Breaking MLM Wireless News: AT&T Buying T-Mobile Where Does That Leave MLM Wireless

Breaking MLM Wireless News: AT&T Buying T-Mobile

Most of the time Breaking MLM Wireless News comes from within the MLM Wireless Niche, however with the announcement of AT&T buying T-Mobile, I feel this is very important for all of the distributors to know and to check with their MLM Wireless Companies to see if and how it might effect them moving forward.

If this deal goes through and most advisers feel it will, without much problem, it raises two major questions:

1. What will happen inside the MLM Wireless Niche

2. Will Verizon go after Sprint to consolidate the field even smaller and to win back their #1 seat?

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7 thoughts on “Breaking MLM Wireless News: AT&T Buying T-Mobile Where Does That Leave MLM Wireless”

  1. Troy,

    I think that if AT&T is allowed to proceed with the purchase of T-Mobile and Qualcom they will become not only the largest Wireless company they will also become the fastest as well. Having the bandwidths to operate on will allow them to transmit different data types on different frequency ranges allowing for overall better speed on the network.

    What does this mean for the Wireless MLM Niche? Well, if you are in the wireless niche you better get your company positioned with the carriers directly, you can't earn enough profit as a reseller of an MVNO's products, the profit margins are too slim and will get worse.

    To go direct with the carriers is going to take money and lots of it to launch properly. I agree with you about the need for a wireless MLM product marketed through direct sales to be part of a portfolio of products in order for the company to be able to launch it successfully. Additionally, a company should have solid financials and leadership that has run a successful MLM company in the telecommunications or other high tech type of industry. Too many times we have seen people, great people, pastors, business owners from various industries, who have tried to put together one of these Wireless MLM's, all have for the most part largely failed, I think due to the reasons I have previously mentioned, among many others of course.

    BTW, I plan on visiting your site more often, I pretty much had to shut my whole life down the last few months due to some family, health issues, luckily everything is fine now and life is back to normal… ;o)

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire

  2. I'm with NLC Wireless. In addition to offering post paid service with ALL of the major carriers, which will soon be three (3), we also offer prepaid service provided by ALL of the prepaid carriers. So we're still in a pretty good position.

  3. This is going to shake up some stuff for real. I don't think this will be good for the little guys. Maybe for Cricket, Metro PCS, this will be great

  4. I sure hope Verizon buys Sprint!

    Because Lightyear has deals with both Verizon and Sprint it would be great!

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