside the United States. The Trinet uses VOIP to make the call in FDI’s network for free. It’s other services on the market like fring that does the same without purchasing the expensive Trinet.

    Notice the call is made without a sim

  10. Alan, and Adam,

    You are both correct. We are just about ready to pull the switch on the new site and daily posts will start up once again. The last week we have focused on helping Angie Turner get her life back together, and now it’s back to business.

    I am sure everyone understands, friends and family always come first.

    Never Give Up,


  11. Brainwashed,

    I am going to dig into the new company in the next few days and post right after we change the site to the new format. Keep watching. However, you do bring up a great thought.

    Never Give Up,


  12. Not a Triple,

    Commissions did hit a few hours after I posted. This is again exciting news for those who have worked their butts off the last few months.

    Never Give Up,


  13. Troy,

    I posted a comment here yesterday (before Alan’s comment at 7:35 PM) regarding GV JULY commissions. Your commission comment above is the first time I have read one of your GV comments & found you to be in error…and, in my note, I reported that commissions were paid (at least to me). Why didn’t you post my comment?

    For the record, I received my JULY GV commission notification yesterday morning.

    You continue to raise very valid questions regarding GV and I, like many others, are still hopeful, GV can “pull it together”. Keep raising the questions…but correct your mistakes (incorrect statements) as soon as you get confirming info. Failure to post my comment yesterday impacts your creditibility with me.

  14. Sorry this was the video of what Gv is telling there rep on youtube

  15. Troy

    Question that company with stem cell product I am not sure how happy I would marketing that product with so many people against the research imagine you call a prospect and its a person truly against the research i dont think that call would go to well. Its kinda like starting a mlm company marketing abortion pills. what you think? Not everyone embraces science and technology as we do.

    As for GV reps I pray they wake up and smell the coffee there is alot of great new and old companies that have there stuff together they should watch this video.

  16. I agree with Adam. Cover some real companies with real products. The global verge info is of zero interest to most of us as you would be a complete idiot to join this company!!

  17. It’s sad on what’s going on in GV I have friends that are like man this is gonna be big and I’m like man look and see what’s going on I wish that GV would come out and say the TRURTH to these guys. I truly belive my friends really think their in the best opp with no product…HOW???? THIS SUCKS

  18. Adam,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are 100% correct, we have invest just about enough time with GV, but as asked I did give a follow up after about a week of not posting on them. I also posted on the Oprah lawsuit, but mostly focused last week on helping a young lady who was burned out of her home.

    So, stay tuned for what we get rocking here in a day or so.

    Never Give Up,


  19. Hi Troy,

    Mate I’m going to be honest and straight with you. Your getting boring with all your GV stuff. Everyone tired of hearing you pitching GV. Also your not updating any new content enough on a regular basis. I seen you only put up 2 posts last week.

    Troy lets mix it up a bit ok instead of just focusing all your energy and time on GV. I personally want to hear about this new health beverage that works with peoples stem cells, now that is interesting and a topic that grabs peoples interest.

    Hope you step up man and improve the topics or I know I will be tuning out that for sure.

    Kind Regards


  20. Troy

    Just a word to the wish anyone that is looking to sponsor a former buzzirk/GV rep into your own company stay away its more trouble then its worth. I had arguements with reps contacting me about my company and telling me there company GV has a contract with T-mobile and they are getting phones. They are so brainwashed they can not see the forest from the trees. I have never seen a company have such a bad mental affect on its people even after they still havent gotten paid or any new products to sell just promises. Well i got to go the mother ship is outside my door to take me the new planet! lol


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