Breaking MLM Wireless News FDI International Approves New Video On The GiCell

Breaking MLM Wireless News: FDI International approves a new video demonstrating the power of their new GiCell Wireless appliance.

Over the weekend I great FDI leader have provided me with an un-official video demonstration. Well, but the first of the week, reps all over the world were calling FDI Corporate asking for an official video to be released.

Here it comes! We made be the first website not affiliated with FDI to stream this for the world to see.

I want to thank all the FDI reps who have come to to share your insights on the services and equipment.

Now it’s time to watch the video…

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Troy Dooly

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16 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News FDI International Approves New Video On The GiCell”

  1. Yes as Bruce indicated this is nothing new, in London a friend of mine uses fring also and it makes VOIP calls. Taking the sim card out in the video is nothing special, several years ago the phones did not use sim cards in America. The iphone has a program called Icall that makes voip calls for $9.99 a month to the United States and Canada. Their other services like the Trinet is extremely expensive and Google is coming out with a product that works similiarly to GI Comnects service but without having to purchase equipment. I looked at the company to see if first it could lower my cost, next if I could make additional streams of income. But how can I tell a person your going to save between 50-95% on your telecommunication services but in order to achieve for residential you have to spend $55 for the VOIP Apdater, business is $350 and if you want to run your cell phone to make almost free calls. It sounds exciting but during a recession where are most people getting $350 from? A business owner maybe but even these guys are struggling.

    Next I’m not sure of the numbers of people that do not have broadband access but the widget can solve that problem because it does not require a computer, no broadband and is reasonably priced. $22.95 a month is competitively priced but from a business standpoint, your not making a killing. I talked to friends that went to the convention but was not able to test anything. Most MLM companies do a good job of hyping their new products and the telecom wars is just beginning from my experience I’ve learned its good to be in the right place at the right time but its also good to be the person with patience because something always come along better. Look at how many marketers with years of experience is in more than one company.


    We are accumulating info from this last weekends FDI convention and will be posting by Friday on FDI.

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  3. LOL,

    Can you send me a copy of their email to Steve Lewis called me two days ago and informed me on the message he left, that “FDI would be the last company he ever joined.” As a matter of fact “He thought I was with FDI.” So I would love to see their email so I can publish it.

    And if what you state is the truth, then why isn’t Global Verge COO (Attorney Craig Parry) filing criminal charges for them stealing company proprietary information?

    Looks like the saga could really heat up.

    Never Give Up,


  4. Steve lewis Teressa etc , and the gang have stolen buzzirk e-mails and office info tried to recruit buzzirk reps…i got their mail, now they join FDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This was a planned espionage of corporate documents, everything they said is B/S, yeh like teressa is a CPA for the company…she has no licience/degree to be one
    FDI should fire them all as read in policy and procedures that fdi reps recruit from other organisations = teminiation
    FDI the rules are the rules set a example and fire them, or you are what Charles Orwell warned of !
    FDI is $300 sign up and $125 month, and will go higher they have not done their numbers…its phones folks, not financial services

  5. So here’s the next question: Reseller, or MVNO?

    I’m guessing reseller and not MVNO. Anyone know?
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  6. Kerry,

    You’re right….we’ll see. We’ll see what the long term plan is, and hopefully the company will provide full details about their relationships with the cellular providers (emphasis on full).

    But as for me and my house….we’re trucking on with Zurvita. =)

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  7. @Bruce- you’re right, having full control of your phone usage is nothing new outside of the US. Unfortunately for us, the big 4 has kept us in the dark ages on purpose. For the first time, we will have full control of our phone experience. FDI International will give us the ability to have one account and use it on 5 devices. that’s a big deal for a lot of us.

    @Brent- i think you hit the nail on the head! I don’t know how much I can say on this forum as an independent representative without overstepping my boundaries but it’s no secret that FDI International is in the voip business and is a cellular reseller.
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  8. Brent good question but is there anything else you seem to want to pick apart I do think they said they are a reseller for tmobile and att but all your crazy points will be answered starting Thursday! Stay tune

    Never give up

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  10. I can do exactly the same with my normal Nokia 6120 Classic mobile phone using the SIP settings from my VoIP line provider on the GPRS & 3G network right here in South Africa. This is nothing new. I use Fring as I do not have “Internet Tel” on my Nokia – the Nokia E Series and most new mobile phones that have SIP settings can use VoIP to make and receive calls on the GSM GPRS and 3G network. To connect your mobile phone to a office network using Wi-Fi is also nothing new. The question is what are the VoIP line cost and quality of Service (QoS).

  11. That explains why they pulled the AT&T packages from the website for GiCell.
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  12. Brent,

    I actually understand that GI-connect is having issues with AT&T and they will be pushing T-mobile for the moment.

  13. Again, questions to be asked, yet no one has answered it:

    Does T-Mobile/AT&T allow this? AT&T shut it down on Skype/iPhone combination. What happens when AT&T shuts down the data package for a user because of violating their AUP’s?

    Video mentions any GSM carrier. I thought FDI only had connections to T-Mobile/AT&T?

    Is FDI reselling the data package or does the end user have to buy that separately?

    I think I’m beginning to get a more clear picture of what FDI is actually offering. They offer a phone (unlocked) and a VoIP service. You still have to purchase cellular minutes through the carrier as well as a data package if you want to use VoIP (or pay the per kB charge).

    Sound right?
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