Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Blames Their Reps For Their Troubles

MLM Wireless News: Global Verge blames their reps for their troubles with Zer01. First Zer01 shots the Global Verge distributors, and now the company’s new Press Secretary Valerie Brooks-Flores blames them for the companies troubles.

Valerie Brooks-FloresNow without a doubt Miss Valerie is doing what she is paid to do, listening to her time after time read from her script using her sugary sweet fluff is sickening. It is down right disrespectful to business men and women who put their heart into building the company who is paying her salary. Someone needs to remind her, who is really paying her salary! Here is the rest of the story…

Yet the first week of August Craig Perry made it clear there was confusion on where the field needed to send their compliance emails.

The tonight Craig was very clear on what he had been doing to get compliance taken care of.

So, let’s review. Steve Lewis weeks ago, made it clear compliance was a HUGE issue and if folks did not get it right, he would terminate.

Ben Pilliani has publicly stated Compliance is an issue, and Buzzirk/Global Verge needed to get it fixed.

Yet, instead of terminating the distributors who were causing the compliance issues, Global Verge continues to allow the compliance issues, then tonight Miss Valerie Brooks-Flores – Global Verge Press Secretary raises her voice and tells the last of the dedicated Global Verge Field Force IT”S THEIR FAULT.

Well, I guess she didn’t realize that as of August 14th, 2009 the Corporate site is also out of compliance since Zer01 is listed there also.

Well, let’s look at a positive for a second…

Commissions should start to roll tomorrow.

Ok, I almost forgot… If by some chance you have already sent in your website for compliance, they have lost your email… and you need to send it again. But IT’S YOUR FAULT!!!!!

However, there are some additional charges being change to reps because of the high risk offshore processing.

Jeff Powell also talked about a new private payment system. My question is… SInce this is attached to the offshore account, does it bypass any USA PATRIOT Act regulations that can cause the reps issues?

Now, I know there a a boatload of you who want to see Global Verge make it, but let’s look at some facts.

1. Compliance has been an issue almost from the beginning.
2. Ben Piilani warned Global Verge several times.
3. Steve Lewis threatened to terminate the non-compliant distributors for the sake of everyone else.
4. Craig Perry made it clear people were sending stuff to him (which Steve Lewis said he was the compliance officer), but that it should go somewhere else.
5. Valerie Brooks-Flores blames the remaining Field Force for Zer01 terminating Buzzirk’s contract.
6. Global Verge Refused to terminate the distributors at fault.
7. Did anyone think about the fact, the non-compliant websites might be from FORMER distributors, and not active distributors, which NO ONE would have control over?

When a company goes onto a national call and blames their field force, you have a pretty good idea of where you stand in the pecking order of things.

Forget about being PROTECTED!

And one last thing to think about… If Steve Lewis, Teresa Curtis and Warren Hanchey are not still part of Global Verge, why are they still the officers of record in the State of Nevada?

More Questions, Fewer Answers!

Never Give Up,


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