Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis Invites MLM Help Desk To Leaders Call

Breaking MLM News: Former Global Verge CEO & CFO Break Their Silence

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge New CEO Steve Lewis Invites MLM Help Desk to the Triple Diamond leadership call tonight.

After the call I will post an update and let all of our subscribers know whats current with Global Verge.

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  1. Mr. Joe Blow,

    Your post was not deleted at all. I did edit out the swear words, but you my friend need to get a clue as to which post you placed your comment.

    I don’t think I have ever deleted a comment.

    I even responded to it. You can find your original comment here

    You much be one of my new friends from 🙂

    Never Give Up,


  2. interesting you deleted my post troy, hmmmmmm…..can anyone tell when they are being duped by chumps like troy and global verge? troy is not out to help you, he is a moron big time!

  3. Hi VJ,

    This is my EXACT problem with GV, and now it seems that FDI is jumping on it too. And my question is, how do you plan to profit if calls are VoIP through the tower?

    An MVNO would require minutes and data to be charged to the MVNO at a certain rate. To turn a profit, you then have to package your deals to where your customers would be priced in at a point that allows you to pay the carrier.

    If FDI has a true unlimited and its running over VoIP primarily, what happens when a majority of the customers start using too much bandwidth? Who do you think won’t get paid: The company, or the field?

    The fact is, if this was possible and viable, don’t you think that the major carriers in the United States would have already implemented this?

    By the way, some proof that VoIP is something AT&T does not allow over their cell towers: Look at Skype for iPhone. It only works in WiFi spots, but AT&T would not allow them to run it over cellular. What makes you think they’re going to allow an MVNO to do it and clog their towers and bandwidth?

    I’m not the only one that has been scratching my head at both what FDI and GV have been claiming in regards to this.
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  4. NGSI,

    I am working on that now. I am reviewing whitepaper, talking to some wireless techs, and reviewing all we can find.

  5. Troy…I will definitely get you more information on the technology behind FDI!!
    Thanks for your website. I really appreciate the honesty on your blogs

  6. Hey Zurvita…to answer your question……..YES

    The GICell is what you call Tri-Band!!!
    Not only can you make cellular calls through the GSM Network and VOIP calls in a WI-FI Area, but it also has the capability of making VOIP calls through the GPRS channel using the cell phone towers!!

    It is truly amazing what this phone can do!!

    The GI Cell Phone, through BlueTooth Technology has the ability to transmit internet access to your laptop computer, without wires or tethering. So you can be on the internet from your laptop while simultaneously receiving a call on your cell phone.

    You will also be able to do video-conferencing from you cell phone with someone on their computer, if they have a web cam!!

    I don’t know what all the HYPE about GV is about. If you seriously check out FDI you will see what they offer is so much more than Global Verge was “trying” to bring to the table. And the services and products have been up and running for 6 years now.

    If you want more information send my your contact info… and I will contact you.
    If you are disappointed with Global Verge (btw I was a GV member at one point) come check out FDI.

  7. Troy

    You should check with some of the tech people to clarify if it would actually work, someone has already claimed there is not much merit to it. I mean you only have to highlight such claims as 500,000 phones ready to go.

  8. NGSI,

    I am going to use the tech info from that interview to share more on that side of things. I fully agree that the interview is to old as current info. Although I may look through the Investor Relations page to see if they have filed anything new with the SEC.

    I do think the interview sheds some light on the technology in question.

    Never Give Up,


  9. Troy

    You’re not going to post the Perasivip press releases from March 31st? If so what relevance do you think it has in Aug(nearly)

  10. Confused,

    I can fully understand your frustration. From what I have been told by other GV Reps, you can go into your back office and cancel your membership.

    As for the direct deposit, they are using e-wallet to make deposits into your account. This is far better than a check, which may take weeks, or not clear if something goes south.

    Never Give Up,


  11. I joined Global Verge and my upline is NO HELP I want to cancel it, I don’t even know what it is exactly and they want direct deposit access w/ my bank account?

  12. Zurvita,

    You bring up a very good point. Later today I will post an interview I found with a strategic partner of Zer01, who is in the Voip business.

    Stay tuned it may help us all to understand more.

    Great comment.

    Never Give Up,


  13. I’ve been curious about what FDI will have as well.

    I looked at GI Connect’s site for their cellular. My contract is up in November, and before Zurvita launched their wireless product, which is through the major carriers, I was trying to find what my best deal might be.

    Their VoIP plans all referenced an AT&T data package that does not seem to exist. I went to AT&T’s site and searched for it and turned up nothing. Googled it, turned up nothing.

    Now, VoIP is very possible over cell phones from WifI spots. I have Skype on my iPhone, and as long as I am connected to a WiFi network, I can make VoIP calls.

    But just like Zer01, the question comes down to can you make VoIP calls using the carrier’s towers? So far AT&T has said no (hence the reason why you cannot use Skype except for connected to a wireless network).

    All of this hype about VoIP over cell phones sounds great, but so far no carrier here in the United States has opened up to it. If they had, trust me, they’d be selling the technology.

    I do know, though, that VoIP over WiFi using WiFi phones is a growing market. At our conference two weekends ago our VoIP partner showed me such a phone as an example of how to make your number and VoIP plan portable. But….you had to have connection to a WiFi network.

    Keep striving!
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  14. Zurvita,

    I asked myself that very question. I know Steve has not read anything on my blog, based on our private conversation. All through the call, he kept doing his best to posture himself as the lead dog, and I had better get in line.

    I can say this, of all the things Steve Lewis has said publicaly and privately, there is no doubt in my mind, he is a fisherman. Every time I made a comment about my background, he would have a BIGGER story to tell. 🙂

    Last night he did come out against Len Clements (although he did not mention his name, maybe because Len knows where he lives and they live in the same town.)

    He also publicly, came ofter Rod Cook (which may not be the smartest thing to do, since Steve brought Rod’s wife Marcie into the issue), so this situation just went up a few degrees.

    If we thought we had an MLM Wireless War before, wait until Rod is back on his feet, it could get real interesting.

    I will continue to report as I have been reporting and made that clear to Steve. I give the facts as we find them, and if things change, we will report the success.

    Thank you for your contribution to the community here at MLM Help Desk. You always bring out great questions.

    Never Give Up,


  15. NGSI,

    You bring up some great points. Later today, I will release last night’s call, because I think the best and most informitive was when Steve openned the call up for Q&A. It will give our subscribers the ability to hear what the Triple Diamonds are asking and how Steve Lewis responded.

    Although, we still don’t know if Steve can pull it off, this does show that at least publicaly he is trying.

    A question that we may want to ask is WHY? Why would Steve Lewis, a 67 year old (self-proclaimed) MLM Guru, would take on such a mess? Unless… There is a HUGE payoff on the back end!

    A payoff from Zer01 for cleaning up the mess (they are located in the same town) and protecting their reputation.
    A payoff from Global Verge by turning this mess around and creating a rock solid company?
    A payoff as an outside consultant who will get the top position in the comp plan, and if the deal works could be his last stand?

    Or… maybe he is certifiably crazy and is willing to take on one of the craziest MLM situations I have seen in the last few years.

    No matter which it might be, if he pulls this off, and his teams turns this company around, the distributors win and in a BIG way!

    Never Give Up,


  16. VJ,

    You bring up a great point in your comment. Let me ask a question to you personally (and I hope you will come back and respond for folks.)

    Since you are in FDI, and are know their technology since you are marketing it. Can you explain a little more on how that technology works? I have been trying to get specific information from some folks and so far Corporate is keeping a tight lid on things until convention. (Although I figure they are doing that so they do not end up in a PR mess like Global Verge.)

    I would love it, if you would send me some tech specs that we can review and blog about. It would help us all better understand how FDI and GV will be different.

    Never Give Up,


  17. OK….People keep saying that Zero01 has a technology that no other company has…you HAVE to check out the technology that FDI Telecom has, proven up and running for 6 years now. FDI International, merging with GI Connect, providing the proprietary GI Cell Phone. GICell that does have VOIP capability on a handset as well as GSM Reception as well as GPRS reception…all on the same phone.

    People keep saying that ONLY Zero01 can do VOIP on a handset and this absolutely is not true. Don’t sit around waiting to see if Global Verge gets it together… FDI is the REAL deal.
    Check it out….

  18. So true really not sure what can actually be achieved form hearing the same old talk, it’s Monday why haven’t they just went you know what mr reporter for the cellular industry here’s the phone, review it and shut them all up, but alas……………

  19. I really wonder what they have to gain by having you on the call? Remember this is a leadership call for the field….in other words, keep the field with their eye on the prize, focused on the opportunity, etc etc etc.

    What would be more helpful is to see the product launch. Until then, nothing else matters.
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  20. Anxiously awaiting your update.
    Thanks for the inside reports and for keeping people honest.

    Still keeping an ear to the wall, an open mind, and an
    adventurous heart!

    peace 🙂

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