Breaking MLM Wireless News FDI Beats Global Verge With Live Working GiCell

Breaking MLM Wireless News: FDI beats Global Verge out of the gate with a live working GiCell voip/cell phone.

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FDI is gearing up to take advantage of the void left by Global Verge, Buzzirk and Zer01 over the last few weeks, has they have failed to deliver on the Zer01 propitiatory technology…

Now, as you all know I am not a wireless cell phone techie. But if what this video shows is the truth, then FDi has 17,000 GICell’s ready to ship, which means those going to FDi’s convention may very well be able to buy them on the spot.

By the way, this video was delivered to me via a very trusted inside source, which is why I am willing to post it ASAP. Notice how in the video they are not afraid to show the fact they are working in partnership with T-Mobile! This could get real interesting.

But, if anyone can prove it is false please send me the documentation.

Never Give Up,


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  2. At 1:34 you can see the video is clipped and again at 2:15 – and again at 2:53. Without a completely uncut video, it’s impossible to take this video as evidence. As Anonymous points out, ViFi VoIP enabled phones are nothing new.

  3. The whole reason they need a T-Mobile SIM card.

    First, why would they need a SIM Card period, if it works without one? The reason is, is becuase they are using a WIFI VoIP phone. Those have been available for years. Linksys makes them, and other VoIP companies like Broadvoice have been selling them for years. The reason is, is that they are using an unlocked wireless router to provide Internet access to the phone so they can use VoIP. Any VoIP company will work anywhere in the world with Internet access, not just FDI. The reason they need the SIM card is because as soon as they leave the WIFI network, like going into a car, they have to go onto the cellular network. They are just buying the cellular from T-Mobile at wholesale and reselling it. They are hoping that they can control costs, buy people making more calls on the WIFI network than on the cellular. This is basic fixed mobile convergence. Nothing new. They own the tone? They are a VoIP company, because if they owned the tone, they do not need T-Mobile. There is nothing proprietary about this technology.

  4. To BigFan and Tim: Your comments lead me to understand that the time has not been taken to review FDI the company, and the foundation of it’s business. The comp plan is laid out in detail on the website or corporate recorded webinar’s. The training is laid out in detail on the website. I find it hard to believe that if you’ve found a rep, that they can’t show you all the training in the back office related to the product and services FDI offers, Especially related to the telecom. Since the telecom launch there has been 2 training webinar’s daily each call covering different information on the telecommunications. As far as being revolutionary, it is for those that are not aware of the technology, and as far as we know this is the first company to actually get this out in the US and be affordable. The concern of hotspots will soon be a non issue with a new service called wimax, covering longer ranges than wifi. FDI is so far more than telecom, see the entire picture, in regards to compensation, view the overview that is a presentation prior to the telecom A big portion of the comp plan is true residual income. I will say this, don’t listen to anyone’s “team calls” listen to the corporate calls. I’m finding it amazing that people keep speaking of low income people are the ones attracted to the programs. Millionaires look for savings they remain millionaires by not only earning more but spending wisely. Bill Andreoli’s reason for FDI was as a millionaire he could afford these various services that he knew greatly helped him personally and financially and understood that for others to attain more they needed access to the same. My opionion is in order for our industry to grow, we should all applaud any company with a true crusade. Lets all use each others product and services as customers that are different than our own and continue to build with our primary As always God Bless and Make it a Multi-Million Dollar Day!
    .-= James T. Gates´s last blog .. GICELL THE ULTIMATE VOIP SOLUTION =-.

  5. I wanted to clear a miss statement made by Leisa regarding FDI original services. She made the statement that they where for “low income individuals”. The services that FDI provides have traditionally only been available to the wealthy. What FDI has done is make access to Accountants, Financial Planners, Attorneys, Investment vehicle called wealth diagnostics Available to everyone. Financial Empowerment. Wheter a person has 1 dollar or 1 million wants a personal assistant, 24/7 access to a physician for minor issues without having to go to a doctor, have the perscription waiting at your nearest pharmacy, and if you don’t have insurance you can still use the service, plus much more. Basically giving every individual the same access to convience and first class service as the wealthy. As always God Bless and make it a Multi Million Dollar Day.
    .-= James T. Gates´s last blog .. GICELL THE ULTIMATE VOIP SOLUTION =-.

  6. Getting To The Bottom Of This,

    You are 100% correct it is great that commissions are starting to flow. I pray they are correct. However, I have yet to see or hear anything from GV Corporate on T-Mobile. Do you have anything solid from them or just the recording from a leader’s team call on Friday? Which by the way was full of hype and 1/2 truths.

    Never Give Up,


  7. Dorothy,

    We did a complete new post and put the video up. As for fair… I guess you would say it is not fair for me to do interveiws with leaders in companies either? Which it you look under my Servant Leadership category you will find I study leaders and write on them.

    When a leader form any company comes to me with facts and are willing to share them, then I publish the facts. When the company provides facts I publish those also. But just because you or anyone might get upset because I post and it could benefit a person in their business… Well that is why we call it Network Marketing.

    Feel free to send me videos from the convention with your marketing on them and I will gladly post those also.

    Never Give Up,


  8. Troy……..since this dialogue is going on about FDI I think it is unfair to have one reps website flashing up there the whole time, unless you let others give their websites too. I sent you a clean copy with no promotion other than FDI itself.

  9. Troy and Getting to the Bottom………..

    I have been watching this site for months in regard to GV and now FDI.

    GTTB…..I too was exhausted from the promises, stalling and ultimate collapse of GV as it was my first venture into MLM. The concept made sense to me to get paid on a bill I already pay each month and share that with others and possibly made some extra cash while I was at it.

    The other products were a disappointment that GV offered, but that said, I was really excited about the mobile phone offering and making some supplementary income.

    I knew just enough to ask some of the tech questions and red flags with GV started immediately because they were so evasive (if you could even get an answers).

    The support system did not work, there were no corporate offices at the beginning and my associates could find nothing on billionaire Piilani.

    The corporate calls became closed and you could not ask any questions, as did most of the upline calls as well. Through a friend, I started looking elsewhere in early July she started researching comparisons on what ‘competition’ was out there.

    Much to my surprise, there is a lot of competition, so she asked the help of a very savvy friend and business associate who has been in telecom for the past 30 years (he was at AT&T) and now consults.

    Long and short, the rest of the world is using a lot of the ‘proprietary technology, they speak of already. I have friends in Australia and Canada that pay flat rate $20 a month for everything domestically and peanuts to call internationally ($2.50 max per call).

    Okay, now I begin to address what my friend suggested and that is the state of wifi and all that competition worldwide. That said, her research started compiling details on large MLM’s world wide in this ‘mobile’ space and I was reading about GI Connect/Global Phone, their 800,000 reps and millions of customers that already use VoIP equipment, etc. and have their own ‘network’ so to speak.

    I was intrigued and started to inquire of my international friends if they had heard of them and some did and some did not and some used the services. Next, my friend shares with me that GI connect (early July) starts to show up in the same articles with a somewhat unknown MLM here (not telecom) called FDI, who appear to have been successful here for the past 6 years with a CEO that has a clean and pretty good track record and a clean past in business….tinkering in MLM himself in the early days, but was primarily a restaurant owner.

    From the shared research, I found that FDI’s original premise was to provide services to lower income individuals who could not afford certain health benefits, legal services, medical, etc. on an affordable monthly membership basis, which I thought was noble in concept.

    The merger of FDI and GI connect got my attention and although there is competition out in other countries, it really is just starting here. If FDI can stay ahead of the curve (which it appears to be, but time will tell) of the innovations coming like WiMax, multipurposing phones (which they now have) and ‘owning the tone’ as they tout, to keep VoIP charges to a minimum when it goes beyond their ‘network’ they could have a nice ride like Excel did and take their reps with them.

    They just had a convention and I just signed up, but so far I am impressed and waiting for the sites to go live tomorrow in 63 countries to sell the products and services. Any other MLM will be a long time in accomplishing that unless one of the other international MLM’s get into telecom as well. I hope some of this helps you in your quest to find a new home.

    I am in a downline with the Master Distributor and my upline has amazing support. I am not trying to solicit you, but if you want more info I am happy to share with another weary MLM telecom traveler newbie like myself!

  10. Troy, I just received an anouncements tha GV commissions were being finally processed and made available to distributors via CommisionPlus, This is a definite positive for all of those who were stuck like whales on the beach. I did not sponsor more than a couple of people so that was not an issue for me.

    As for their announcement about a deal with T-Mobile that will enable them to provide what they had promised to do with Zero1, I am of two minds. On the one hand, they have got me so conditioned not to believe a word that anyone there says about anything, that I couldn’t care less what they announce. On the other hand, I hae a feeling they will provide something soon, and this is strengthened by what FDI is coming out with, which seems ot have similar advantages for the consumer, though I don’t have enough information (or telecom knowledge) really get a handle on it.


    It is beginning to appear to my very weary, glazed and insufficiently-knowledgeable about-telecommunications-and-wireless-technology eyes, that what we are dealing with is not (as I initially thought) a breakthrough technology developed by an innovative upstart-startup company (Zero1) that was successfuly snagged into an exclusive marketing contract with a small but savvy MLM company (GV/Buzzirk), which will have a huge markret advantage till anybody catches up with the technology or the market lead.

    Instead, with FDi coming out this weekend with some sort of comparable telecom-wireless service and technology, and with GV’s announcement that within days it will provide what it initially promised to via Zero1, but overnight they are getting T-Mobile to deliver the same solutions, maybe we have a not-so-exclusive technology, that does not require so much innovation that will soon be emulated by other companies, both MLM based and traditional, resulting in simply a new standard, with no leading edge advantage to anyone, either technologically or in terms of marketing, with the real telecom giants soon to follow with their integrated solutions that will provide the currently lacking (?) security mechanisms.

    I don’t know, this new technology stuff is is getting really old, realy fast. If tere is anyone out there who can take a good hard look at what FDI is offering via GIconnect, and then compare it to whatever GV will be putting out there (assuming they will), that would be a great help for all us confused souls out there.

    I feel like going on vacation till all of this blows over… Maybe sit on some beach in Tahiti with a tall cold glasss of my favorite delicious-functional-nutritional-winner-of-the-juice- wars-and- our-distributors-make-biggeer-checks-faster-than-anybody’s beverage.

    Just kidding, I actually have one that I love to drink and sell, but I’ll keep my other MLM identity uncontaminated by this crazy scene, thank you very much….

    All kidding aside, it’s too bad that I can’t afford to take a vacation with all the time, energy and money I have lost over the past month on this sitcom-telecom-telecr*p.

  11. Getting to the bottom of this,

    This MLM Wireless war has become kind of frustrating but I agree with you, if any or all of the companies come out with great services at a good solid price, then it will be a great area to do business in.

    As a matter of fact the one thing I like from FDI, GV and Zurvita is the fact they have offer multiple streams of income potential all under one company.

    Never Give Up,


  12. Troy, my good man.

    I am awaiting GV’s possible emergence with some sort of viable telecom product/service, while looking to get informati nabout what FDI is going to suroprise us with. Although I have gotten sick to my stomach with wireless, itstill seems like an atrrractive area for MLM buz. Your point about security is very well taken.

    This certainly looks like an epic adventure…

  13. BigFan,

    Great response! If you have been haning out for a while you know I never claim to be the expert in wireless cell technology of any kind. But from what I have read here and on all the tech sites, I have yet to see any technology that is ground-breaking. You could very well be right that the theory behind the technology is ground-breaking. And if that is the case, then I can speak with confidence when I say, there is NO security in place at the appliance end so this would still not be a good thing for the consumer.

    To many times the flow of data starts to flow before the security has been created, and in that case we could see a huge Identity Theft situation. Which may be why GV sells a really solid ID protection package 🙂

    I guess we will see where it rolls. But I do stand by my statements. This has gone from being ground-breaking to just another MLM selling T-Mobile services. To bad GV could not have signed with a US Based company.

    As for FDI, their strength is not in wireless, if’s in being a marketing company. I would say that after this weekend more reps will know what they are marketing because for the first time the company is providing the marketing tools and facts. We’ll see. If I see hype and blatant lying going on, then you can rest assured I will be all over them, just like I have been on GV.

    Never Giver Up,


  14. Troy, Man- you’re way out of the ballpark on this one, bud. What do you mean, this is not new technology? The Zer01 technology- or actually, the theory concerning the technology, is so ground-breaking that I’ll personally be surprised if it ever comes to light. What makes it revolutionary? That while the rest of the world plays w/ wifi voip phones that are not able to handshake and handoff calls, Zer01’s theoretical service could. There’s not a technology offered anywhere in the world that can do that right now. But the focus here is not on technology, but rather on the lack thereof. How many times have we heard of setbacks in technology, unforeseen events that have delayed delivery? take for instance the Boeing debacle that came to light yesterday- this is a multi-BILLION dollar publically traded company that has pre-sold over 850 airliners- it’s been put-off and put-off, and it looks like its getting put off again.

    That’s why FDI has never focused on the competition? Come on now, Troy- if that’s not the case, tell me one thing they HAVE focused on- because I have yet to talk to a distributor who actually Knows what they are marketing (so we know they’re not focusing on training), i have yet to make heads or tails out of the comp plan, i can’t seem to get a straight answer about what it’s actually going to cost a CUSTOMER to start-up service and what they will be charged per month for that service and what is actually included in that service and if they will be compelled to fork over additional monies for an INTERNET connection in order to enjoy the full benefits of that service…

    That said, this is the MLM Helpdesk, right? Not Wireless World or some other place we should be debating technologies and who’s is bigger and all that, right? So I’ll get back to MLM stuff: Integrity is measured not in the number of times you succeed- but in the number of times you fail to quit. These boys at GV? They don’t Know the word Quit, do they? As long as they “Go Forth and Prosper” and envision a vehicle where others can join them, what’s the problem?

  15. BigFan,

    IF GV comes out with T-Mobile, it will not change any of the facts in this situation. It will mean for a 3rd or 4th time they have changed the spin. T-Mobile is the 8th largest phone company in the world, and has been offering this technology in Europe, Asia and the Mid-East for years. Which is why most of us were saying from day one, this is not a new technology. It is also why FDI has never focused on the competition, because they were already offering the service worldwide.

    So, although it will be good for reps to have something to market. It does prove Zer01 was not ready, Buzzirk/GV had no money to fund the Zer01 deal, and finally decided to activate the T-Mobile Agreement which they have had in the background for months.

    Never Give Up,


  16. GV offers service/SIMS/phones this week. Viable platform. Nationwide coverage. $79.95/mo Unlimited/Unlimited/Unlimited. $10/mo residual.
    Really. you can doubt all you want- but when it happens… don’t say no one told you. ya’ll are gonna stroke-out when you see what they pulled off. In-friggin’-credible. Bravo!

  17. Troy, I just wanted to let everyone know that the new offshore processor for
    global verge is over charging our cards.

    I signed up for the $39.95 package, but was charged $77.57 for the month
    of July. I have since canceled my membership.

    I have emailed gv support demanding this charge be returned.

    This is totally unacceptable.

    I will let you know what their response is.

    Thanks, for all you do.


  19. Personally i think as long as they continue to stick with one carrier they will always remain second, however imho the blackberry is a work horse and I am certain you will like the fact that Blackberry is an encrypted military-grade security platform, with 100% market share at FBI, CIA, White House, Congress, Department of Defense, major consultancies and major investment banks.


  20. NGSI,

    This is true. However, The one thing Apple has that no other company has yet been able to recreate are their Evangelists. SO when you look at the amount of iPhones then you look at what products are selling its easy to see Apple through iPods, iPhones, Macs, iTunes and iApps dominate the niche more than anyone else.

    Then break out the demographic groups buying iPhone and which is buying Blackberry.

    I agree blackberry outsells iPhone unit for unit, but I am not sure that will continue. But I could be wrong. I am looking at it from strictly a marketing standpoint.

    I always love our thought provoking exchanges.

    Never Give Up,


  21. TROY….

    THANKS, I was confused because it is still on this thread and was not replaced here, only the new post.

    If anyone has more info on the new products, comp plan, etc. please let us know as we are waiting in the wings to see what happens. Sure hope they do not have issues with AT&T, that would not be good as I think that is what happened with Buzzirk (which I left quickly).

  22. Troy

    The iphone consistently plays second fiddle to Blackberry which month after month has the number 1 selling phone

  23. Tom,

    I will break down some of these, as I am REALLY curious to get some answers…

    “Let’s keep in mind that these phones and the gi connect technology have been in use in 62 countries for the past 6 years.”

    You keep mentioning this hype everywhere. Everywhere. Constantly. Over and over and over.

    All I ask is, can you PLEASE tell me what is this “technology” that has been in use in over 60 countries for the past 6 years. All I see is mentioning of this, without any actual references or links or ANY ADDITIONAL INFO besides these “facts” as you like to call them. If this technology is in OVER 60 countries for so long, it’s entirely possible that you should be able to reference it in some form. Please, I beg of you, can you give me the slightest glimpse into this magic technology that has been around so long all over the world, outside the USA.

    “This is not something that we have to question or have any doubts that it will work, as it is already being used. The only thing new about it, is the fact that FDI is bringing this technology (MUCH more than just the giCell phone) to the USA.”

    This is such a blind statement, I don’t know what you are thinking besides HYPE. It is precisely our role, to QUESTION fantastic claims. I am an expert in telecom and I do know how the business works, from the client to the whole sale voice circuits and beyond.

    You push all your info as facts, you are hyping it up and asking everyone to cast aside their doubts and invest into your future.

    Please, Tom, shed a light on this…

  24. Watcher…

    Its called a customer acquisition bonus. It has nothing as much as generating revenue for the company through product sales as it does recruiting. Its been a popular plan for years and it does two major things:

    1. It helps the new person/part timer regain their initial investment or surpass it by giving a little bit of effort.

    2. It creates an income stream while the new distributor works towards building a residual income.

    One of the most important thing we should all strive for in network marketing/MLM is to help the new person get a meaningful check in their hands as quickly as possible. The bonus model Zurvita, FDI, and several other companies is just one method of doing it.

    And it is all legal as long as a product is sold which generates revenue to the company.
    .-= Brent´s last blog .. Zurvita Opportunity Blog Special Offer – This Week Only – Free Hosting And Blogs For New Zurvita Consultants =-.

  25. Vj,

    I love your excitement… But hold on a little. I have seen several phones come out over the last few years and I have yet to see one that has the popularity of the iPhone.

    From a marketing standpoint it is never about the appliance, it’s always about the marketing and applications behind the appliance. People don’t care if its and iPhone or any other phone. All they care about is… Does it take care of my needs and desires.

    If any company can provide the applications that Apple has approved for the iPhone, then we will see a new player on the field.

    Never Give Up,


  26. Tom,

    Thank you for the update. Looking forward to updates as the week moves forward.

    Never Give Up,


  27. Casper,

    You bring up a great question. However, to my knowledge FDI International has not released the new compensation plan. However, let me make some calls and see what I can find.

    Once I have reviewed it, then I’ll do a post.

    Never Give Up,


  28. Dorothy,

    This post went up this morning…

    Never Give Up,


  29. TROY

    Wondering where the new video is that I sent you. You had mentioned it would be up this morning. I have had two more emails objecting that it drives traffic to a specific site.

  30. Watcher,

    Good point about the fast start bonuses. Troy, what’s the deal with getting paid on signing people up and fast start bonuses. I have been approached by a # of FDI reps and they all are mentioning how much money they are getting paid for signing up reps. Sounds fishy to me.

    In regards to the mobile/voip service, the future is smart phones and if you want to use a smart phone, you are going to then become a reseller customer of T-Mobile. Not sure about At&T. I hear there are issues with AT&T and GI-Connect.

  31. Hi just had a read of this site and there are many interesting comments.

    My husband was just getting started in Global Verge when everything fell apart with the phones. He was very disappointed as he had a lot of people interested. Then all of a sudden his upline is sending him info on FDI and they are all getting into it. He is just confused now as he expended a lot of time and energy in looking into GV and now with FDI (as someone above commented – he is just too exhausted from looking into it all) so now he is going to wait and see what happens first.

    I agree with Tim and Joker – my intuition tells me there is something fishy with it all and what disturbs me most with FDI is the amount they pay out on recruitment with fast start bonuses not just going to the sponsor but the equal amount going twice upline. Its all about getting people in to make money I cannot see where there is much money made on selling the actual product.

    Then there is the fact that no one knows exactly how the phones work and whether they will work in other countries. Thank you Joker for your imput here and your expertise in explaining how it all works – I personally didn’t have a clue but now have a better understanding. Also the fact that they are apparently opening in many countries simultaneously (scary) and from what they are saying on the video they only have 17,000 phones – thats going to go nowhere.

    Tim you sound like an awesome leader and are very concious of helping the people who you introduce into your network – and that’s what it is all about in the networking industry – not about being the first to make all the $$. Your downline must be very grateful to have you as their upline.

    Anyway from me I will just sit back and watch for now – one day I will find a network that operates on ethics and integrity and has a reliable reasonably priced product that people need and that will be a major benefit to them and their lives.

    Thanks to everyone on here for their feedback and thanks Troy for the site.

  32. And herein lies the problem with the industry: HYPE!

    I could write a dissertation on this alone…

    Oh well…we’ll know soon enough.
    .-= Zurvita´s last blog .. Zurvita Opportunity Blog Special Offer – This Week Only – Free Hosting And Blogs For New Zurvita Consultants =-.

  33. Troy,

    I was told by one of FDI’s corporate VP’s that the reps will NOT be able to walk out of convention with the phones. They have to order them from their telecom website as the phones need to be configured before being shipped. Who knows, they may suprise us and let us walk out of there with these phones, I’d be super excited if they do!!

    PS… Everyone’s getting all hyped up about this GiCell phone…. little do they know that FDI has a few tricks up their sleeve they’re holding off on until convention. Products and technology that IS CUTTING EDGE. I was on the phone w/ Bill Andreoli last night, and all I have to say is WOW. EVERYONE is in for a HUGE surprise!

    See you all in Baltimore!

    Your Partner in Success,
    .-= fdiwealthcoach´s last blog .. How to Create a FREE Lead Capture/Landing Page =-.

  34. Joker,

    People are making way too many assumptions on how this won’t work or how they will get all sorts of charges for using the phones internationally. Let’s keep in mind that these phones and the gi connect technology have been in use in 62 countries for the past 6 years. This is not something that we have to question or have any doubts that it will work, as it is already being used. The only thing new about it, is the fact that FDI is bringing this technology (MUCH more than just the giCell phone) to the USA.

    I think everyone needs to hold on tight until ALL of the info that we’re all making assumptions about is released in 3 days.

    Subscribe to my blog feed as I will be putting up posts over this weekend while in Baltimore letting everyone know the FACTS about what FDI International is bringing to the table.

    Your Partner in Success,
    .-= fdiwealthcoach´s last blog .. How to Create a FREE Lead Capture/Landing Page =-.

  35. We were able to have a private conference call last night with the owner of FDI, William Andreoli.
    This is very, very exciting.
    They are going to be revealing some new technologies at the Convention this weekend, that will
    blow us away. Also they will have a total of 3 Cell phones, one even better than the iPhone.
    Plus people also have the option to keep and use their existing cell phones, if they have a sims card.

    The other MAJOR asset behind the FDI International opportunity is the synergistic relationship with the top manufacturer of cellular hardware and software in the world based in Taiwan that not only manufacturers all FDI International telecom products but does so for Sony Erickson and Nokia. These manufacturers of the phones are actually flying over from Taiwan to speak at the Convention.

    There is a huge amount of excitement, and the company is solid and stable. FDI is a 50/50% owner of GiConnect, so no chance they could take the technology and run. They have NO intention to sell any of this through Big Box Retailers, or to sell the Company at some point in the future.

    We truly believe this is the opportunity of a lifetime, and we will be able to set ourselves up for lifetime, with a Global Business, that is recession proof!!

  36. Dorothy,

    If your main idea with this is to save on calls while you’re abroad, you’re taking a wrong approach.

    For one, you will still be charged ridiculous roaming charges, as you are on someone’s network to whom you are a foreigner.

    If you are a frequent international traveler, chances are you will have a special international phone, or will have realized that you can buy a pre-paid SIM in any country you go, including USA. This pre-paid sim will work in your GSM phone.

    Signing up for a phone plan with which your savings comes from international use??? That doesn’t make much sense.

    Now, as Tim said, where is the money?????

    This also has to be asked, where is the money from an “unlimited” calling plan.

    In order for “unlimited” plans to work, you must of course enforce “fair use” restrictions, or else you will die. You must also calculate your cost of running the business to be within the range that it will remain profitable. In today’s wholesale telecom market, the margins are getting smaller and smaller. The telecom side must also turn a profit, in order for the whole MLM pyramid to get some money as well– no?

    Dorothy, you also speak of hope a lot…. Well just don’t get your hopes up too high, a successful voip-based telecom upstart has a very very high risk of failure, especially if they are not industry changing…

    Also did you realize that Mike is just straight making stuff up in the video? He says that no other company has been able to achieve the “half-cell half-voip” phone, when this is not the case.

    Glenn, I mentioned that, it’s called call hand-off.

  37. Tim, you made some very good points. This business IS about building people, NOT about what megahertz the technology runs on.

    I spoke to a gentleman who has been networking for nearly 40 years. He told me in 4 months he built a downline of over 4,000 people before he even knew what all the products/services were. When you listen to him talk to prospects, you can hear that he realizes it’s about building people and outlets. He could be selling shoe strings for all that matters and you wouldn’t even care.

    As far as residual income goes, I definitely agree with you on that. Some people get caught up in all the fast start bonuses and what not, but residual income is what we’re all after in the long run. While people are working towards building their networks, the fast start bonuses are a great way to help them in the short term.

    A little over 3 years ago I was the BIGGEST skeptic on NWM. 3 years later (today) this industry has allowed me to do things I would have never been able to do otherwise. The important thing that I’ve gotten over these short 3 years, is the relationships with those on my team, within my company, and within the industry. That’s what it’s all about.

    There’s no need for “show me yours, then I’ll show you mine” nonsense or my company, products, comp plan is better than yours. That’s all nonsense. We are in the network marketing profession. We all are, and we need to all act that way. Obviously there are going to be some who give it a bad name, and unfortunately for them, they just “don’t get it.”

    Forget about your bills. Go help enough people take care of their bills and yours will go away. ~Jim Rohn (Gotta love that guy!)

    Your Partner in Success,
    .-= fdiwealthcoach´s last blog .. How to Create a FREE Lead Capture/Landing Page =-.

  38. Amen Tim. Let’s just buckle down, do the homework as best we can, thank Troy for helping out and get to the job of working our business. Bit by bit and you are right, the bonuses, etc. are nice, but building a residual income and a ‘work ethic’ team that plays and stays together is where it is at……….so long as the company delivers, does not have scandal in the closet to exploit and is up front and call a spade a spade. People are in these for ‘extra income’ and some to ‘make a killing’. You just need to do the homework, due diligence as best you can, check in here, and keep your radar up!


  39. I was done but this is getting hilarious.

    This is starting to feel like Utility companies. People from every walk in life became over night utility regulators. Friends with every bit of a 7th grade education started calling telling me how Utility works and how I was going to be rich. I heard all the buzz words.

    Remember just a year ago:

    Trillion Dollar industry …. Shell Oil …. Billion dollar owners …. Excell comp plan that made zillions … We pay you at the box/swtich … We pay $ on all these super duper killowats ?????

    Boy it was hot …. Get in at the top/pre-launch/best comp plan/etc….

    I will be honest. Had a huge leg leave chasing the TEXAS OIL MONEY.

    And the MY Electric deal is better than There Electric DEAL was insane.

    My question then and now is simple. Where is the residual income, can an average newbie build success gathering some customers and a few members and does the product have some wow.

    Bottom line was all the money was in signing up reps and duplicating that. Yes, they gathered customers but the money was in sign-ups and the leverage on sign-ups. No real money in the products. People making .10 on 200 dollar utility bills. People with 3000 customers in their success networks making 300 a month. I am talking leaders.

    So I will ask and wait on a response. Where is the money in these phones? If I did FDI, Buzzurk,Light year, etc… Where is the money?

    Well there is a huge lawsuit on Ignite going into court. YTB got nailed. If all the money is in sign-ups, ups, bonuses, etc and no real residual in play it is going to be hell to pay. I want to see where a pure retailer can make some income in these deals.

    10/20 a month? Where is the money. The stuff that pays the bills.

    Look around folks and understand in MLM history leaves clues.

    BTW … It amazes me when people want to slam new reps when they follow their dream. I hope and pray Bizzirk survives but that’s a long shot. If your going to sell high risk penny stock at least disclose the risk before the possible gain. I know top reps (They are not making a dime and selling hype/recruiting) in it and that make my blood boil. They do not tell people the whole story and still take their money.

    This hurts the entire industry!!!!

    A clue to use:

    Tell people the truth because the truth is good enough.
    A.L. Williams

    Tell people this deal is a crap shoot for 70 bucks but if it works there is huge up swing potential.
    Real Bizzurk leaders????

    Tell them go get a few leaders that can take risk and duplicate the risk. This way if/when it falls apart you have a team that will go with you and not hate you.

    Learn people and not the product. People don’t give a rats &^% about technology. All they want is the facts. Here is a phone a 6 year old can use (NO ONE HAS), it cost x amount a month, and here are the features and benifits. Thats it.
    Tim … A free nuggett

    FDI rep lied to me saying he has had it over a year but was selling the reginise2x2 scam just 2 months ago ….LOL .

    Learn the comp and know what you need to do to 1. Recoup Investment, break even on monthly cost, and then make profit in residual income (Not bonuses, cabs, fast starts …etc. )

    This is not rocket science. You can be right or you can be rich. I am not that brite but I know people.

    Notice I never disclose my company, my title, my earnings? I build people and not companies … you all get this nugget free. I create leaders.

    Could any of you sit down with me and show your plan with no upline support, online presentation, CD, power point, etc????

    If not learn how first and you can build ANY network. Those that really can dont get caught in the hype.


    Stop beating the crap out each other over “I” am better than you. Troy has done what most of you aspire to do. He can be an advocate and watch the industry. Come back tomorrow and yell, “I blessed someone today with opportunity today!” People are crying out so lets go bless the world.

    Peace and BOOOO YAAAAA!!!!

    I swear I am off the next few days. Troy got me on here loving it. Finally a place that tells the truth and cares about this industry.

  40. Glenn:

    I am not tech savvy enough to make any judgment calls. I am having it all reviewed by someone who is (he has been in international cellular telecom for 20 years). I’ll let you know. Since Buzzirk never gave us anything at all, there was nothing to research. More than anything, I left because there were just too many promises that never transpired. Hopefully, it will be a good competition and everyone will win.

  41. Hi Dorothy, Don’t get me wrong here, I’m hoping everything works out for both of us here- I’m hoping you become very successful with FDI and I’m sure you’re hoping the same for me with Buzzirk- and I want you to be successful and the only way to do that is to understand the product you’re promoting. That said, ask them what happens when you move away from the wifi hotspot you’re connected to. When you MOVE from within range of the wifi spot you’re on then you will immediately and decisively loose your call. didn’t they tell you?

    They do not have the technology or the means to develop the technology to switch the call from one wifi to the next- or even to cellular, actually, or even to their TriNet. That means your wifi call is NOT going to stay with you going down the road. We really are talking about 2004 technology here- there is nothing ground-breaking or new involved. As far as the “works with any GSM”, you’re right, it does- but you’re going to pay Roaming charges of $0.50 a minute because the service package you’re buying from AT&T or T-Mobile is the bare-bones basic pack with little-to-no minutes and NO roaming.

    Simple truth about the video: They lied by omission. It’s not the first time and I’m thinking it ain’t the last. I talked to Mike a couple weeks ago- the one thing i learned: Listen Carefully.
    Ask them about the “unlimited internet”. Go on, I dare you.

  42. Dorothy please email that video to Troy. That’s a good copy that needs replace the one that’s on here right now. Thanks for coming out and sharing this.


  43. Troy:

    PS I noticed the video clarified that this FDI phone works on any GSM system or wifi and not just t-mobile (which is nice to know). Cannot wait until Clear is all over the nation then we won’t need any of this GSM/GRSM stuff. But as I understand it the phone works on all of the above. Hope they figure out the other 20% of the world that are on different OS.


  44. Fdiwealthcoach

    Your reply to Dorothy was awesome shows you are not selfish my buzzirk life line ended two weeks ago And was reborn in FDI I like the non telecom products also and makes a better fit just incase one of the telecom training wheels falls off you still got products to market that is needed the people that I have spoke to about the credit repair have been amazing. But even better then that!

    Only being in two week got my first FDI check in the mail now thats how you run a company hmmm lets do the math I june buzzirk june 15 had starts in my eyes signed up alot of people and hmmm almost two months later NO PAY for my work. But two weeks in FDI and cha-ching $$ a CHECK in the mail. There is no better proof then a video of the phone and a check in the mail.

    Thank you FDI and my sponsor that keep in touch with me not like what happen to this people that reached out to me from buzzirk

    “Thank you so much for letting me know this information, I was wondering what was going on as well because they even charged my card without my permission , They took $160 from me and I dont know how Im going to get this back , because I used a prepaid card. The person who enrolled me never called me to tell me anything as to what is going on . Luckily I am not discouraged because I believe in the Network Marketing Business but I hate when scammer like these take your hard earned money and run, I work paycheck to paycheck and I got a daughter to feed so , Im really looking for change so if you know a better way I can start a business please let me know i would be happy to learn. Like I said Thanks So much for this information it is very much appreciated , its sad it took someone else to tell me, but im thankful. Feel free to contact me anytime.”

    Semper Fi
    Never Give Up!

  45. TROY…

    Thank you. I have emailed you the link I was given to obtain a generic version of the FDI GI Phone demo for your readers, or whoever might be interested in the information.

    Thank you very much for being so responsive. There are a bunch of us researching all of this and your site was the first to pop up. There are also some things on YouTube, but I guess corporate will have to deal with that.


  46. Joker:

    Well I guess we will know when we get the GI cell/VoIP phones in our own hands. I would find it hard to imagine that FDI would be spending all this time and money, 6-16 years of fine reputations to deliver something that does not do what it says. I do know that there are minimum fees to be paid ‘outside’ of the network, but when you fully understand how it works, and you compare that to the outrageous bills I get from my carrier each time I travel (even with flat rate packages that ‘allow’ to call for ONLY $.75 per minute instead of $1.50 per minute overseas (depending on where you go), this is a huge savings. I am pretty comfortable that I will be cutting my bills substantially, both at home, the business lines as well as my mobile, but I appreciate your protective comments.

    I only wanted to have FDI replace the rep advertisement version of the demo with a generic one. Besides, everything is supposed to be approved by corporate before it appears anywhere from anyone. A good practice for any company that does not want ‘salesmanship’ to be the motivation.


  47. Glenn,

    Do you know where the servers are located? With GV going offshore with their processing, I hope you can see my concern on security.

    Who is providing the security for Buzzirk?

    As for the QIC, does it have a built-in firewall?

    I am keeping notes on the security side of all this, because I believe most folks using these phones will not have a clue.

  48. Joker,

    WOW! This is great for guys like me who are clueless on the tech side of this issue.

    Thank you!

    Never Give Up,


  49. I can backup one specific part of what Tom just wrote. I posted his video, not because I knew him personally, or because he asked me to post it. I posted it because a very good friend, and leader inside of FDI, who I respect and I know would not do anything to violate our relationship sent it to me.

    I could have edited the video to remove Tom’s marketing, but that would have also violated his copyrighted material.

    As I have said before I will post based on the facts and the validation of the media we use.

    When facts are found to be wrong, I remove the media. If a post or comment is found to be vulgar or heavy with swear words I will edit and notate what I did.

    So, although some may get offended when I used custom media, I will continue the practice. I would have done the same thing if a rep from Global Verge.

    Based on this little issue, I guess I should never write about the Top Servant Leaders in different companies because I would offend someone who I did not write about.

    Never Give Up,


  50. Dorothy,

    Seems you are easy to convince, and you are so desperate after Buzzirk, you’re willing to jump into anything.

    “…but I am grateful to have received an impartial video showing that the system and phone works so that others can go to their original introduction party to sign up.”

    I’m not saying FDI is FULL of bull. However I warn you to be more cautious, as you are easily convinced.

    FDI uses a lot of keywords, such as adding “in network” at the end of all their claims (unlimited calls, unlimited text, unlimited conferencing, etc), which basically gives them a “get out of jail free” card when it comes down to providing actual services.

    Understand this clearly– NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU FREE UNLIMITED PHONE CALLS!!!!!

    Phone calls cost money. Only Google can afford it because they are just so rich, they can spend nearly an infinite amount of money, to promote their services/products, and write them off as expenses. Let’s say Google pays 0.01/minute for USA domestic (they probably pay less, maybe 0.0025 – 0.005) and they complete 5,000,000 minutes in one day, which is 2 million HOURS of talk time in one day– unrealistic– this would still only cost them $50k in one day. And they CAN afford it.

    If you actually did the math, you would find it a lot cheaper to pay per minute, and go at your own pace with ANY voip service. And you will save a lot more money than paying someone $70/month for ‘unlimited’ service.

  51. FDI Wealth Coach, et al……no offense taken.

    I was recently introduced to the FDI opportunity and was checking here to see what was being said about FDI. Cannot be too careful.

    From a new rep’s perspective, it seemed that there was unfair use of a personalized endorsement from the corporate level that none of the other sites/reps duplicated on YouTube or otherwise have (they created their own and did not use corporate).

    I also understood that you have to have permission to do that in most cases, and must use the advertising materials (including on YouTube) that are approved by corporate…..who I do not know yet (which I assume you obtained that permission before posting).
    I just went through a nightmare at Buzzirk with inappropriate handling of EVERYTHING, so I am cautiously looking at FDI and how well they control the fairness of downline vs. upline advantages.

    The revised video was passed to me through several layers of referrals… know how this networking goes. Not sure how or who took care of this, but I am grateful to have received an impartial video showing that the system and phone works so that others can go to their original introduction party to sign up. I will use this as well. It am sure it was an oversight, but as I said I have just been through a tough go on a similar telecom offering.

    Thanks everyone.

  52. Dorothy,

    I provided corporate with a copy of the above video without my website for others to promote. There’s enough pie to go around.

    For the record, I was unaware that my video was posted on this site until I received a phone call from someone across the country.

    I’m not complaining, but want you to know I wasn’t trying to steal anyone’s thunder, but give proof that FDI has something valid.

    My website is on all my videos that you can find on my YouTube channel.

    Contact Mike Randolph at the corporate office, he has the clean copy, if you haven’t yet received it, email me and I’ll be more than happy to send you a copy of the video w/out my website.

    Your Partner in Success,
    .-= fdiwealthcoach´s last blog .. How to Create a FREE Lead Capture/Landing Page =-.

  53. a little more video review…

    there’s a great quote in this video, which will probably haunt this guy for the rest of his life, since he does not have a clue what he is talking about–

    “Now, there’s a lot of companies out there trying to do THAT…but they can’t pull it off, because they don’t have a phone thats half cell and half voip.”

    after he demonstrates the magic of placing a voip call over home wifi, making the watcher think that some kind of magic had occured between the cell phone and the cell tower, where all data was magically converted to voip and sent magically for free over the internet….sorry for the sarcasm, but I know better…

    he is trying to steer you in the direction of going with your own imagination, look at how the face of the video maker lights up, after he sees this– to him it’s MAGIC — and look there was no SIM in the phone, so that’s THE REAL DEAL!!! — wrong.

    The bottom line is that this technology has been around for a few years– the magical “HALF CELL AND HALF VOIP” phone exists out there. And it’s not even that expensive, here’s one on eBay — they’re selling them for $130 , so they have to get them for less than $75. Im sure there are plenty of other competitors in china that will sell you an identical product, differently branded, made on the same manufacturing line, for less.

    But my oh my! a phone that is half cell and half voip! This one even has g729 encoding tho, which is great to have. But Mike Randolph just told me that FDI are the only company in the world to posses such technology… and now tire maker pirelli is in the game ahead of them, selling phones on eBay….

  54. Troy,

    I am happy I can be of some assistance. I have been observing this whole GV thing, but refrained from chiming in, as it was clear in many other ways it was a scam. These new guys do have more ducks in a row, but there is still a lot of “magic” things happening– or at least how they present them to the ‘layman.’

    As far as security–

    There is actually absolutely NO security right now in 99% of voip calls.
    Unless your whole network back-end, meaning your internet connection, is over a Secure VPN, anyone in the chain of routers (that route your packets from place to place) can potentially eavesdrop on your conversation.

    There are special sniffers designed to filter out and record, specifically g729/g711/g726/g723.1 encoded RTP packets, and form them into audio files that you can play back. Although it’s not always easy to get into the chain of routers, it is not impossible. For example in this case, the persons WiFi network can be compromised, and a wireless sniffer installed to capture wireless packets from the phone to the base station.

    There is a newer protocol, called SRTP, and some variations of it. Which offer encrypted RTP streams. However there isn’t a single standardized protocol yet, that is common to all phones. Therefore the majority of hardware SIP devices out there, ie $10 chinese manufactured phones, do not have secure capabilities.

    There are also encryption laws, setup by our government, that do not allow export of encryption standards and such outside the US. This complicates things for manufacturers, as they are regulated by the USA gov’t regarding the encryption schemes.

    On top of all those actual problems (that face all voip devices), you will once again, need to use your handheld device, to actually do the encryption AND decryption ON THE FLY. This further taxes the device’s CPU, to perform as a functional “mini computer” device, compress/decompress audio(g729) on the fly, decode/encode 128bit+ encryption, as well as manage all the resources and I/O of the phone (yes, running the OS and its components uses CPU just like on a computer).

    With Z1, they just promised the world, so it was pretty simple to debunk their ideas.

    I have in the past, worked with many various wireless technologies, including ACTUAL technology that IS used in Europe. Mainly DECT. Dect is a phone standard that has been around for many years in Europe, as our 2.4ghz wireless phones are actually illegal in europe, since they disrupt their own radio waves. DECT is a standard protocol for short-range handsets (home phones) to work on any dect base station and such. The protocol has seen recent growth in the USA, but it is used completely differently than in Europe, and is mostly utilized as a selling point. The selling point is “OH MY GOSH!!! DECT!!! NEW TECHNOLOGY! YOU MUST BUY!!!” and I think it’s been working as I’m seeing more and more home phones that advertise as “DECT” … anyway sorry go into another direction… but I worked in the past to integrate DECT into our USA telephony system, and ran into many of the same issues that I foresee here–

    1) Compressing the actual audio into a voip managable size+format
    2) moving from base station/tower to base station/tower WITHOUT call dropping (called a hand-off in telecom)
    3) phones must be on and constantly communicate with towers, informing the central office of your device’s location, otherwise where will your call be sent once one does come in for you

    there’s lots of issues, but these are some fundemental basics…

    After watching FDI’s “video proof” i was not very impressed at all. It is not hard to obtain an unlocked, GSM phone with VOIP capabilities manufactured in china by the millions.

    You can throw any SIM from any provider, and as long as you have a signal, you will be able to call without any issues. Since you have a working SIM and are entitled to services.

    So their first call in the video went through T-Mobile’s network, and what a surprise, it worked! Incredible! A cellular phone on T-Mobile, working within the United States of America! Not convinced?

    He then takes out the sim card, and does something that we do not see, as the video is actually cut at 1:33 and then resumes from a different point. What went on there, we will most likely never know.

    Then a phone call is placed, at which point we are all “Here is the moment of truth!” and the call completes. Our jaws are on the floor. Only a few minutes later, does he reveal to us that the call was actually placed over their OFFICE WIFI network.

    There are a few issues with this. First of all, if you take out your SIM card– how does the carrier even know it is you calling? In reality, he was not on any phone carriers network, and would not have even been able to receive a call, as he was just making SIP calls through a SIP device.

    The important thing here was that since he is going over an office network, it allows for high bandwidth usage, meaning that the phone does not have to compress the audio stream into g729, and the audio is sent as raw audio (64kbps per channel; g711 or u-law). This is no different than putting your iPhone on your home WiFi, starting a program called fring, and placing a voip call through that free application to a SIP provider you have an account with.

    They mixed a lot of things in, but in the end, all they did was demonstrate T-Mobile’s cell phone network, and mentioned that T-Mobile has a service which allows you unlimited minutes as long as you are within a network hotspot. T-Mobile has been offering this service for at least a year as I can recall. It does cost you an extra $10 (last i checked) but once you are at home on your HOME WIFI, you had unlimited calls via voip. In reality, you are still paying for it, for that same $10 you can probably have about 10 hours of domestic talk time through an alternative voip service (or some unlimited service).

    Ultimately, I don’t think anyone will be buying those cheap chinese phones. Consumers like high quality stuff such as the iPhone. If they’ve got 17,000 of them, good luck selling them.

    I’ll be happy to address any other technical things I can, related to VoIP or telecom.

  55. I have the clean video from corporate. Where do I send it (the FDI GI cell phone demonstration).

    Thank you,

  56. Troy,
    Re: “but, I do have a question about all of this, that I know a little something about…
    Who’s providing the Internet Security to keep the hackers out? Out of my phone and out of the backbone of the provider… Zer01, Buzzirk, FDI or GI Connect?”

    Buzzirk/ZER01 creates a Virtual Private Network through the internet- high security at the beginning and end of the “tunnel”. The phones run Win Mobile OS and there are 3rd party anti-virus programs available (some come pre-loaded). I’m unsure what kind of security ZER01 has.

    FDI/GIC? The QIC TriNet is connected directly to an internet connection. There’s no way to put any anti-virus software on it to protect it (but i’m not sure if it’s “smart” enough to catch cold). They use the AT&T or T-Mobile network (regardless of their “we own the tone” claim) and i don’t know what kind of security they use.

    Doing this research i stumbled across some interesting technology facts concerning the QIC TriNet (the “backbone” of the FDI/GIC system). I’m shocked and surprised no one torpedoed this one coming out of the gate. It’s 2005 technology (evidentially didn’t work then either) recycled into an MLM pay plan.

  57. Judy, reading your post was reassuring from a basic consumer’s perspective, but Joker’s coments give rise to some concern.

    I’ve been with Global Verge for about a month, and have spent countless hours not jst learning about what they and Zero1 are about, but figuring out what’s real and what’s not – to the point that I decided not to sponsor anyone till I could feel more secure about the story.

    At this point FDI looks like a viable option, much more solid than GV/Zero1 in mosts respect, but as Joker and a few others have been observing, not everything is so solid and clear, and there are issues ther as well. Problem is that I’m already exhausted and don’t have any strength to analyze FDI’s telecommunications stuff to the neccesssary degree — which is not a good place from which to make imporant decisions.

    I hope I can gear up to do enough due diligence by the end of this weekend so that I can either reject this direction or get on board and start working instead of endlessly trying to torture the truth from the smoke!!! I’m really disgusted .

  58. Joker,

    Thank you for posting. I for one do not fully understand the technology so every time I read from experts I make notes.

    The one thing I do fully understand is Internet Security. Can you tell me which companies are the “best of breed” for this type of system, and are there any companies currently providing end user software for the phones?

    Never Give Up,


  59. Tim,

    I love reading your posts. Always solid and on point, and most of all understandable.

    I’ll shoot you and email.

    Never Give Up,


  60. Trisha,
    Someone is blessed to have you on there team!!!

    Get fired up, hungry, and lead with your heart and not your pockets book and I know you will be a star.

    Now I am back to work and will catch up in a day or so. Too much time on this internet will keep me broke today … HINT. People to see, plans to show, and fun to have…. Booo Yaaaa!!!

    Gonna have my whole downline watch this site. This is an awesome place for leaders to tap their groups into. Many will be scared their “People” will be exposed but what are we hiding?

  61. For the past yr, as many of you might know; I have been helping with the GiConnect associates and the products and services. Even though I am not a “techy” and am a baby boomer, I have taken the time to learn about the TriNet, the Widget, the Speaker phone, and yes even the calling cards. Forgot to include the GiCell phone.

    Having experienced all the products and the services, Martin is correct. The TriNet itself is what I use the most and connected to my GiCell I talk and talk and most people that know me is most of the day. I am so glad that I have learned about the TriNet and the GiCell and just the other day, I walked myself thru the activation process.

    Well, I have to tell you I had to do that. A story in itself: one day I was at a store and talking on my cell and laid my GiCell down for just a minute. Someone came along and walked away with it. Good news, all I had to do was disable the sim card and of course my acct was safe because of me being able to control my own account. So, anyway I had to re do my GiCell because of my original one being stolen.

    So what that was all about: I am excited that I could just go thru a few steps and reactivate my customer account on my GiCell and start calling on the Voip and put the Sim card back in and now back to the calls. You know that I am one of those customers that most cell phone and ld companies would like to have go; because I can top over 4,000 min easily in a short period of time.

  62. Tim:

    No insult was intended. I too am not interested in the services per se (although I love the Concierge service), I was referring to the new international telecom. I am very much a due diligence person (not a networker/MLMer by any stretch). I conferred inside my industry with a major titled individual in telecom (he owns companies in China and Canada) and that is what helped me make the move. Before I made the commitment, I asked to speak to the principals, they responded and I am now aboard……if nothing else to save on my personal outrageous international phone bills! The best to you and thanks for all the sage advice.


  63. Hey Guys,

    I appreciate the feedback but let me be clear. I am not looking for an opportunity. I simply posted some points for people to ponder on while doing their research and not jumping in something Hot because it is new. There is really no big advantage to getting in early on this as the market is huge. I just think people should know all the facts and potential before jumping in. Especially a builder that has credibility and ethics. You name in this business is you number one asset. People must believe in you and your comittement to ONE company, your vision, your credibility, and your belief in your company.

    I notice 2 types of people in here. Rookies jumping from deal to deal looking for the big one and leaders putting it on the line. Let me help you both. Rookies (not years but success in the industry) need to plug in with a leader. Stay away from the hype, learn your comp plan inside and out, and commit the next 3 years to this program rain or shine. Join someone that has a track record of success and is not some online hypster (Boy They Lie) and leads with integrity.

    Stay plugged in to this site, mlmwatchdog, etc… and know if its walks like a duck, is yellow, and quacks then its a duck. These guys are batting 99.9% or better so listen to the pro’s that bring years of knowledge to the table and have hearts of teachers.

    As far as putting me on the phone with X,Y, and Z to see the plans potential is an insult. I know the numbers and can use my own mind to make a decision. I have watched this deal for 6 years now. I never touched it for personal reasons. One being I care about people and found the products were something I could not get excited about.

    I have to be 100% passionate about what I do.

    I was passionate about AL. Williams because I knew the truth behing whole life insurance. I was passionate about a dental card because I lived where people had a need for it. I was passionate about lowering peoples bills when I did Telecom. I am now passionate about the industry I am in. But foremost I am passionate about people and not my personal gain. Help enough people and the money will chase you down.

    This is not a knock at any company but just to share whats needed. If your in this to make money and its hot right now ask yourself will you be just a passionate if there was no pay in it would you still share it?

    I can not get passionate about credit Repair. This service is un-ethical to me. To send letters in disputing old bad credit to have it removed is a band-aid. You make a bill then pay it. Call the people yourself and work out terms. Back to my word is my bond.

    I cannot get excited about Girdles/Slim suits that disguise a real social health issue in this country. They are absolutely blowing up and paying big money and a solid deal but I didn’t jump in when it was just launching US and take a spot at the top. Its people and not the money!!!!

    On that note do not shoot me any emails. Trust me if I join (not likely but who knows) I already have a deal on the table. I will take a deep look in a year. I just want those leaving good solid companies and people (your downline or lack there of) to this Hot deal do it with Integrity and make it your home. I will continue to watch the names and wonder how many will be beating the drum in 3 months?

    Hey Troy … Shoot me your ping site so I can sign up and tell my good friend Enrique I say “Hello!”

    This site is awesome and we need more Troys out here.

  64. Will do Troy. I am waiting for corporate to provide it to me which they promised today or tomorrow (they are crazy over there getting ready for the launch and convention).

  65. Well, what I want to add is that from the first comment, people are just being very optimistic and taking this as it is.

    Sometimes we see what we want to see.

    I for one, as a telecommunications (VOIP) expert with over 10 years of experience, can tell you there is some really fishy smells here.

    For example, the phones they are using (as well as the technology) has been around for 2+ years and offered by T-Mobile for over a year.

    There is NOTHING amazing about using a handheld phone over a home WiFi using SIP. There is also nothing FREE about it. You still have to have an account with a SIP provider that will allow you to place calls.

    Also, T-Mobile’s phones do not work EVERYWHERE using the VOIP service.

    VoIP works over defined and standardized protocols. For example, most calls use what’s called G729 compression to ‘compress’ the voice data into VOIP, allowing it to be transmitted (think of compressing a WAV to MP3).

    The compression algorythm requires a decent amount of CPU to work on a LIVE CALL, decoding (incoming data) and encoding (outgoing data) ON THE FLY.

    Still this only compresses a call to about 8k per stream (a call consists of TWO streams, one incoming+one outgoing) meaning a call will require about 16k of bandwidth combined. This is accomplishable over a GPRS or a higher speed connection, but no way possible over a standard 1x Cell connection.

    FDI isn’t pure bullshit so far. But they have a LONG way to go with $10 chinese phones that have been around for 2 years.

  66. Trisha,

    Welcome to our little community. I love the way you introduced yourself 🙂

    Never Give Up,


  67. Glenn,

    Great follow-up post.

    Since the Obama administration is trying to get wifi nationwide, maybe all these companies are counting on that. 🙂

    But, I do have a question about all of this, that I know a little something about…

    Who’s providing the Internet Security to keep the hackers out? Out of my phone and out of the backbone of the provider… Zer01, Buzzirk, FDI or GI Connect?

    Never Give Up,


  68. Zurvita,

    What made some folks so financially successful at EXCEL was exactly what you shared here. I knew one leader who was #1 in commercial accounts. yet, he did not make near what Steve Schultz made from helping tens of thousands.

    Always good thought provoking comments.

    Never Give Up,


  69. You know, I have a lot of respect for what FDI is doing.

    But Tim brought up great points….but then again, the one thing I always think about is its not the compensation to one individual that matters, its what the compensation from many, many individuals that matter.

    Even look at the established companies, ACN and Lightyear. If you look at their comp for cell phone or VoIP service just one one plan, it does not look that great. But take that out across thousands or tens of thousands of plans and now we’re talking.

    And that is where the power will be.
    .-= Zurvita´s last blog .. Zurvita Launches New Consultant Websites With Information On ZurTel – Zurvita’s Digital Voice Product =-.

  70. I wish the video were a little more straight-forward and honest.
    The first call, T-Mobile to Verizon, it cost minutes from the T-Mobile plan, right? So- it wasn’t free and there wasn’t anything too special about that, right?

    The second, well, any wifi capable phone will do this, fdi or not? They just didn’t tell you that when you leave the wifi hotspot, your call drops, right? And if it’s Starbucks or wherever, you gotta pay to get on their wifi, so it ain’t free either- is that correct??

    The third call- they left out the NECESSARY step of calling the TriNet first, Why? And what if your computer or internet or router drops while no one’s home, what then?

    So what happens when you’re not at a hotspot and you’re out of T-Mobile coverage area, since you got a basic no-minutes plan, it’s Overage time, right? And Roaming too? And what happens when you’re on that airliner and you hit their wifi, it’s time to pay up. Have i about got the basics?

    So, you gotta Pay T-Mobile for the phone service (2 SIMS cards), right? And then you gotta Pay for whatever wifi spot you’re jumping off of, right? And then you gotta Pay your internet bill at home for the TriNet to plug into, right?

    And where does this included “unlimited” broadband internet come in, anyway?

    I’m thinking this is not a “viral” program. It’s complete total goal is to mis-utilize T-Mobile and AT&T network services by providing customers the means to skate around the service plan while re-appropriating their money into fdi’s coffers. I wonder how long that’s gonna fly with the big dogs. Shame on them.

  71. Thought this article was interesting that came out today.

  72. Tim: Let me introduce you to Bill Andreoli and Kuba and they will help you see the potential in the comp plan in 15 minutes.

  73. I will provide you with a new video that is not promoting one rep, whis in an executive downline at FDI. Really not fair to those who are new and trying hard to get a piece of the pie.

  74. Tim,

    Solid perspective from a Servant Leader!

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing with the community.

    I know your schedule gets busy helping your own team.

    Never Give Up,


  75. Troy,

    Love your site and information. As an MLM advocate and top income producer over 20 years full-time so much more of this watchdog activity is needed. I am bombarded every month with “Deals” and have been blessed to understand that you need to find a home and build long term success.

    My phone and emails went crazy with Bizzirk Mobile. Over a month ago before the crap hit the fan I saw it as a crap shoot and stayed away. People seem to get so hooked on first movers advantage, pre-launches, etc… Drives Me INSANE. If its good at launch then it will be good later. I have NEVER been in at the launch and have always gone to the top. I would never join something NEW and put my relationships and downlines at risk and lose my credibility. The untold secret is PLAYERS will always get “Sweet” spots to bring a huge group so why the rush?

    Why is everyone focused on these phones. I did Telecom before and here is the problem. Everytime we went to an event the HYPE was “New Lower Rates…” The rooms would erupt with excitement as we watched services drop from 13.9 a minute down to 2.9 cents a minute. Ah, hello … This meant residual income (What I live on) dropped.

    My point …. Who is focused on the COMPENSATION PLAN? The thing that feeds you and your family. These networks can promote any product on earth but at the end of the day when people not making money what is the point. I must also be candid (Blunt) as I am known for and make this point.

    These phones will attract people that don’t build businesses, have limited incomes, etc… I say this because these phones could never replace my service. I use a Blackberry religiously and have a family plan with 3 phones. I also have a contract so breaking it would be insane on an untested product or service. The business people I know also would not buy these unless simply to be in the “Deal” but at what cost? People attracted to these CHEAP/FREE WoW products will not understand 99.00 to join/200 plus for the hardware/ and no bankable solution to pay a monthly bill when they can go to their local BOOST MOBILE/Crickett and get a free phone and 39.00 unlimited LOL.

    I dont see where this is so exciting. As a master builder where will I make residual income in these plans? Especially with the pitch being cheap phone service. How much will be paid out each month on a 10.00/20.00 a month plan??? Will average people make money and stay in the deal long enough to have success? I am more concerned about people and not just money so Cab bonuses, Car Bonuses, etc.. means very little. What moves me is people getting into a business with me on the facts and not hype, learning to build it big, and a way an average person can have some success.

    Any REAL builders here is a hint. Get a spot at the top and hold it. If ever I see greatness and want to join I will only run with a stud and not a deal of the weak builder or some online “GURU”. When I come I will bring over 50k reps in weeks so go make me a believer.

    Heads up to everyone. Their are several companies offering these services popping up and companies are looking. When a company brings them into the network with a good plan is where the BIG DOGS will play.

    It’s the pay plan and not the products. We are simply a distribution channel. A good plan good move Jellybeans. It been done and people made millions. Show me the money …


  76. Hi Troy,

    They say TIMING is EVERYTHING!

    As you know FDI is a 6 year old privately owned Direct Sales Company. FDI International will be offering proprietary products and services in the recession proof $4 trillion Telecommunications Industry and entering the Global Market.

    Mr. Farbiarz, has recently returned from a 3 year journey on the stages of capital cities throughout Europe, Asia and Africa and now offering this proven business model, backed by substantial resources, to Americans when they desperately need it the most!

    Business Associates in FDI International are blessed to have already learned about the multiple businesses from seven different telecommunication categories: Residential, VOIP, Cellular, Internet, Calling Cards, Corporate Solutions, Products & Equipment.

    Residential Products include, the Widget, the amazing telecom product you can carry in the palm of your hand that features unlimited calling package to 30 countries and all you need is a dial tone! The Voip Adapter, GiConnect’s superior product to Vonage, has a calling package providing unlimited calling to over 30 countries.

    GiCell Phone is an amazing “hybrid” that allows you to call on VOIP or GSM and have 10 international or domestic incoming lines with separate numbers. USB phone is a must for Dial up users in the massive rural markets as it allows them to talk free over the Internet with a Bose quality speaker. Calling Cards that can give you a competitive advantage in about any market you want to develop and features that’ll open up entire industries for you to cultivate.

    Corporate Solutions for small commercial businesses to large corporate accounts including Hosted Virtual PBX Voip Systems that can eliminate costly dedicated Voice T1 circuits and POTS lines, Voice Trunks for PBX’s, Call Center Solutions and unbeatable 1+ International Callings programs.

    The flagship product, The TriNet, allows residences or small businesses to ELIMINATE their telecommunications costs by saying good-bye to their local land line and long distance provider. The S1 Trinet gives you the capability to have three separate land lines and one cell phone for “pennies” a month! Here is the TriNet video:

    Having customers in many countries with iconic international corporations, including The United Nations and The World Bank, as customers that recognize their cutting edge technology and Corporate Telecom Solutions providing services for all the telecom products for the international network of Business Associates and their Customers.

    The other MAJOR asset is the synergistic relationship with the top manufacturer of cellular hardware and software in the world based in Taiwan that not only manufacturers all products but does so for Sony Erickson and Nokia. Mr. Farbriez has a relationship that goes way back and it was through their combined efforts and the collaboration with each company’s engineers that developed the proprietary products.

    This unique relationship is the life blood and life insurance for the FDI International business as it will continually provide new products giving the best and most economical technology to maintain their customer base.

    Remember… KNOWLEDGE is the KING that leads you to the GOLD!

    It’s essential that you spend the time to learn the products. And know when you fully understand the MAGIC of FDI International while you’re lying in your bed at night with your eyes wide open! You’ll then realize the POWER you have when you can help change a person’s life from despair to prosperity by leaving your “thumbprint” on a family that’ll NEVER forget you, which is the ULTIMATE GOLD that cannot be bought!

    They say TIMING is EVERYTHING!

    Statistics right from the Direct Selling Association show that 85-90% of the people that join the industry initially make a large purchase of products or services and then spend additional funds on a monthly auto-ship chasing the dream, then end up failing and quitting the Company. Enticing people and playing with their minds and money, full well knowing that 90% are going to fail is CRIMINAL and those that make money off the backs of failure need to take a good hard look in the mirror!

    Today, we are somewhere between a recession and an economic apocalypse edging towards 10% unemployment with millions of Americans from all walks of life facing life changing uncertainties. Many of these people, for the first time in their lives, will be looking at the Network Marketing Industry for a possible ANSWER to their personal dilemma.

    The Direct Sales Industry is the purest form of capitalism allowing a person to create their own international business for a few hundred dollars using a Company’s complete support system allowing one to focus on just building their business! It truly is the perfect business model IF you have the right Company!

    So how does a person find the RIGHT Company and overcome the 90% failure rate that plagues the industry?

    First, the Company had better be dealing with products and services that are absolutely essential AND be able to save people money from what they’re currently paying! Second, the Company has to have a proven track record and have substantial resources behind it. Third, the Company must provide marketing tools that explain the opportunity allowing it to be duplicable while supporting an international distributor network and finally the Company must have a fair and rewarding compensation plan.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share the future of the telecom industry and the products available beyond the cell phone.

    Documentation beats conversation every time.

    Any questions? 407-402-0959

  77. Dorothy,

    Thank you for your post. Everyone fully understands that FDI is working with AT&T that has been published on this site in some of the other posts we have written.

    I am sorry you do not appreciate the fact the video is plugging a personal FDI site. But since the company has not offered up any official videos, and will not until after the convention, I decide to accept the video I posted because the folks in it are very reputable leaders in FDI.

    We are not in the business of censoring valid contenct. However, I do go back and edit heavy swearing or vulger laungage, and if I find facts are incorrect I will also edit or place a disclaimer.

    What I will not do is edit anyones personal copyrighted material.

    Never Give Up,


    p.s. I am also know to plug perosnal friends every now and then, when I know they are Servant Leaders.

  78. Thank you Troy for all that you do to blow away the smoke and crack the mirrors of this industry. This is very informative and I thank you for allowing Tom’s Video on your site with his info intact. I pray that those not involved in our industry really get it this time. As an FDI Rep, an industry professional, i thank you. Our crusade is real. God Bless and make it a Multi Million Dollar day! James T. Gates

  79. Just starting with FDI as a rep, and as one not so up on the various telecom lingo, did find these posts (Q & A) to actually educate me on the Trinet and he Gi Connect…okay and off i go!

  80. This video is awesome, FDI is showing that we are not delivering empty promises. We have the technology and we have the compensation plan to take people to the highest level of success.

    You need to join this team!

    Step 1

    Step 2 Call to with questions or to get started

  81. Martin,

    I am looking into the flagship product personally because I do use voip on one side of my business.

    Never Give Up,


  82. Martin,

    I tihnk everyone looks at the cell sid eof things, because of the internal consumption. Most reps don;t see their MLM distributorship as a business. I am starting to see with FDI, like Zurvita a rep is really getting into the Telacommunication business. I love that idea because it is a true MLM Business where products and services will move to the end consumer saving them what looks like massive amount of money on a monthly basis.

    Never Give Up,


  83. Troy,
    The basic US plan for FDI will cost (Edited By Troy)/month. (Troy’s Truth: I was informed that FDI International has NOT released any official pricing on their services, and will not until Convention.)That will cover all the US and Canada for cell and data use and, of course, anywhere on VOIP. For (Edited by Troy) extra per month per phone number you can add on family members. That’s their family plan. Hope that info helps.
    Thanks as always for your honest reporting of all things MLM.
    Semper Fi,

  84. I want to address one thing and that is FDI is also working with AT&T. I know this because I have AT&T. FDI phones will work on any GSM network or wifi connection. The service is unbelievable and crystal clear. As far as international, if you are calling someone outside of the FDI network, it make cost you a penny or so in VoIP charges, but no minutes. The U.S. is sooooooo far behind in the telecom market and understandably so…..why would they change when they make so much money off of us because they have a monopoly on how the systems work. We pay (edited out by Troy) for aircards, (Troy’s Truth: To date I have been informed that FDI International HAS NOT issued any pricing on their new Telecom Services) which are just a cell system using only the GRSM part of the connection. Crazy if you ask me that we have to put up with the cloaking of what is possible because they would lose revenues.

    However, I greatly do not appreciate the video that shows someone plugging their personal FDI website and that this website does not bleep that out.

  85. Yeah Martin is right the cell phone is just a small part of what FDI is offering in the telecom arena. Of course the cell phone is exciting right now due to what has been happening but don’t forget that distributors can make money on all the telecom services being offered as well as the other great products that FDI offers.

  86. Hi Troy,
    The flagship product the “TriNet” has been used by several business associate of ours in Australia for many months. Here is his video:

    I have a business associate in Tampa, Florida who went from a monthly bill of $4,000 to a whopping $400 per month.

    Any business in today’s economy will be standing in line for this product. We have orders already in place waiting for the announcements. A real product where there will not be internal consumption to get paid. Thanks again for you dedication to this greatest industry.

  87. Hi Troy,
    Seems that everyone is focused on the cell phone. They are missing the flagship product FDI International will be offering, the TriNet. This proprietary equipment will save individuals, networkers, and businesses alike up to 90% on services they are already using.

    Christopher Smith made a post yesterday regarding his testing of the TriNet. I know first hand how it works. I have several business partners who have been using them since last year. They have been able to build their business globally without any extra costs involved with their telecommunication services.

    I know FDI has a real business model that saves people time and money. They will give people the ability to talk to their loved ones more often while saving them money too. When my brother heard what’s coming, he got excited because his wife’s’ family live in Peru. He is waiting patiently for the services to be available. It sure will not be difficult to attract customers, which is what all MLM companies need to stay compliant.

    I thank you in advance for your truthful reporting and keeping everyone well informed. You are the BEST!

  88. Troy, that’s a great savings! I’m waiting for our site to get iPhone 3 gs (not sure when as they are in short supply everywhere) before we upgrade. Wife refuses to get anything BUT an iPhone after having ours for almost 2 years now.
    .-= Brent´s last blog .. Zurvita Launches New Consultant Websites With Information On ZurTel – Zurvita’s Digital Voice Product =-.

  89. FDI Welath Coach,

    I made a calculated guess on that point based on studying the FDI marketing over the last few months. I am glad I hit that on the head.

    Never Give Up,

  90. Lesley,

    This is a great post and you ask great questions.

    I will tell you don’t get caught up in the g2, g3 etc. There is not any of the carriers who offer g3 or higher nationwide. The reason I know this is because I live in one of the wealthist areas in the country and we don’t have any g3 level service.

    As for the plans, GI Connect has been doing business in the USA since around October of last year. If you can’t get the answer then, you might want to review some of the comments here at because there has been pricing and links given to show some of these answers.

    Also, from talking to the higher ups at FDI, this next weekend a lot of your questions will be answered. They have ran their marketing pretty good, by leaking out a little at a time and holding most for the launch.

    I agree with you on the $10 deal. As for iPhones, there is not a company out there except AT&T who is going to get to touch the iphone for a while.

    As for the comp plan… You might want to check into it. It is my limited unddrstanding that FDI reps have to pay $99 to join FDI International, and the FDI International comp plan is different than the FDI com plan because the services are completely different. Now I may be wrong, and if I am rest assured an FDI rep will correct me. 🙂

    As for your thoughts on Best Buy and Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Wal-Mart also have 24/7 websites and Wal-Mart is open 24/7. On that note… Since no one is offering a family plan that I have seen, don’t expect retail customers to buy any of these services very fast. Internal consumption is where the growth will come from.

    If the technology works solid, then it will catch on and regular business folks and teens will pick it up. However as a dad who is paying for an AT&T family plan, I can’t afford to use GV or FDI it will cost way to much.

    However, because XurVita has AT&T for less than what I am paying currently with AT&T, and AT&T has agreed to let me change, I am changing to a ZurVita AT&T plan and saving about $85.00 per month after taxes and insurance.

    But, you do bring up some very important questions.

    By the way the link above looks like its a website from 2004 🙂

    Never Give Up,


  91. Leslie,

    You are seeking very specific information that has not yet been released from FDI corporate. All of your questions will be answered at our Annual Convention in Baltimore on August 13, 14, 15.

    I encourage anyone who wants to see all of this technology in action and be the FIRST to have all the info straight from Kuba and his staff, be in Baltimore on August 14th.

    To your success,
    .-= fdiwealthcoach´s last blog .. How to Create a FREE Lead Capture/Landing Page =-.

  92. Coming straight from FDI’s comp plan details I have a few questions that NO ONE can seem to answer …

    “FDI-I MOBILE SERVICE COST: If you have a FDI-I “GI” mobile phone (or other FDI-I telecom service) you can talk to anyone with another “GI” Mobile phone (or other FDI-I telecom service) with no additional cost other than your $30 or $40 monthly service cost.”

    * What about cell calls made from FDI to non FDI customers cellular & landlines inc long distance, or incoming from non FDI customer cell or landline including long distance?

    The FDI-I “GI” CONVERGENCE Mobile Phone that is currently available is a 2G phone being sold wholesale for $200/$280 retail, it doesn’t stand up to current 3G models
    * Will enhanced phones be made available, does anyone know what kinds / models & tenative pricing for both retail/wholesale?

    * I’ve been told “newer phones are coming soon” … does that sound familiar?

    “Anyone can continue to use their current GSM cell phone, but not as part of the $30-$40 a month UNLIMITED plan.
    To continue to use a current GSM cell phone, yet reduce cell phone costs, you purchase an FD-I GSM SIM card and replace it in your phone. This converts a portion of your cellular call minutes to WiFi (when in an unlocked WiFi area) and thus lowers your cellular
    billing. Of course, you must become a customer of FDI with an appropriate service plan.”

    * What are the service plans?
    * What is an “appropriate service plan?”
    * Pricing for plans?
    * What if someone is NOT in an unlocked Wi-FI area, what would the additional charge be?

    “If you currently use and love your smart phone (Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Etc) you can purchase a FDI-I GSM SIM card (about $10) and convert your cell minutes to inexpensive WiFi minutes and cut your cellular bill by up to half of your cost.”

    * It sounds too much like walking into a retailer who advertises EVERYTHING “Up To” 50% Off! and when you walk in you find only a few items that are actually 50% off
    * Above where it uses the words “convert your cell minutes” again does that mean people have to buy a specific plan or ‘X’ number of minutes like a prepaid calling card?

    * As a customer I wouldn’t appreciate being told the service is only $10/mth, then find out there are hidden costs

    * As for GI Connect they have been in the telecom industry for over 10yrs, up until now pretty well no has has heard of them in fact it has taken them HOW many years to acquire the current customer base, which is quite small if you look at the length of time it took them to acquire them – WHY did it take so long…?

    * Why is this being touted as “Groundbreaking Technology” if GI Connect has had the service for a number of years?
    * They were not even a spec on a radar screen when it comes to other companies in the telecom arena who offer less services especially for a company who has been in business for 10yrs or so.

    FDI web page states Anthony Robins has NEVER endorsed another MLM program … well he has endorsed a product from an MLM program and done so since about 2004 !

    (I guess in a sense he’s endorsing the company if the product is good, right?)

    As for Buzzirk:

    * NO hidden costs
    * SIM cards compatible with ALMOST any unlocked GSM phone
    * Zer0 1 had the phones at the CTIA show in March, they were working, doesn’t the fact that compliance issues were the one of the key elements for many people not receiving the phones/service in the 1st place

    Regarding the award being taken away, I find it funny that people can’t read …
    * Par 4 – goes back to compliance issues & unprecedented massive growth in June
    * Par 6 – companies change business plans all the time – FDI did when they merged with GI Connect

    The same people who have used the phrase “that article doesn’t mean anything” when it was being used as a marketing tool to endorse Zer0 1 is now being used as ammunition to beat up on a company that is in start up mode that was ill prepared for unparalled growth

    * As for Buzzirk going into retailers – if it happens so be it, web sites run 24/7, and the staff at Best Buy or Wal Mart would be dumbfounded with the number of customers they’d have to service
    The stores have set hours, why would anyone drive 20 minutes to stand in line just to get their service continued when they’d be able to do it over the net?

    Best Buy & Wal Mart would have to go through the hassle of training their staff, after; of course corporate approves such a move, then they’d have to find a few beta test stores. The sales would then be analyzed after a set period of time before they would go full bore with it. It would be quite sometime before it actually ends up in a retail outlet

    Just a few of many thoughts I wanted to share

  93. I’ve been using Google Voice all week for free and to the best of my knowledge it goes over the regular line(from Verizon) the thing is I still have to pay Verizon for the 450 min they give me and the data part too my bill is £84 a month after much thought I for one am not going to break a contract to go with a mlm for phone service because as sure as eggs are eggs the big guns are going to hit back.

  94. EliteGroup – here is why it is important:

    If someone in FDI build’s an organization based on this product, and then the carrier shuts it down, people will get hurt by it.

    So yeah, its a big deal to know whether this was setup with permission of the carrier(s) or if it is just circumventing their AUP’s.
    .-= Brent´s last blog .. Zurvita – Zurvita Goes Public On The OTC BB Stock Exchange =-.

  95. Brent,

    You share some great thoughts. I had a thought today, based on my expertise. For the most part Cell technology has been pretty safe from the average hackers that run around these days. However, if your phone is running over voip, it upens a whole new ballgame for hackers.

    And since there are only one or two companies currently working on security software for phones, I wonder if the big four are not focused on voip because they realize the vulnerabilities it will cause to their networks, the users and the systems the hackers attack from the smart phones?

    If Craig Parry was correct and the phone he used showed up as a landline and not a cell phone, it would sure be hard for law enforcement to track the phones location.

    Great post.

    Never Give Up,


  96. Getting to the bottom of this,

    I’m just an outsider and I’m exhausted, so I can only guess how you feel. I do agree you should be on the call and gets the facts, if you can.

    Personally I am not up to an in depth analysis tonight, but on the surface if all I had to choose form were GV and FDI, knowing what I know right this second… I would go with FDI for the following reasons.

    1. They’ve been in business since 2003 and have not missed a commission check.
    2. I really do like the fact they use video all the time and I can see the eyes of the person who is talking.
    3. People are using at least some if not all of the services.
    4. People are making money at all levels.

    Now, when it comes to the telephone stuff, personally I have no clue about it. But since one of them has something working, I know I can make money, and not have to worry about some state or federal agency shutting down the company for fraud.

    Now I’m tired and need to sleep. 🙂

    Never Give Up,


  97. Amazing. Finally something that can be seen, touched and can be in the hands of my reps and customers in a known short time. All I can say now is that this company must get ready for me to move over and thousands of my distributors around the world.

    My searching and researching has been going smooth so far, just a few minor bumps in the road but my questions now have answers. Very good!

  98. Brent, honestly I don’t think that’s a big deal as long as it works. They aren’t going to publically broadcast it if it was illegal. As long as you are paying for data service, you have free will to do whatever you want with it. We now know what they have is real. At anyrate, I’m sure other carriers might get in the race eventually. FDI is a network marketing company and in telecom and being a network marketing company you definately have to do something to set yourself apart from the competition and they have thus far.

  99. I know the guy on camera and the guy behind the desk,…I vouch for authenticity! Way to go! Friday’s coming and we can barely wait!

  100. Hey Troy,

    I’ve asked for a refund from Global Verge and am beginning to look into FDI. However, I’m also looking forward to the conference call that Ben Piilani & Ted Robbins are going to do in the next few days.

    Why bother?

    First, to blast them about all the crap that has been going down, second to ask them some tough questions, and third to hear what they have to say. On the other hand, since talk is cheap, I’ll settle for no Q & A at all — just a videotaped demonstration of a working Zero1-powered phone with all the capabilites,

    Assuming for the moment that Zero1 delivers on its promises in the next couple of weeks (which is a really a long shot) I will be faced with a decision to join FDI versus stick to Zero1/Buzzirk. To reach such decision will require a methodical analysis and comparision of what each of them has to offer.

    Personally, I’m too damn exhausted from trying to figure out what’s really going on with Zero1/MV/Buzzirk to even try and make such an analysis, and it’s in an area that I really don’t understand too well.

    Anybody up for doing it…. ?

  101. I was sent this by someone a bit earlier. Very impressive!

    But it still raises one question with me, which I asked this person and have yet to hear a response:

    Is this allowable by T-Mobile?

    We already know that AT&T doesn’t like it (i.e. the Skype app for iPhone only allowing WiFi for VoIP calls).

    Let’s all be real here: If one of the major carriers, and just one of them, could do this across a large customer base, I would have though they would have done it by now. It only makes sense for them to do this and get a leg-up on the competition.

    And if they do not allow it and a company is simply circumventing it through an MVNO or some other agreement, will it eventually be shut down by that carrier? It appears that the are using a data package from T-Mobile in the video (they have an unlimited for $40/month according to their website, but limitations on how much you can use without being monitored) and that’s it. But if everyone starts using this plan to circumvent the use of minutes on a plan, how long until T-Mobile takes notice?

    Again, I’m thinking from the perspective of “If this was possible, why just now and not with the major carriers themselves?”

    But regardless, congrats to FDI for having a working product! That’s a lot better off than GV/Buzzirk.
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