Breaking MLM Wireless News Facts From Global Verge Private Triple Diamond Call

Breaking MLM News, here are the facts form last night’s Global Verge Private Triple Diamond Call.

Last night I have the privilege of being a Fly-On-The-Wall of several Global Verge calls, but the best one was a Private Triple Diamond Call, where the most current and up to date information was given to the top field leaders by Michael Petschel, current CEO of Global Verge, Ben Piilani, CEO of Zer01, Craig Perry, COO of Global Verge, and Steve Lewis (Not sure of his official title).

Ben Piilani, reiterated Zer01 long term commitment to Global Verge, and did make it clear that Zer01 and Global have an exclusive agreement giving Global Verge the exclusive marketing rights to the MLM profession.

Ben, also made it very clear that Zer01 is NOT Limited to Global Verge, and eventually will have their service and phones in big box stores like Sear, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and others.

He, also made it very clear that Global Verge would have the lowest price available. (Which has been one of my concerns.)

Steve Lewis and Craig Perry (the new Global Verge COO) both were very excited that Global Verge has retained World Renown MLM Attorney Gerry Nehra and his law partner Richard Waak.

This in and off itself was the #1 best piece of information I heard last night. Gerry was my corporate attorney when I ran ProSTEP, and is a great friend to the Distributors Rights Association.

If Craig Perry and the rest of the corporate staff will listen to Gerry’s advice then they just might have a chance at getting through these hiccups.

Craig Perry did make it very clear he is bringing in a staff of attorneys and other experts to go after all non-company approved websites and shutting them down.

This again has been one of my major warning signs. When a company allows their reps to dictate the marketing, then the companies never last. This is a great move on the part of Global Verge.

Steve Lewis, also announced that the company was not leaving the reps without a marketing platform. Global Verge will be launching in the near future (not sure what that means) a company controlled online marketing system.

Steve Lewis, also told the Global Verge Triple Diamond Leaders, that Buzzirk Wireless now has 400 of the special Zer01 phones in the warehouse, and that Sim Chips would be in stock within 8 to 30 days. (Not sure why 1 to 4 weeks.)

He also mentioned, that Zer01 has found over 200,000 Ericsson phones which are ready for the Zer01 Sim Chip. (Now sure about that piece of information. Erriicsson just inked a 6 billion dollar deal with Sprint, Sprint might not like them selling phone to a new competitor)

Steve Lewis also explained that the Global Verge credit card processor, had halted their merchant account, when Global Verge started processing thousands of orders per day. Which is why Global Verge asked their reps to use ACH (automatic withdraw from checking accounts).

(On the surface this makes 100% sense. However, there are some outstanding questions about some of the founders and corporate staff, that could have also caused this action.)

As I wrote earlier this week. When a company doesn’t collect fees, they can’t payout commissions. Plus, if fees are not collected, then the Distributor Agreements are not actively enforce, and no commissions are owed.

In layman’s terms, their are a boatload of folks who think they are marketing Buzzirk Wireless, and recruiting folks into Global Verge who are not even active in the compensation plan yet.

Steve Lewis also made another great announcement. Because of all the credit card issues, the company has decided NOT to Charge Cards without Global Verge distributors going back into their Global Verge back-office and reaffirming the fact they want to be Global Verge Reps, and that they want to be charged for Autoship (Not sure what monthly autoship means in this case, since Zer01 mobile / Buzzirk Wireless have not launched a monthly service yet.)

Steve Lewis also made it clear they were giving reps three choices when it comes to receiving commissions.

1. Reps can continue as if everyhing is completely normal (my paraphrase)
2. Reps can cancel everything until they feel Global Verge is rock solid (again my paraphrase) In which case Global Verge will wave the 6 month waiting period and allow the reps back in when they are ready.
3. Reps can stay in the Matrix, but go off autoship and not be entitled to commissions.

This third option is hazy for me. For a company to be legit, they can’t keep commissions from reps on personal sales. Steve Lewis made it sound has if ALL commissions would be with held and not just override commissions from level two and beyond.

All in all if what was said by all the principles involved is true, and they can get all their software, credit card processing, legal and corporate staff issues taken care of, then they should be able to charge cards, pay commissions, and grow a successful company.

However, if they are blowing smoke, and this is just a way to keep from paying back those fees they have collected, before their credit card processor closed them down…

Some folks will go to prison, some will go bankrupt, and others will never show their face in Network Marketing again.

This call was good and the strategies shared do show the company is moving in the right direction.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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19 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News Facts From Global Verge Private Triple Diamond Call”

  1. LOL – why fools actually pay to sell something that isn’t – a) working, b) available and c) proven – then they are just that – fools . . .

    This will go down as one of the biggest scams in U.S. history . . .

    I mean – just look at the past of the peeps putting this together.



  2. Cindy,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I fully agree with you. If Mark, Craig and the rest of the corporate staff can get their act together, overcome or navigate around all these potholes in the road, they will go on to create one massive success story, which will be held up to the whole Network Marketing Profession.

    Time will tell, but what a cool story it will become… From MLM nightmare to MLM Epic Adventure.

    Never Give Up,


  3. Phil,

    First I have to say I love your URL “Average Rich Dude” Perfect.

    My personal opinion and based on some of the facts Len Clements and myself have uncovered I am a firm believer that UTGI aka Zer01 is in way over their head. I do not think they started out as a poni scheme, nor do I think they are now. I do believe their intent was to create a BUZZ around their technology with the intent that some major player would want to partner with them, or would buy them out.

    Instead, they decided to hedge their bets with the MLM community and did not realize just how tight we are as a community.

    Now, I am reading in top tech magazines and on top tech websites, that even the tech industry itself does not believe ZER01 can deliver as they promise.

    Since I am not a wireless profesisonal, I don’t have a personal thought on that issue, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

    Never Give Up,


  4. Hey Troy,
    Thanks for being a voice for GV and the general public. You have done great in separating the facts from the fiction.

    Now GV is saying that they don’t know if Zer01 will deliver phones and they don’t even have a commitment from Zer01.

    Is Zer01 another ponzi scheme rolled up in a smoke screen?

    I understand why GV had problems, from the leadership on down, but what is the deal with all the false information that Ben P. is putting out? When are they going to get with the program?

    FDI is no doubt going to take half of the distributors from GV in about two to 3 weeks from now.

    .-= Phil Smith´s last blog .. Are You Married To Your MLM? =-.

  5. Hi Troy,
    just wanted to pop in here and say I’m glad I found you! 🙂

    It’s always nice to see reports and receive feed back about mlm companies from individuals with no interest other than reporting findings to the public.

    As a Global Verge/Buzzirk member, I am hoping for the best.
    If this company can pull off what they propose, then it’s a keeper.

    keeping my fingers crossed, an open mind, and an adventurous heart!

  6. Rod,

    Sorry for the confusion in what seems like contradictory statements. According to Steve Lewis, their credit card issues are behind them, and sometime next week they should be able to charge cards again. However, he did say Global Verge would rather have people do ACH which does raise some flags.

  7. Troy,
    Please clarify – You stated that the credit card processor had halted service, yet above you state “Because of all the credit card issues, the company has decided NOT to Charge Cards without Global Verge distributors going back into their Global Verge back-office and reaffirming the fact they want to be Global Verge Reps, and that they want to be charged for Autoship”

    How can charge anything if they don’t have access to processing or has this issue been settled?

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  8. Mark,

    You bring up a great question. Personally I am not worried about anyone’s army of attorneys based on two very specific reasons.

    1. To date I have not written anything that anyone has denied . As soon as someone does deny something I write I will ask for clarification and if it comes in the form of verifiable documentation, then I will gladly correct whatever I posted to show the correct info.

    2. Based on the issues they have at hand on getting cash into this company, I really don’t think an army of attorneys is really something I need to concern myself with at this time.

    Now, if I am officially contacted by an attorney representing any of the companies I write about, then I’ll review it, and if need be, turn it over to my attorneys. But in the spirit of authenticity and transparency I really don’t think I or anyone else who is writing on just facts have anything to worry about.

    Never Give Up,


  9. Wow… more great information. What steps should third party sites like you and me need to take to make sure we don’t get hassled by Global Verge’s army of attorneys?
    .-= Mark Hall´s last blog .. Buzzirk and ZER01 – Exclusive Relationship or Not? =-.

  10. Sherry,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    If the ID Theft Protection is a benefit to reps, and there are other little benefits like this one, that are included in the monthly autoship, then I would say the autoship has value.

    I do remember listening to a call, where Mark Petschel did mention they were going to get more training from their strategic partners for the other reps.

    I know my son runs a Green website called and he was interested in the “green” products, but I told him to hold off until GB grows through this issue, or regroups down the road.

    I’ll do a little research over the weekend and see if we can find out exactly what is included for the monthly autoship.

    Never Give Up,


  11. Sherry,

    This is a great question. Several people have contacted me from South Africa, who thought Buzzirk was launching there this month. My guess is that with all the issues at hand, Global Verge has stopped or slowed down any international expansion.

    I have a friend in Canada and although they are signing reps, Global Verge, Buzzirk nor Zer01 for that matter are currently doing business in Canada.

    Canada is a tough country to launch in for any MLM company.

    I would say, that after the new corporate staff is in place and they know for sure Zer01 is going to come through, they will focus on international growth.

    Although, the type of service Zer01 offers has been the main wireless service in other countries for years.

    Never Give Up,


  12. Other possible questions to ask:

    What is going on in the internal market? I have reps in other countries that have absolutely no information, other that what is available on the American website, in American Dollars, with American information. They are signing up reps in Canada, Australia, South Africa and I have heard soon in the U.K. and Mexico.

    Where is the information/release dates/prices/etc for these countries?


  13. Hey Troy,

    Must say that it is nice to “speak” with an intelligent mind on these matters. I have seen so much cow-pies on this subject that I had just about given up on trying to find any rational conversation from anyone.

    The Identity Theft Protection is a BENEFIT to the reps, not something they can sell, as far as I know. Another QUESTION perhaps?

    Yes the “Green Products” are a plus and something that is “up my alley” but where is the information so I can sell it?

    You are right, I joined because I wanted to market buzzirk mobile, I did not even know about the other products (one of which I did not mention before, includes Fathom World Wide video conferencing – would love to sell it – don’t know what it is).

    So keeping in mind that you have some benefits as a rep (including but not limited to, because I cannot remember what they all are and have had no training), the theft identity, discount travel for reps, a market mall (or whatever it is called) where you get discounts on products and/or free shipping and other stuff/benefits just for being a rep, you still think their might be a FTC ruling not in their favor (especially if buzzirk doesn’t make it to market).

    Thanks for your hard work, I really appreciate it.

  14. Sherry,

    Global Verge does have some great products and services they market. They Identity Theft Protection is offered by a very well respected company in that industry as one example.

    And the fact they offer “Green” products could help them over this hump once all the buzz begins to silence.

    What I believe the FTC would look at in this case are two specific issues. The fact they have taken in over $3 millions in just 30 days based on one product and are preparing to payout in the neighborhood of $400K (that’s only a 13% payout, which may be the smallest payout in MLM) without any phones or service being activated outside (or inside) the compensation plan.

    It is very easy for the FTC to see form the internet buzz that Global Verge is basically one product – Buzzirk Wireless. People are not joining Global Verge because of the other products. So if GB had paid commissions on time this might have caused an investigation. ALthough, if Zer01 ever comes through with the service, the FTC would not have a leg to stand on.

    The second and more important issue is charging a monthly autoship “just” to qualify for commissions. The FTC rules are very straightforward, you can’t charge a fee “just” to earn commissions. This is a HUGE red flag the FTC will hit them on. Now, it they are charging the fee and are providing some type of value for the fee, besides just administrative services, then they should be ok. Steve Lewis did mention they were launching an online marketing system. If this is included in the monthly autoship, then Global Verge can show how much they invsted to create the system, and what other systems charge on the open market. Then they will be fine.

    With Gerry Nehra now looking everything over, I feel very confident everything on that side of things will be fine.

    The question now will be if Zer01 one can get the service turned on.

    Never Give Up,


  15. Hey Troy,

    Thanks for your reply, but here’s the thing: Buzzirk Mobile is just one product being marketed by Global Verge.

    Global Verge is a MLM marketing several products including buzzirk mobile, pow-r-save (spelling might be wrong), water from air machines, travel (at the PRO level membership) etc., so really, they do have products available right now to market by their reps.

    (Although I have to say that I personally have not received any training on any of the other products available – other than a few power point presentations available on the rep website. I don’t even know what the retail price of these products are (I have the wholesale US$ price). I don’t know if other distributors have been trained on the other products and/or if they are offering this training to their downlines).

    QUESTION: In this case, could they still be in possible violation of providing fair market value (as according to the FTC) as you stated?

    Keep on doing what your doing!

  16. Sherry,

    Thank you for clarifying the autoship, that helps to better understand what Steve was talking about specifically.

    Although, charging a monthly fee just to stay in qualified for commissions, without providing fair market value may rasie some FTC flags.

    We’ll just wait and watch.

    Thanks again.

    never Give Up,


  17. Will,

    Feel free to post your 10 questions. Some of your questions may be some I have also.

    I will gladly ask your questions when I talk with mark Petschel.

    Never Give Up,


  18. Thanks for the update. Your research into all of this will help a lot of people. I have been reading a lot of information on this product.. According to UTG itself.. all of the testing for this product was done and it was ready in 2007 going to market first quarter of 2008. At that time it was being marketed under another name. So all of this waiting seems a little odd.
    There was a youtube video of the phone being tested.. that has since been pulled down as ppl pointed out that it was on the t-mobile network. if you have an open pipeline to these folks. i have about 10 questions I would like to see answered.

    Thanks for the site and all the work you do

  19. Hey Troy,

    Can I once again thank you for your due diligence on behalf of all of us with real questions! I am so glad I found your website.

    One of your questions:
    (Not sure what monthly autoship means in this case, since Zer01 mobile / Buzzirk Wireless have not launched a monthly service yet.)

    The autoship is the monthly membership fee charged to reps. They aren’t really “shipping” you anything, it is just the recurring fee charged every month to stay active in the organization. I guess that’s what the software calls it – “autoship”.



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