Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Founders Fire Steve Lewis And Crew Before They Can Resign

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Founders terminated Steve Lewis, Teresa Curtis, Warren Hanchey and crew before they had a chance to resign.

Now, there isn’t really anything I can add to this post. Just listen to the recording.

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  1. I hate to hear bad stories of other companies. I hope whatever has gone on with GV they fix their problems and succeed. I don't know anything about GV but wow just reading some of this is mind boggling and hard to follow what has happened there. There is a new direct sales company out called that sell all major cellular carriers, security, clear 4g, Satellite, and merchant services are coming. $49 to join so little risk and have just launched!

    I wish everyone on here success in whatever they do or find. Just dream big dream and follow your plan and things will always work them selves out for the better.

    Dreams have he power to pull us forward in the face of adversity. Dreams have the power to sharpen our focus and fill our lives with energy and passion. Dreams have the power to remind us that the biggest accomplishments always start with the biggest dreams.

  2. All I can say is check this out…
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  3. Lewis and company were trying to scam Global Verge and they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar or should I say bank account. Global Verge is fine and still working on a launch. Good things take time. All the negative publicity is from the competition. Light Years is a joke, I personally know people who have recruited many people and they haven’t made any money to speak of.
    At The top of global Verge is some honest people who are trying to do something never been done so don’t believe all the hysteria from the naysayers.

  4. Darryl,

    Isn’t Televerus the company the former CEO og Global Verge, Steve Lewis joined?

    This business is sure getting more interesting everyday. I wonder when one of the Juice companies are going to come out with some Wireless Cell Service?

    Never Give Up,


  5. Well now Traverus has this technology. Traverus is an established online travel company. They thought cell phones would go well with travel. We have the phones they work. Traverus is allowing former Global Verge people to transfer over to them for only $15 for a limited time. Normally Traverus charges $400 for the top level program.

    They’ve Combined Cutting Edge Cellular and The Travel Business which equals an $12 Trillion dollar industry. We Need More Leaders and Go Getters! Limited time offer to Join Free!
    Got 15 min? Listen to what we are doing. It’s exciting!
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    • Unlimited Texting
    • Unlimited Roaming
    • Unlimited Long Distance Unlimited High Speed Access (Up to 180 Mbps)
    • Connect your phone to PC for High Speed Internet
    • GPS for 100 countries
    • Connect your phone to your big screen TV to watch movies and TV
    • Video Conferencing (Up to 6 people)
    • Call anywhere in the Country, or the World, just like a local call
    •How about avideo cell phone where you see who you are talking to?
    Plus the Opportunity to EARN Unlimited Monthly Residual Income too! 602-684-6809 Let’s get started with a phone call after you’ve listened to the call.
    Thank You Darryl G Green

    Listen Again!
    The new phone network is called Televerus.

  6. Barry,

    Exacly what technology are you referring when it comes to GV? They have NO technology to date. As for the WOW Phones, you folks are not offering anything regular company don’t alreay offer, along with a dozen or so MLM companies since June has added to their portfolio of services.

    I am a firm believer if any company is basing their future on wireless technology, and they are not a telecommunication company already, then they are hurting their reps in a big way.

    Just putting a compensation plan an idea doesn’t make it a good business model.

    Never Give Up,


  7. The GV technology is great, but they could not implement it. Liberty International brought it to market Sept 1st after a year of testing.
    I have been using my G2 phone for several days.
    Do your due diligence with no hype at and then give me a call at 847-448-6702

  8. I appreciate all of the comments on here… and I wish for the best for all GV Distributors. It seems the writing was on the wall a while back. I’d just like to leave a short quote:
    “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau
    I hope that you are all taking into account the hard cold facts and make a business decision rather than an emotional one.
    If anyone would love to hear about FDI International and want to learn about our GI Connect Telecommunications side of it feel free to visit my site.
    And yes, you CAN order telecom products. if you’d like to email me to get more info on how our products work.

    Nothing but great success,

    -There’s Still A Chance

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  10. ATTENTION: I thought long and hard about letting this comment through, and after giving it some serious review and chatting with Dalton on this, we decided to approve it for the following reasons:

    1. GV distributors who are looking for a new home deserve the right to see what is available and to interview several companies in the MLM Wireless Arena.

    2. GV Distributors who are willing to see this saga through till the end, will not be temped to move anyway.

    3. If former TT distributors have anything to ay about the company, then this will give them an opportunity to shed light on any issues we need to know about.

    Never Give Up,


    Hello GV family, I am here to give you a little update and info on what is happening at TraVerus Travel and the new wifi cell phone software we have acquire and what we are doing for individuals that would like a real network marketing home. We have an offer on the table till Friday August 21, 2009 for you to enroll into TT for Free and kick the tires and see if you like what you see. Since you have already paid for the service, we are not going to make you paid for it again. This offer is for you and then in return you can offer it to your team in GV. Here is a link to see who we are and how we pay as we stand today.


    Here are two links of two calls that we have had since this announcement.

    1. Our president update call

    2. Our special team call from last night

    You can contact me through the etraverus link above.
    Thanks and Troy says Never Give Up. That is the key.

    P.S. I know people are looking for a home and we have one here for them if they still want to be part of history. Thanks for your time and I am excited about this great business we are all in of helping people.

    Use this email if you would like to talk

  11. Man, I am so0000 glad I saw the handwriting on the wall 2 mos. ago. I decided to cancel CC, and just watch and see what happens. Watch them “CRASH & BURN What a freakin’ joke. I’ve gotten in another company, company not new, but now offering product through MLM, man they have their act totally together. I got my very healthy , first fast start bonus check the 8th day after I started. There is hope out there.
    Anyone interested can email me. Hope you all get the commissions you’ve been waiting for. Good Luck.

  12. Freedom-Junky,

    As regards, to Ben Piilanti…

    I personally believe Ben, came up with some kind of technology and needed money to finish the production. he started hitting the shows hoping to find one of the big players to back his play. However, during all the ruckus, outsiders starting asking questions, and insiders started leaking information which caused the whole thing to go south.

    Never Give Up,


  13. freedom junky,

    Wow, looks like someone missed the first hour and a half of the show!

    Thanks for setting me straight on UTG.

    Did you do any research at all? Why don’t you go look up the addresses on their site and see what you can find. P.O. boxes and small office suites is not the making of an INTERNATIONAL BILLION DOLLAR Corporation! Where exactlly is that building on the home page of UTG’s site located? I could go on and on, but it looks like I would be here all day if I were to bring you up to speed.

    Did you ever stop to think that someone asked me to check this out?

    To set the record straight, I LOVE MLM, but I do NOT like companies that take advantage of honest hard working people that are just trying to get by. I take no joy in that!

    The average person does not know how to propely evaluate a MLM opportunity, that is why sites like this have been created. To serve and to protect. We are very lucky that people like Troy are giving back. It’s called “Pay it Forward” !!

    In this day and age, it is not that difficult to find the facts, if you know how and where to look. Troy has posted a new video that covers some of the basic questions when evaluating a MLM. I suggest you watch it, do some home work and stop listening to people that have hidden agendas. Remember that it is YOUR business and you should know what business it is that you are in. That can only be accomplished through due diligence, never just take someones word as fact.

    I have 27 years experience in the MLM industry and I have given many companies an A+, but this is by far, the worst company I have ever seen! So my grade right now is a F.

    I have been on every Triple Diamond call, have you?

    So far, nothing more than empty promises and lie after lie after lie.

    If the phone does work, and I hope it does for all the GV reps., does it really matter anymore? The damage is done. If you like ice skating up hill, then this is a good one.

    If the Triple Diamonds are leaving and looking for the next deal, why are you still protecting this company?

    This is BIG business and the company is only telling you want they want , the way they want you to hear it! The Email Update that recently went out is just a method to stretch this out as long as they can to bring in more money.

    Big hitters want to get paid. No Checky. No Worky. Case Closed!



  14. Troy,

    Thank you for your response.
    Regarding the pain joy monger, I was speaking of MLM D.

    Regarding Ben P, I see how GV would benefit from this scam, but I am having a hard time of seeing what Ben P gets from it? Why would he damage his accomplishments to date to prefect a scam???

    Anyway, lets see what happens in the next few weeks, I don’t know what the outcome will be, but neither does anyone else.

    My biggest beef is a jerk like MLM D acting so excited about the possibility of this failing and acting like people should have known this was going to happen. My comments to him still stand.

    “How do you empower people?”

  15. Freedom-Junky,

    You must be very new here. I did a whole post on this very issue. Go read my post and see how many links are now dead. I enjoyed your last post. But this is noing by propaganda, and not good propaganda at that.

    All of the above has been refuted, and to date Ben Piilanti has refused to answer the critics on it.

    I would love Mr. Ben Piilanti to expose me and some of the folks who are far better than I at reporting. To date, there has been no exposure, except the exposure that Zer01 is not even a protected brand.

    Go get your facts straight before you write something, so you will not look uneducated.

    Never Give Up,


  16. Freedom-Junky,

    I for one am not an “all knowing expert”, but as a strategic, analyst, and advocate for distributors, I do a boatload of research before I post to determine what I post. Although we all want to be positive 100% of the time, at the same time, we also don’t want to close our eyes to cold hard facts.

    I understand that sometimes facts can blend with fantasy, but when a track record starts to show, then you have to ask some cold hard questions…

    1. Why do folks continue down a path which seems to always end in the closure of a company, and commissions never paid, which are owed?
    2. Why do the top critics in the technology arena question the viability of the technology oporating on a grand scale (especially when these same critics are known for their open-source pro stance?)
    3. Why does Steve Lewis’s story and Ted & Marks differ so much. Steve called his crew the new management and used the “I” word as if he and his team had been running the Vegas office since day 1, and nether of the founders came forward to say otherwise until Steve & Crew were terminated/Resigned?
    4. What happens to all the cash that is offshore if the company decides to kill the compensation plan or close the doors due to state or federal influence?
    5. Why is Steve Lewis’s personal business attorney still the COO? Does Steve still have his hands in the game in the background?

    I want this to work for the distributors, but at the same times more and more questions are coming out. My next public post will ask several new questions?

    I do agree there are thousands of good-hearted, hard-working people who joined GV because they saw an opportunity to be in on the ground floor of some new technology. And this type of action happens everyday. Review my post over the weekend about Scams, and you will see others who have been conned. Just because people are wanting to see their dreams fulfilled does not mean they climbed up on the right horse.

    Although I can’t speak for MLM D, but I for one am not excited about others pain, I am excited that there are plenty of opportunities for some folks to still see their dreams come true, if they decide to switch companies.

    I just want folks to know MLM is a great profession when you get with a company you can fully believe in, and who has a great crusade to change the world.

    With that said… If you or anyone else is joining GV or any company JUST for the money, you will never succeed long term. Money comes and goes, but the crusade is what keeps people fighting.

    What is the GV crusade?

    Never Give Up,


    Never Give Up,


  17. I am always amazed at the pain joy mongers that come out of the wood works and act like the all knowing experts that knew it all even though thousands of others did not.

    Saying that people should to their research. How much research do you suggest. Laptop gave them the top award. MLM D how in the world did you know this award was going to be pulled???? Barf.

    There are thousands of innocent hard working people that got involved with GV to make some much needed additional income in these hard economic times. They are not waiting around for looking the government to bail them out. My hats is off to these people that took action and joined GV to make a difference in their own lives rather than running around crying “help me, help me” to the government. These people are the people that are going to save the United States.

    MLM D it is interesting to see how excited you are that GV is having problems. Why such excitement at others pain?

    As far as the people that became involved, you did the right thing. You took a chance and followed your dreams. It is not over yet. Lets see what the next of couple of weeks bring. Even if GV does not make it on this one, I think Ben P will deliver what HE said he would, not what others made up about what his product can do.

    As far as MLM “Barf” and the other pain joy mongers, they are not all knowing. The truth is they always fail at things they try. This is why they like to jump in and party at other people’s problems. To make themselves feel better.

  18. Hey MLM D and other pain joy mongers. Do a little research.
    Ben P is going to expose you guys as the uneducated fakes when he provides what you say he does not have.

    Company Overview

    Unified Technologies Group, Inc. is an international diversified business conglomerate. The group offers communication, technology manufacturing, power and electricity generation and distribution, public relation, marketing, entertainment, insurance, alternative energy, finance, real estate development, and research and development services. Its group of companies include ITS Unlimited, 5iveSe7en Hosting, INS Communications, Hyper-Band Global Technologies, Piilani Computers, 9ine5ive Public Relations, 5iveSe7en Entertainment , Silver Services, TSG-Amerigroup-Sprint, Mobile Evolution, Yorkshire AES (Alternative Energy Services), Yorkshire Capital Holdings , Yorkshire Investments, Yorkshire Di…

    Unified Technologies Group, Inc. is an international diversified business conglomerate. The group offers communication, technology manufacturing, power and electricity generation and distribution, public relation, marketing, entertainment, insurance, alternative energy, finance, real estate development, and research and development services. Its group of companies include ITS Unlimited, 5iveSe7en Hosting, INS Communications, Hyper-Band Global Technologies, Piilani Computers, 9ine5ive Public Relations, 5iveSe7en Entertainment , Silver Services, TSG-Amerigroup-Sprint, Mobile Evolution, Yorkshire AES (Alternative Energy Services), Yorkshire Capital Holdings , Yorkshire Investments, Yorkshire Direct , Yorkshire Foundation, Yorkshire Management, and Yorkshire Research Institute. The group was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Salem, Illinois.

  19. Troy,

    The Triple Diamond from NY was practically begging on his hands and knees.

    Please, please, pretty please I will get on a plane on My OWN expense just to see the phone work!

    Steve’s reply was…

    They will NOT believe you either! I could not believe that he said that out loud! There was absolutely no logic in that response whatsoever.

    Yup, I would never believe my lifelong friend that brought me into this mess, oops, I mean business.

    So now that Steve Lewis has been fired, a lawyer has taken his place as the Mobile Service Verifier. Wow, what a relief, I feel so much better now!

    How do these people sleep at night?

    Well, pretty good I guess, they are counting dollars instead of sheep!

    By the way, Craig Perry sounded like he was reading off a script and even had the name of the phone wrong. He first called it the Pharos 170, then corrected himself… I mean the Pharos 117. He should have studied his lines a little better before he went on stage!


  20. MLM D,

    I am speechless… The COO of the company in question, states he has seen and used the phone, and folks are suppose to believe him? Now at to that the fact he is Steve Lewis’s former business attorney, and the COO of Global Verge. I’m sorry but if nothing else, when this is over, we need to compare notes, get it to the screenplay writer and sell the whole story.

    Completely unbelievable. Had they allowed the Triple Diamond from NY to fly in and test it, I would have posted his video.

    Never Give uP,


  21. Troy,

    You bring up a valid point, we better get rolling on this one before the word gets out!

    I’ll see if Art Williams can give us a hand, if anyone could wake the dead and lead them to success in MLM it would be him. That man could walk on water!

    JUST DO IT, DO WHAT, Ya..Ya..You Know, JUST DO IT!!

    OK, On a more serious note…here we go again!


    Fact: Ben Piilani could not produce even one single working phone to Laptop Magazine that would have prevented them from resinding the award last week.

    This just in…hot spot on Friday’s call with Mark, Ted and Craig

    Craig Perry COO and Internal Legal Counsel for Global Verge Confirms the Mobile Service.

    OK, let me get this straight.

    No one has seen a phone work, not even one single Triple Diamond, BUT WE ARE GOING TO TAKE THE WORD OF A LAWYER! LOL

    This gets better and better every day, you can not make this stuff up!

    This will win MLM Comedy of the Year!


  22. MLM D,

    I thought about the Australin 2up, but was worried if we have to reinvent ourselves into a vampire friendly company, that some lycins (werewolves) might join, and I really don’t think they will want to give up 2 of their own to a vampire coven.

    Hey, wait, since it’s you and me, we can create our own twist to everything, and instead of an ausstrain 2up, we can make it a Cuban 2down, so the upline has to make the first two sales and given them to their downline.

    WOW! Let’s connect on Monday and get the paperwork rolling in Transylvania, before someone beats us to the punch. :

    Have a great Sunday.

    Never Give Up,


  23. Kathleen get’s it right.
    Grifters be gone!
    Give them some air and some time and the company will be fine.
    Lewis is heavy pitching his new deal. It could get ugly. But 80% will stay with GV. That product rocks.

  24. Troy,


    That was the best laugh I have had in weeks!

    Don’t forget, we need to add the Australin 2up to the comp. plan!

    Sometimes we are so focused at the task in hand that we forget to take a step back for a moment and just laugh it off.

    We will all remember this one and maybe, just maybe, from now on, people will be a little more cautious before diving into the waters before they know how deep it is!

    I will be working on our UFO MLM and I hear that it’s going to be


  25. MLM D,

    This is very interesting news. I am listening to the Wednesday call now, and will be posting on Monday. I have not got to the Friday call, but based on your post, it should be even more interesting.

    I really wanted to give Mark & ted the benefit of the doubt, but this call I am listneing to, is not taking the red flags away.

    Now, if by any chance the UFO does show up, why don’t you and I get together and see if we can create a UFO MLM. From what I have heard those who are dedicated to helping aliens are true believers and we should be able to make some pretty good money. I’m even willing to keep the comp plan tight. We’ll build two legs off the company. You get one and I get one. that way we can double dip.

    And when the US Government buys the company to keep the UFOs secret, we’ll just change the product from UFOs to Vampires and sell some type of twilight ultraviolet skin care protection.

    We should be able to keep this going for a while. Especially, if we use a binary, 2×9 force matrix, unilevel, breakaway, patent pending hyper active comp plan.

    Now, before everyone starts leaving their current MLM company for our new super, pre, pre, pre, will never launch new MLM, give us a few hours to work out all the bugs.

    Never Give Up,

    Troy 🙂

  26. I was on the call last night and also recieved the email update. Let’s just say that I’m a fly on the wall who is only interested in the TRUTH! I have been on All the Triple Diamond Calls.

    I will say this only once and this is a fact. GV reps have been lied to over and over again.

    Everything that was on the call may be in the email (spiced up a bit of course), BUT NO WAY was everything in the email on the call! I also have a recording of the call as well. I will try to post it , but Troy will probably beat me to it. Read the email above (The Truth For All) and then listen to the call. Just more Spin, plain and simple.

    The UPDATE EMAIL is just a method to put everyone at ease for another month to bring in more money.

    Triple Diamonds are already leaving, it usually takes 30 -60 days before it trickles down to people on the lower levels, but rest asured it is all over but the shouting!

    You are only being told what they want you to hear, the way they want you to hear it!

    Fact: No one has seen a phone work, not even Triple Diamonds.
    Fact: No one has been paid one penny.
    Fact: Zer01’s Ben Piilani was interviewed July 22nd by Laptop Mag. and he said that they will be going to Big Box stores like Best Buy and Radio Shack. How do you like those apples!

    I for one say that even if a UFO drops off the phones tonight and it works, does it really matter anymore. The leadership (the leadership in the field that matters anyway) has already started to run and are looking for the next deal.

    Big Hitters want to get PAID. No checky, No workey Case Closed!

    Sorry for the innocent people that got caught up in this, maybe next time you will do a bit more homework. A Great place to start would be the new video that Troy has put up!

    Until we meet again,


  27. Kathleen

    It’s funny this call from Steve is the only one we can’t take any credibility from but for the past three weeks he has been saying how wonderful it all was and the phone worked etc etc so we should accept that but not this one OK

    You then go off on a tangent about people making money but no one for the past 2 months have been paid any commissions for have the phone so not sure where you are going with that one.

    You might want to check with all the associates that have left, removed their financial information and have had their credit card charged by an bank in Antigua, please let them know they can get it back for me will you.

    OK so you then claim the technology is real but I don’t mean to repeat myself NO ONE HAS SEEN IT well of course if you take those with a vested interest in the company into the picture then sure everyone has been calling and downloading movies all the time.

    I like the term shifted when you refer to management it sort of relates to how the associates feel, SHAFTED

    OK Ben, Ted and Mark well not much can be said for Ted but Ben he’s lied about his credentials, he never gave an independent 3rd party a phone to verify it worked which resulted in the award being rescinded and he likes to drink and drive amongst other things but I’ll take your word for it he’s a nice bloke eh. Mark well he’s been convicted of securities fraud and had 2 phone companies start and crash in the past 3 years so yeah I’ll take your word again.

    As to great leaders? well a MLM that signs up a shed load of people to sell phones and then pays the leaders commissions for not selling any products whatsoever might not be 100% legal so anyone who takes said payments may well be participating in something else. You’re certainly no leader if you understand how MLM works and how much has to be sold to the general public in order for commissions to be payable then you take that money.

    So a nice long post but nothing at all of any substance except your word, and you are again becasue it surprises me to find out you also have a vested interest and are 100% behind them.

    Give me F**king strength

  28. Kathleen,

    There is one sure thing I can take away from your post… You are not in love with Steve Lewis.

    Never Give Up,


  29. If you are giving Steve’s comments on that call any credibility, then I have some desert property I’d like to show you.

    He has been running the calls for several weeks now and anyone listening should be able to tell what kind of a person he is. Everything is all about him “I” this “I” that.

    He is all-important.

    He is rude and self-centered.

    He is not intelligent, not articulate, not knowledgeable, not informed and he was about to suck the entire opportunity down into the depths with him. Thank goodness someone finally figured that out and got rid of him.

    Now he will be on a campaign to crucify Global Verge and all associated with it because he is narrow minded and downright evil.

    Listen to him on his calls. Then listen to calls with Mark Petschel, Ted Robbins, Ben Piilani or Mark Perry speaking. There is a world of difference here.

    Steve is a pompous bully and with him gone, things can move forward.

    Global Verge is not stealing money from anyone. There are probably hundreds of thousands of people out there who have gotten involved in one MLM company or another (whether a credible company or not) and spent thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it. Companies where only the top producers benefited.

    Companies where the average Joe doesn’t stand a chance of making any money, no matter how much effort they put in. Well, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for those people to benefit. Associates can leave if they want. They can even get their money back if they want. We have all been told that.

    But the reality is that the technology is real. Ben and Ted and Mark are decent people and it will all be proven in the end.

    Those who stay for the long-haul will be the ones who will be rewarded. It’s easy to sling mud, make fun, rush to judgment and try to stomp out hope. If you pay attention and do your due diligence, the true information is out there.

    There are some great leaders in this company and now that management has shifted back where it belongs, the company will move forward. Get on the train or get out of the way because it is going to leave the station and eventually reach its destination whether you are on it or not.

    Now that the heavy cargo has been tossed out of the baggage car it will be full throttle. Laugh.

    Make negative comments. Throw around your ugly accusations. I’m riding this train to financial freedom. Short term thinking won’t take you where you want to go. I can’t wait to see what the posts look like in 90 days. I hear crow tastes better with a little ketchup on it, so some of you need to stock up.

  30. Hey mlm D

    You said it right “RUN AWAY NOW! Don’t waste any more of your valuable time on this.” I already moved on and got a real check from the new company only been a week. I feel sorry for the one’s that loss out on valuable time and real people looking for a real company and real pay.


  31. Hi everyone,

    I was a member of GV up until yesterday night. It looks like I’m still getting their newsletters via email and I thought for anyone interested, I want to start posting them on this blog. (Troy, if you would like for me to provide you with the actual emails I’m receiving, I’ll be more than glad to pass them on. Your research is beautiful and I would like to contribute to you as much as possible).

    Here it is:

    (Saturday August 8, 2009 10:54am)

    Hello e-Associates,

    We would like to thank all of you who got the word out and attended the official corp call last night.

    We are preparing now to have that posted in your back office in full so you can hear all the exciting news going on.

    Going forward there will be two calls per week. On Tuesday’s it will be an opportunity call and on Thursday’s it will be the Town Hall Corp Update call. We will get this new number out to you over the weekend! All calls will be recorded and posted.

    Like any company, management changes for various reasons. A determination was made that in the best interest of you the e-associates and the company that some changes be made to better serve everyone.

    Steve Lewis and Teresa Curtis were brought on interm, for a short period of time. As of yesterday, they are no longer with us. We thank them for their service. We wish them well in the future.

    Rest assured that the company is moving forward and there is lots going on! Management is in place, new employees for support are being interviewed and trained. We are aware that there is a back log on phone calls and that its difficult and frustrating when you cannot get thru. Please know that we want to make your experience a good one and will have that corrected over the next week as the new employees are trained.

    Xennsoft is working on some of the kinks that have been reported and will have those fixed as quickly as possible. To help, please make sure you have the exact billing address that is linked to your card. Make sure if your using a debit card that it does have the visa/mc logo on it.

    If you were not able to be on the Corp call last night, please look for the whole recorded call in your back office shortly.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    MERCHANT ACCOUNTS: Ted brought on Jeff Powell one of the bank associates behind some of our merchant accounts: Jeff gave the following information about our merchant accounts and why we have ONE merchant of our three that is offshore.

    FIRST: The bank in Antigua is a TIER 1 bank aligned with Bank of America and can process 5 million dollars per day for GV. This helps us deliver the monies to the correct country and speeds up the process. He ASSURESD us he has a very long standing relationship with this bank and again reiterated that its a TIER 1 bank. They also wanted everyone to know that GV is making sure that we are following ALL LAWS, crossing all th t’s and dotting all the i’s

    SECOND: COO: Craig Perry came on the line and talked about his interview with Mr. Piilani today and his ability to actually watch the phone be programmed with BUZZIRK.
    He went off premise to make sure he was connecting to Zer01’s signal. He was VERY HAPPY to PROVE that yes the technology works, he made calls with it, and was very pleased with the meeting! Craig says there is a HUGE opportunity here. Coming in now, you have to be willing to live thru the bumps, but he is very happy to be here, and sees a very bright future with GV!!

    Craig also stated that he understands that some people want to wait,and we will honor that. Craig said today was a HUGE step for him, as he knows that the technology works and we SOON will be able to have this in everyone’s hands!

    TED talked about open houses weekly at our MO Corp headquarters so people can see the products, meet the staff and see that we are real. Ted wants to be fair and honest with everyone, make sure that they know what our status is, where we are going, and that we are strong as a company, we have a great commission structure, great merchant accounts as well as wonderful vendors with LOTS of products. He also talked about lots of people who have come in and were never told about our other products. This is a company with opportunity in many areas, and everyone should know all that is available and then choose to focus on what interests them.

    Mick J. From AU came on and talked about being an investor and how rock solid he is, that although he has been offered a cash out with interest, he does not want it, he sees the future and the huge potential and is excited. He stated that he does want to see more communication from the company.

    Brenda W. From AU came on and talked about how great the water machines are and the power saves as well. That she has never tasted better water, and how people come to her home to fill up their bottles and take them home. She also spoke about how the power saves have already saved people in her group over $200 in a billing cycle.

    Warren C. From AU: An investor as well, came on and spoke about his excitement with what we have and how happy he is to be here and be an investor as well.

    MARK RYDER: helped to create the Compensation plan: Talked about being able to put a comp plan together that is very fair and equitable, without having to mark products up 200 to 400% to pay “fast start” bonus. He wanted to make sure we had a compensation plan that had a base model that allowed folks to start at a very affordable price. He wanted to make sure we were not getting caught in the stagnation of the 3×9 and so they added the matching bonus’s that will let you earn to infinity! The top producer pools and the upline product sales commissions and coded commissions are available for everyone! They promote retail sales and provide great commissions. This was built for long term sustainable income for everyone from the very beginner to the seasoned networker. There is NO company out there that can compare to what we have, and this is not where it will be! They WILL put more into this as we grow.

    We are very excited about some of the happenings next week! We will be making some announcements that will truly excite you!

    Some of the leaders will be flying into Kansas City this week, to see the office, meet the staff and be part of these exciting announcements.

    We want to thank everyone for their support and we hope you will be on our next corporate call.


    Ted Robbins

    Global Verge President

  32. I was personally on the call last night. I jumped on at about 10:45 pm, I knew it may max out. The call was nothing special, except for the very polished speach (pitch), by some very well trained speaker. I’m sure that all the “Captins of the Titanic” took it hook, line and sinker! The email that went out to all the e ass ociates with the “call updates” was much more entertaining. These guys (Mark and Ted) really know how to s t r e t c h the smallest half truth and make it sound like the greatest thing sinced sliced bread.

    If you really believe that Steve Lewis and crew were fired in “the best interest of the company, all I can say is WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

    If all you see is dollar signs, you may not see the warning signs.


    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and acts like a duck…


    If you are in GV, remember you joined a benefits company, NOT A WIRELESS COMPANY. When the smoke clears on this one (60-90 days max), all that will be left is a $1,495 water bottle, some energy plugs, and a very bad travel site that I wouldn’t rent a bike from.

    You will never be able to say you were scamed, but you have been WARNED!

    RUN AWAY NOW! Don’t waste any more of your valuable time on this. Everyone loves a challange, but in MLM it is hard enough, so why would you want to ice skate up hill?

    Go find a real mlm company with a real product that pays real money. They are out their trust me!


  33. Hey Troy.

    Just ca’t believe the absolute craziness going on around this telecomunications stuff — it’s makin’ me absolutely Buzzirk (oops,) On a more serious note, I totally agree with your wish for an independant 3rd party technology firm to take a very hard look at Zero1, FDi and anyone else entering the ring, and give us a definitive answer.

    As for Global Verge, I know about Mark’s past, but what do you know about Ted Robbins, and is there any info about the ownership of Global Verge and Buzzirk?
    You’e doing a tremedous job, thanks!

  34. Ken,

    It played all the way through for me. However, we are getting several thousand on the site today, it may be running slow to to the traffic.

  35. Elite Group,

    From what I have heard from several reps, is the call maxed out and folks could not get on. If you learn some earth shaking news please post for the community.

    Never Give Up,


  36. We can not save everyone, but we can warn everyone!

    The facts are the only way to the truth!

    Thanks Troy for posting the calls, it is only through due diligence that someone can see the light.

    If you try to turn the light on for them and they are standing in a dark room, they could be overwelmed by the light and still keep their eyes closed tight.

    “A lie will travel half way around the world before it has a chance to put its pants on”
    Sir Winston Churchill

  37. ” I’m just not sure a felon on parole would risk the Feds looking at him, by taking the funds offshore. Now we are getting into possible money laundering. or RICO.”

    That’s why you step down and put a couple of people in to take the fall who in turn end up calling them the big scam artists and resigning/or get fired.

    ” Honest officer I knew I couldn’t be involved so I stepped down to save the integrity of the company and let these people handle things, but it turns out they decided to put all the money offshore, what was I do, it’s not like I could of called the cops on my Buzzirk phone now is it.”

  38. Troy have you heard this call?

  39. NGSI,

    Be nice, I am just trying to make sure our screen play has meat. If you are going to be played by Brad Pitt, we have to make it good.

    I’m just not sure a felon on parole would risk the Feds looking at him, by taking the funds offshore. Now we are getting into possible money laundering. or RICO.

    However, reading your comment, it does bring back that old saying… There is no honor among thieves.

    I think I’ll go rent the STING tonight and see if I can get some more script ideas.

    Never Give Up,


  40. So troy let me get this straight the same two people who not once but twice launched a phone company that in turn went belly up leaving people with no phone or no commissions are not smart enough to do this a third time because it’s on a bigger scale, I think you have been watching far too much TV.

    As far as others are saying SRL and TC have been part of this for a lot longer than the dashing white knight theory another dubious thought is that a Triple Diamond call can be orchestrated without the knowledge of everyone at this company.

    First Ben throws Mark P under the bus, did he ever go anywhere? Now Mark P and Ted r throws Steve, Teresa and Wayne under the bus remember the driving force to the negativity is blame it on the competition it sure take s the edge of know one seeing a working telephone.

    Well like was mentioned in another thread I hope the feds are involved in this now because it needs to end one way or another this yeah they did it maybe they didn’t is getting a bit far fetched now the writing is on the wall and giving it any justification is kind of belittling to those innocent people that got sold the turkey when they thought they bought the golden goose.

  41. The movie of the week just turned into a mini-series. The script writers won’t have much work here – they won’t even need to embellish it. As a former cast director and extras casting director, Troy – make sure you get to play yourself! Well done sir!

  42. Kerry,

    You make a valid point. And as I have posted in a few other comments. When I was asked to start investigating what was going on with Global Verge, one of the first things Mark told the field was “I realized people thought they were joining Buzzirk and selling wireless, and I have found myself training them on our other products.” I still have the recording and have listened to it several times.

    I think several top field leaders started hyping Buzzirk and promoting completely false information and this whole thing crumbled. When a few grifters started to see the weaknesses they moved in hoping to take not only control of the company, but all the cash which still needed to be processed.

    Had the top field leaders not told straight out lies about the technology, none of this would have gone this far. I have been listing to all the recordings over the last few days, which by the way people have dogged me for having. However, with the recordings as evidence, if this goes before a grand jury, I will have the proof along with others to possibility show where a criminal enterprise was working to take control of this company.

    Now, I know this is just a theory, but the more I look at my white board, and look at all the pieces the more I come to see that mark Petschel and Ted Robbins just don’t have what it takes to pull this level of a scam.

    I think we all need to review what has taken place the last few weeks and see who had the most to gain, and who would make the perfect scape goat.

    Never Give Up,


    p.s. This does not take any responsibility away from mark or Ted, but it does bring up more questions.

  43. Rich,

    I have talked to several top field leaders who over the last few weeks have been providing me with recordings of these calls. The call where Steve addressed the Triple Diamonds was not approved by the company.

    Remember, Steve Lewis and crew had access to the database and sent an email addressing their spin of what happened.

    Never Give Up,


  44. Mark,

    I agree with you on the fact during down economies all kinds of strange things seem to pop up. And with folks needing quick cash, or feeling like they need quick cash, because the creditors are banging on the door, smart people seem to fall for some of them.

    I still pray that Global Verge can get their act together. Now, don’t get me wrong I see the facts and fully agree this does not look like a business built on the solid business principles I have used over the years to grow and support tens of thousands of distributors.

    However, at the same time I watched herbalife get nailed by a Senate Hearing in 1983-84 for causing the deaths of people. yet, when the smoke cleared they went on to prove their product did not do it, and now their a billion dollar publically traded company. Back then people called them snake oil salesmen.

    I watched Art Williams get hit by every Insurance Commissioner in the USA, as a pyramid scheme, and were on just about every newspaper in the nation. However, today they are the one division of Citi Group making money.

    Now I have to admit in the situations none of the founders were convicted of a crime. Especially one that involved security fraud. However, a little unknown story is the fact Bo Adams one of Art Williams best friend and who some call the mastermind behind the the whole operation, was a known felon who had served time for fraud, and could never again hold any position inside of an Insurance or Security firm, was at the offices every day.

    And the reason he was, is because Art Williams believed that when a man pays the price for his crime you give them room to prove themselves.

    So, let’s take a second and look at a couple of things. And yes this is going to be far fetched, but hey, in this saga what hasn’t been far fetched.

    What if everything that has happened in the Global Verge situation was an elaborate plan by an insider to take control of Global Verge, by leaking everything about mark to the press, and by arranging for the back office and software to get all screwed up.

    Now, if I remember right, just a few weeks ago we were told that Steve Lewis and his crew where riding in on the white horse because they knew comp plans, software, marketing and pr…

    Yes, I said it was far fetched, but really… Are we all suppose to think that Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins are smart enough to pull off this kind of a scam? I’ve run with real scam artists. The kind that buy and sell business and real estate with no money all smoke and mirrors. Global Verge was not done by professional con artists. Seriously, Mark couldn’t even get away with stealing (I couldn’t think of a politically correct word to use) $186,000 on his original charge.

    So, without causing everyone to get their panties in a wad, let’s sit back and ask ourselves the following questions…

    1. Who had the most to gain?
    2. Who set up the offshore processing?
    3. What town is Zer01 located?
    4. What state is Global Verge incorporated?
    5. Who was controlling the bank accounts?
    6. Who has been controlling the back office?
    7. Who’s address was used for the Global Verge Nevada address?
    8. Who was making a play for Global Verge?

    OK, so maybe I am just watching to much late night TV.

    But, before we hang the wrong folks out to dry, and before we put everyone in the same class of scam artists, let’s keep asking questions and searching for answers.

    Never Give Up,


  45. Rich
    Totally agree, one of the most startling points has to be they were fired in the morning then allowed to address the highest level of distributors in the evening yet none of these T Dumbasses get this, you wonder how most of them can get dressed in the morning un-aided after falling for that one.

  46. HMM???Heard last nights call. Isnt it interesting that a company would allow “fired” employees to address the company top salesforce????Usually when someone is fired they are escorted out of the building and they cant even say goodbye to anybody. So why would the ownership allow this to happen?? HMM? Maybe because they know they can no longer continue the facade, especially after laptop mags move and all the other clusterfu**s. hmm??So lets sink the ship, get the top leaders to quit….this will cause most triple dumbasses to do the same and we get to net ALL the comissions. Steve, Warren, Teresa, make sure you sink the ship! We will take care of you, and you can try to preserve your reputation as much as possible even thoough youve been lying to them all along. THIS HAS BEEN PLANNED ALL ALONG! luckily for most thier cc account froze. Everything from Piilani/Utgi, all the hype, the sims, the delays, now the sinking of the ship, EVERYTHING has been ORCHASTRATED! It is truly evil genius!

  47. Global Verge is a scam….they were E-Verge….ripped off a bunch of people and then just renamed the company… these people make me sick…..all hype….all promises…all liars……they prey on people in a deep recession or depression because there are not jobs out there…….these scammers raised $8 million dollars in 6 weeks from trusting, loyal, hard working distributors….. I hope they all go to jail.. MLM is a great business model….but it seems many of the founders just want a quick buck and then move on to something else…… Disgusting…..

  48. Hi troy you are the only one really telling it like it is. But how could our reps get paid on a water system or travel site or energy saver when they can’t even process cc right? Since all of this crazy stuff I have heard no one said they made a sale on any of the other products or have gotten paid for it? And to be honest a good many people joined just to market the phone product cause global verge didn’t really have a flagship product to get excited about and rally behind tell the tele com. And the only thing that well stop the bleeding right now is commisions paid but also important is hundreds of youtube video with triple diamonds demo the phone which is not going to happen no time soon from what I see!

  49. Mark,

    I have reached out to Mark Petschel to see if I can talk with him and Ted personally. With Lewis and his crew out, and Steve holding a seperate call last night I am sure folks are worried. Although I still have very strong doubts on this whole venture, let’s not throw more fuel on the fire until we see what happens.

    We all need to remember, the most important fact is Global Verge is an MLM Marketing Company, with serveral products. The payment of commissions has nothing to do with Buzzirk or Zer01. If those commissions are paid, and they are correct, then maybe, just maybe a new management team could turn this around with the support and help of the field.

    Again, I know its a stretch, but everyone deserves the right to follow their dreams! If folks believe Global Verge is it, and they are willing to listen and forgive, then the rest of us, need to keep a close eye on the whole thing and continue reporting facts and see what happens.

  50. Hey Troy, I received a comment from a very nervous E-Associate today. Think these guys need to be canceling their credit cards and bank accounts ?
    .-= Mark Hall´s last blog .. Is Buzzirk in a Death Spiral? =-.

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  52. These people are something else!
    They decided starting being honest and transparent after meeting with a hispanic couple! What were they hiding for 3 weeks now?
    Didn’t they know the whole thing is a scam?Didn’t Steve Lewis assured
    us that the phones work and the technology is there? With all their expertise in the field of MLM ‘ didn’t they hear the alarms over and over again? Maybe it’s better late than never- who knows?
    Troy , never give up hunting them Mark, Ted and Ben down!

  53. Classic, of course they have to be working for the competition it’s the only logical answer lol

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