Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Files Suit Against Chris Greco, Unlimited Wizard, and Panther Mobile

This late breaking story in the MLM Wireless Wars just broke. Global Verge filed their suit in Clark Country District Court late yesterday afternoon against Chris Greco, Unlimited Wizard, and Kevin Sipes company Panther Mobile.

Out of fairness to the Global Verge distributors, and at the request of Global Verge, we have agreed to move Global Verge out of the Scam Alerts.

Although Global Verge has had issues, we placed them back in the Scam Alerts because they were not delivering on the phones. Since they have provided documentation, that this issue may have been out of their control, and until a court issues one way or another it is only fair we not add to the issues Global Verge or any of the other companies are now facing.

With Global Verge finally taking a proactive stance it will be very interesting to see how this turns out, and who else is named in this forgoing legal action. I wonder what will happen with the Zer01 lawsuit?

If you are a distributor with Global Verge, Panther, WOW Mobile, DNA Cellular or even People Helping People, I would sit tight and and see where this leads. Stop jumping from company to company looking for the next big deal.

Global Verge Suing Chris Greco & Panther Mobile

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  1. Any update on this company People Helping People. Not much on their website yet. Nothing about management or products, except a few phones that apparently aren't available yet. Who is behind it as can not find out much

  2. Is Global going to pay their debts to us Reps. I am still waiting to heard about my commission for June and July! Isn't it time to just do business and do it right and help people? It sounds like Global Verge was quick to jump and didn't do the reseach to protect itself. Are they going to re-invest us for the time we wasted trying to push a product that they had to know was in trouble. Growup, stop the lawsuits and wasting the courts time and properly run you Business and you will be rewarded.

  3. The court in Las Vegas just ruled in FAVOR of Global Verge and awarded the company $44,000,000 in damages.

  4. Jones,

    In talking to the Panther owners, Kevin Sipes and Harry Aston, they have never indicated that Chris Greco was a rep at Panther. They have stated he was strategically looking for a way to partner with them.

    Panther owners have also told me, Chris had nothing to do with their carrier relationships. Can you provide documented evidence that Greco was a rep (we know about the website, but both Chris and Panther have stated that was not a rep site), or that he was instrumental in the carrier relationships?

  5. Chris was a rep with panther mobile as he has rep site. He also helped PM with getting wireless services. This is in no way prioiarty information that belong to GV as anyone with the right contacts can do the same thing.

  6. Amanda, did you know that Page Plus is on the Verizon network? I've listen to Chris on many calls making many claims which were half truths. Although GV, which I'm not a member of, isn't providing "Verizon" it is providing the access to the network. Do think anyone would care about what name you slap on it as long as they get the same quality at a lower price?

    Just food for thought.

  7. Real Source . are you the real deal or is your name Ted? Mark?

    I understand they are the only 2 left. Sorry, make that 3, Ted, Mark, and Real Source.

    Who really is drinking the kool aid?

  8. If I were an Active GV Associate, the above info would be discouraging. Hop_on has no cash or credit left to manufacture the smokeless cigarette and cigars with. I am sure they will coming any day now like the Zer01 super cell phone.

    I find it interesting that Peter Michaels did time for what looks like security fraud. Hmmm, birds of a feather?
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. So You Think Network Marketing Is Tough? =-.

  9. 1) Reverse mergers are no longer useful. Foar all intents and purposes, NASDAQ now compells a reverse-merged inactive company to re-qualify.

    2) HPNN.Pk is delinquent in its SEC filings. They can be forcefully de-listed from the Pink Sheet at anytime by the SEC, like it happened to another failed company I used to follow,

    3) I did my research. Here's the press release:
    4) They intent to sell Electric Cigarettes together. Not a bad product as such. But Hop-On cannot possibly deliver the goods.

    5) Here's the unaudited HPNN financial report for 2009.
    Hop-On had $0 in sales, no cash, no revenues, $173K in expenses, $212K in payables.

    They have a $20K overdraft at their bank.

    6) Hop-On has a long history of failure in the supercheap cell phones market.

    You can find some details about this sordid past on


    Hop-On 2000-to-1 reverse stock split was a disaster.

    Hint, if you want to take a partner, don't take one who has no current business, huge past debts, and an unbroken string of failures in its past.

  10. Real Source there are people in the field in the US using Greco's Unlimited Talk Text and DATA UNLIMITED for 49.95. The same price you have talk and Text, Talk and Text is Fine but people are right they want relevant and New Phones with Unlimited Data, Greco's Company Global Pros, is the ONLY company I see selling I phones and I pads, Now thats Big, They have Three of the BIG FOUR CARRIERS, Unlimited Everything under 50.00, at 49.95. They have an Exclusive from T-Mobile, They are bringing on the calls Every Day, Someone that is Relevant in the Industry to show us the Infrastructure, There have been Three so far. Can't Wait for monday, the Largest Wholsaler of Airtime they said will be on the call. I don't know about you but I haven't seen Global Verge have any such person on the call, Let them Bring on Simple Mobile or PagePlus, They cant Because those Carriers DESPISE THEM, Then you have this BS about Hop On Inc. Mate thats the biggest BS Since ZERO 1, Hop On Inc. Is a Defunct MVNO with Massive Debt, Nice Try.

    We'll have to see what happens

  11. What I find so funny about Global Verge Reps is you seem to forget the money that went over seas, the Money invested by us in Australia, The Fact we never got service or anything from Global , Just unkept promises, And you sheep at Global Verge go right along, What happened to the Totally Unlimited Packages? Huh? 90% of all Global Verge Reps are there because of the Biggest Lie and Scam in MLM history, and Chris Greco had nothing to do with it.

    What Chris Greco has done, Is provide me my wife and my Group service. I can say that Mr.Greco has followed through with EVERYTHING he has said, The Cellular Product, The Personal Assistant oh by the way Mandi is Free to us from Greco, and Voip, We pay 14.99 For unlimited calls on the AKW Voip service, So what has he done, Oh expose mark and ted for who they are, I met Mark Personally here in Australia, Which by the way was a Violation of his probation, And the Fact that he solicited Funds, I am going to take Troy up on his offer and if its ok with our Barrister we will be sending Troy a copy of the Promissory note. Then we will see, I enjoy that all of the Dirty Laundry will finally be aired out and it is all Global Verge's Own Fault, I too was a Koolaide Drinker, I towed the line for almost a yesr of 99.00 a month, Guess how many times I got paid commissions mate? None. So my Friends I am sorry but last time I checked 750MB is not unlimited data, and 119.99, I think Greco's Company will Kill that at 49.95 unlimited everything. This should all be interesting to watch, And Hey you can't blame me, I am like others outside the US that Greco has been the only one to Produce what he has said. The Personal Assistant we get for Free takes the Cake, And even us in Australia are open to the Free Phone. Oh is Global Verge Giving away, free minutes on a verizon phone? NO, are they paying a piece of the Activation Fee to the upline, NO, are they saying Refer 2 and your service is FREE? No I don't think so mate.

    Have a Great Day Build your Businesses Respectfully and i promise you the Best Products and Company will win out here.

  12. Concerned MLMer,

    Thank you for calling me out on this. I can tell by your response I was not as clear as I should have been.

    1. It is not unethical to follow your leader, as long as the leader is not jumping from company to company every 45 days. IN a case like this, it causes damage to the company and other distributors and is seen as an unethical behavior.

    2. By the way, this si my opinion. Several Courts of Law will disagree with me, and state the downline once signed to the company belongs to the company, giving the company the right to sue the upline for interfering with their business.

    3. If the merchant account holder, determines credit fraud was committed, one of several events can take place which will open the door for us to publish the names of the distributors involved. a. The distributor's names and CC number is placed on the a Credit Card blacklist; b. Any of the companies affected decide to file a civil suit, or file a criminal complaint; c. the credit card merchant acocunt processor files criminal complaints against the distributors in question.

    4. I will not just post a list provide without oneor more of the above taking place first.

    5. this is not the first time I have sighted-in my scope. I called out top leaders in Global Verge by name for not taking care of their organizations.

    6. I think I clarify your last question above.

    Again, thank you for calling me out on this situation. It allows folks to get a better picture.

    By the way, since the original comment, a few Panther distributors have contacted us asking for help.

  13. Troy,

    I have a pretty big problem with #1 of your reply. These distributors have done nothing wrong, unless you consider being loyal to their up-line and following their leadership unethical. I have heard from you and just about everyone else in MLM that this industry is not about products or companies, it's about people; it's about finding leaders you trust, respect and want to follow. This is exactly what the distributors that signed up for Panther and then left were doing. They signed up for Panther because their leadership was there and at the time so was the opportunity.

    Troy, please maintain your objectivity in this situation. You state you requested a list of distributors from Panther Mobile and your intention is to "make their names public, so other companies and distributors will not become victims of their unethical business practices."

    That's strong language and the first time I have seen you aim squarely down your sights at a group of distributors that were simply being loyal to their leadership. Isn't this the group you have vowed to protect?

    Is it even legal to post that list if Panther were to provide it to you? I'm not a lawyer, but in my humble opinion it is at best a violation of trust, at worst a violation of privacy.

  14. _Arther,

    Interesting. I wonder if they are going to do a reverse merger and go public to raise some funds like Lightyear? Now that would be a story.

  15. Global Verge has found a worse partner than Activation King and Ben Piilani !!!

    There are partnering with … Hop-On, Inc. !!!!

    That penny stock ( $0.0008) company has a FAIL record a mile wide.

    According to their unaudited financials, they had $0 in sales last year.

  16. Christopher,

    Great comment and wonderful questions. Let's see if we can get some clarification from the Panther owners.

    If you can send me your documentation offline (please protect your SSN and CC numbers" I will sure go to bat for you and find out what is happening. Send to

  17. John,

    To answer your rhetorical question about the Big Carriers. Unlike brick and mortar stores, when a whole channel becomes polluted the big carriers pull out. We watched this happen in the 80s when MCI and Sprint left MLM behind.

    They are publicly traded companies and when an individual or niche starts causing bad press, purport specific relationships or agreements which are not in place, it can effect the overall direct of the stock. If one or more of those publicly traded companies or their officers are pulled into some form of scandal, you can bet they will evaluate if the MLM channel is a distribution channel worth its weight.

    As one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, you can bet if the FCC. SEC or any other regulator agency gets involved, it could cause some changes.

    Not counting the fact, the big four are in a current price war, like the LD companies of the 80s and early 90s. If this continues how will the MLM Wireless companies pay commissions? Commissions on what?

  18. What if the lawsuit catches the eye of big carriers? Big deal! I wonder how many relationships fail with cellular brick and mortar stores or infomercials or e-commerce or direct mail? Look, i'm sure poor business practice (and fraud and other crime) exists with other distribution channels.

    If the other marketing/distribution options were/are so attractive, then WHY would the big 4 have looked at direct marketing by MLM in the first place? It's cost effective, it's on-trend.

    I have a hard time thinking that a bunch of bums would have much effect on the trend or any baring in decision making , the cost effectiveness of mlm is too attractive not to be picked up and used as part of the marketing mix.

    My feeling is…MLM + Wireless+ Everything in between = Here to stay, like sunshine.

  19. Troy.First let me say I enjoy reading your blogs. They are informative and stimulate good discussion. Please hear me out reference Panther Mobile. I dont know Harry Aston and could not even tell you what he looks like. My wife and I were recruited by a friend to become an associate with Panther Mobile in April of this year. My wife and I worked hard and within the month of April recruited and signed over one hundred new associates into Panther Mobile. I filled out my tax form and mastercard payment form and faxed them both in per the web sites directions. Numerous associates in my down line did as well. To this day no one has received there mastercard for payment. Many of the associates including myself are not professional mlm workers and dont care about the politics and chest beating between companies. I left Panther Mobile in April because I did not want to an associate with them any longer. Many in my downline have stayed with Panther and thats there right to do so. I excercised my right as any mlmer to leave the company. I did not sign a contract with Panther to stay with them. If I choose to stay with a company for three years or 0ne month its my right to do so. My frustration is that I feel that because Harry Aston has a problem with another company and therefore he "thinks" he is going to punish associates that left Panther by not paying them the money they earned,deserved, and will receive eventually through litigation if need be. But who wants to go through all that. I know Harry doesnt want the hassle and I know Panther doesnt want the negative reputation. All we all want is for Harry to pay his associate like any professional company should. Oh and Harry when an associate calls you to discuss this in a civilized manner please remember to remain civilized as well. All the double talk and ranting does not help and only inflames issues. Thank you Troy for your time.
    .-= christopher´s last blog .. Panther Mobile Founders Harry Aston and Kevin Sipes Talk To MLM Help Desk =-.

  20. Sandy, have they even launched, what is their site. One site was and the launch date keeps moving farther and farther back every day. Some guy called me a month or 2 ago and said they had a couple co founder positions available, wanted like $1000 bucks, said they would be filled that day, then another guy just called offering the same deal, $1000. What's the true story, these guys leave WOW, and are copying them. I sure hope they haven't let Greco into their doors. Real Source.

  21. Oh my god Armando, are you really getting sucked in by the likes of Greco. He has had the executives of Verizon on the phone with GV- NOT! He has had the executives of Sprint on the phone with DNA- NOT! Now he's back to Verizon. Armando not pageplus but my GV/Sprint phone is working just fine, I paid my $79.99 again for this month, unlimited talk, text, and data, and guess what they didn't cut it off like Greco had said Sprint dropped GV. Oh yea and by the way did you check out GV's new Coverage A retail plan $49.95 unlimited talk/text $44.95 for the members, look at the map looks like, well you know the people Greco says he knows and loves.

    Armando COME ON MAN!!!

    Real Source

  22. Concerned MLMer,

    As a general statement you make a very valid point. However, you are way to general and here is why I feel this way.

    1. If the word done in April came from the organization lead by the Global Pros founding distributors who have left in May to build a competing company, then they are not entitled to ANY commissions, until all the dust settles. This is not only unethical, it may very well be illegal. I have asked Panther to provide me documentation on ALL of the distributors who have quit and canceled their autoships in the last 30 days.

    Once we have determined which distributors are part of the dangerous game, we will make their names public, so other companies and distributors will not become victims of their unethical business practices.

    2. On the other hand if distributors who are still part of Panther are owed commissions, then I want them to send me their specific details, and we will go to the Panther leadership for answers. If they do not provide a valid reason for NOT paying the commissions owed, we will also report that information.

  23. I have heard from several former Panther distributors that they are having trouble getting paid for the work they put in during the month of April.

    All politics and business maneuvering aside, if a distributor is responsible for 'X' builders signing up and this generates X($34) for the company, shouldn't the distributor get paid on that revenue regardless of how long they were tenured as a distributor? My understanding is that there are no charge-backs being requested of Panther, so why are distributors having to deal with very sarcastic and contentious Panther leaders (Harry Aston was on at least one of the calls) when they inquire about getting paid?

    Let's not be naive, of course Panther is upset about the situation, but the right thing to do is to pay these people what they are owed and move on.

  24. SoDisappointed,

    You could say the same thing about every wireless company who has done business with Greco. Watch my next post.

  25. Armando,

    Thank you for posting. This call is kind of funny. Let me see if I get this right.

    1. Agents for VinCCall get paid 22%. Sounds like this Executive Director for VinCall was offering all the Global Pro reps to join the company selling additional LD for cell phones or other telecommunication lines. I do not see this being a huge market, otherwise Global Pros would have inced a master reseller agreement and not send their reps direct.

    2. If Global Pros sends all their distributors direct to the companies, then it seems their compensation plan will have huge issues with compliance.

    This should be fun to watch. Nothing major in this call.

  26. I think it's funny how Harry is now saying he has no connection with Chris Greco but it didn't seem that way a couple of months ago when there were Panther conference calls. The Panther mobile logos were all over AKW websites and Unlimited Wizard. Hmmmm!! The only thing positive in this whole situation is when Kevin warned us about Chris and told us that the $10 plans with DNA did not exist. Chris was lying then and he is lying now.

  27. Armando,

    Sounds like some great stuff. Let me ask a few questions.

    1. Exactly what "Class" is Greco trying to initiate a "Class Action Suit". he was not a distributor, is this an Class for venders? Interesting, but since he is a major party in a civil case, why not just add whoever as co-plaintiffs in a counter suit?

    2. Let me get this right. Greco is going to find an attorney in 48hrs, to file a Class Action Lawsuit? Maybe you and others should go study the federal laws on Class Action lawsuits and see how long those take to file, and what that really means.

    3. As for the Civil case now filed in Nevada District Court, a class action case will not effect the State case at all. The only type of case which might effect the outcome of the State Civil Case would be a Criminal case.

    4. As for any type of technicality… I doubt if Chris has even been served yet. Let case was filed 24hrs before we posted it. The Courts would not have sent the copies to Greco, and even overnight copies would not have been in his hands until today. This is funny.

    5. Why is Greco so focused on a Global Pros call on Global Verge's business, instead of focusing on growing his field force?

    6. So far the only thing public, is his post on DNA. Agian, if he stays focused on other companies, how will he grow his business. It's funny, I never see solid CEOs and Founders focused on other companies.

    7. Let me get this right, you have joined a Class Action suit? In that case, please provide the following:

    a. The class.
    b. The District the suit is filed
    c. The law firm representing the Class.

    This will help others to learn more.

  28. conference call where they promise 22% residual to the distributors TROY,



    there is the Facts Troy, So how is Greco Bad for giving us a product that pays us 22% huh?

  29. John,

    Thank you for your kind words. Took most of the day off to go watch Ironman 2 with my boy. Sorry for the delay in this post going live.

  30. Armando,

    Well… Forgive me but, if someone can provide us the recording we can publish. What has me scratching me head, is the fact you didn't provide any substance. Let me ask a few questions…

    1. Who is the EVP from Verizon? Give us the name, and number so 3rd parties can verify this information. Because as of right now she is a mystery caller to the real world.

    2. Are you telling us the EVP of Verizon really knew GV did not have an agreement in place? This really seems way below the pay scale of an EVP to know.

    3. Who is the Executive Director of the other company? What company name and numbers please?

    4. As for Global Verge lying, I have no clue what you are referring. Are you saying GV has publically made claims they have agreements in place with the companies in question? If so please provide those recording also.

    5. When you mention 22% increase in commissions, are you referring to a onetime sale or residual income on the monthly service plan?

    6. How can the phone company give you any increase in commissions? Seems that would be a deal they cut with Global Pros.

    7. How much were you making before the 22% increase?

    8. When you mention the 800 for free, are you referring the number ONLY, or free service (time used) also?

    Now as for Greco building a company for distributors by distributors, please tell me what company Greco has ever been a distributor, and have you verified his claims?

    In Greco's own words he is building a company so HE can DOMINATE. How can you claim he is building for distributors, when he has hurt so many of the distributors from other companies?

    One more question, are you telling us Global Pros is a legal company with agreements in place with the companies you mention? If this is so, then please provide the state where Global Pros is legal, and also which companies they have agreements with.

    As for the "Fat Cats" they have not followed Greco, or care. They are out growing their businesses. I have not seen Lightyear, 5Linx, GiConnect or ACN focusing on Greco at all.

    Good stuff, just give us the real data and documentation, not the hype.

  31. Chris, finally you are being exposed for all of your actions, you have screwed over to many people and are a disgrace to the mlm industry and network marketing. All of us who have worked hard and built legit businesses can finally say HELL YEA!!! Greco is going down. I've been telling people "just wait and see." HELL YEA!!! Greco is going down.

    Real Source

  32. Troy I just got off the 4pm call, a Explosion just happened, They Had on the Executive Vice President from Verizon Wireless, talking about Chris and his companies good standing, and Chris asked if Global Verge had ANY agreement and they said NO, This wasnt a mystery caller, she gave her name position and number to get ahold of them, And then they had the Executive Director of another communications company on the call!! And chris had him offer every distributor the ability to make 22% commission with no cut to Global Pros, and Activation King Wireless, Troy you have to hear this call, So if these companies say that they have no ties to GV is GV lying? You have to hear that call Troy, So what is Greco trying to do, Is he trying to hurt us by giving us a product we make 22% on now, or by giving us Mandi Service totally free? And giving us an 800 number free to build our business, Troy I dont see one thing this guy is doing that is hurting me or my downline, I hear on calls everyday people from wow with no product, People from Global Verge stuck on Page Plus again, In my honest opinion I think these other companies are truly scared of what Chris is doing, He has built a company for Distributors by Distributors and taken a back seat at only 10% ownership. I think the Fat Cats in this industry are afraid the Crazies are taking over the asylum.

  33. Troy, you really do live life as an epic adventure. thanks for all

    this information.

    After reading the court mess above, if you people want some relief, a laugh (this guy is something else) and frank discussion, check out The "Mr P" call at Data Network Affiliates. 3 hours, there is

    some great conversation, some DNA news and a lot in this call for everyone in or out of DNA.

    I must be clear, i have a free affiliation, i want this company to work and to tweek 1 thing, the car data.

    If i ran the tag data i would explore idea…

    1. Turn the car tag data 100% non-profit, a fundraising game, a pay it forward type, giving plan. Pay forward £2 to charity/choose a project, by tagging 20 plates. FREE HAT (more branding) so the public know who you represent and why you are gathering the data.

    2. Create a constitution for the data, eg Data access for Missing children cases only.

    FIND a way to make the car tags work, without invading peoples privacy.

    Car owners could opt-in to have the data used for reason other than child

    emergency. – Fundraiser, Tag, Your It!

    My 2 cents ( from Edinburgh, Scotland)


  34. Troy I just got off a conference call with Chris and his team, WOW, Chris has said that anyone that has ever been harmed by Global Verge can Join his class action suit against the company, WOOOWWW, And that they would be filing in Federal Court in 48hrs, What does that do to the state case troy? Also Chris said to be watching the Nevada case because him and Unlimited Wizard are getting out on some Technicality, Wow, Also he said that on his 4PM call he was having the Executive Director of two communications companies come on to talk about the business and why Global Verge is not associated with them in any way!!

    WOW, Also Chris said he was releasing documents to ERIC COLLINS of MLM WIRELESS NEWS at this should be interesting Troy.

    Here is the info chris gave out on the call for the class action, and I will disclose I have joined it! I never got my phone ever, and never was refunded!

  35. This whole area of wireless phones and wireless service combined with MLM or a business opportunity has become an incestious cesspool of Scammers, Crooks and Charletons trying to out do each other and con each other…..NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES IS RIGHT!!

    Now YET ANOTHER ONE launching on May 14th in Charlotte NC by persons unknown and unidentified other than someone who has had HUGE successes in both MLM (Amway) and then taken two companies public and is backed by over 100 Million dollars…..however, after his name is mentioned in a meeting and you go home and google this name….NOTHING…..someone with a successful business background will show up on the google radar….always…..absence of any confirmation of the 'story' about who is behind a new company is a huge red flag. This new company People Helping People, Inc or PHP, Inc. does not show up as a North Carolina Corporation under that name just another minor problem in the truth verification process……the most important part of any new MLM is the people behind it who control the money and if there is no transparency that can be verified…..buildings, offices, phone numbers and C.V.of principle, then you are likely to find someone ilke Phil Piccolor or other serial scammmer behind the curtain…..

  36. I hate to be the one to say this but Chris Greco is going down. I always new he was a scumbad and now it's blowing up in his face as we speak. He had no intentions of helping any company he bounced around too. I believe he tried to destroy them purposely to then start his own deal. What an idiot.

  37. I want to clarify, after following the link, click on "District Civil Records", enter the case number A-10-615937-B, and it will take you to the case screen.

  38. I wanted to get this up for anyone interested in following the progress of the case. Here is the case site on the Clark County Clerk of Courts, Eight District Court, Civil Division.

    I personally think wireless service being available to Network Marketing is very valuable not only to network marketers but for the public. We just need a company that can produce, sustain, and conduct their business professionally. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a lucrative business for network marketing. Just look at the interest that this has stirred.

  39. I have been waiting for you to comment on Zoom Mobile which is copying WOW Mobile's business model.

    They seem to be doing well. Can you please comment?

    Thanks for your great work.

    God Bless,


  40. Harry,

    Thank you so much for this public statement. I will be doing a new post today, and will cover this exact situation.

    I know your integrity and ethics personally, and we are with you in this situation.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  41. Dear Troy

    It has come to our attention that other companies have addressed that Unlimited Wizard, AKW Chris Gecko and Panther Mobile were in a partnership.

    Please let it be known that Unlimited Wizard, AKW (Chris Gecko) has never been directly in a contractual agreement with Make America Shine / Panther Mobile.

    No prioiarty information or technology was ever exchanged to us at Panther from Unlimited Wizard/AKW/ Gecko in regards to any other companies. Gecko always worked as a independent.

    Panther Mobile has never had a direct contractual relationship with Unlimited Wizard/AKW . We have no plans to ever do so.

    We wish all legitimate companies the best of luck!

    Harry Aston

    Panther Mobile's CEO

  42. Thanks for the update, Troy. I'm still waiting for phones from WOW Mobile and keep checking to see if you have any information as to the holdup. We've been given some information but I don't trust that we're getting the whole story. I sure don't want to jump from company to company, but neither do I want to remain on a sinking ship when there might be viable alternatives out there. I love MLM and I think telecomm is a great thing. I thought I was with a reputable company, but the longer this goes on the more nervous I get. If you have anything to add to the information we've been given (basically, that our Tier 1 provider has backed out but that we have two other Tier one providers in line to provide phones and services) then I'd love to hear it. I've been told a company has actually inked a deal with WOW, but I heard that a week ago and WOW still isn't responding as to when the phones can actually ship. I'm sure there are lots of details to work out, but some of us out here in the field are hanging by a thread. Good information would be a breath of fresh air!


  43. It’s funny how Chris kept pointing out everybody else’s criminal record ( some fictitious since no proof was provided). Well, I don’t see how you will weasel out of the trademark infringement. Let alone all the other charges. This will be very interesting. Justice will be done. Maybe now everybody can return to there companies and work to be successful. And not at someone else’s expense the way Chris continued to practice. Instead of cutting each other down, let’s work together to make MLM what it really is. America’s best business opportunity!! Blessings to all!!

  44. Troy,
    I can’t keep up with this mess! I just wonder how much this whole situation will affect the wireless industry… specifically the relationships between mlm companies and tier 1 providers. I sure can’t think that this will look too favorably on the industry, and if other companies end up losing their relationships with their providers will this also bring about more lawsuits?

  45. Wow what a surprise! This kind of crap is that makes it so hard for the honest companies and reps in this industry. What happened to ethics and, God Forbid, morals and just plain human decency. Thankfully I have phased myself out of the MLM/telecom disastrous combination, in the last 6 months. And it feels great to have a company that I don’t have to defend the owners’ past and reputation. There are still decent companies and people out there but in my 15+ years I have never seen it this bad. My advice is don’t give up on MLM, give up on the scam artists and dishonest owners (and some distributors unfortunately).
    If you are interested in what I am doing and you want to get in with a group of good people, we’d love to have you on board with us, just contact me

  46. Hey Troy,
    This is great stuff. I can’t wait until they assign a judge to this case so we can follow it on the Clerk of Courts in Clark County, Nevada. If people do not know, once a case has been accepted by the courts, it is PUBLIC RECORD. You can log in to the Clerk of Courts where the case is filed and watch the docket to see the progress of the case. I’m assuming it will be filed in the Civil Court records. I have already checked Clark County and they do have an online search system. I don’t see this case on the records just yet, but I’ll be watching for it.

    You make a great point at the end of the post, “sit tight” everyone. I feel that if everyone would have followed this advice and stood behind their initial decisions with their companies, a lot of this could have been avoided.

    Keep us posted Troy!

  47. Troy, Thanks for posting the Info, I can promise you we will counter sue and now I am within my full 100% right to air all the DIRTY LAUNDRY in a court of law and no one can say I brought the suit, In fact between what kevin sipes has and what I have Global Verge has officially sank their company, I am excited to have my day in court and Show everyone in this industry where the money is offshore, Where the money went, Why the support tickets were not answered, Why Mark Petschel as Everge was failing was asking for his DAD to be paid instead of the field, Not to refund money, Troy no matter what I just cant Wait to have ALL THE FACTS IN COURT SHOWN.

    Chris Greco
    Unlimited Wizard Cellular inc.

  48. Well the lawsuit proves one thing there isn’t any honor amongst thieves. Nothin like a big ol lawsuit to catch the eye of the major carriers. Hopefully they take notice and finally do something that should have been done a long time ago shut all these telecom MLM’s down.These companies and leaders in telecom have given the whole industry a black eye and they all should be sued by the distributors. The lawsuit mentions fraud and deception but with the players involved here I would call that a draw. Is one more guilty than the other? Who’s suing who. LOL Anyway, if your looking for a good honest ethical company as usual email and type “info” in the subject line. Troy says to sit tight and see where it leads. THAT’S LUDICROUS try selling a product with a history of setting expectations and not meeting them not to mention an active lawsuit. Good luck with that. The frog only has to jump out of boiling water once to be safe and I have a perfect lily pad to land on.

  49. Troy,

    Thanks for your up to date investigative work in our industry. We all knew this was coming sooner or later.

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